Top Immersion Mods - Top 5 Skyrim Mods of the Week

Join Kevin VanNord as he forages for his very life, across the Skyrim wilderness in an immersion-themed episode of Top 5 Skyrim Mods of the Week. Also he drinks too much mead.

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  • Tony Miller

    help i added and removed some mods started a new game but i cant get any to work

  • Eric Matise

    I can't use enb because it freezes my game on start-up

  • Ryjak Fireblade

    ... I want all of these mods

  • Jermaine Verheagh

    So sad these guys are gone

  • Willy 2.0

    how would the mod that adds the need to eat work with the mod "life takes time" ???

  • RoboGent

    these guys are bad at putting the links in omg

  • Wujeeta

    This episode is. . . Immersive

  • Eden

    I hate it when you play a game and the cape is 199!! Y can't it be 200!!!!

  • Quentin West

    i would download enb's.....if they worked when i follow every step correctly. enb's seriously piss me off

  • Sots

    i dont like mod 1, skyrim is meant to feel like a dirty gritty place, not a place where you think you'll see a unicorn around your next corner

  • Pack_A_ Pwned

    I fucking hate it how bethesda didnt add on a hardcore mode for skyrim like they did in in vegas

  • MikePlaysIt

    Cows with horns = bull?Bull = male?Milking a male cow?

  • Scottish Ninja

    Got hunterborn and campfire, which is the camping aspect of frostfall without the hot/cold, if you're interested. Pretty sure it might be made by same person all the tents and backpacks are the same.

  • TonyGAMING

    That first mod looks horrible :/ Makes the game look like a damn cartoon. I will NOT ever install that...Second mod also is horrible, and confusing. Never installing that mod.Third mod isn't too bad, I like the concept but it's kind of stupid. Also building really shouldn't be a thing in Skyrim.Fourth mod is pretty cool, I will install that.Last mod is not to bad, but it is not something i'm going to install.Most of these mods are horrible :/

  • TheTrueRohran

    Holy shit that second mod, all that stuff should definitely be in the original game

  • xXRedxXxx Fox

    Could someone plz upload Frostfall to the workshop?

  • Mr.stabbed

    it looked as if they were standing information in awe of there leader kevin van nord

  • TheGreatGingerSnap

    Am I doing something wrong, Ik that this is a really old vid, but I don't have mod config as an option in my menu, a lot of the mods I use need config, what have I done wrong?

  • SS2LP

    I remember once I started a mage character with realistic N&D installed. I contracted witbane in the mine south of riverwood and it absolutely devastated my character. Forced me to go to whiterun to a shrine just to get my magicka back. It fucking sucked and I loved it.

  • bugijugi

    am I only one who hates enbs because of insane dof and blur

  • oldnotweak

    i dont understand why anyone likes Depth of field, motion blur or screen glare at all

  • Breadington Le Spy

    Do any of these mods require DLC's?Like Dawnguard, etc?

  • Minitower

    where are the mod links?

  • Bloody Belle

    Awesome mods, but the mod allowing you to be able to freeze to death is a little frustrating whenever you start a new game and eventually need to get to the greybeards during a blizzard... lol

  • Jullian Perry

    What is the armor he is wearing

  • Drakonis Aviaire

    Seb has got a Laika shirt.

  • Famix of Power

    Why aren't the mods in the description :(

  • Klookko

    Depth of field is a horrible graphic setting.. I just turn it off <.<

  • Blade of Nexus

    can somebody put the links to these mods in chat/description

  • Bojack

    i click on cam robinson link and it give new star wars moovie, illuminati cunfurmed.........

  • Shino

    HOw does an ENB make it more Immersive?

  • Razorduck83

    how do they get that menu to customize their enb in-game to show up? 

  • Vaunomax

    Can you have more than 1 ENB on at the same time

  • ExploringWithFGJ

    yo whats up with the ash piles?

  • Jayleb Cochran

    is their another way to download frostfall

  • slayer man

    these mods will make your game feel so real that youll think your rl is a video game

  • Nerdy Couple Games

    bah, personally I hate mod's like this. I think it's cool you can do it but its just not fun to have to micro-manage all this stuff... even in the video you can't do anything because you're too busy taking care of your needs than adventuring :/

  • Jacob Boston

    I would love to start using Frostfall more. But i can only use it Solo really. Any other mods i add make the Script for it go haywire... Says the script takes too long (40) and wont load anything.

  • ChillaGaming

    How did you make the chickens explode?

  • Niall Duffield

    can anyone link me to the frostfall mod?also, do i need any other mods to make it work

  • Snail Race Enthusiast

    What is that little enb editing UI thing that they were using to turn DoF off.

  • Periapse

    That's one of the least immersive enbs I've ever seen O.o Jeez, go look at Natural Lighting and Atmospherics for ENB. Granted most people's rigs won't be able to handle that specific one.

  • Ryan

    can you get frostfall and realistic needs/diseases on the steam workshop??

  • Chris cow

    how do you guys record skyrim on the xbox?

  • Wrath607

    Frostfall would be so worth it if we didn't have Fast Travel in the game.

  • Shadow Heart

    SkyRe is not an immersive mod it's an overhaul mod not to mention enbs are also not immersive

  • Rory Nickey

    is the 3rd mod on steam

  • Morgan Finley

    That ENB looks like shit. XD I don't know what you faggots see in it. The game already looks good.

  • nathan wolf

    can someone link me to the mod at 5:36 

  • Sir Nutz of Deez

    Was "Frostfall" takin' off of Steam Workshop? 'Cause I can't find it =(And yes, I had the mod before but it's not there anymore for some reason =(

  • Recon Team Iowa

    Does requiem work with skyrim overhaul (mod #2)?

  • TJ The BananaCorn

    Funny how these immersive mods are way better than what could have actually be put in the game. Judging from the "immersion" thrown into New Vegas, i doubt it would have been good coming from the vanilla, and im glad tht these were made by the creative rather than the creators.

  • Morgoth

    how do you bring up the tent? they pressed y, but what was the original key?

  • Illermunatieh Guy

    Ive beat the whole game of skyrim with an orcish axe...

  • Jorge Ortega

    What armor mod are you all using in the video? Great video guys. Thanks!

  • Vybeck Slays

    Are there any mods that add more realistic attacks?

  • Alex Dereshteanu

    Can you post more Assassin's Creed Mods? Also you said fraps in this video. What does fraps mean?

  • Redwolfnisly

    you need to do vilja in skyrim!!! its better then Inigo!

  • PWNZOR671

    I don't get those fun bars on my Frostfall and I have SkyUI also

  • noah

    why aren't the mods in the description?

  • Lazor

    Why does it feel like the video is only at 480p when im on 720p?? 

  • Sheralyn Chin

    Immersion - I don't think either of you understand the meaning of the word... Seriously, Falkonian ENB? It looks like a kid's colouring book.

  • log gard

    Where do i get the "Skyrim redone" mod by T3nd0? It's not on the workshop

  • denton obolensky

    Can I use realistic needs and desieses and skyrim redone at the same time?

  • Revan

    Can someone tell me what mod they use for their interface/inventory? I feel like they answered this already but I am not sure.

  • CaptainJackle

    Where do you get skyrim redone?Or can you anymor? o-o

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