Overnight Bushcraft Camp with my Dog - Long Fire, Wool Blanket, Fire Reflector

My Dog and I spend all day in the woods, I build a bushcraft camp with a wooden framed, tarp lean-to, I make a cooking tripod, smoke a steak, and hunker down for an all night snowfall.

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Knife used in this video is an Adventure Sworn Tradesman

Instagram https://instagram.com/joerobinetbushcraft/

Twitter https://twitter.com/Robinet_Joe
  • Joe Robinet

    Would you watch a 2 hour video?

  • Quiet Velocity

    did that steak make anyone else hungry

  • SirSmurfalot

    Watching the dog play around him as he works is half the fun.

  • intense ASMR

    Is it just me or is anybody else thinking " This is why internet killed TV "

  • Kevin Dampier

    Yo... I like this guy, not all super "I'm a gnarly wilderdude, watch me drink my pee" just an average bro chilling in the woods.

  • Robert Richartz

    Scout is an awesome dog. I think you should pay him well, possibly give him a raise for all that extra play duty in the backround . He deserves his cut today hahaha. Serously , great video , very entertaining as well as educational for us budding bushcrafters. Thanks Bro and Furry Bro.

  • Lupite _

    2,5k of dislikes!? I seriously don't understand people.

  • Clint Gregor

    Well done good skills. My over night camping is usually a disaster probably because of the 36 beers I bring with me.

  • Matthew Layman

    I've learned one thing Bring a bajillion bundles of paracord

  • SkyOnCloud

    You should do a video where you and a bunch of other people make a bushcraft village. A huge bonfire in the middle with camps all around it with personal fires.

  • Austin Dale

    This is the first time I have seen one of your videos and by the end of it I had absolutely no idea an hour had passed. I love this. I have not had the chance to get out and go camping too much in the last year or two and you have truly inspired me to get back out there. You made an absolutely stunning MOVIE here. Bit of laughs, bit of information, and a whole lot of inspiration.Off to check out more of your videos :)

  • Notaro

    Man, Scout helping out was the best, he listens to you talk and helps clearing the snow and moving sticks. Best boy.

  • tenzin tv

    This is actually very entertaining specially with the dog its a great video idea!

  • LibellulaGlass

    Why would anyone give a thumbs down to this video. I am really enjoying it. (68 year old female preppie in France!)

  • Kiara

    This video appeared in my recommended and it did not disappoint! I've never gone camping so this is very cool. Also your dog is great.

  • McJaggerSwagger

    Please tell me I'm not the only one who would love to spend like a full week out in the woods with this guy

  • Lu Renner

    I wish my dog was as good of a pup as yours. I'd be too bloody scared he'd think chopping wood was a game and run into the axe. He's the wrong kind of smart.

  • Paul Gagnon

    That must be the happiest dog in the world! Great video. Going out to get a steak now... and an IPA.

  • Woxineau Crows

    welcome to my world man, been doing that and more my whole 60yrs as a wee boy my gramps gave me the ropes and the Navy gave me the rest...be safe always man Gotta Love Canada =) Love yer helper too mine loves the bush alot...had 3 dogs in my life all loved the bush too I wouldnt go without one~

  • coppercrane

    That dog is thinking "Who the f*** is he talking to?"

  • Karin M

    I think Joe deserves way more subscribers who agrees?

  • CrazyBomb 3000

    this might be old but gave me alot of joy to see time spent in nature exspressing gratitude for life

  • Andrew Gordon

    falling tree=ultimate stick throw

  • Crykit 56

    Is it weird I could smell this whole video

  • NPC Yallow Snowflake

    Thank you for using the right metric system LOL

  • hozeyy

    Ive been watching survival videos like I’m about to run away from my house

  • Colby Wood

    Did he really try to justify a 2.5 pound steak by saying it’s for both of them, like eating a 2.5 pound steak is not natural?

  • Katie Bug

    I want his dog 😍😍😍😍😍 and okay im hungry for a steak and i have IBS too

  • quidmaker

    Joe, your vids are freaking awesome! Your attitude, humor, 'teachingness,' editing, EVERYTHING....is super enjoyable to watch. I am in Japan so, you now have more than just a North American audience. Please keep it up!I would also like to see a more 'long time stay' and include Scout!!!!Keep having fun and please continue to let all of us live this kind of 'Life,' through your vids.....for those of us unable to give it a shot...….THANK YOU!!!!!

  • Angel De la Cruz

    that's not a foot,,,that's called a step or a yard

  • Robert Miles

    Really makes you think, how much wood you need for just a single person. I wonder how much land you'd need per person to supply enough wood if everyone lived this way all the time.

  • purplekale

    enjoyed your video...where did you buy those pants?...i been looking everywhere to replace the ones i got from china...they're awesome to work in the rain too.

  • Benjamin Todd


  • Andrew Gordon

    i use ur vids when i go to bed and i finish it and fall right to sleep

  • gabriel garrido

    You know This is my first time watching something like this and it’s very entertaining

  • PeJa88

    "Nvidias ray tracing seems to work rather well in this Forest vr edition" just kidding!!

  • Beatriz Pena AlexRod

    My son loves your video! Ha now he wants to eat oatmeal like you! He didn’t like oatmeal 😂

  • Epillon

    Never thought I'd be so jealous of a dude camping in sub zero temperatures.

  • Static Bane ツ

    That's a good dog you got there

  • Kassidy Dunnigan

    Theres no better camping companion than a dog

  • Mark Arnott

    i used to nick off 100 miles to a fav river for a weekend now i wish i had a small farm to walk outside & say lets do something :)

  • Magsent

    Bushcraftastic! . . . That was so cool to watch. I learnt alot. My dog loves camping too! Thankyou for posting,

  • Brooklyn Braggs

    Joe you are the best. I have learned so much from you.

  • Munc Hax

    Are there like no animals in these woods? I'm getting hella spooked by the deafening silence

  • Sam Downs

    Why don't you get a backpack for your dog so when you travel to your location he can bring his own equipment

  • Giggleboosh

    Be interesting to see what your base turns into if you stayed in that spot for a month!

  • B!tch What?

    I’m not much a dog person but that dog is so playful, attentive and protective. That’s how I see him anyway. 🤗

  • clay womack

    35:03 "Scooty Magoots" yes.

  • Russian Komrade

    Watched full video didn’t skip a single second. Peace I’m going to bed it’s 5:00 am

  • Bullfrog Lincoln

    Full on inspirational, my man. 100:45 - But yo, It wasnt the bacon, man...it was all the alcohol you drank with it and afterward...screwed up digestion. Never drink..not even tea when eating meat - give digestion atleast an hour, then drink. ;)

  • Melissa Bishop

    You should always take Scout with you. He is good company and possibly good protection.

  • Ted FuggedAboutIt

    I wish I was that fancy to go do shit3 like this "I don't like the city life NO MO," let me move into the woods "

  • David Ashe


  • Laine Wireman

    When he was removing the snow and leaves from the ground, the dog was having a blast.

  • Cat Walker

    I enjoyed your video but, I'd like to watch you and your wife do the same as a couple.

  • yourneck2

    Great content, I can see your high on life...!

  • Mark Kirkland

    Awesome Video! Makes me want to head to the woods. This was the first video that I've watched of your, and yes, I would watch a 2 hour video. Brings back a lot of memories for me....Looking forward to check'in out more vids soon.! PS: Very Cool Dog too!

  • Captain The Corgi

    I love your dog he’s so cute!

  • JudgeX

    This was a great vid, subbed! That steak looked amazing, and Scout is awesome.

  • A G

    This is actually sick :) Glad I found this

  • Caleb Weingartner

    Does anyone else love these kinds of videos

  • Mauricio

    Me: This dude is the definition of a man!! 27:37 Me: uuhh?

  • Ouija ZaZa Gaming

    Not having a chainsaw weilding maniac come up out of no were at night at the end and savagely murder you,,,you my friend just missed out on the greatest twist surprise found footage film ever :(

  • J

    leave out the swearing...

  • Hish-Qu-Ten

    Apologies if this has been answer; what’s the brand of pants? Looks badass.

  • kealeboykeale

    who actualy watched the whole thing?

  • Jamie

    This video is great, the dog is super entertaining and cute plus I learned a thing or two from watching you, I just subscribed 😃

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