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SPERG - Skyrim Perk Enhancements and Rebalanced Gameplay
Pumping Iron - Dynamic Muscle Growth
Even Better Quest Objectives - EBQO
Atlas Map Markers for Skyrim Blackreach Dawnguard and Dragonborn /14976
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  • MxR Mods

    Big thanks to Ridge for sending me this wallet and supporting the channel! Here’s the site if you want to check them out! >

  • Soutert

    Yo MxR, the mod list in the description is the same as in the last video

  • LoneWolfSpirit

    2:11 ya might want to do something to one of the breast if you didnt notice look underneath one of the tentacles on the breastJust wanted to point it out so you dont get demonitizedAlso your vids are great keep it up<3

  • AidansGunner04X

    I know I'm in the wrong area for mods since I mod for fallout 4, but it makes me jealous that skyrim's modding community is still going strong while FO4 community is slowly dying.

  • Call Me Kyle

    One of the best Skyrim channels would be better with a let's play series along with mod series

  • Shizu -chan

    I never thought I'd see the day where we , the humanity , managed to make a mod for an eight year old game where you can make a walking mushroom do erotical things.I think science has went too far.

  • bashtheblu

    Love your content MXR But PLEASE Stop supporting G2A. THEY HURT GAME DEVELOPERS. They're constantly in the news for being shady and selling potentially stolen keys. Indie developers are on record for saying it's preferable TO PIRATE THEIR GAMES THAN BUYING THROUGH G2A.

  • kingrat

    Me at 2 AM: I should go to sleepMxr : HOLD ON

  • Alexander Salamander

    MXR...Mana?Mana ?goddamn it, MXR.

  • eshock7

    Yo that ridge wallet plug was smoother than your character’s modded skin

  • Polish Filipino

    That girl bending down on her knees really adds to the establishment

  • I eat children

    Classy is a word that's not often used to describe one of your videos.

  • Kneeon

    I have the sudden urge to revisit my old watch honestly terrified

  • BlackLaser

    "I am right BEHING you" ... okay that was funny XD

  • Cosplay and Drawing Freak

    I stopped watch cdawg for this i am impressed " alduin voice "

  • tingfang chou

    Henry is dedicated to his work ,He has great personality.

  • Ulasp

    Hey anyone knows what ENB is MxR using? lol

  • Phillip Fiorentino

    That dude's hold mod protecting Whiterun looks dope. Kind of feels like it was influenced by GoT.

  • alymuni

    Talkative dragons is awesome!! Thank you for sharing

  • Remith

    Uh, I think the links to the mods are from your previous video...

  • Jaimes Jontano

    That gasp usually doesn't make me laugh, but this time it did.

  • Carson Marsh

    Mxr I just joined the Darkside and oh my god it’s beautiful

  • big daddy trump

    Can you do a video of how to make sexlab work?

  • CapnNemo

    "I'm right behing you."It's painful when spelling errors are that bad in mods but that was hilarious

  • Damon Giles

    I thought you were asian. Until I saw you. You deceived me

  • Your Matey

    You forgot to update the Description <3

  • Dawg Breff

    "Do I look like a mushroomphile to you"?!?I'm on the floor 🤣🤣🤣

  • Diside

    The amount of respect for waman is humbling xD

  • Jeffry Yohanes

    When mxr start talking about the night mistress modMe:"oh boy he's gonna go loverslab mode"

  • Nobody Noel

    Bruh that wallet is sick but not, 100 dollars sick

  • Polish English

    Fantastic mods, stunning sense of humor and great editing...daaamn I love this channel! <3 :D

  • This Guy

    Depressed af thanks for the video helped me get my mind off things


    did it take you 255 episodes to explain what these videos are about?

  • Solling

    I just realised I am watching you for 8 years straight

  • MyssleDissle

    Episode 255 review Player Gets Necro'd very good modI will never stop asking

  • Nika P

    Where's the immersion squad at? 😂

  • Vileste

    The way you read the "I'm right behing you" part was genius lol

  • SpaghettiandSauce

    "While you go and wank off to Belle Delphine's bathwater"That actually made me LOL.

  • Andrea Rezzani

    Deviously cursed lootOh and how do you put mods from loverslab like Sisterhood of dibella on steam skyrim se, need video or clear instructions for pc noobs

  • Stefan Rosso

    I whish the talking dragons would talk in the dragon language like Paarthurnax is.Way more epic

  • aceclark101

    Dragons talk to you every time they breathe on you, just saying.

  • Wolfrick The Designer

    I’m gonna buy all the ridge stuff with your code because YouTubes algorithm is a Cunt Love from Aus 🇦🇺

  • J W

    It's official, MxR has become a Pinophile

  • Seif Al Balushie

    Bought both the wallet and back pack using your code ❤️

  • MrChunkyMaster

    As Lord Commander of the citadel I hereby will enact prima nocta on all my peasants

  • The A30N

    i dont know any hawaiian that sounds like the dragons from the talkative dragons mod, and im hawaiian myself....

  • JoshKeatonFan

    Can you please go back to making the videos on this channel more regular? I'm getting kind of tired of the MxR Plays channel.


    Henry please get a haircut 💇🏻‍♂️

  • Nothing Else

    Henrys censorship is on a new Level where it doesn't even exist on the robe and still I get ads. You have the Power of Gid my friend

  • somesortachipmunk

    I'm feeling a lot of dignity and respect for wamxn coming from that mod

  • xDog .SoldieRx

    !GASP! How did MxR find out about my Belle Delphine Bathwater!?! IT IS MINE! ALL MINE! MY PRECIOUSSSSSSS

  • Senketsu Fi

    xD mxr was so close to having a video that would have earned revenue

  • leedle leedle ler

    Whoah did mxr just call ur magic mana? That just broke my immersion

  • Adam

    MxR boi you could do standup i bet. lil extra flow of change in your pocket? eh? i'd watch.

  • ZekeStaright

    Oh My God, Pino's a SLOOT!?!

  • Steffen T.

    Night mistress mansion is fun but bugged or very slow with the NPC events ^^

  • An Evil Stripper


  • MegaLogan77

    Ha ha ha, I love your videos dude. The commentary is great. Keep them coming

  • Pulse

    Bro that skin looks so good I'm going to have to know for research purposes how

  • TessaBrat

    Try Devious Devices - Captured Dreams Shop!

  • Calvin Clegg

    Hey MxR was just wondering if you could tell me what all the spec's are that you running as I need to get a new PC and want to be able to run Skyrim to it's full immersive potential and with a lot of quest's. Thanks

  • Fireblade Entertainment

    i wonder if there is a mod that allows you to open a store.ya know, the store your fiancé is apparently having? and where you cann sell your excess loot over time instead of having to run to 10 different traders cause your loot is too expensive.

  • Kaio Ushigami

    Yo what ENB are you using MxR?

  • MsToshi1990

    It works! After buying the wallet, my wallet is totally empty!(Seriously though...pricey but awesome)

  • login0false aka SaladV

    Slipping in an outfit for Special Edition into an Oldrim episode, tsk-tsk!(I've searched for an oldrim version and found a huge beautiful nothing)

  • Preme

    you should post on phub lol btw love your vids man.

  • the black reaper

    Deserter X is the man we got but never deserved to have. Like the guy

  • Stefan M.

    Morrowind music during the promotion.Classy.

  • Techniton

    The only thing I’ve heard a dragon say without a mod is “speak if your words are worth listening” and thats badass

  • Spacefrisian

    What Camilla not a follower, lets fix that with the Casanova mod

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