Skyrim - Top 10 Husbands!

The top 10 husbands in Skyrim. Y'all asked for it :P

Thanks to MiracleOfSound for the great music:
  • KaitlynHadley

    Ima be honest when I pick a husband I don't pay attention to their skills I pay attention to their face

  • Mo Barker

    Most of these guys seem to be very good at one handed.Silence intensifies

  • Mary Pangowish

    "Can train you in expert level one-handed" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

  • I bie

    Oh wow... Bethesda really knows what turns a girl on. I really can`t decide if I wan't to punch my future husband into submission or just simply buy him.

  • Absalon

    "Farkas is very good at 1 handed"

  • Ashlee Milburn

    I married Farkas and use him as my follower. He somehow has time to make pies in the middle of quests.

  • TheBestPart Tho.

    you can just hear how uncomfortable smike was when he made this 😂😂

  • Jon Watson

    ...Amusing that you started this video with a remark to the effect of not wanting to do the video (IE NO HOMO) and made it a break down of combat proficiency and skill training (both unrelated to marriage), whereas the female list was purely about looks and personality. No comments as to dialogue?

  • Homophobic Horse

    Can't help but think that these husbands will not be most women's first choice.

  • Charlie

    Sounds more like why you should have these guys as followers rather then husbands. So glad I have PC, got two mods that lets me marry Brynjolf and Ulfric. Now those... are ideal husbands lmfao.

  • Yours Truly

    "He is very good at one-handed!" Haha lol Sorry, dirty mind

  • Sanya Mishra

    Omg Brynjolf is my #1 choice for a husband, but he isn't even a marriage partner :( Vilkas and Farkas are almost up there with him so I chose them instead but Brynjolf is seriously perfect.That voice? That face? Damn boi.

  • The Wattsatron

    *Lol. Skyrim best husbands."He's very good at one handed"

  • ね〜トび

    I really wish you could marry Ulfric Stormcloak, his voice is just~oh my gooooood <3 xD

  • Cecilia B

    Farkas is #1 tbh. If he wasn't a bunch of 1's and 0's I'd hit that

  • Sonja Johnson

    So devastated I can't marry Brynjolf (PS3) or Ulfric!! Bryn is my number 1 choice and I can't have either of them😢 why Bethesda why!!?!

  • 54 Tunny

    all Companions are trainer all Companions are followerall Companions are werewolfall Companions are handsome guy and beautiful girlwell i know what faction will i join :v

  • Faiien Wings

    I don't know about anyone else, but I don't like followers much so when I go for a husband I go for looks and voice. I go for Farkas, Brynjolf and Argis. Don't really care about stats much, I have inigo.

  • Catherine Moonbell

    Screw this my character is gonna be lesbian :)

  • razrv3lc

    Why are all of the marriable men in this game so hideous? The only ones that look decent are Argis, Farkas, and Vilkas. Marcurio has the snottiest attitude and he's kind of stupid looking because of his hairstyle.

  • Moihra

    this video was just one giant "no homo" smh, amazing

  • trippleblah

    I always have my husband with me as a follower and I feel kind of bad because my child that I adopted just stays at home by herself and I feel like I'm a neglectful mother...

  • KainusGulch

    it sounded like he was recommending followers not husbands. LOL. I wouldn't marry any of those guys. Maybe that Vladimir fellow.

  • Quinn TM

    does anyone think its sounds weird when the guards tell you to stop lollygagging 😂

  • Zenyl

    Suggestion: top 10 things to achieve in Skyrim

  • Fox sniffing flower

    I was going to marry Farkas but he had the personality of a sponge so I married his brother instead =w=

  • Cosmic Entity

    My female character accidentally married Lydia. I don't regret it. :D Farkas would have been my second choice. ❤

  • Thomas Greer

    marcurio is pretty good, but i have an issue with him doing lightning spell at a distance and hitting friendly peeps and creating a civil war amongst ourselves after killing the baddies. he and shadowmere duked it out too after he shocked her and she hoofed him in the face. i even get hit too but i still married him, just tough love i suppose.

  • Cidary

    Top 10 Valueable Items

  • _

    Makes an Imperial female characterMarries one of my girl followersI show my friendHe says, and I quote "Wow, I had no idea you were gay! I always thought you had a crush on me, but.. I guess you're gay.."I swear, I punched him in the nose right then and there, there was a lot of nose bleeding.After he looked at me like I just shot his pet, I full on yelled: "I'm not GAY, I THOUGHT, IT WAS CUTE."He didn't come back to my house for a year.

  • Berrry Does Things

    It would be cool to marry Ralof! Best friends from the beginning zap

  • KyteGlory

    Smike doesn't know the difference between a husband and a follower.  Smike's wife is a very sad lady.  She tries to cook him dinner and give him sweet, sweet Lover's Comfort but he only cares about her combat skills.Also you're wrong because Argis is best follower.  He is also best husband.  All other husbands are bad choices because you could have Argis instead.

  • marumichanee

    No wayyyy. Farkas is at number 10 while his accent-annoying (yet still cute considering they're twins...) brother is at NUMBER 2. COME ON. WHERE'S THE JUSTICE?

  • Josy Carrera

    Oh my god don't marry Marcurio, his voice is so annoying :D

  • Broken In Black

    I married marcurio bc he was the most atractive I could find and a good fighter .

  • Carcha&Ceratosaurus Productions

    there are some girls who plays skyrim bro.

  • Cal Ginsburg

    wtf this is more best male followers than husbands

  • tyler adams

    I say Brynolf in the thumbnail and i was like No freaking way!

  • Wisława Szymborska

    Wanna hear my story with Marcurio? I bet you do.Marcurio was my husband, and he was the best. I always took him everywhere, even to a marketplace. He gave me food, money and he keeped me safe. Then, after a long and wonderful time, I took him to one of the vampire cave's - I guess the worst. While we were inside the cave, we meet a lot of really powerfull enemies, but I was with Marcurio so nothing could happen to me. After a "boss" battle I turned around to find him, and I did... Laying on the ground, dead. It was the saddest moment of my life. The "boss" wasn't even that hard - even weaker than a usual dragon! Probably I accidentaly killed him with one of the spells when he was low hp. That was the biggest mistake of my whole Skyrim game - that I didn't load a save from some time ago, no matter I would have to fight again. I will always love him. It keeps making me sad whenever I think about him. At the same time it's a bit sad.. that there's only a few persons (up to 5) that I'm more addicted to than Marcurio. Rest in peace, my love.PS: Sarcasm

  • 7BluRose

    Top 10 Locations of Skyrim?!?

  • Wolfyy x

    Valdimor...Voldemort? Omg...Voldemort is still alive!

  • Animeromantic101

    I had no idea that Marcurio would be number one in the husbands department looks like I picked the right husband LOLz I picked him because he saved my ass a bunch of times I took him on missions with me and because he's so powerful.

  • Edward Grant

    top 10 quest characters

  • Kay N

    Scouts-many-marshes FTW

  • G4nst4Ch33se

    Derkeethus is the best

  • Abumosh

    J'zargo has no level cap if you have all the DLC soo he is one of the strongest followers in the game

  • Jacqueline Z

    I feel like this is a list for great male companions rather than marriage material.

  • widowmaker edits

    kharjo is my #1 but you can't marry him without mods so :/

  • Teejay Kaye

    I thought Benor was a sweetheart in my first game, but I just brawled with him and moved on. two in game days later I got a letter saying he was dead and he gave all he had to me. I panicked, loaded a previous save, and married him to my Argonian lass. he's a cutie :)PS while Belrand looks crappy in the vanilla game there is a mod that makes him amazing. I adore him. also onmund, onmund is sweet.

  • Batwoman

    #1 Farkas and Vorstag <3 can't choose I married both ;D

  • Stolen_Sweetroll75

    Smike: marcurio is the best mage NPC in the game Jazargo: hold jazargo's skooma

  • Sir Kibble

    vilkas trains two handed and farkas is better with a one handed weapon......Vilkas:"why do you start with a 2 handed sword? compensating for something?"farkas:"no......just.....shut up."

  • Corn

    I plan on purchasing Honeyside in Riften, marrying Athis, and adopt Lucia. Kinda sad I'll have to give up the arcane enchanter though, but it's better than living in Markarth. I hate Markarth.

  • Zelda Henson

    I had never had Valdimar as a follower before. He is now my favorite follower. He's so eager and kind.

  • jamie c

    "he's very good at one handed":D sorry couldn't help my self

  • Zelda fan 3334

    Dude not to be an A** but its Valdimar not Vladamir

  • BasicMetalPunkRock

    Farkas=Wolf (hungarian langauge) lol :))

  • Ana M

    I'm watching this to find a decent spouse on skyrim to help with the kids so they aren't alone since my maternal instincts are apparently active during a video game. The thing that got me was I was deciding on if I were to marry a man or a woman. At first I was like OBVIOUS a woman to take care of the children but then I was like... nooooo I think a man could work too. So I just got online and found your video's. I'm going with Marcuio (not sure if I spelled that correctly). So long story short thank you for your help with this obviously trivial problem I was having. I am off to slay dragons then come home to my hired husband (since you have to hire him to even get the chance to marry him I found it to be a lot like the whole mail order bride thing. )

  • Sherri Blackburn

    okay we all know that vilkas is #2 because he's hot

  • Natalie Noak

    "He is very good at one handed" if u know what I mean.

  • kadaj souba

    Wow, Marc is my current husband, who knew he'd be number 1! Lol thanks for this guide!

  • Aisha Robekk

    I like darkeethus best just because his voice is sexy as hell xD

  • Highborn

    So glad you are doing skyrim vids again! Thanks for this smike! keep up these vids :D

  • Durah Chan

    When Farkas is good at one handed, why is he wearing a two handed sword?

  • Nicole Scaleswind

    I'm married to Vilkas lol

  • Shanice

    Marcurio is good to have around

  • Dragon Rider0814

    If is it possible to get remarried ? Because my husband died...

  • brian ross

    Cool video maybe do some oblivion please I hope other people agree with me

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