Top 5: Most Epic Video Game Cinematic trailers (1080p)

The Best Top 5: Most Epic Video Game Cinematic Trailers High Quality (1080p), Enjoy! The Games: For Honor, World of Warcraft, The Elder Srolls, Starcraft 2.

1. For Honor Cinematic trailer (0:01)
2. The Elder Scrolls Online - 'The Alliances' Cinematic trailer (2:41)
3. Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void Cinematic trailer (8:00)
4. World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor cinematic trailer (10:51)
5. Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Cinematic trailer (15:02)

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For Honor; The Elder Scrolls Online; Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void; World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor; Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls.

    What's Your Favorite Trailers (Cinematic; Cinematic trailers; Cutscenes;)? Share your experiences, have fun!

  • Nfs Carbon Most Wanted

    damm blizard know how to make trailers look nice

  • Desertdwells

    Let's be honest, all of Blizzard's trailers are epic.

  • James Ong

    Every time I see a Blizzard cinematic, I get a hard on

  • Caine DeZilwa

    For Honor makes me regret that I don't play those types of games.

  • Darth Revan

    Where is Star Wars: The Old Republic?

  • Meowsiph Stalin

    The Starcraft trailer gave me chills.

  • Neonym

    Wrath of the Lich King. The end.

  • André Salvado

    wow and diablo 3 are a greats games. I love Blizzard

  • Wyatt Staggers

    They should make a movie like this

  • notf noio

    Would be so great if the SC2 trailer was cut short and you heard You must construct. Additional pylons

  • Luiz Engrazia

    I think I cummed a little...


    I'm sry but this was like.. a fanboy trailer compilation.For Honor looks good, but I seriously think it will be a bad game (not even mentioning historical inaccuracies).Starcraft, WoW, Diablo.. very Blizzard-heavy video too. I know their games can be fun playing, but eh.. also not the best trailers either.The TES:O one was okay I think, even if I didn't like the game.But don't take any offense on this, it's just my opinion.

  • Ben Leicester

    Someone should make a game about the nine realms in Norse mythology and include stuff like ragnarok and Valhalla and stuff like that

  • Mathias Castro

    1. For Honor Cinematic trailer (0:01)2. The Elder Scrolls Online - 'The Alliances' Cinematic trailer (2:41)3. Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void Cinematic trailer (8:00)4. World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor cinematic trailer (10:51)5. Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Cinematic trailer (15:02)

  • Vollce

    It is no coincidence 3 of them are Blizzard. NOONE makes better cinematics

  • Zohaib Khan

    Please give me the name of that video game whose trailer is shown after For Honor..

  • jackie xian

    When it comes to animation and cinematic trailers....Billiards ar second to none!!!

  • Panzerfaust

    what game is the 2nd cinematic?

  • Muhammad Fazzal

    Starcraft Legacy Of Void Was The Most Epic

  • Paweł Tubacki

    Really? no deadisland or witcher 3 ?

  • Businessman

    Holy shit what was game number 2?!!

  • The Learned Soldier

    I'm sorry, WoD was the best trailer for WoW? Yeah, no. Legends of Azeroth(the base game trailer), the Burning Crusade, and WotLK were the best, in that order. Shit, even MoP's cinematic was better than WoD's. Cata and WoD are the shittiest WoW Trailers.Legion's is pretty f**king epic, though, not gonna lie.

  • Elias Silwfalk


  • KIllStealMaster

    I watched for honor trailer like 20 times it so sick

  • Abraham Roe

    Lol those fire arrows killing fully armored knights

  • kwisatzHaderash

    Asura OnlineStar Wars : The old Republicetc, etc

  • Squid Slice

    Honestly, how can any cinimatic trailer compare to for honours?

  • TheReaper

    1,2,3 are Blizzard Trailers! The kids Will know who is The Big Boy here!

  • BatyGaming

    For honor was the best cinematic I ever saw

  • DoppleQ

    "brought to you by Blizzard"

  • Nick Brousseau

    I dont even think these are the best trailers. Also holy blizzard fan boy much

  • Rafael Marion

    what's the game names? so amazing all of them!

  • Marek Deadly

    definitely not top 5 most epic cinematic. This video is top 4 blizzard cinematic + For honor... Maybe you should try Dawn of War cinematic (far better most epic). Also nowadays almost every new cinematic is epic. (Dawn of war 3, Battlefield 1, Titanfall2 or League of Legends)

  • Paja

    Blizzard all the way. SC2

  • Elise Williams

    Dragon Age Inquisition. The cinematic is arguably better than all of these. Elder Scrolls Online comes close though.

  • Bratty Clock

    should have put in some swtor trailers dawg

  • CornealFrame plays


  • A Nothen

    I thought AC series would be on the list

  • Nicolas

    what about war thunder trailer?

  • Kirill Zonov

    need total war warhammer

  • splatzkill

    hmm there are other better cinematics from diablo 3 than the opening for reaper of soul ... such as imperius vs diablo. or tyrael becoming mortal. but witcher 3 wild hunt takes my vote. altho i have to agree most with most of your selections as well :)

  • Luke Goldman

    okay you're missing Skyrim, Knights of the fallen empire, and the Witcher 3.

  • KsMiLoF

    Where is The Witcher 3 ?

  • Intrepid Sponge

    where's warthunder

  • Carlos Fernando Apinaye Asto

    where is war thunder trailer

  • Braden Lumley

    So StarCraft is Avatar meets Halo?

  • Mister Fister

    no those are just the 5 most mainstream videogame trailers ^^

  • Cederva Arepel

    Biased as fuck: the video

  • Thodoris Oikonomakis

    I stoped it when the Blizzards trailer appear.

  • EclivonianWarrior 355

    8:23Our Unity, out Duty, our Destiny

  • Templario

    3 of 5 cinematics are from Blizzard here. I love them :D

  • Barack Trump

    Battle for Azeroth... For me best trailer :D And Warlords od draenor? Nice trailer, bad expansion :D

  • Nygur Andy

    I literally started crying when the protoss were warping in and then I started laughing like a mad man :))

  • Logitinker

    Only one of those games I even wanted to play and that was so far from its origins I gave up early on, unfortunately a trailer is not the game

  • Manuel Leon

    For Honor: Holding a sword in the worst possible way lol 2:15

  • KoDan

    Where is Warhammer Total War with the Emperor and all. It was Epic as fuck.

  • Eldain ss

    2:40 - 7:40 is NOT Blizzard... Its Bethesda - Elder scrolls online.

  • Xecular

    No battlefield 1 = horrible list.

  • Martin Anthonyo

    Knights of the Fallen Empire?

  • CrazyAceking

    Warlords of Draenor: The Cinematic was better than the Expansion itself...

  • Jack-ill-33

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