Skyrim: Dragonborn - The most powerful bow!

Here it is guys, the most powerful bow in Skyrim: Dragonborn! Enjoy.

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  • Doug Bairead

    10/10 for pronunciation

  • Memestar

    not the best bow in the game, but definatly a powerful bow.

  • GamingGamerPablo

    Zephyr is my bow of choice

  • Mark Beavers

    how id that the best bow? My ebony bow does 64 damage and 15 fire damage with every shot

  • A Piece of Darkened Biscuit With Cheese Spread

    Hey, why care about a powerful bow when the real treasure is the dwarven spider follower!

  • Lapo Michelassi

    Bad Thumbnail. :( misleading.

  • Lord Orion

    do you know if this enchantment can be salvaged from the bow with the enchanting table?

  • Brian Ortega

    mine got glitched up, and now i cant get the bow

  • The Bear's Tavern and Lounge

    The breeze home bow is the best one i found 999 damage

  • Tyler Challoner

    Do you know if the duplication glitch in whiterun will work for the resonance gems

  • Juan Valdez

    Can't you just enchant a better bow? I mean it's not even that powerful

  • Julskott

    Its NOT The most powerful bow in skyrim !!

  • coconut day

    could you make the background music louder? I can't really hear it

  • Willy Boi

    yes, the thumbnail image really fits what the actual bow looks like

  • gorilla199uncensored

    Or could enchant bow to do 96 extra damage, plus 23 to stamina. Not that anything survives a couple of shots

  • bob lily

    what armor was he wearing

  • dragonkiller alex

    Actually Auriel's Bow is the most powerfl sience it blocks out the sun and has sunhollowed arrows that explode so its the most powerful bow asl it was made by the god auriel,yours was not.

  • Chris Ayala

    His voice is funny but the best at voicing guides

  • єvєrchday αtrσcítchTM

    I have a Glass Bow of Enervating(legendary) that does 73 damage and 50 points Magicka damage... Just saying, this isn't the most powerful bow in Skyrim.

  • SamPreston2

    man, thank you so much.

  • Noneofyour Business

    The Chaos damage applied to any ebony, daedric bow is better.

  • Rick Sanchez

    where the hell is the bow?

  • XxX420n0sc0perXxX

    I'm not using a crosshair. I think I am only one.

  • SentientBroom0

    Showing a bow that says r sister at the top left screen, is my opinion not a good way to show it's Fus ro da.

  • Heilsing Gaming

    When he speaks i want to kms

  • Thomas Aitken

    Master Enchanter could disenchant that bow, then combine that enchantment with chaos, on a Dragonbone Bow. That'd be nasty.

  • David Stojilkovic

    It's not the strongest bow in the game. I mean it has cool ability but it is situational ! When i have something like dragonbone bow or something like that powerful and enchant it to get super high damage and i can kill my enemy in one shot but when i use this bow (1 that is in video) i will have to shoot few time to kill some1 . And when i play like an archer i want to stay away from my enemy so he can't hit me ! But it is a rly cool power , you can disenchant it and get it on sword or somrthing like that OR on the some super OP bow that has 1 shot 1 kill on most enemyes and when enemy is stronger you can regenrate health and stamina and also kill him in few shots , if it is OP enemy !

  • Erwin Rommel

    what is this theme called please reply!

  • Shila Dragon Trainer


  • WoahItzJordan

    Haha I didn't have to go and get them I have a vault next to warmaiden that has everything literally

  • casl cee

    hi, im curious of your armours. please leave names of the armours if you dont mind. thx

  • Aaron Abrantes

    Daedric bow itself is better so is dragonbone

  • Owlcorp Studios

    i got the same enchantment in a dragur dungon at lvl 25

  • Kyan Lawrence

    how sout the stg prince bow it takes longer to get powerful but for every 20 animals kill you get a power boost

  • Andrew ALV

    35 dmg and most powerfull? rly?

  • Skidward Tennisballs


  • Dangelo Lott

    this is exactly what I imagine a Skyrim freak to sound like

  • Kyle Schneider

    Not that amazing if you think about it. You dont need any Magica to play an archer, and health is only good if the enemy is in your face hitting you, which you shouldnt be using a bow if they are. Stamina is only good so you can zoom in longer. All in all, the bow is cool, but useless to most archers.

  • rindoue dragonus

    lmao, my hunting bow does 3,000,000 damage and has chaos plus absorb health, that bow isn't even in the same ballpark, hell my wooden swords do more damage, and my silver sword has 3 enchantments on it the enchantment on my silver sword "Extra damage to werewolf, extra damage to nords, and extra damage to elves. All of which are way beyond the damage threshold of that bow. The title should read "Puzzle Bow"

  • Simeon Bell

    It actually is a powerful bow, especially in the early game and for vampire class builds, and it may be the strongest bow in the dlc, but I still think auriels bow is quite a lot stronger, simply because of its speed and the amazing area-of-effect damage it does (20 damage / 60 to undead) and overall it looks pretty great.

  • WizardWandz

    All stick with my deadric(idk how to spell it) bow. It's legitness I made it myself and spent so long leveling up my smithing

  • DemonWeasel1990

    Without any smithing (though my archery skill is maxxed) my Dragonbone Bow does 312 damage.Fully smithed and enchanted, I've made one that puts out 549 damage.So, cool vid, but NOT the most powerful.

  • PQ5

    you should have done the voices of Argonians in skyrim to many SS may the hiest guide us sssss Hsssssss!

  • dragon greek

    What will happen if I get it at level 1

  • Werhmacht BesT

    now why would I do all this when I have daedric bow and nightgale bow.. and I can easily get dwarven bow of fate by just typing a code in console...

  • DivineTree

    pfff my bow does 22,000 damage

  • Queen's Knight

    what type of armor do you use

  • hetix gamer

    question is it the most powerful bow in the entire game

  • Khnawher 2910

    What bow is the one on the cover of this video?

  • Satans Bich

    oh so that's what those gems did thanks for telling me

  • GetREKTOurlt

    This channel gets better everyday

  • Gabriel C

    Did you know that shooting a arrow or bolt to a knee does more damage to a enemy than any other place on their body.

  • Sanji matherne

    what place u go to get this bow i didnt catch the name?

  • Sam Vimes

    The fact that it's a black dwarven bow is really cool. Too bad the enhanced dwarven crossbow makes all other bows obsolete. Yeah, it's neat being able to absorb health and stuff, but a crossbow that ignores 50% of armor is just way more useful. Add in some exploding dwarven bolts and it's pretty damn OP.

  • You Get The Best Fellatio From Me

    No thanks, I think I'll stick with my Long Bow.

  • Mo Eh

    You can just go to the elf place close to the vampire castle, the bow r way better with 500 damage

  • Tyler Hertel

    I wouldn't say it's the mist powerful. If your in an actual fight then this indeed might be the most powerful one due to the absorb feature, but if your being a sneaky thief/assassin then you might want a bow with better base damage to get those great sneak bonuses.

  • carl davies

    how did u find this place

  • Thomas Lodrigue

    it might be really powerful but not the strongest

  • Writhes

    In terms of damage I wouldn't really call this the most powerful bow "even when excluding enchanting/blacksmithing and crossbows. Its at best a bow with dwarven bow speed and elven bow damage with a 50% chance to deal health damage... In terms of damage that's not very exciting...The nightgale bow however does two forms of HP damage (30 freeze and 15 shock). It has the highest base damage of all unique bows between that for daedric and dragonbone.

  • Vlad Xavier

    lol just use the daedric bow with general enchanting and smithing that puts it around 300 damage

  • carl davies

    he has the most boring voice

  • Amperu

    I still think that Nightingale bow is better except enhanced dwarven crossbow, just make sure to have the latest unofficial Skyrim patch so you can improve it on a grindstone.

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