Skyrim: Dragonborn - The most powerful bow!

Here it is guys, the most powerful bow in Skyrim: Dragonborn! Enjoy.

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  • Gabriel C

    Did you know that shooting a arrow or bolt to a knee does more damage to a enemy than any other place on their body.

  • Doug Bairead

    10/10 for pronunciation

  • Ariel Perez

    Absorbing magicka is the best thing for an archer right? And health absorption is great for archers because the point being an archer is to stay away from the enemy and not get hit. Stamina? Lol why use a potion that gives you more stamina when you have a 50% chance to absorb it? Omg yeah the best bow in the game

  • You In 10 years

    How is the most powerful bow? A normal Ebony Bow has 72 damage which is almost twice this bow's crap damage

  • tom irvine

    ill stick to my dragon bone bow which hits harder and doesnt require me to do anything but craft it and enchant it...

  • Thorus Zwolf

    I guess as far as bows strictly added in the dragonborn DLC it's the best, but compared to the crossbows added in the Dawnguard DLC every other bow falls way short and doesn't even come close to comparing.The only benefit to normal bows is the arrows are cheeper, I guess thats a good thing as Money is so hard to come by in Skyrim xD

  • BronzieBlue

    I'm sorry, but every time you speak it reminds me of Sollux from Homestuck XD

  • DaedalusProps

    Without any smithing (though my archery skill is maxxed) my Dragonbone Bow does 312 damage.Fully smithed and enchanted, I've made one that puts out 549 damage.So, cool vid, but NOT the most powerful.

  • PQ5

    you should have done the voices of Argonians in skyrim to many SS may the hiest guide us sssss Hsssssss!

  • Awkward Alan

    Kagrumeth Rethonanth Gemth?Thexy Thkyrim rulth!

  • Dessert Eagle

    I'm more of a crossbow guy myself.

  • daniel mondragon

    before people say oh I can enchant my bow and it will be stronger it clearly states DRAGONBORN as in the most powerful bow in the dlc so you guys need to grow a damn brain lol

  • richard .M

    This guy is awesome come one stop picking on him he's a great help to many people

  • Awkward Alan

    Utheleth!! abtholutely utheleth! xD can't stop myself.. so mean but.. :D "at firtht thight they theem utheleth..."

  • Bobby Smith

    puth your gemsth in thisth order

  • Kyle Schneider

    Not that amazing if you think about it. You dont need any Magica to play an archer, and health is only good if the enemy is in your face hitting you, which you shouldnt be using a bow if they are. Stamina is only good so you can zoom in longer. All in all, the bow is cool, but useless to most archers.

  • Blake TheOtaku

    Sure it's great if you don't have a Dragonbone bow. You know... The most damaging bow in the game?

  • Hizarion Production

    What is the music plz ?

  • Nick Mignone

    That's not the most powerful bow my dragonbone bow does around 132 plus a few thousand paralyzation damage from an enchantment and my ring that boosts that times 1000 its a 1 hit kill on anything with room to spare

  • Tyler/Nyassa Hertel

    I wouldn't say it's the mist powerful. If your in an actual fight then this indeed might be the most powerful one due to the absorb feature, but if your being a sneaky thief/assassin then you might want a bow with better base damage to get those great sneak bonuses.

  • Jack Song

    That bunny must have loved the roller coaster ride across the snow:P

  • Lord Orion

    do you know if this enchantment can be salvaged from the bow with the enchanting table?

  • Josh Welch

    The dragonbone bow is the best in my opinion.

  • L LawlieT

    Not the strongest. Maybe the coolist

  • abdessamad bouchal

    i was expecting the bow in the picture -.-

  • Kyan Lawrence

    how sout the stg prince bow it takes longer to get powerful but for every 20 animals kill you get a power boost

  • Tenebris Vega

    the Glass Bow of the Stag Prince is more cool

  • TexZenMaster

    I thought the most powerful bow was self-crafted.  Ya know, with alchemy stacking?Heavy bows get to 120'ish base damage, with Paralyze and Stam drain.  Add gear for 385 dmg bow.

  • Adolf Hitler

    what is this theme called please reply!

  • FanFu

    The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim... Not Skyrim: Dragonborn! LOL

  • King Tikitu

    this don't look like ordinary skyrim

  • Daniel Cristián Escobar

    what outfit are you wearing??

  • Dickson

    where the hell is the bow?

  • Weedy Speedy

    auria bow is more strong

  • Simeon Bell

    It actually is a powerful bow, especially in the early game and for vampire class builds, and it may be the strongest bow in the dlc, but I still think auriels bow is quite a lot stronger, simply because of its speed and the amazing area-of-effect damage it does (20 damage / 60 to undead) and overall it looks pretty great.

  • Bradley1240

    this isn't the best bow. it has a bad enchant too. although have all attributes being raised 25, an archers job is to stay back and hit from range. if u need this bow to get health/stamina/majicka back, you've already done a bad job. and also its not the best bow, Damage wise, either. My top 3 bows1. Dragon Bone bow2. Zephyr3. Daedric/Nightingale Bow

  • The Bear's Hiking & Outdoorsmans Club Hiking Club

    The breeze home bow is the best one i found 999 damage

  • Heilsing Gaming

    When he speaks i want to kms

  • rickillicious

    What level do I have to get to in order to unlock the Lisp of the Dragonborn?

  • Travis Barke

    He kinda sounds like a gay version of Fez from that 70's show.. (No offence) 

  • Owlcorp Studios

    i got the same enchantment in a dragur dungon at lvl 25

  • PreserveBigCats

    Does it matter What level you're on, in comparison to the Bow strength? I have a Bow now that has an 74 Damage (Bow of extreme exhaustion, Lvl 55)  So is it worth it for me to get this bow with 35 Damage?  Also, what level were you at the time of this video? Thanks.  P.S.  I used to watch your vids for Skyrim, but I took a 1 year sabbatical from playing... now I'm back and enjoying Skyrim even more. I kind of accidently joined the Dark Brotherhood, by killing the abusive old lady, Astrid scared the shyte out of me in my dreams. 

  • Jake O neill

    you used to make skyrim videos now you make make fnaf videos can you please go back to skyrim :( :(

  • Andrew ALV

    35 dmg and most powerfull? rly?

  • Charlikins

    Thatth a pretty nathty lithp you have there... might want to check that out...

  • Rabijeel

    I keep up to my selfmade Bow.More Damage.Additional Fire Damage.Selfrecharging.This Bow may be the most Powerful Bow to be found. But even without using the Alchemy-exploit you can craft Bows which are a lot more badass. 

  • MrMudNugget

    do we get an obvious lisp with the bow too?

  • We Are The Dead

    I prefer my own bow that I enchanted with the chaotic enchantment. It does 25 random elemental damage. I'm only level 40 so could be better when I lvl up enchanting and blacksmithing. 

  • Vlad Xavier

    lol just use the daedric bow with general enchanting and smithing that puts it around 300 damage

  • shane1511

    Does anyone else hate how Smike uses modded weapons in the pictures. It's misleading. We expected the weapon in the picture. The DLC has been out long enough for us to find most the secret and rare weapons but when we see something we don't have we watch the video. Smike uses the pictures to bring in larger groups of viewers. Also it's a misleading title as well. It's not the strongest bow in Skyrim.

  • Julian john

    i dont get it how come the bow can be upgraded yet the arrows cant. correct me if im wrong but the arrows should be the thing that causes the damage why should it matter what bow you use? 

  • jerbear213

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH his voice....o it's to much

  • theanimer1

    I thought Nightingale bow at a high lvl(like 30?) and 100 archery with 5/5 overdraw has about 60-70 damage on top of a 20 shock enchant. Id take the constant 20 over a 50% chance of draining which 2 of them is meh.

  • Joe Dickson

    the enchantments on this bow is dumb because you use two hands when holding a bow so you dont need the magick enchantment and you dont need stamina that much and you dont even need the health enchantment because as an archer you dont realy want people knowing that you are there so you wont be getting hit that much

  • Vindictive Raven

    where do i go? i have the gems, but not the location

  • Ron Mabry

    ok, i thought you were gonna show me something crazy ass bow, i found this shit a while back, it is pretty cool but i really like aurieal's bow better especially if you have those special elven arrows to go with it, does anyone know if you can make those arrows?

  • TrueLeagueTv

    Does this dude have a lisp or something? im sorry im mean xD its just...its so funny how he speaks...hhahahaahha

  • David Stojilkovic

    It's not the strongest bow in the game. I mean it has cool ability but it is situational ! When i have something like dragonbone bow or something like that powerful and enchant it to get super high damage and i can kill my enemy in one shot but when i use this bow (1 that is in video) i will have to shoot few time to kill some1 . And when i play like an archer i want to stay away from my enemy so he can't hit me ! But it is a rly cool power , you can disenchant it and get it on sword or somrthing like that OR on the some super OP bow that has 1 shot 1 kill on most enemyes and when enemy is stronger you can regenrate health and stamina and also kill him in few shots , if it is OP enemy !

  • Braden Monroe

    When you get the PlayStation VR ad for Skyrim

  • Paul Snelling

    I Can Easily Say: The Bloodskal Blade, Is The Best Weapon For People, That Like To Have A Great Sword ; While Also Want To Have A Ranged Weapon.(I Find The Energy Useful At Close Range Also (Especially To Instantly Take Down Skeletons))

  • Pineapple

    But if your using a bow you wont be using magic or probably running around either...

  • Pyro

    You see what most RPGs do to people? THEY MAKE EM NERDS. 

  • Sir Castic

    The term "Most powerfull" is highly over-extensively used. How do you define most powerfull? Is it the most Damage? Well,then it´s the Dragonbone bow. (Karliahs Bow is stronger, but unobtainable) If you count in crossbows, then a well improved enhanced dwarven crossbow makes every bow look like a slingshot. (22 (2  more than dragonbone bow) base-damage +ignores 50% of armor rating while it can still be enchanted)However, there are two bows with very special powers. First, Auriels Bow, does 3 times the damage to unded. So with sneak, its 9 times damage on some foes (draugh deathlords and powerfull vampires)Second, its Zephryr. Yes, a dull dwarven Bow which can´t be enchanted. But, it fires 30% faster than a default bow, which gives it a very high dps while having a lower damage. But, with the right enchantments on ur armor, it will be strong enough to one-hit most foes the stronger bows do as well, while making the second shot or quick battles at closer ranges a piece of cake. As for the dwarven black bow. Forget about it. It´s useless. The enchantments sounds way better than it is on a bow. Would be AWESOME on a sword or else. And the damage is just slightly higher than a default dwarven bow. Last but not least, to fight from a horse, I always recomend a crossbow. (op with Shadowmere, the almost immortal horse takes all the damage for you)

  • carl davies

    he has the most boring voice

  • Bob Lily

    what armor was he wearing

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