BioShock: The Collection - A Remaster Done Right

Alex shares his impressions of BioShock: The Collection, covering remasters of BioShock, BioShock 2, and BioShock Infinite.

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  • Sneaky Beaky

    Dont know why everyone always forgets about Bioshock 2, it wasnt as good as the other 2 but its still a damn good game

  • Ski Mask Roach

    bioshock 1 scared the shit out of me when i first played it haha was only a young gun then lol

  • MemoriesDestroyUs

    bioshock 2 was actually my fav out of the three

  • TheAlmightyHux

    Why is bioshock 2 always treated as the bastard child of the series, I thought it was better than bioshock 1, game play wise at least.

  • Daniel King

    Bioshock 2 is so underrated. It made significant improvements over the moment-to-moment gameplay of the first game and the ending where you play as a little sister is one of the best moments in the entire series.Conversely, Infinite is mad overrated.

  • Spitfire836

    Bioshock 2 is so unrated just because it is a sequel. That sucks because I love bioshock 2 and its a very good game, but the title "Bioshock 2" makes people think it's instantly bad

  • Fiend

    i havent played bioshock 1&2 and the infinite dlc so im definitely getting this

  • PikaLink91

    I like that he pretty much says that you need BioShock 1 and Infinite as an excuse to buy a package containing BioShock 2. What is it with me and unpopular opinions? BioShock 2 is MY favorite, and I in turn have never beaten Infinite.

  • Eric Nick

    Skyrim and Bioshock are going to be epic. Can't wait.

  • Dobbsy

    This is nice but i'd rather a new bioshock

  • Dalton McCabe

    remaster done right? I was expecting Gears Ultimate level of reworking :(

  • PurpleStorm8

    Ok, that's your opinion on the remaster but what has it done right?...any details? any tweaks to the gameplay? reworked mechanics like metro redux?...nothing? ok.Glad to see mainstream gaming journalism is keeping to it's standards of a mixed bag.

  • Paradise Decay

    Lazy work on the PC versions!

  • AimForTheKnee

    yep such a good year! Skyrim, bioshock and Dishonored 2 !

  • SirEvilestDeath

    Hey Alex, how much Valium did you take before doing the voice over for this review?

  • Christian Young

    All 3 of these games are amazing!

  • AJBfc

    I'm a bit puzzled why this guy never played Bioshock 2 ... I thought it was the best one :/

  • get in my bin, baby

    Jesus Christ this narrator couldn't sound more bored/boring

  • Steven Lornie

    I can do without Infinite, what a let down that was.

  • full moon

    >remaster done right>doesn't mention pc monstrosity

  • Nivada Stars

    Wait people actually hate Bioshock 2? Once I finished the game it quickly became one of my most favourite games ever!

  • Javanild0

    I love Bioshock. Best series I ever played along with Dragon Age and Witcher.

  • Faze Thanatos

    harvesting the little sister be like : "ill do it next time. yeah maybe next time....

  • Leigh-Jean Terblanche

    Bioshock 2 was my favorite!

  • Mandongosaurus Rex

    Fight night champion remastered, can you ask EA in QndA in gamescom

  • Psycho_ Maniac13

    Infinite is a crown jewel

  • what?

    So glad this collection is 60fps on consoles!

  • Nate Balls

    forget making the games backwards compatible let's bump up the graphics a little bit and charge them more money for something they already purchased

  • Sam Crow

    Am I the only one here who appreciates Infinite? It probably had my favorite story in all of gaming and certainly had my favorite ending.

  • Tim Page

    So mad I'm at college right now. I won't have time to play this, Skyrim, and Battlefield 1.

  • Nivada Stars

    Wait people actually hate Bioshock 2? Once I finished the game it quickly became one of my most favourite games ever!

  • Wew Lad

    Bioshock influenced games? What games? Infinite plays like call of duty!

  • squeeks4488

    After the news Konami killed Metal Gear, I'm glad to know Bioshock will still be there :,)

  • CosmicHoot

    I think Bioshock 2 has a bad rep. I absolutely loved it. Though Bioshock 1 will forever be king.

  • Matthew Evans

    EA said today that a Mass Effect trilogy is on the cards

  • Christopher Nixon

    Bioshock 2 is awesome, why didn't you play it!?

  • Hunain Khalid

    Digital foundry review shows something else.


    I love remasters because when I was young I didn't understand everything in the game and I don't talk English so I didn't understand the story but now I'm happy to experience the game the right way

  • Superdog

    How is this a remaster done right? its literally just 1080p 60fps with the PC versions graphics.

  • slonekettering25

    Would it kill him to not sound monotone and like he's reading?

  • pRopaaNS

    ? Did I miss the point of what the remaster did right? So why do I have to buy it instead of just buying originals?

  • zargani

    I play bioshock infinite on pc at 1440p 144 fps XD consoles will never catch up lol

  • Seb Skeptical

    Yeah I wouldn't say that, the original bugs with bug dlc. And have you played the PC ports?

  • tapioks

    If you played any of these games on PC, the updates are trivial at best.

  • Nighhhts

    People are always talking shit about Bioshock 2. It seems like everyone just like jumping on bandwagons. Bioshock 2 is by far the better game overall. Bioshock was great up until the plot twist, the ending was trash and is amongst the worst endings in video games history. Bioshock improved on enemies, weapons, upgrades, hacking, melee, little sister interaction, and character development. To be honest, if it wasn't for the plot twist in Bioshock, the only thing that people would love about it is the world, which I have to admit is the best in the series. Overall: Bioshock = best plot twist and world design, Bioshock 2 = best gameplay (not mechanics), character development, character interactions, specifically the Little Sisters, Bioshock Infinite = best story and powers (as in how they work).

  • Is jerry

    So will have multiplayer since the 2 have?

  • SupertoastGT

    I like remasters. The PS3's complex setup meant alot of bad ports. Even GTA 5 ran considerably worse on PS3. Now with remasters on PS4, I feel like I can finally play the best version without spending ten billion dollars on an equivalent PC.

  • Brinsley

    I bought bioshock 1 for a dollar on steam just so I could get the free upgrade.

  • Balthier -leading man

    To this day i still dont understand how bioshock 2 was ignored by so many gamers! Its a masterpiece in my opinion and playing as a big daddy is absolutely fantastic and lets you experience the world of rapture through the eyes of a previous nemesis and you discover a lot about them and their relationship with the little sisters. Playing them in order was absolutely amazing especially when the burial at sea dlc is the last thing you play, it is an emotional and rewarding experience

  • Somnus

    Out of the 3 games Infinite is the only one I've played. I just grabbed it today for 30 bucks. Can't wait to experience the first 2 and their DLC and then Infinite. And it's DLC which I have not played.

  • William Gregg

    Is there much of a difference in Bioshock 1 and Bioshock 1 remaster? I was going to replay it and I own the original (which still looks good) but is it worth buying the remaster?

  • LordyLords

    It would be an actual remaster if they included all the content aka Bioshock 2 Multiplayer. Not going to be getting this remaster unless they put multiplayer in bioshock 2 again.

  • PerfectIn3anity

    I like how this is a gaming channel and they guy hasn't even beaten one of the games he's talking about and he's honestly doesn't know what he's talking about becuase bio shock 2 looks literally the same its just has 1080 and 60fps so it technically looks better but they didn't add anything also I don't know why everyone hates bio shock 2 it's my favorite them Infinte 1 honestly gets boring real fast and is alright also bio 2 doesn't even have the multiplayer which is actually really fun but it's not cod so of course no one cares about it

  • ZeroHxC07

    Oh look a remaster that looks like a PC game from 2008 ... Sweet.

  • War624

    But did they make a better controller scheme for BioShock 1? I've never liked the controls for the first game. Didn't play the second one, so I have no idea if they were the same.

  • JKPOrigins

    Bioshock 2 is my favorite in the series. The gameplay was incredible & big sister is just a cool concept for an enemy type.

  • Late Night Gaming

    its going to take a lot to overtake Halo 2 anniversary.. now THAT is how you do a remaster

  • AnthonyCSN

    Anyone else like Bioshock 2 way more than Infinite? I couldn't stand the action in Infinite, it removed all the emersion for me!

  • S. K.

    this collection doesnt support 5.1 this game sounds like crap...

  • No Filler Gaming Knight

    I never played BioShock 2 or BioShock infinite so this for me is amazing

  • DaDangerDog

    I was in LOVE with the series. They are such a great few games. I don't know why everyone hates one BS 2, I really loved it.

  • BigAlvideos101

    I wouldn't call a game that has constant freezing issues a "Remaster Done Right"! I've had the 1st game freeze up on me at least 3 times while playing on PS4, and it's completely soured my experience with the game so far! BioShock 2 and Infinite better not have freezing issues, or else I will be FURIOUS!! Hopefully a patch is on the way, or else this is a waste of money! Has anyone else had freezing issues? Please let me know!

  • Brennan Dunn

    I see a lot of people saying that Infinite isn't that good. And honestly, the reasons why are stupid, I'm sorry it didn't take place in Rapture, which I do love, but if they did it for a third fucking time, people would say "Oh my god, they just did the same thing for the third time." I'm honestly really glad they changed it to Columbia, it looks so beautiful there and so damn interesting, I love Rapture like I said, but having this place that's set in the sky like heaven almost was a very nice change in pace and I appreciated it. And it's story is honestly great, it raises just as many and a lot of the same moral questions that the first Bioshock did, and the ending for Infinite is really one of the best I've ever seen.Also Bioshock 2 is really good as well.

  • LoyalT1987

    When this generation first started I was all for "remasters." Since the last generation went on two years or so longer than it should've, I liked the idea of console owners getting to play games like Metro: Last Light, Tomb Raider, Sleeping Dogs, and others the way PC gamers were able to. Games like Hitman: Absolution and Far Cry 3 deserved remasters. Most games released in either 2012 or 2013 would have been perfect for next-gen upgrades, like Crysis 3 (the whole series, actually) and Splinter Cell: Blacklist. But taking older games like BioShock 1 and 2, God of War III, Heavy Rain, etc.., and re-releasing them is just ridiculous. It's absolutely pointless. Remastering needs to be done to games that were hit with a very serious visual downgrades towards the end of the generation, not games that were made right in the middle of the generation when the hardware was barely being taxed.

  • CapsLockKeyon

    My question though, I know you mention that the remastered version of Infinite is essentially just the PC version now on Console. However, did they do ANY touchups to the PC version, is the console version now prettier than the PC version if they did touch ups on the console, or are they both actually identical now? Only reason I'm torn on getting it on PC vs Console.

  • darkghor

    What I really want is for Atlas' Bioshock 1 model to be Burial at Sea's instead of a generic Splicer, and maybe make the Little Sisters more along the line of Burial at Sea or at the least Bioshock 2. The kid designs in Bioshock 1 were not even unsettling, just ugly.Of course, based on these clips, they didn't change a thing when it comes to them.

  • RunningZguy

    Eh. It's not much of a "remaster". It is basically just a newer port of the games with higher specs... 1080p 60fps that is. Aside from the first game, there is no reason at all to buy these if you already own them on PC. It's nice and all, but please don't call this a "remaster", because that's not really what it is. When I think of remasters I think of times when developers actually take time to reskinn the game to the core, update the graphics and audio, and maybe add a few features, etc. Like what they did with Halo Anniversary, Gears of War Ultimate Edition, or Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D. now those are real REMASTERS, not this.

  • Comedy Short Clips

    BioShock Infinite is highly overrated due to character and story line, the biggest set back was change of combat system to the Halo-wannabe shooting game. I only play Infinite once just to see how the story ended after that I just don't care much on replaying the game again. BioShock and BioShock 2 on the other hands I have replay both of it at least 4-5 time due to fun combat system, BioShock 2 was the most underrated out of the BioShock series, while it lack the interesting character and story line, the fun gameplay is more than make up for those shortcoming.

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