Overnight Bushcraft Camp with my Dog - Long Fire, Wool Blanket, Fire Reflector


My Dog and I spend all day in the woods, I build a bushcraft camp with a wooden framed, tarp lean-to, I make a cooking tripod, smoke a steak, and hunker down for an all night snowfall.

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Knife used in this video is an Adventure Sworn Tradesman

Instagram https://instagram.com/joerobinetbushcraft/

Twitter https://twitter.com/Robinet_Joe
  • Joe Robinet

    Would you watch a 2 hour video?

  • Quiet Velocity

    did that steak make anyone else hungry

  • Ya boi Cash

    Let’s be honest we were all focusing on the dog in the background eating sticks n stuff like that

  • Taylor Hartman

    Man it feels good to know the doggo ate some good steak

  • Danker Pickle

    why am i watching this, i dont even watch these types of videos

  • It ain't Obeezy

    lmao did you get that steak at oak ridges food market?? I might've been the guy wrapping up that steak for you

  • Rodney Perini

    I don’t watch to many of these videos but I like to see and learn how to build shelters out of tarps and wood. Then to make a fire Next to it and keep me warm all night. After watching you build your shelter then cut all your firewood and all the hard work you put in making it then watching you eating that fat steak and rice with a good beer made it all worth it. Your video was definitely awesome. After watching your video makes me want to go out in the woods and try it before I die. But I will have to get a dog first,I don’t think my Cats would enjoy it to much.


    Screen capture of that dog eating the steak is my new screen saver. Awesome vid.

  • FalconMoose

    Dogs eating steak while camping.! TITS!

  • Steven Orourke

    That dug must love you...bacon and stakes in the woods

  • Phil Cooper

    Sorry to say it but the dog is definitely the star of this show!

  • grizzlygrizzle

    On avoiding cold wet feet. Get some Sno-Seal. It's a pain to apply-- it's based on beeswax and heating is necessary to get it to melt and soak in-- but it works better than mink oil. The next problem is stopping the sweat from your feet from making the sock wet. I used to work outdoors down to about 18F or -8C (the temperature at which the compressor hoses would freeze up with condensation). On the colder days I'd wear a really thin sock, and then cover my foot with half of a garbage bag, and put a thick wool sock over the bag. Yeah, your feet come out kind of funky at the end of the day, but they stay warm all day. Cut the bag vertically in half, and cut the height to about 18 inches. Stick your toes into the corner with the seam on top, and wrap the bottom up around the back of your ankle, and then put on the thick sock. It takes a bit of care to get your foot into the boot without stretching the bag too much against your toes. It's important to have some slack at the front to prevent tearing the bag. I found that sliding my foot in and out about an inch or so a few times, when the boot was almost on, did the trick. If you really hate cold feet, try this. It works. But use garbage bags, which are tough enough to avoid tearing, and make sure that there's some slack at the toes, or else it will tear anyway when you crouch down and bend your toes.

  • Tripledonkey

    Man this makes me realise how cavalier I was going wild camping in the Scottish Highlands with my girlfriend who had barely even camped before. I remember discovering (as shown in this video) how much damn wood it takes to keep warm. We were chopping wood in the middle of the night, both hammered on Vodka feeding a fire to keep warm. It was like the Blair Witch Project. Loved this vid.


    Thanks for the video. Living in Western Australia we don't get any snow to speak of, and the cold is -2 or so at best and not often. Nevertheless, I like to do the same thing here and just love being out in the field. I met a Canadian guy my age (47) at a Bible study I was attending in 2016 and we hit it off. We have become good friends and I love hearing the stories of your homeland. Which happens to be my stepfather's (of 40 yrs) homeland as well. I remember asking him when I was young, what Canada was like, and he simply answered...COLD ! That's something I never forgot. In Australia, as you may know gets very hot, but surprisingly at night the temp can drop to levels that would still cause acute hypothermia. But, nothing like you get in Canada. Enjoyed the video and watched the whole thing. I had two German Sheps for 14 years, so of course I loved Scout. Seems we aren't all that different around the world. God bless you all my Canadian cousins and Peace from Down Under. Marc

  • Richard Hawkins

    Camping like this, I saw Mr. Robinet cut down, I think I counted 12 trees? Obviously most of them seemed dead, but living like this must be completely unsustainable for very long. Our human ancestors had a lot more forest to work with, but I think with the earth's population today it's got to be impossible for us all to live in the woods like this.It made me wonder though, is it possible to do all this with just dead fall wood? Obviously for safety I wouldn't suggest Joe go out without any ability to cut wood, but if you were stranded in the woods without an axe or a knife could you get by.Maybe something to suggest a crossover episode from Joe and the Primitive Technologies guy.

  • Austin Dale

    This is the first time I have seen one of your videos and by the end of it I had absolutely no idea an hour had passed. I love this. I have not had the chance to get out and go camping too much in the last year or two and you have truly inspired me to get back out there. You made an absolutely stunning MOVIE here. Bit of laughs, bit of information, and a whole lot of inspiration.Off to check out more of your videos :)

  • JackG79

    Joe, when you made your fire, could you have heated up a few large rocks (probably split them in half throughout the day) and ran everything just the way you did, leaving the large Rocks are sort of an insurance... Then when the fire reflector fell down and burnt, take some of the big rocks and put them inside the shelter, one at each of the 4 corners..... Then took the loose end of the tarp, closed it up and tacked it down, holding the heated rocks and you and the dog all in one semi-contained unit? Or wouild the wind have just blew all the hot air right out of the shelter with each gust?

  • Kevin D

    That dog has such a personality wow 10/10

  • Olivia Creed


  • Johnathon Goodson

    I’m in Boy Scouts and we each made Cabo’s in the woods and all we were given were an axe, a tarp, some food and a sleeping bag and I was 11 and I was stupid and decided to make a tipi. It did not work out

  • Toki

    Please tell me I'm not the only one who would love to spend like a full week out in the woods with this guy

  • Ethan Dunn

    does anyone else get jealous on how much he gets to go camping

  • gjm1953

    Steak?!?! That's more like a freakin' pot roast! I even envied the dog! Way to go, Joe.

  • anan

    truthfully kinda want to see all you preparation for getting ready to home, stuff like putting all of your tarp and garbage back to your bag..

  • Deadvolt 2660

    "Thing about this is it's sturdy" proceeds to bend spork in half

  • Money Miles

    man that steak looked awesome nice video

  • patty green

    as someone who has spent a lot of time winter camping in that area i gotta mention camping in a stand of trees like that one can be very dangerous if any kind of windstorm picks up. those branches and trees snap off in the cold very easily. you would be a lot safer finding a small bit of scrub brush or a patch of cedars to make camp in. I learned my lesson after having my tent crushed with me in it one night.

  • Matt H

    It's a good thing you're not in the southern U.S. Idiots here would be shaming you on fb for having your dog out in the cold. Yeah... he looks miserable /s

  • B

    All I can think about is missing 411 that's why I could never do this

  • Iva Lindsay

    u should check out the pocket chainsaw - it's basically some kind of a steel cable and it goes thru poles such as that in no time

  • Kevin Dampier

    Yo... I like this guy, not all super "I'm a gnarly wilderdude, watch me drink my pee" just an average bro chilling in the woods.

  • Dogs Sing

    How do you train your dog to not chase deer

  • Bayflingers

    just a suggestion based on your dogs behavior..... Tie him up when you're chopping down wood. lol, close one there.

  • YR

    I'm a woman and so far Im at the steak mark (@) so yes, I would watch a 2 hr video. Even though I'd probably won't ever do this on my own, it's great to experience it from the comfort of my room and PC - but feels I'm right there next to that fire! (Trivia response: Dazed and Confused). Great video and great dog too!

  • Badders1977

    What a nice guy you are. :-)

  • Robert Miles

    Really makes you think, how much wood you need for just a single person. I wonder how much land you'd need per person to supply enough wood if everyone lived this way all the time.

  • Phantom X

    Video was great but you shouldn't feed cooked bones to your dog. They splinter as the dog chews them and get stuck in their digestive system.

  • Gabe Lee

    FYI: Joe Robinet, You drank black tea which has caffeine in it which make you not sleepy at your normal bedtime.

  • bebop

    You work so hard and show us some stuff. You are having delightful times. Check ya later, Dazed and Confused.

  • Ciaran Cosgrave

    To us, this may be all very interesting, but to Scout it's boring as hell.

  • Yordan Yordanov

    how to be succesful on YouTube in 2 steps.1.Get a dog (pref some really good boy)2.Shoot whatever video you want

  • Adam Moffett

    I have to say: A shelter made yourself, a long burning fire, a steak cooked over a smoky fire, a beer, and an evening cup of tea are all the things I love about the woods. I watched this video start to finish and wished I was there. Thank you for making this and posting it to YouTube.

  • Timothy Smith

    We used to go camping for a week, in high desert, using nothing but WWII military kit. Came back smelling like wood smoke, which stayed with us for another week (just to keep the vacation going, I suppose.) After Afghanistan, that wonderful odor didn't seem so wonderful anymore. Oh well.

  • hozeyy

    Ive been watching survival videos like I’m about to run away from my house

  • Dre Brown

    This reminds me of fallout 4, especially scout and dog meat

  • Natan Tataran

    34:17I really liked the video but I had to dislike it there sorry54:46Never mind I can like the video again

  • Marques Smith

    I'm a real East Coast city boy.. Never even thought about going camping, i think i was more intrigued by the editing of the video... Either that or I'm just bored as hell

  • Shadow Noob

    Is it weird that I like watching people do things?

  • SirSmurfalot

    Watching the dog play around him as he works is half the fun.

  • JAY JustJAY

    That's not a steak ...That's half a rib roast lol

  • Nick Hemleben

    His voice reminds me of kylo Ren

  • Boba Fett

    Setting up the camera/s for each stage of this vid must have been an enormous pain in the ass but I think we all appreciate the results. Nicely done and a great education. Also, your dog is a character and you treat him well. That's great to see.

  • Gabe 80

    This video is therapeutic

  • coppercrane

    That dog is thinking "Who the f*** is he talking to?"

  • Prisoner36

    I can't even survive in survival simulation video games. I wouldn't know what to do after he took his backpack off.

  • ya yaya

    uses a huge tablespoon of tea to brew a cup instead of a teaspoon.11pm still cant sleep lol

  • Beast Of Barton

    Did he quote dazed and confused


    Thats nothing. On February 🤦‍♂️

  • Karin M

    I think Joe deserves way more subscribers who agrees?

  • Tom 22

    3:00 Awesome. A man and his dog understanding each other.

  • Gameover world

    Why dose your dog not have shoes on

  • Kassidy Dunnigan

    Theres no better camping companion than a dog

  • Jack Mangle

    dog comes near stickJoe: no this is for meslowly picks up axeMe: wow what the fuuuuuu

  • Dean Baillie

    I would love to do this. Love your dog. What a life.

  • Tammy Bradley

    Best video i have watched so far and has given me more skills for my future

  • Laine Wireman

    When he was removing the snow and leaves from the ground, the dog was having a blast.

  • Mike Faulkner

    Dog happiness, chomping on that bone. First vid I’ve seen of yours. Good job

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