Top Immersion Mods - Top 5 Skyrim Mods of the Week

Join Kevin VanNord as he forages for his very life, across the Skyrim wilderness in an immersion-themed episode of Top 5 Skyrim Mods of the Week. Also he drinks too much mead.

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  • Invisible

    install those mods and add the oculous rift and enjoy living in skyrim!I doubt these mods will have any positive effect towards your questing

  • Sots

    i dont like mod 1, skyrim is meant to feel like a dirty gritty place, not a place where you think you'll see a unicorn around your next corner

  • Kubes Voxel

    You guys are the greatest duo on YouTube no contest. You are both extremely talented and witty, I watch Skyrim mods everyday(even after growing bored with playing it recently) and find myself getting enjoyment solely from your commentary, the world would be a worse place without Skyrim mods with Cam and Seb, thank you so much.

  • Westdraygon

    Ugh normally I like mods that make the game look more colourful but that ENB was just taking it overboard. It makes Skyrim look like the mushroom kingdom.

  • TheTrueRohran

    Holy shit that second mod, all that stuff should definitely be in the original game

  • OrangePoison

    God that ENB was hideous 

  • oldnotweak

    i dont understand why anyone likes Depth of field, motion blur or screen glare at all

  • RoboGent

    these guys are bad at putting the links in omg

  • bugijugi

    am I only one who hates enbs because of insane dof and blur

  • Sheralyn Chin

    Immersion - I don't think either of you understand the meaning of the word... Seriously, Falkonian ENB? It looks like a kid's colouring book.

  • ArchAngel 03

    seb and cam can you showcase the silver dragon armor mod since we didn't get to vote on it and because it looks awesome.

  • Adam Lindley

    top immersion mods, yet they keep going into 3rd person, ironic...

  • Bartho Balchi

    could you put links to all the mods you spotlight plz?

  • Lord of bacon

    And thank you guys for getting all theses mods together and showing them every week. See your show is one of the best parts of the week thanks

  • Niall Duffield

    can anyone link me to the frostfall mod?also, do i need any other mods to make it work

  • The Hadil

    17,004 videos holy sh!t

  • ThePieMan

    Is that falkonion enb good on low performance pcs?  as in a laptop I bought from Costco LOL

  • Jacob Lewis

    The Falkonian ENB mod looks like the Zelda demo at e3 2014.

  • Suspicious Tumbleweed*

    My favorite aspect of Frostfalls backpacks is the way that torches axes and tents appear on the bag itself, and how the hatchets visibly wear and tear from use.

  • Google Name

    why do you not put the links in any of your videos?

  • Mr. Meems

    I swear by Dynavision for depth-of-field.

  • Potential Legend

    OMG I never knew you guys replied to my comment!!! Thanks so much I feel so special now haha :D

  • TheLastButtholeDragon

    A definition of immersion may be needed for these guys

  • Tony

    That first mod looks horrible :/ Makes the game look like a damn cartoon. I will NOT ever install that...Second mod also is horrible, and confusing. Never installing that mod.Third mod isn't too bad, I like the concept but it's kind of stupid. Also building really shouldn't be a thing in Skyrim.Fourth mod is pretty cool, I will install that.Last mod is not to bad, but it is not something i'm going to install.Most of these mods are horrible :/

  • UnbiasedAlienCritic

    I honestly prefer Brodual's immersion mod list.

  • Samuel Booth

    Skyrim is not supposed to be soft and glowey. Its skyrim.

  • John Brightwell

    The first mode looks like oblivion

  • RiseInspirePersevere

    "You cannot sit while this hammered" lmao that's definitely happened to me before

  • Charlie Skudder

    Why doesn't bethesda, when they bring out another epic game just add some or most of these cool mods as options in the game. For instance the needs mod, that could be in the game but users have the choice to switch it on or not. Meaning more people can have the immersion. Skyrim is the best game in the world, but how much better would it be if everything is already there. That would just make the game so much more interesting and possibly never become outdated as each player can play THEIR own way, not the creators. Can you imagine that? Being able to play a game over and over again without ever having the same experience as the previous play through?

  • The Patrician

    for the frist mod, i haven't bought skyrim to play with oblivions's graphics and colors

  • MikePlaysIt

    Cows with horns = bull?Bull = male?Milking a male cow?

  • Danny C

    There needs to be a mod where if you get really drunk your controls switch. (Left=right, etc.) 

  • Yakuza Shibe

    The EMB Mod at the start looks like oblivion graphics

  • Periapse

    That's one of the least immersive enbs I've ever seen O.o Jeez, go look at Natural Lighting and Atmospherics for ENB. Granted most people's rigs won't be able to handle that specific one.

  • Bennett Hale

    Hey would you guys know if you can get skyrim mods for the ps3 iv really been wanting to get some of these Awsome mods you guys do

  • Linkin

    This is sooooo boring.......

  • Kasper Baatnes

    How do i download mod 1 ?

  • Shane Fowlstone

    What about wet and cold?

  • Bloody Belle

    Awesome mods, but the mod allowing you to be able to freeze to death is a little frustrating whenever you start a new game and eventually need to get to the greybeards during a blizzard... lol

  • Shadow Heart

    SkyRe is not an immersive mod it's an overhaul mod not to mention enbs are also not immersive

  • Srdjan Stefanovic

    What ENB are they using ?

  • QueenEtna

    I wish I could personally thank all these people who take their time to create these fantastic mods. When I first played through skyrim I didn't even know mods existed but now I'm on my 10th playthrough and I'm still not bored! These mods make the game so much fun :)

  • noah

    why aren't the mods in the description?

  • Klookko

    Depth of field is a horrible graphic setting.. I just turn it off <.<

  • Lazor

    Why does it feel like the video is only at 480p when im on 720p?? 

  • Kelsenpai

    You forgot something important in Frostfall: The temperature is different for geographical area (mountains are very deathly cold, southern areas are rather warm). Also, rain is like death. You have to beware storms, and use Leather tents for rain, fur tents for more warmth but less water proof (good for snowy areas). You may need to change your timescale to lets say 8 lowest to make it easier to react to a coming storm, and not need to eat every 5 minutes etc.

  • mitrooper

    The ENB that these guys are using in this video, makes Skyrim look like Teletubbie land.

  • Robson Leão

    The first ENB is far from immersive, it's a fantasy cartoon style colors, not realistic, you blind fuckers.

  • Chris Stroud

    mod 2 = mod 3 =

  • Eric Matise

    I can't use enb because it freezes my game on start-up

  • Ryjak

    ... I want all of these mods

  • Eden

    I hate it when you play a game and the cape is 199!! Y can't it be 200!!!!

  • Willy 2.0

    how would the mod that adds the need to eat work with the mod "life takes time" ???

  • Jermaine Verheagh

    So sad these guys are gone

  • Tony Miller

    help i added and removed some mods started a new game but i cant get any to work

  • Wujeeta

    This episode is. . . Immersive

  • Quentin West

    i would download enb's.....if they worked when i follow every step correctly. enb's seriously piss me off

  • Breadington Le Spy

    Do any of these mods require DLC's?Like Dawnguard, etc?

  • Scottish Ninja

    Got hunterborn and campfire, which is the camping aspect of frostfall without the hot/cold, if you're interested. Pretty sure it might be made by same person all the tents and backpacks are the same.

  • TheGreatGingerSnap

    Am I doing something wrong, Ik that this is a really old vid, but I don't have mod config as an option in my menu, a lot of the mods I use need config, what have I done wrong?

  • Mr.stabbed

    it looked as if they were standing information in awe of there leader kevin van nord

  • Bojack

    i click on cam robinson link and it give new star wars moovie, illuminati cunfurmed.........

  • Minitower

    where are the mod links?

  • Jullian Perry

    What is the armor he is wearing

  • slayer man

    these mods will make your game feel so real that youll think your rl is a video game

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