Skyrim 5: More Unlucky Adventurers You May Have Missed - The Elder Scrolls 5 Secrets

Skyrim sends the Dragonborn on an ultimate adventure as you slay dragons and save the world from certain doom. However, The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is also home to a number of individuals who went on their own adventures but weren’t as successful. So today we’ll be taking a look at five more unlucky adventurers in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.

    We all know Nate's catchphrase, "murdered to death". But there are still a few catchphrases that we still missed in his videos. For example he says "kick back and relax" and (my personal favorite) "Storting off..." In every video. I'm not saying that we should stop the "murdered to death" saying, but let us expand upon it.


    5 more unlucky adventurers who got murdered to death

  • Olrune

    missed opportunity to call them misadventurers

  • Dyan vernanda

    Do you get pinned by Nate very often? Oh what am i saying, of course you dont

  • Matthew Sly

    I'm going to say the same thing I have in the last 12 Skyrim videos: PLEASE SHOW US YOUR LOAD ORDER!!!! Your game looks so DANG AMAZING!!!!

  • Alton Rodgers

    Damn this game came out in 2011 and still finding more stuff this is crazy

  • bruce campbell

    Oh skyrim, with all its....karens.

  • Katherine A

    The mage next to the Julianos shrine for some reason reminded me of the book The Magicians, which has a chapter about a couple students who were sent out completely naked to cross half of Antartica using only magic to keep themselves alive. Maybe this mage was sent to do something similar? Left to fend for themselves in the cold, with the goal of finding the shrine or something, and they just barely died of exposure before achieving their goal

  • Olgierd Boratyński

    0:18 "Weren't as succesful as you". - That's one way to call BEING MURDERED TO DEATH!

  • megan Charlotte

    I'm new on this channel I LOVE UR SKYRIM VIDEOS

  • ho mega

    I just found you and have been binge watching all your Skyrim videos!!!

  • R Mccauley

    You forgot about all those adventurers turned guards that received arrows in their knees

  • .DaspY.

    YEAY murder people to deathYou have to make merch out of that!

  • Alpha Deathclaw

    I used to be an adventurer like you then I took an arrow in the knee and got featured in one of Nate's videos ;)

  • Ben Jeremiah Lim

    Hey TheEpicNate315. When I was at Halldir's Cairn one time; I used Aura whisper and found 3 life signs in a room I couldn't get to normally. Only through a teleport spell mod was I able to discover a small room with no doors or windows but 3 draugrs.

  • A_Swedish_Gamer

    Bruh no homo but MURDERED TO DEATH

  • Lux Wray

    The most interesting corpse I've found was my own. Because DAMN IT IM SURE THAT FROST TROLL SHOULD BE DEAD

  • Limitless Beast

    5:05 why is the cat's tail moving on the right if it is dead?!?!?

  • whatyoutubedeemsappropriate 1

    I know an unlucky adventurer he took an arrow in the knee

  • NButler1993

    We need your mod load order.

  • Zosphus

    they released skyrim 5 already?

  • Mason Officially

    Bethesda should really do another DLC! I mean come on, thousand of people still play it

  • Big Blue

    When I first came across the ambush I quickly realised what was happening and managed to back out only having a couple of the ambushers come out. As I was carrying a bow I managed to kill them and work my way round and pick off the others. I think the reason it is a temporary is that the bandits are the ones who will occupy Helgan which is just down the road. The Khajiit were just unlucky to run into them. I also wonder if they were attack not long before you arrive. Maybe they had a lookout along the road and seeing you coming decided to leave it as a trap.

  • eric poh

    i'm not sure if this has been mentioned in the 10 tiny details of skyrim series but if you, for whatever reason, decide to attack aventus arentino during innocence lost( the quest where you kill the orphanage lady), he'll say something like "that's not how this is supposed to work".

  • Geno Breaker

    One unlucky adventurer disliked this video.

  • Kwansu

    4:40 and 5:00 Am I the only one who noticed the dead Khajit wagging his tail..?

  • Ranger Rango

    If you don’t want to I understand, but I would really like it if you did a cinematic play through of Skyrim the amount of amazing shots you have would make a role play look amazing or just playing the game by itself, I would really love it and I bet others would too!

  • Dakota Jensen


  • Our lord and saviour Waluigi

    Yessssssss Bois!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nate’s back with another banger!!!

  • That 1 Music maker

    You Nate can you make another fallout video :) please

  • BigNathGaming

    I love these videos man. Keep up the good work

  • dank orangoes

    Please do another fallout vid

  • Sunset Rider

    Hundreds of hours in Skyrim and I’ve never found that first cavern with the purple ray of light. Looks like a cool dungeon! Never came across that slaughtered caravan either.

  • Jacob Howard

    Maybe the Saber Cats dragged the people there and killed them? Big cats are known to disable then drag their kills off.

  • Uriel Garcia

    First before the guy that sais hes first before the person who said hes first

  • Joe Nesvick

    Next time I start a new game, I’ll check out that caravan. I don’t go to Whiterun until I visit the Hall of the Vigilant (to see it before it’s gone). Once I have the Dragon-stone, I don’t return to the keep until I’m ready.I’ve also noticed Dragons don’t seem to Spawn once Delphine tells you to meet her at Kynesgrove unless you meet her at Kynesgrove, if you want a dragon break

  • PGE The Elder Scrolls Türkiye

    hey nates its guy here

  • Neal Sterling

    Cool Video as always!Sometimes i wonder, wouldn't it be awesome, if the player wasn't a fantasy superhero (aka the dragonborn) with superpowers (shouts) at all, but instead a normal who changes the world (skyrim) by sheer willpower, strength and determination? Personally i would find such a approach much more interesting. By now, i got really tired of superheroes with superpowers or rediculusly overpowered half gods saving the world, a normal person archieving all that would be much more badass imo.I know there are mods, but it's not the same.

  • Tuski Wasp

    not sure if you have done this in a previous episode, but there are many references between skyrim and Beowulf. I'll let you do the research, but some examples are the dragonborn is Beowulf while Alduin is Grendel. There are plenty more and I thought it was pretty interesting.

  • Connor Nicholas

    Whoa, I never noticed that the cairn breaks apart when your clear out Holdir's Cave!

  • Gavin L

    Hey nate if u do another 5 things u didn't know you could do in skyrim well u can put 2 rings on without mods in skyrim. U have to to have 2 different ring on. The ring of beast and sliver-blood ring. Put the beast ring on with the button then put the sliver-blood ring on with the L1 trigger on ps3. Then if u want to put the ring of eurbite on click it with the L1 button.

  • Brenda DeZeeuw

    all the guards who, (took an arrow in the knee)

  • GamerGirlBell

    They all must have gotten a arrow in the knee

  • Mikyala Murphy

    Hey hows it going here, its nate guys

  • HowdeeTMM

    Do a vid/series on your ideal tes 6!!

  • Jesse james

    Keep up the good work man

  • the Fire dog cult

    Hi I just got muddied to death and muddied to death

  • Dominic flavell

    Need to do some mod videos

  • glass of water

    Haert me because i said: "murdered to death"

  • Andrew Brown

    is it always this lonely when you upload?

  • Erik Åkerblom 9B Jättestenskolan

    I`m both pissed and and not pissed at Skyrim right now because it is so weird now..

  • jawrabbit

    Don't suppose you could enchant my sword? Dull old blade could barely murder someone to death

  • Rachel Jennetti

    Haldir’s cairn was weird for me. I oneshotted him (archery) and i picked up his staff from the floor and then there was a 2nd one on his body. So now i have double staffs

  • Tacomaholic

    I'm going to take a peak at that Khajiit caravan massacre on my next playthrough.

  • Yumiko Suzki

    Most likely why the stormcloak falkreath camp acts the way it does is because that very road the carriage where you and ulfric and other prisoners are held. So if the camp would be their as the game spawns in like the rest then one would argue that they would ambush the carriage or at least attempt

  • Slick Silver

    "Let's face it, you are the Dragonborn"

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