Super Modded Skyrim SE | BUILDING THE ULTIMATE GAME | Part 1

Mega Modded Playlist!

first gameplay video on this channel!

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Mod List:

Darker nights
Wet and cold
Alternate start
Unofficial patch
Sse texture pack
Apache skyhair
Realistic water two
SFO trees only
Fair skin complexion
Ordinator *coming soon*
frostfall *coming soon*
  • ScoutOpolis

    "I'm gonna have the mods list down below" Mods list not there Always

  • CidGuerreiro1234

    EXPECTATIONS: BUILD THE ULTIMATE GAMEREALITY: install so many mods you break your game to an unplayable state and lose your save.

  • RangeCreed


  • Wustengeist

    I see MXR, I likeI see Skyrim, I subEZ does it

  • Flabbymeat

    That guy sounds like the MxR guy.

  • Chris Drew

    so this is the question, will recorder be the main follower

  • Easy Vwj

    Potastic!!! You are a lot nicer. Can you get us his mod list or load order? lol

  • Vilks

    where dat mod list at tho?

  • Faust Ordo

    I miss all those skills where EVERYTHING you do is some kind of XP for something like Morrowind too. Jump leveling was great when I figured it out lol.

  • FailedFalencho

    they're so cute omg

  • Lucas Dahmer

    "I'm gonna read the mod list" she didn't"There's gonna be a mod list down below" there wasn't

  • ɳɐɸɱɣ Ɖᴙσאϵ

    its awesome see u both together ^^ stay happy =)

  • Skott62

    Its her name on the channel. It should be her play through. MXR seems to be a micro manager.

  • No One

    you can install coop mod and play together

  • Degas

    Permanent FOV setting: Go to C:\Users\<user name>\Documents\My Games and open SkyrimPrefs.ini. Under [General] Add the line fDefaultWorldFOV=XX, where XX is your desired FOV. And you don't have to make it read-only. It persists through quitting and restarting the game.

  • Reilath

    Oh man, i wish there was a co-op/multiplayer mod for skyrim (one that is complete and without bugs), your video's would be so much more interesting that way. Right now its kinda lame, because Potastic is just looking at you playing.. :/both of you need to mix it up a bit, half an episode each or something like that.

  • itecnus

    Who is this kid sitting next to her?

  • Viσlet

    I can now die happy knowing you will have beautiful american asian bethesda game modding perverted cute-voiced children.

  • alex andrasko


  • Darwin Ramirez

    Crazy how you been playing Skyrim for 5 years and you still enter your FOV in commands. Fortunately I KNOW ZE ANSWER!! 1. Open SkyrimPref.ini and enter "fDefaultFOV=105.0" right under "General" then save and close it 2. Now open Skyrim.ini and enter "fDefaultWorldFOV=105.0" & "fDefault1stPersonFOV=105.0" then save and close it and just like that you're finished! Make you sure you have back up files of both ini's just incase you mess up. IF THIS DOESNT WORK I KNOW 1 MORE SOLUTION! Open Skyrims.ini and enter "SetCameraFOV=105.0" under the Display category. and that should be it.

  • Izzy

    Yes. YES! It's been so long since I've watched a Skyrim let's play. Skyrim HYPE! SKYRIM HYPE! CHOO CHOO HYPE TRAIN COMING THROUGH!

  • leoric21

    you should start a network. call it the MxR network. That way you can link with other Youtubers, cover Bethesda games. Other Youtubers can cover Valve games and mods. others can cover MMOs, (if anyone plays MMOs).

  • ObeyTheDemon

    Henry: "This is going to be a gaming channel." THREE YEARS LATER.....Henry: "Hey guys. Welcome to our subreddit/reaction channel."

  • God

    It'll be pretty cool if the two could take topics to talk about like the next TES or bethesda as they play though I like gameplay commentaries too :)

  • Koko Imperial

    Why was your video in your channel taken down? (also great work with the video, keep up the good work!)

  • BattlefieldMatt !

    Rape and pillage , the Bethesda way! lol

  • frederick

    thrall meas of warcraft did teach me something

  • Jinisinsane

    why didnt they list the mods they are using here?

  • me2olive

    What happened to today's video on MxR's channel? Did it get deleted for some reason?

  • lockerboy13

    If you're going Mage you should definitely get the Apocalypse spell pack.

  • YouOffendMyEyes

    Where's the list of all the mods breh?

  • 4Minute saved me

    You two are so cute together ^^

  • Simos Katsiaris

    the survival skills are from the campfire mod right?

  • Funization

    Yo' where dat mod list though?

  • Letho of Gulet

    I like to do the Dark Brotherhood Questline after Companions, Thief and Mage because after all that I would have enough perks in sneak, lockpicking and pickpocketing to make you feel more professional when assassinating people.

  • Frank Da Tank

    you guys really do cheer me up, I have a throat infection and this is a nice video to fall asleep to.

  • DERPY Khajit

    why'd mxr make his latest video private?

  • LittleMikey

    God I love Panda's voice so much. I just want to listen to her talk forever.

  • emiledaboss

    Rule Number 1, MxR: Always listen to your girl.

  • Kenneth West

    i wanna hear her do more voice acting things, especially tiny tina

  • Abby Hustwick

    Well one thing I learned was how to change FOV. Thank you!

  • Ok rape you next week

    You didnt put the mod list in the description

  • Tio Vegeta

    The Ultimate game dont have Skimpy armors.

  • Mythunisaran Michael

    This play through was immersive as F#$%.

  • Tori Black The God Of War


  • lilting ೫ೃೀಾ

    frrriggin cutest couple

  • Joshiii

    why we need Skyrim Co-op so people can play together

  • Mark Anthony

    ^_^Happiness meter overload

  • PaB Productions

    The real question is, Do you do handshake?

  • Anonymous247n

    I'm not sure if those two play Skyrim for the first time, or maybe they're on drugs, or maybe they're just annoyingly too excited about everything :)

  • Xenomorphy

    The real question is, are you going to download any mods from the place that should not be named.

  • Mark U

    Happy to see this channel start up! Yay!

  • echo

    Oh...Potastic is his Gf! I thought they were seperate people 😜😂 That makes me happier

  • Red Hood

    And we fought this was a great start but it wasn't 1 year later no more let's plays on games

  • e21big

    how do you get Skyui to work?

  • FuryFox

    "Why kill animals when we can kill humans" MxR - 2016

  • Stan Loona

    Mxr You Should Play Dishonored or Dishonered 2

  • Marxist Productions

    She is very attractive (potastic)

  • Kalindrin

    Why was the new Skyrim SE mods video set to private?

  • Jack Lewis

    I love the dynamics between these two.

  • Philip Guasa

    I think you should add the Apocalypse Magic of Skyrim mod since you're going with a mage set! It's one of the best magic mods out there :D

  • AcornEye02

    The voice does not match the face at all. wtf.

  • MisterUkuboy

    "Mega modded" only sounds cool when potastic does it. I'm not against it though. I wanted to request that you guys review the Acalypha Follower mod for Oldrim. I played it in SE and loved it. Someone posted instructions to make it playable on SE.

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