Fallout 4: Best Melee Weapon Location at Level One (Chinese Sword General Chao’s Revenge Guide Early

Fallout 4 Best Melee Weapon Location at Level One - Chinese Sword General Chao’s Revenge Guide (Best Melee Weapon EARLY for a Starter Build Character). Walkthrough Weapon setup for Legendary Difficulty!


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  • Loxorius

    Wow... 2500 caps at charisma 3.

  • Nintendofan841

    Punching a mini nuke wouldn't be a good idea.

  • JLConawayII

    You know, I've put an amazing number of hours into this game, and even had Sanctuary as my main base during my first playthrough. I never knew that stash was up there on top of that house.

  • Bradda Sole

    Dude took on that boss fight like a dark souls game😂

  • Hostage TV

    ummm.......Wolfgang's a name not a gang...

  • Eevee1090

    The sword was about 3x the ammount of the one in the video.

  • DarkGrids

    Since when was an advanced lock Novice?

  • KingPopinLockin

    welp, thats a shame. I killed the wolfgang AND Trudy AND her son as soon as i got done talking to Codsworth for the first time out of the vault. mb

  • Disdained Harmony

    Book of Eli was a pretty good movie

  • Khoa Nguyễn Ngọc Đăng

    keep going man!!You're the best

  • iSuckateverything

    it woudve been better if u did this while being level 1 to show that its simple

  • Dalton Mangum

    Was that Book of Eli artwork in the thumbnail, or was it a comic that I missed out on?

  • Sorcus

    I'm not doing a melee build but the cellar with the gold bars and the junk yard with the mini-nuke and fatman is really going to help, so thanks!

  • Sean Harris

    You missed that camping guide in the shelter

  • AbandonedEverything

    As someone who is replaying the game from level 12 this is really great. Thanks man

  • Kevin Wolf

    My godThank you so much for the secret In sanctuary

  • raulmahn

    A million caps?You mean 3

  • Guntitan

    I just got Fall Out 4 and this is exactly what I needed to find. Can't wait to try it.

  • EATherridan

    I've done 5 playthroughs and have never seen the shelter in Sanctuary, you are an amazing resource.

  • VintagePhantom

    I've played through the game with this weapon many times

  • TristinC.

    I thought you were playing survival, or is that a different character?

  • quinn wilcox

    eso I love youre youtuber channel keep doing videos you deserve more viewers man truly iv watched youre youtube channel for 3 years maybe or less idk really know ever since skyrim has came out and I love youre skyrim build suggestions please do more by the way PLEASE but  yeah thank you for being awesome don't give up

  • Cal Holden

    I killed Trudy at the start of the game :/

  • Supreme

    My sword does like 58 damage and cost way more caps😐

  • Irishboy Fag

    How often do you play fo4 a week? Just wondering you are very helpful

  • Elleicarjay Ramilo

    “depending on your speech skill”

  • Jake Bautista

    Love your videos I always look forward to watching them keep up the good work

  • AkaPowered

    So I can do 10 charisma 10 strength melee build nice

  • walnutt_

    VATS enhanced super sledge FTW.

  • Timquan

    when i stumbled upon that situation I killed the thugs Trudy and her son.... welp

  • Alex Ansay

    do a dragon slayer build in for skyrim

  • Moist Madness

    Eli in the Thumb made me curious :)

  • Matt Grubb

    I love your video's bro :)

  • Kobe Bryant

    At one point in the game, i was browsing through my inventory and accidentally dropped the sword but i didn't realise it. My life was never the same.

  • Joshua Jensen

    I personally think the best Melee weapon is in the bottom of the quarry. The tooth or whatever it's called

  • Terry Hicks

    "The wolf gang" lmaoIt's his name. Wolfgang

  • Mr. Cordwangler

    Is he joking about the 'mealy' weapons too?

  • William Shao

    awesome video, very informative.

  • PlayerX 2313


  • gamers expert

    dude your the best i got to level 40 because of you i really appreciate that bro

  • One10 2Ten

    pickmans blade is 10/10

  • UnknownPerson

    eso you should try to find the best sniper game aother then any guess rifles

  • Jun Plays

    iv seen that movie the dude on the pic

  • 為元張

    in sancturary , you can scrap all trees and sell wood for 2000 caps!

  • Lilswank No last name

    You do get that if your lvl 1 you most likely won’t have enough caps

  • Albert Will

    You are level 1. And you can hack robots? Could you do a video showing how you accomplished that?

  • Stone Bowman

    you've earned another like and sub ;)

  • Scott Whelan

    I've been using the Super Sledge. Bought it from Arturo in the Diamond City Market.

  • That One guy

    Why does the damage for you display as 300?

  • Aquila Rossa

    More than 400 hours into playing this game and I just realized what it means when Dogmeat finds something. I was scurrying around looking going "where is it Dogmeat?". I did not realize he actually picks the item up and it's in his inventory.


    ESO you never finest the robot DLC thing are you ever going to finest it and sorry is i failed spelling

  • anonymous

    This isnt the only place u can get it at diamond city

  • Koalafied Commentor

    10/10 would watch to obtain knowledge again.

  • The DrScully

    You can get one at Diamond city without the legendary a fact but it sucked anyways, and cost way less

  • Solace Creat

    2100 caps at charisma 5 + 2. Eeeesh.

  • Bushido Brown

    what am i doing wrong? why do my gold bars sell for only 141 with her?

  • logan

    I found this in my first play though and took it in every melee playthrough since

  • Big-HR Gaming

    I have a knife that staggers on hit so I can hit really fast and keep on staggering so no one can hit me

  • Jxe Warren

    "Uniqe"It unique

  • Crippling Depression

    A silver table knife is a million caps?

  • Nukin' Walruses

    Chinease Officer Sword is the best Melee weapon in the game imo

  • Denzel De bruyn

    how is it that your blade does 329 damage and mine only does 89 ?? im level 34 , and i think thats pretty weird , is it only because of the perks or what am i missing here ??

  • george boddicker

    Dang it not getting that sword I killed all of them.

  • Jay's Brick Co.

    I built a lightsaber at the start of the game...

  • Carl Brutananadalewski

    First time playing fo4, i'm gonna start with a melee build... now I don't know how "smart" that is, but dammit your video have really helped me out. Thanks a lot!

  • Nick Decoteau

    you can bye a serated cinese officer sword in diamondcity

  • Arther Luther

    ESO can u make a Grognak the Barbarian Magazine Walkthrough/Tutorial? Thanks!

  • Azhureus

    Punching mini nukes is it now, bcs just crouch and pick it is too mainstream :D

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