Skyrim - Top 5 Daedric Artifacts


In our latest Elder Scrolls: Skyrim video, we take you through 5 of our top Daedric Artifacts in the game.

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Scott: newberrycrunch
Michael: oldberrychew


  • Sam Atkins

    Q: How many fingers does a dragon born have?A: Four fingers and a thuum.

  • Muhummad Smith

    Please do a video on Top 5 Aedric Artifacts. There's plenty like the Staff of Magnus, Auriel's Bow, Chrysamere, Lord's Mail etc

  • High Definition Apollo

    A new hand touches the bacon.

  • Brody Clark

    Lusty Argonian Maid > Oghma Infinium

  • Esteban Prince

    Spell breaker is way better than any of these artifacts in my opinion.

  • Nipple Collector

    gotta love heavy armor with a stealth enchantment

  • That guy who likes Bathory

    Can't help but think that Wabbajack should have had an hounarable mention

  • Mop Head666

    Excuse me why isn't the iron dagger on here? It has a whopping 5 damage

  • The Captain

    Sure, sure, you could use those. Or, you could use... THE WABBAJACK! Eh? Ehh? Didn't see that coming, do you?

  • Benício Pereira

    Where is Sanguine Rose? And Spellbreaker?

  • Murder Muffin

    Why is the wabajack not on here? You can literally turn someone into a sweet roll and eat them! Even alduin

  • ParagonFury

    I could never get the Black Soul stone; can't betray Azura who is one of the few benevolent/nice Daedra in existence (along with Meirdia, Sheogorath and Nocturnal for the most part).Normal Grand Souls are enough.

  • Lucas H

    last time I was this early trinimac was still alive.

  • MadSwedishGamer

    Um, the Wabbajack is obviously far more powerful than any of these.

  • DJolly

    When you buy breeze home by putting all your money in a closet and you didn't even tell your mum you did it.

  • Benjamin Hewitt

    Dawnbreaker has always been my favorite, especially with how many drauger you have to fight

  • Ser Bronn of the Blackwater

    Molag-Bal is also known as "The King of Rape"

  • DozeMeister

    Obviously, it is the Ring of Khajiiti!! oh wait.....

  • Sebastian Boyce

    I remember when Skyrim first came out and the Oghma Infinium gave me a level 81 character

  • Bartosz Syrocki

    My favourite daedra to worship is Kek, praise kek and his disciple, Pepe.

  • Carbon Knights Gaming

    What about Mehrunes' Razor, that dagger that insta-kills sometimes? I think that's probably more powerful than the Black Star, which is great early on, but by the time you're done with enchanting for yourself and your follower it becomes pretty useless except for recharging, which can be done with found gems pretty handily. I've used the Razor to 1 hit everything from dragons to bosses that were WAY out of my league, it's saved my ass a lot more than the black star (which I also love by the way, I just don't think it's top 5)

  • The Witch-King of Angmar

    The Mace Of Molag Bal is my favorite Daedric Artifact! It's really useful and looks really cool :)

  • Andrew Ince

    The Ogma Infinium is, according to Lore, bound in elf skin. The smallest black patch is quite possibly Dwemer.

  • Robert MLG

    Guys to max the power of the ebony blade just get a follower and kill him and then use the ritual stone on the dead follower and ta da just use that until u max it out.

  • Zach McIntire

    (cough) Mehrunes Razor (cough)

  • Soul Collector

    "When the dragonborn comes into with many daedric artifacts, blurring the lines between mortal and immortal, it's hard not to be awestruck." -by the fact that weapons made from parts of dead dragons are more powerful.

  • Darryl

    i almost comitted suicide.... then i got the fudgemuppet notification

  • Bill_Carson

    Molag?? I prefer lesslag 😉😉

  • 0161mansgottapoo

    the daedra are going to return in ESVI

  • IrishEyesPhotonDragon

    next up- top 5 Oblivion Daedric artifacts

  • Jade Annabel

    I know it's not a weapon or something good for attacking, but I wear the mask of clavicus vile and armour of boethia everywhere, the combo's pretty awesome. Speech plus poison~

  • Stefan Bentsen

    What abot the Ring Of Hircine?

  • Razor Console

    I used to think you get dawn breaker as a reward in the dawn guard questline which you can start in dawn star...

  • David Alvarez

    Nothing "justifies" these artifacts. They are alluring because they are powerful, but they are not justified. Nothing makes betraying followers who trust you a justifiable move. Skyrim gives you the opportunity to roleplay--to some degree--an immoral, ends-justifies-the-means--scuzzbucket. This is especially true for daedra like molag bal, boethiah, mephala, namira etc.

  • Anonymous person

    my favorite is mehrunes razor, its good for shaving

  • Fanatical Trekkie

    Meh. Dawnbreaker and Wabbajack (just for fun). I got 2 Dawndbreakers in a playthrough once by accident. I haven't been able to replicate it again, sadly, but it was pretty cool. If your smithing is to 60 (to improve enchanted items) Dawnbreaker gets pretty strong. I had it through most of my playthrough, until I was able to improve ebony weapons better. I'm doing the same with the Blades sword right now. I am about 4 levels away from ebony smithing and already have two swords I set aside to improve upon. Gotta get that smithing up.

  • Nathan Kincaid

    I love the ring of hircine, being a werewolf is amazing

  • Selena Gamya

    I am shocked to see the Mace of Molag Bal as number one, seeing as it doesn't even have a unique enchantment. The souls trap enchantment is pretty easy to find, so I'd say there are probably better contenders to take its place on this list.

  • Iam Saintly

    Can you make a ebony blade build? I saw ESO do it but I want too see a story to go along with the build! Love your content!

  • Dragonlight Reaper

    "Ah, my dear Pelagius. You are the best Emperor there ever was! Well...except for that Martin fellow, but he turned out to be a Dragon God! Hardly sporting, isn't it? You know, I was there for that whole sordid affair: butterflies, blood, a fox, a severed head, and the cheese! To die for."

  • Manuel Ciancarella

    I love Volendrung it looks so Beast

  • xd PaulDoTekken

    I use the ebony blade to kill almost anything. Dragons (normal, frost, ancient, elder, legendary, etc.), all the ("killable") guards of a city, atronachs, the emperor of tamriel, all the dark brotherhood targets, bears, sabre cats, giants, mammoths, horkers, wolves (who wouldn't?), vampires, falmer, forsworn, bandits, stormcloaks, anyone who opposes me, etc.

  • Anarcho-Capitalist

    Molag bal is my fav daedric prince

  • Slayer Dragon

    Wouldn't the Glass bow of the stag prince be another one of Hircen's artifacts.

  • Topi

    Drew is not dead? damn

  • Jaquise Vamboobeloosh

    What was that glove in the thumbnail?

  • Windhelm Guard

    I'm the 800th comment I honestly love the one hit daggar

  • EpicSpaceDorito

    Watching this I was just going "sold it, sold that, oh I'm currently doing that quest, sold that one, sold that".... I'm on my first ever playthrough of skyrim (original edition) as a sneak/thief argonian, I've put 120 hours into it and did a lot of daedric quests early on without realising it, sold the items for cash cause I didn't need them (I'm an archer) and now I regret not hoarding them

  • Rophie Monroy

    Your mum is the best artifact...

  • King Teady

    2:37 What? The black star only allows you to trap black souls, you cannot trap white souls it it. This is because from memory the star becomes corrupted to the point where it can no longer hold lesser souls (white souls) but instead can hold black souls.

  • Eric Comp

    am I the only one who though spellbreaker would be number 1

  • Captain Kefler

    Is this the "Scott" I've heard so much of?

  • CheesyFries 2468

    My favorite is Mehrunes Razor.

  • Lebby Great

    The Mace Of Molag Bal is awesome. If you want a one handed build go to Markarth and get it early.

  • kieranmcm679 •

    My favorite daedric artifact is the dawnbreaker

  • CynicalCloud

    I accidentally got Azure star on my level 50 playthrough

  • HippeusOmega

    I personally love the Sanguine Rose. Nothing like getting Daedra that you can summon and advance in tiers as you level.

  • Mr J

    what happened having your title in all caps

  • Misty Ferguson

    Not like I rilly care but I could never betray Azura

  • Liam Anderson

    Doesn't Shadowmere count as a daedric artifact

  • Eric Edward Jones

    Drew! i love you so damn much my man!!!

  • Chuckles, you’re in danger

    Thank God all the things I need is just in Skyrim

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