Top 5: Most Epic Video Game Cinematic trailers (1080p)

The Best Top 5: Most Epic Video Game Cinematic Trailers in High Quality (1080p), Enjoy!

1. For Honor Cinematic trailer (0:01)
2. The Elder Scrolls Online - 'The Alliances' Cinematic trailer (2:41)
3. Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void Cinematic trailer (8:00)
4. World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor cinematic trailer (10:51)
5. Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Cinematic trailer (15:02)

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For Honor; The Elder Scrolls Online; Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void; World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor; Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls.

    What's Your Favorite Trailers (Cinematic; Cinematic trailers; Cutscenes;)? Share your experiences, have fun!

  • Lucifer Morningstar

    Please give me the name of that video game whose trailer is shown after For Honor..

  • Desertdwells

    Let's be honest, all of Blizzard's trailers are epic.

  • Wyatt Staggers

    They should make a movie like this

  • Caine DeZilwa

    For Honor makes me regret that I don't play those types of games.

  • Businessman

    Holy shit what was game number 2?!!

  • Thodoris Oikonomakis

    I stoped it when the Blizzards trailer appear.

  • Martin Anthonyo

    Knights of the Fallen Empire?

  • TheReaper69

    1,2,3 are Blizzard Trailers! The kids Will know who is The Big Boy here!

  • Abraham Roe

    Lol those fire arrows killing fully armored knights

  • EclivonianWarrior 355

    8:23Our Unity, out Duty, our Destiny

  • Ibnziyad Tariq

    the first cinematic made me look stupid after reading little history, really those games are simplifying the medieval combat system to a point it hurts.

  • ziska dor

    At 16:40 I thought it was Pyramid Head for a second

  • Neonym

    Wrath of the Lich King. The end.

  • Behlül Kilic

    6:20 YOU DID WHAAAAT?!

  • Caleb Jaaniste (K-leb)

    Three of these are from Blizzard games (although...yeah, they're known for having mega-budget cinematics).Having said that, there's some major inconsistencies between the cinematics of StarCraft II and the in-game graphics, as well as between Legacy of the Void and everything previous. For example...Zeratul has nipples in Legacy of the Void...

  • Ben Leicester

    Someone should make a game about the nine realms in Norse mythology and include stuff like ragnarok and Valhalla and stuff like that

  • Luiz Engrazia

    I think I cummed a little...

  • Alex Walker

    Blizzard representing

  • Jon “JodalGamer47” Vidal

    warlords of draenor trailer better than the lich king trailer?are u seriouslly?

  • STaR_Mgl Gaming

    legacy of the void is soo nice

  • Jarek Davis

    i cant believe you used the wod trailer D:

  • Elijah Platz

    A lot of Deja Vu moments in For Honor trailer. :D

  • Michael Abboud

    das not how a sword goes in man

  • Jershon1998

    The Starcraft one was bad ass!

  • Luke Goldman

    okay you're missing Skyrim, Knights of the fallen empire, and the Witcher 3.

  • Squid Slice

    Honestly, how can any cinimatic trailer compare to for honours?

  • dmastermanga

    so they're epic because they're blizzard titles.

  • ArceusTheThird

    every one of these top cinematic trailer videos i see always have blizzard in it

  • pool Dead

    where is war thunder and witcher

  • Gilan van Reenen

    for honor is the best game on this planet

  • Dylan Sweeney

    I think the third one it was or one of them looked like pacific rim with the big alien and robot lol

  • Raul

    18:52 except deadpool 😂😂

  • Maksym Dimarov

    blizzard got the best trailers

  • Cederva Arepel

    Biased as fuck: the video

  • Eddie Hernández

    What's the name of the second game trailer?

  • Elise Williams

    Dragon Age Inquisition. The cinematic is arguably better than all of these. Elder Scrolls Online comes close though.

  • Kommentator M

    Where is the war thunder trailer

  • ipsosfull

    wow just wow!!! awesome video mate well played!

  • Lucius Marcus

    samurai sword is weak and not match for greatsword

  • Lukas Klein

    Blizzard should do real movies for cinema

  • Carlos Fernando Apinaye Asto

    where is war thunder trailer

  • Kirill Zonov

    need total war warhammer

  • Mateusz Redzik

    Where is fucking Wicher 3?????

  • Haizer Shwayn

    I still wish the great Blizzard had released Project: Titan U_U

  • Phantaminum

    I love it when the knight at 2:12 kicks samurai ass, since he is superior in every way (katana's slashing techniques vs heavy armor lol). Then came the half swording and I lost my shit. :DOh come on, why the cliffhanger at 7:47. I want to see the outcome of that fight. D:

  • Captain Kapkan

    I really wanna get For HonorBut my PC is shit and I got XBOX360 :( my life is suck.....

  • Nick Brousseau

    I dont even think these are the best trailers. Also holy blizzard fan boy much

  • Nicolas

    what about war thunder trailer?

  • Paja

    Blizzard all the way. SC2


    really helpful ...check out this link


    why not ubisoft produce the movie?

  • Remix Kadzirius

    Blizzard rules with cinematics trailer.

  • Zishan Khan Sowdagar

    Tiger knight:Empire war is better then this game.. and it is free

  • miro rodozov

    Blizzard you are officially proclaimed standard in gaming. From now on, the awesomeness is measured in Blizzard units

  • wazzupsters

    why are most of these nerd shit?

  • Lawrence Lo

    The smite one called hell and back should be one

  • kwisatzHaderash

    Asura OnlineStar Wars : The old Republicetc, etc

  • Keith Thorne

    Really not impressed with Blizzard's trailers these days. Just cheesy one-liners over and over.

  • Intrepid Sponge

    where's warthunder

  • Eldain ss

    2:40 - 7:40 is NOT Blizzard... Its Bethesda - Elder scrolls online.

  • Nugraha Sandy

    number 1 , what a game name ? can anyone tell me

  • Arc-Soldat Fives

    Sorry but where is Star Wars??

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