BioShock: The Collection - A Remaster Done Right

Alex shares his impressions of BioShock: The Collection, covering remasters of BioShock, BioShock 2, and BioShock Infinite.

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  • Sneaky Beaky

    Dont know why everyone always forgets about Bioshock 2, it wasnt as good as the other 2 but its still a damn good game

  • Ski Mask Roach

    bioshock 1 scared the shit out of me when i first played it haha was only a young gun then lol

  • Daniel King

    Bioshock 2 is so underrated. It made significant improvements over the moment-to-moment gameplay of the first game and the ending where you play as a little sister is one of the best moments in the entire series.Conversely, Infinite is mad overrated.

  • TheAlmightyHux

    Why is bioshock 2 always treated as the bastard child of the series, I thought it was better than bioshock 1, game play wise at least.

  • MemoriesDestroyUs

    bioshock 2 was actually my fav out of the three

  • Fiend

    i havent played bioshock 1&2 and the infinite dlc so im definitely getting this

  • PikaLink91

    I like that he pretty much says that you need BioShock 1 and Infinite as an excuse to buy a package containing BioShock 2. What is it with me and unpopular opinions? BioShock 2 is MY favorite, and I in turn have never beaten Infinite.

  • Spitfire836

    Bioshock 2 is so unrated just because it is a sequel. That sucks because I love bioshock 2 and its a very good game, but the title "Bioshock 2" makes people think it's instantly bad

  • PurpleStorm8

    Ok, that's your opinion on the remaster but what has it done right?...any details? any tweaks to the gameplay? reworked mechanics like metro redux?...nothing? ok.Glad to see mainstream gaming journalism is keeping to it's standards of a mixed bag.

  • SirEvilestDeath

    Hey Alex, how much Valium did you take before doing the voice over for this review?

  • Nivada Stars

    Wait people actually hate Bioshock 2? Once I finished the game it quickly became one of my most favourite games ever!

  • Mandongosaurus Rex

    Fight night champion remastered, can you ask EA in QndA in gamescom

  • full moon

    >remaster done right>doesn't mention pc monstrosity

  • Christian Young

    All 3 of these games are amazing!

  • Paradise Decay

    Lazy work on the PC versions!

  • Nivada Stars

    Wait people actually hate Bioshock 2? Once I finished the game it quickly became one of my most favourite games ever!

  • Faze Thanatos

    harvesting the little sister be like : "ill do it next time. yeah maybe next time....

  • JKPOrigins

    Bioshock 2 is my favorite in the series. The gameplay was incredible & big sister is just a cool concept for an enemy type.

  • AJBfc

    I'm a bit puzzled why this guy never played Bioshock 2 ... I thought it was the best one :/

  • Dalton McCabe

    remaster done right? I was expecting Gears Ultimate level of reworking :(

  • Leigh-Jean Terblanche

    Bioshock 2 was my favorite!

  • squeeks4488

    After the news Konami killed Metal Gear, I'm glad to know Bioshock will still be there :,)


    I love remasters because when I was young I didn't understand everything in the game and I don't talk English so I didn't understand the story but now I'm happy to experience the game the right way

  • Hunain Khalid

    Digital foundry review shows something else.

  • Seb Skeptical

    Yeah I wouldn't say that, the original bugs with bug dlc. And have you played the PC ports?

  • EIi Ramos

    Wish it included the multiplayer from 2 :( it was crazy fun online

  • splon114

    Really looking forward to playing theses games again with the DLC... Best games on the Last Gen IMO.


    anyone remember 1 shot kill crossbow in Bioshock 2 multiplayerAhhhh the memories

  • Fountain of Fire

    Some of the BEST, most ATMOSPHERIC games EVER made

  • Sam Crow

    Am I the only one here who appreciates Infinite? It probably had my favorite story in all of gaming and certainly had my favorite ending.

  • SobiesKiing

    never played myself bioshock 1 or 2 (shame) but i loved infinite ♥ (elizabeth♥)this collection is aweeesome

  • Matthew Evans

    EA said today that a Mass Effect trilogy is on the cards

  • Dynasty2201

    It's not the best way to try Bioshock 2.The best way is on PC as always.

  • Daniel Alexander

    Will you be able to play Bioshock 2 multiplayer? or is it only single player ?

  • 7MGTESupraTurboA

    The Glowing Reviews of Bias has Begun!!

  • the true Star


  • James Bracegirdle

    A remaster done well because it improves graphics a bit and has DLC included like every other remaster i,am blown away

  • Nate Balls

    forget making the games backwards compatible let's bump up the graphics a little bit and charge them more money for something they already purchased

  • Danny Alvarado

    So updated textures, resolution, and frame rate I'm assuming?

  • jedi87

    man!! they really did a great job on the 1st one and 2nd,but it now!!!

  • alex romo

    bioshock 1 is by far the best bioshick 2 was too easy, felt like a god theough the whole gamw

  • pcmasterrace

    I love bioshock 1 ! <3 i think it´s the best of all 3 games

  • zargani

    I play bioshock infinite on pc at 1440p 144 fps XD consoles will never catch up lol

  • Joe Allen

    Look Mr. Bubbles, an angel!

  • Eric Nick

    Skyrim and Bioshock are going to be epic. Can't wait.

  • Christopher Nixon

    Bioshock 2 is awesome, why didn't you play it!?

  • Dobbsy

    This is nice but i'd rather a new bioshock

  • Swarth2300

    bioshock 2 has the best gameplay of the series imo

  • Sarik Rana

    Having played all 3 games. Going to wait for NX gamer and DF videos to see if it's worth picking up again.

  • Piet de Vries

    would you KINDLY release bioshock 4 already...

  • get in my bin, baby

    Jesus Christ this narrator couldn't sound more bored/boring

  • Kim

    A Remaster done Right: 33% positive on Steam. Umm

  • Kummakummakummakummakummachameleon

    Is there much of a difference in Bioshock 1 and Bioshock 1 remaster? I was going to replay it and I own the original (which still looks good) but is it worth buying the remaster?

  • JorgitoYokiro

    Seriously, this is a poor remastered.

  • Chicken Nuggets

    Bioshock 2 will always be my favourite, I'm so stoked to play all 3 all over again though. Best series ever played to date.

  • Connor McCartney

    A remaster done right is Gears of war ultimate edition. This doesn't look that much different but it's also a huge compliment to the originals.

  • BlackMambaLAL24

    1080p, 60 fps for $60. A lazy remaster in my eyes. Amazing collection of games though.

  • Seth Hebert

    Bioshock games are truly a masterpiece

  • Hector Meneses

    One of the best games from last gen but not enough to buy it again. I can still dust off my PS3 and play it just fine.


    Will I be losing much if I skip 1 and 2 and go straight to the gorgeous looking number 3?

  • CosmicHoot

    I think Bioshock 2 has a bad rep. I absolutely loved it. Though Bioshock 1 will forever be king.

  • Jakey Boy

    Liked each game equally, no joke

  • MnNemz

    I love Bioshock and really enjoyed the remastered version but it is still a little broken and needs more patches.

  • Whirling Music

    I didn't play BS1 or 2. Because I have to jump with Y/Triangle. Still the same problem or did they finally fix it?

  • Seán Downey


  • Christian Garcia

    I've never played the series before who recommends it?

  • Dale Doback

    why is bioshock 2 so underrated? it's my favorite

  • Steffenpoulsen Steffenpoulsen

    Bioshock is probably my favorite game of all time. I wish this collection included the Bioshock 2 multiplayer though, it was actually really fun.

  • ElitexxRainx

    But does Bioshock 2 have it's online multiplayer???

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