5 Things Oblivion Did Better Than Skyrim

Skyrim is a great game, but after many hours of playing it, I’ve come to the realization that there are some things that Oblivion did a lot better. So here are the 5 Things Oblivion Did Better Than Skyrim.

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  • etherraichu

    I got the Imperials and Stormcloaks to agree to a temporary truce, mediated by the Grey Beards, who hadn't interacted with skyrim directly in centuries. I even got the Blades and the Thalmor to hold off killing each other for a bit.I went and found an Elder Scroll and used it to see through time, to learn a Shout no one had heard in more than 3000 years.I used Whiterun's place to capture a dragon, which I then rode to a hidden Dragon CUlt Temple, and soon after, into a protal to Sovngarde. The place most people have to die before they can even hope to see it.While there, I defeated Alduin, who could've destroyed the entire world. The last time Alduin threatened people, the only way to win was to create a rift in time and force him into it. Alduin is nearly a god, and it wasnt easy, but I finally defeated him.After reluctantly leaving the strikingly beautiful Sovngarde, I took a trip back to Whiterun, to tell my good friend Jarl Balgruuf the Greater, the man who helped me capture a dragon using his palace, that the threat is finally over."Fancy robes. You a wizard or something?"

  • Lord dedric

    I wish they would remaster oblivion

  • SylentSpecter

    I, am the dragonborn. One of the last remaining in centuries.I am the leader of the dark brotherhood and the listener of the night mother.I am the leader of the thieves guild and proud nightingale of nocturnal.I am the savior of skyrim, and slayer of alduin.I am a member of the companions, and one within the circle.I am thane of all nine holds.I am the savior of solsthiem, and have defeated the first known dragonborn.I have gone to sovenguard and back.I wear armor made from the bones and scales of dragons.I am the chief of the stormcloak rebellion, and slayer of the imperial leader."So you can cast a few spells, am I supposed to be impressed?

  • Chiko Loco

    The worst thing in Skyrim is how you start the game. There is no development of your character. You simply start as the most powerful dude. In Oblivion you literally started from the bottom. It doesn't matter where you've started. Best example is the Arena or the mages guild. The blademaster even made fun of you after requesting for a fight. And from fight to fight he respected you more and more. To join the mages guild you had to obtain a recommendation from all mages guilds. In Skyrim you just have to perform a spell.

  • Elizabeth Iris Septim

    You'll probably never read this, but one of the things Oblivion did better was the ambient music.

  • James Wesson

    Agreed bro, the lack of acknowledgement or recognition for your deeds in skyrim was just the worst man, totally immersion breaking. Like you can walk around in full daedric armor with weapons crafted from goddamn dragon bones, and bandits in hide armor will still be like "CaNt wAiT tO CoUnT uR cOiNs! 🤪" like are u DUMB I absorb dragon souls as my occupation... Skyrim just holds your hand too much and it kinda ruins the experience a little bit, especially with the guilds. I remember running around the imperial city hearing whispers of the Grey Fox and tryna figure out how to get beggars to trust me and tell me about him.In skyrim brynyolf walks up to you the moment you're in riften market and boom, thieves guild. Not to mention you can complete all guilds without having ANY skills related to the guild. You can be a two handed orc warrior and the arch mage despite having ZERO proficiency in magic. Those elemental doors blocking your way in the final quest of the mages guild? There's litterally the necessary spell tome to get passed them right beside the doors, like come on that shit's lame af.The attribute system in oblivion was kinda annoying with how certain skills were tied to certain attributes and that determined if your health, magika or stamina would increase upon leveling, but at the same time attributes actually made races feel distinct and unique. Races in skyrim are effectively only a cosmetic difference and whatever "unique" ability they have, there's a shout or spell in the mid-late game that will do the exact same thing. Skyrim was a more enjoyable game (slightly) but oblivion was a WAY better RPG.

  • zane madden

    The oblivian cities felt more like cities and they felt larger and more full of life

  • Axyle

    "I AM the guild master, you prick" Had me crying :D

  • Kazema Inzei Raiyaru

    Oblivion dark brotherhood was far better

  • Herecomes theWolf

    dark brotherhood in oblivion was just 20 times better

  • Barf O

    "You know, if you've got the aptitude, you should join the Mage's College in Winterhold."But...but....I am the archmage....

  • Dakota Andrews

    SkyrimWalk up to any citizen, they never acknowledge your achievements unless it directly ties to them or they're a guardOblivionBecome a goddamn crusader in one of the expansions and EVERYONE recognizes it.

  • Nick Johnson

    Not to mention that in Skyrim you become the leader of EVERYTHING. You can become the Arch mage without even being a magic user!

  • Jared Piper

    I’m glad I wasn’t the only one let down by meeting sheogorath in Skyrim.

  • AmericanHamburger

    Me: Just killed a dragon and saved the whole city(used magic by accident)Every guard: "You have committed crimes against Skyrim and her people. What say you in your defense?"

  • WrongTime

    One thing I think Oblivion did better in Skyrim was that your character wasn't immediately a god among men and you were more or less on equal footing with your opponents most of the time, whereas in Skyrim after the quest where you kill your first dragon the game immediately loses all sense of difficulty, as you can stun/weaken/anything you want with your voice, and it causes all sense of intensity do disappear. Come to think of it, the dragon fight wasn't even all that challenging the first time, and it only gets easier as you go along. The only time I found myself challenged in a positive way (not spiting a tribe of giants and being all around stupid) was when I was fighting the dragon priests. Those fights were great

  • James Akrane

    A minor point on the Dovahkin vs. Hero of Kvatch thing, but I think it is way more awesome to be known as "that dude that was crazy enough to walk into Hell and awesome enough to come back alive and victorious" than "the guy that was born a type of hero never seen since a long time".The first is merit-based, the second birth-based.

  • Kenneth Eriksen

    The cities, buildings etc. was much better in Oblivion. The world was better made. I am astounded that you are not looking to this. Compare the first time you entered Oblivion to the first time you entered Skyrim. The world was more alive, the graphics for its time was better in Oblivion and the buildings, cities etc. was better and more mysterious. Now they used the same blueprint for everything. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate Skyrim, but Oblivion was a way better game for it's time.

  • Kairyuu


  • George Sakkas

    In Skyrim the removal of the class system is just an illusion of freedom

  • Purgatori Sakkara

    Lack of classes = the freedom to make bad builds that constantly veer towards 'jack-of-all-trades' mediocrity unless one is very careful. I'm not sure how this bullshit trend caught on, but it sure is bullshit.

  • Catalyst Pets

    So good. I love the sense of humor in Oblivion. I play it over and over. I dread starting Skyrim over.

  • Spazz Maticus

    I just want to be able to create spells again in TES:VI, is that too much to ask?

  • Zachary Boyd

    One thing Oblivion did better than skyrim - Leveled loot.You find 30% reflect magic shield and it just works. Or damage attribute dagger which you tuck for that one strong enemy.In Skyrim you find another blessed war axe, couple of rubies and some gold… Another thing Oblivion did better than skyrim - scrolls.In Oblivion, they are numerous and start as low as 4 septims for a piece. This allows you to have massive arsenal at your fingertips without hassle. Skyrim? Early game you save them because they are loot, late game you sell them because they are useless now.One more thing Oblivion did better than skyrim - towns.In Oblivion, you remember each city as something. Skingrad is city of nutters and wine, Anvil is anchorage, Bravil is depression, Imperial city is mushroom farm, Bruma is city of cold and nords… Skyrim? Dawnstar, Morthal, WInterhold part without university? Boringly SAME!

  • Paistin Lasta

    Dear Godd HowardPlease let Elder Scrolls 6 be more like Morrowind and Oblivion.

  • o tejas o

    My 2 cents worth :1] I LOVE Skyrim's game concept , but the game play and programming suuuuuuucks !2] as massive a game as Skyrim is , should of taken around 10 years to fully program it correctly - not crap it out in 4 -5 just to make $$3] Oblivion had GOOD game features that were left out in Skyrim for whatever reason ?? a] could use a sword or dagger under water to fend off the slaughterfish b] when you went under water , there was an indicator to let you know when your oxygen level would run out c] there was also an indicator to let you know when a potion or effect would end d] you have two hands , why can't you wear two rings

  • BuhbuhJay Champagne

    Skyrim was too easy and had NO real storyline. Kill dragons to get their souls to learn shouts...wow!!! Get involved in a civil war and choose sides...wow!!! If u choose to help the Imperials, Stormcloaks still talk to u like nothing is wrong. Oblivion's quests were better and the storyline was solid.

  • BiccLasagna

    Even the loading screen is better.

  • allan elder

    ive put over 400 hours into skyrim ...and i agree completely with everything you said, especially the quests, i just didnt understand after playing skyrim...what happened??? Oblivions quests from entering a fricking painting to assassinating a dude taking a bath with a special arrow from a balcony you chose... skyrim just blended into eachother.. and it killed me, the way the world held so much variety and the way the guilds worked... The fact i put 100 hours into Oblivion before i decided i wanted to be evil and join the dark brotherhood, but i had NEVER killed an innocent so they never contacted me, yet on the second playthrough i killed a random dude immediatly and got contacted! i loved it!

  • Kai Huizing

    Skyrim has no arena :(

  • Brendissimo

    Lol okay but they took having the NPCs comment on the player to an extreme in Oblivion. You'd be walking down the street and a perfect stranger would catcall "my, you sure look like you know how to you use illusion spells," or some such nonsense. If your character is famous or super tall and buff, that's one thing, but there really isn't any way you can tell just be looking at someone how good they are at a certain type of magic or thief-craft. But although they toned down these unrealistically perceptive comments in Skyrim, they replaced them with a world full of over-sharers. You don't even have to approach an NPC for them to start spilling their whole life story at you from across the plaza. Who does that? It's insane. A wanted ad system like the Witcher series' notice boards would have been nice, but failing that, I think they should have limited these interactions to more subtle advertisements for the quests instead of outright promotion. E.g., an AI character could complain loudly about a problem they are having, but won't necessarily talk to the player about it unprompted.

  • Dylan Mayhew

    I 100% agree with you! My biggest issue is that Skyrim isn't really an RPG anymore..... But sadly this has been happening to all the great old RPG's games from the past....I could list on forever but no one wants to read 8 paragraphs of me complaining.... So I'll just name Diablo 3 as an example!Sadly in this modern world of gaming the RPG genre is nearly dead....Developers make games more to universally appeal to all types of players.....So more complicated RPG elements get gutted... I'd love to see a new Baldur's Gate, a game directly based on the system of D&D..... I would hope that if such a game was to get a modern sequel it would keep its mechanics the same....But I feel it would likely get simplified..... Or perhaps this is a reason why no one has picked it up for a 3rd game.... (Siege of Dragonspear is giving me hope) But I fell off topic...... damn it....

  • Gen Rose

    I agree with everything. But I honestly loved the Oblivion dungeons compared to skyrims. There were cool sunken forts, poisonous chambers, idk a whole bunch of stuff. But they were fun to explore. Skyrim's though, were lame and boring.

  • OneOnOne1162

    I completely agree with every single point, especially the quests. I also preferred Oblivion's world though. Skyrim feels very bland to me. Yes, there are some beautiful places in Skyrim but overall I often felt like I was going from white plains of snow, to grey mountain ranges to a bit of brown swamp. Whereas in Oblivion you could go from the snowy white mountains, to the grassy and flowered plains, to the darkest swamps, to the beautiful azure coast around Anvil. That's just my opinion.

  • felipe silva

    Spell creation in morrowind and oblivion was rly nice

  • DrNerdRage

    Oblivion's create magic system was also fantastic.

  • S F

    OMG when you said that Skyrim had a tone of urgency and impending doom for every quest, everything just made sense. I love Skyrim but whenever I play it I feel like there is no lightheartedness and the overall gameplay & graphics was darker than Oblivion, even tho in Oblivian you literally had to go thru portals and in to a hell like dimension.

  • Vesper Lilly Ann Pratt

    I disagree with you on the premise of this implies anything about skyrim was good, and Skyrim was a shitshow

  • The Paranormalist

    My name is David. I am a Nord of Skyrim, an Unforgettable War Hero, the Legendary Dragonborn, the Leader of the Thieves Guild, the Listener of the Dark Brotherhood, Thane of Every City, Powerful Master Mage of the College of Winterhold, the Harbinger of the Companions, Leader of the Blades and the Slayer of Alduin the World-Eater, Harkon the Vampire Lord and Miraak the Dark Dragonborn. Yet whenever I kill a chicken, I am the world's worst known criminal. Can I go to Sovngarde?

  • R Gar

    Skyrim fell short because the world didn’t recognise all the feats you accomplished. If I’m going to invest time in saving the college of winterhold and become the Archmage, I want the characters at the college to recognise me as their leader and not just a student. How Bethesda thought this was ok is beyond me, it literally makes character progression non existent as you are no more accomplished in the game world at the end when compared to your character at the start.I could kill someone’s wife, they’d witness it, but after I’ve paid my bounty they act like nothing has happened. Wtf? Don’t add these features into the game if they aren’t going to have long term effects on your progression. It still makes me laugh my head off that in these games you can kill 100+ soldiers in a city, pay off a bounty and just return there like you did nothing.

  • Pavel Hranáč

    100% agree with all of yours points.My addition: The world in Oblivion seemed much more alive.In Skyrim everything is static. Everybody pretty much works outside of their house. You never see a guy from the city go out to the fields. Only generic npcs can be met on the roads. But who would want to travel when 60% of Skyrim's population are bandits, right? Then 35% are generic soldiers or Thalmor and only like 5% are actual people. And most of these aren't even interesting!

  • Allan M

    Couldn't agree with you more! I hate that in Skyrim everything you do seems to have no effect on the world, people don't recognize your achievements!

  • Fialovej Biftek

    Fimion likes sweetroll and i like pants...IN SKYRIM I CANT BE NAKED WITH IRON PANTS

  • The Brook Basher

    I like how in Oblivion the main quest doesn't shoehorn you into being any particular chosen one with special powers; you are just a nameless agent.

  • martin hyrule

    Oblivion is one of my favorite PC games, When I reinstall windows or got a New computer, Installing Oblivion is the first thing I do (and then civilization), I know the game has its flaws and the graphics are not the best, but I just love the game-play, the experience, for me the whole is more than the sum of its parts. I never get bored of this game, It's huge, full of interesting characters with interesting stories... and the mods, don't get me started on the mods, there are some amazing mods out there, we have some of the best modding communities in the gaming industry period, the game always feel fresh or... you can make your own mods with the help of the community, the possibilities are endless.

  • john johnothan

    Oblivions quests are better

  • Nikolai Pavlov

    im watching this video while installing oblivion :D

  • Dragon Master 22 gaming

    Everything in oblivion and the shout in skyrim

  • Arauder

    The best thing in oblivion was that I could cast a spell while holding a 2h weapon or 1h+shield. I am a fan of hybrid builds, so that helped a lot and I didn't have to switch to a spell/weapon everytime. I hope that Bethesda bring it back in ES6 mixed with the current system: while you have both the hands busy you cast a spell like you do with just 1 empty hand, if you equip the spell in both the hands it become stronger than normal.

  • Chance Kirkham

    Probably the worst thing about Skyrim is the fact that they took away my hotkey for spells and replaced it with a bunch of really crappy shouts that honestly aren't even worth it because I don't use them

  • Grzegorz Zawiślański

    Well Oblivion made muuuuuch more things better then Skyrim. Sometimes I feal that Bethesda do Skyrim without any interest. It was like:- we have to made some game after Oblivion!- damn You are right but what will we do?- I have idea ,let us made some stuff with Skyrim and put the dragons as the great threat to the world. They must be powerfull that everybody will be afraid of them. And make the hero ,Dragonborn!- OK thats coool. How powerfull the dragons will be? - Aaa very powerfull! Like they need 5 city guards to put one down!- Oooohhhh that will be immersive!!!In Skyrim You will never feal that You are importand no matter how much You will do! Even guys who are in the gild for which You are leader will treat You like asshole. Almost the only thing Skyrim have better is visual aspects. The quests and story is veeery dissapointing. The only interesting story for me was in downguard DLC. Skyrim without any mods is so gaddamn boring! In Oblivion they really try to make it interesting ,the story of every gild and the main one really push us forward just because it was interesting to see what will be next. In Skyrim almost from the beggining You already know what will happen.I don't even mention the game mechanics that Oblivion have way much better then Skyrim. After Oblivion everybody wait to see something that will be really Epic but instead of this we have Skyrim. What save this game is a lot off good modders out there :D

  • GreenTea

    6:35 was that a downed Nocturnal ?

  • Spartan Q77

    Oblivion made even the smallest action matter. Skyrim can't even do that with it's largest actions. Skyrim makes you a blank slate. One whom the only traits are what the game forces on you. That and what you head cannon. That is not how rpgs work. You make your character the way you want and it should matter. Oblivion knew how to do this except the latter. Skyrim takes so many steps backwards it irritates me to no end. Skyrim takes more things away than what it adds. The less is more idealiogy doesn't favour Skyrim either. Since overall it feels as though it is of much lower quality and quantity. Skyrim is a massive disappointment that had so much potential wasted. Mods can only do so much.

  • Nyla Vox ASMR

    I feel exactly the same way on all accounts. It's so nice to hear someone else say it~so perfectly. ✨🌲🌳🏰🌳🌲✨

  • PhlexTape

    I kinda feel like oblivion made me uncomfortable sometimes. Like, the character models looked kinda "funny"

  • Spartan Q77

    The argument in favor of not having a class system is stupid. People would say without one you can play whatever way you want and change your mind. That is counter-intuitive to an RPG. RPG games are meant to immerse you into the game. More options to your play style is key. However changing it mid playthrough defeats the point. The route Skyrim should have taken is a evolving class system. What I mean is you should be able to gain more major skills as you use them. Say heavy armor was a minor skill. However once that skill reaches 50 it becomes a major skill. You can only do this once every 5 overall levels. Yet even then only 3 times. Minor skills after this remain as such. However they still level your character albeit slower. That is how the class system could have been fixed. It's certainly a better solution than simply removing it. A "solution" Skyrim uses far too often.

  • Vedran K

    I helped to win a war for imperials and guy in Solitude told me to get lost :'( Also cities in oblivion actually look like cities while cities in skyrim look like vilages...Dawnstar litteraly has abouth 10 hay houses and thats a city??

  • Carolus Magnus

    This may be an unpopular opinion but what I also like more about Oblivion is the environment. Yes, it may be randomly generated, yes, it may not be as "epic" as Skyrim's. But you know what? It's more beautiful! It's warm and green and makes me enjoy being there. Also, the architecture feels like medieval southern Germany/south eastern France/northern Italy. Skyrim has mountains and aurora borealis and stuff but other than that, it's grey as hell. This game is so grey it makes me ill. The greyness plus the boring quests kill it for me. I really wanted to love Skyrim but I couldn't even finish the main quest because it was so boring. The thing is, Bethesda games usually tend to be boring, but Oblivion is actually the only Bethesda game that I extremely enjoyed. I love that game.

  • Diablerie Tandino

    I'm late to see this video, but I am soooo glad someone acknowledged one of my biggest pet peeves about skyrim. Your character just doesn't matter. No matter what they do in the world, you're just treated as another nobody. You can be Thane of every hold, a nightingale and master of the thieves guild, the listener of the dark brotherhood, a champion in the companions or the arch mage of the mage college, and you're a nobody. Even in the aforementioned guilds you're not even really acknowledged as the leader. You're still treated like some schmuck who just walked in the door. In Dawnguard you can bring down Harkon who is supposed to be this super powerful vampire, and the people left over in the castle still treat you like an errand person. If you joined the dawnguard, Isran refuses to even aid in your quest to stop the very thing he's apparently been planning for for years. He even threatens you because serana shows up at his doorstep. You're just made to feel as if you have no effect on the world. Like you can spend an entire quest line stopping harkon from blotting out the sun, and then 2 minutes after you defeat him, you do the very thing he wanted to and...nothing happens, no repercussion. Every skyrim citizen acts like a darkened sun is just a minor inconvenience in their daily routine. If it wasn't for mods, bethesda games of late to me would just be worthless trash.

  • Akash Van Eerten

    Is buying oblivion realy worth it? I have played Skyrim now for 700 hours but am I going to like oblivion? A little advice?

  • rokpepeshogun

    The story of oblivion made skyrim a success cause everybody thought Bethesda could only level up their game and moddingcommunity but they made 4 steps back into Arena WITH microtransactions and creation club.. oh and Fallout 76 is a big mess.

  • Divine Crusader

    for me, i have been playing oblivion since i was 4. i began playing skyrim at around 6-7. i would have to go with oblivion since the nostalgia hits me whenever i play it more so than skyrim.still, i can't wait for skyblivion to come out! :D

  • Jax Milovitch

    Love III,IV,V but frankly I think each is more patronising and simplistic than the last. What I mean is dumbed down. Less complex and punishing. Still all three have been major events in my gaming years.

  • Mike Bloomfield

    2:45 Um, what?.. you show three characters and say here's a bosmer, altmer, and dunmer, though they're all quite clearly bosmer, then admit you lied a few seconds later?.. because if you had shown all three, they would look completely different.. the only races in skyrim who look the same are nords, bretons and imperials, and you can usually tell them by their accents, this problem doesn't exist.

  • Gaming Wolf

    I used to think Skyrim was better now I think oblivion is 10 million times better

  • Infected AJ

    Well, I think Skyrim is still better since....WHEN YOU TALK YOU DON'T GET DIRECTLY IN THEIR FACE

  • Cecil Evans

    What's funny is that despite all these complaints, Skyrim is still an amazing game.

  • Bukejuice22

    I loved both of these games but I'll say one of the few things I like better in oblivion is the quests. I'll never forget getting stuck in that painting without enough resources to kill all the trolls so I just ran for it. I personally don't understand y people think the main quests in skyrim are boring. Your training to be dragonborn, sky haven temple, sovengarde, I loved that shit. Dungeons in skyrim are much better. I can't remember a single unique dungeon in oblivion and I'm playing it right now.but both were great and I'm glad I got to play them.

  • Sarmatian Smilodon

    To be honest the point about your protagonist not existing prior to the game events is terrible. Yes. The Dragonborn didn’t exist before the execution. That’s true. He/She is the avatar of Shor/Lorkhan/Shezarr, not a real person. The same with the Champion of Cyrodiil. All of the backstory thing is not what you think it is. The protagonist is basically just turning into whatever he/she decides at the start of the game to resemble a mortal being such as a traveling knight or some merchant. Both the protagonists are not actual people but the divine incarnations.

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