Skyrim - Top 10 Husbands!

The top 10 husbands in Skyrim. You guys asked for it :P

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  • Sanya Mishra

    Omg Brynjolf is my #1 choice for a husband, but he isn't even a marriage partner :( Vilkas and Farkas are almost up there with him so I chose them instead but Brynjolf is seriously perfect.That voice? That face? Damn boi.

  • KaitlynHadley

    Ima be honest when I pick a husband I don't pay attention to their skills I pay attention to their face

  • Quinn TM

    does anyone think its sounds weird when the guards tell you to stop lollygagging 😂

  • Yours Truly

    "He is very good at one-handed!" Haha lol Sorry, dirty mind

  • c& k

    I married marcurio bc he was the most atractive I could find and a good fighter .

  • The Gaming Gods And Vlogs

    is it possible to marry j'zargo

  • Oznyx

    someone beats my ass "omg please marry me"

  • Faiien Wings

    I don't know about anyone else, but I don't like followers much so when I go for a husband I go for looks and voice. I go for Farkas, Brynjolf and Argis. Don't really care about stats much, I have inigo.

  • Julia Easter

    How do you unlock marcurio for marriage?

  • Audrey the Unicorn

    I honestly hate Farkas, I ended up killing him after I'd married him because he became so irritating.

  • Chaos Box

    Is slightly sad I can't take Cicero and my sassy mage husband everywhere with me at the same time

  • widowmaker edits

    kharjo is my #1 but you can't marry him without mods so :/

  • Dorkazoid

    Can you marry men if your a man without mods or cheats?

  • Feathertail

    I plan on purchasing Honeyside in Riften, marrying Athis, and adopt Lucia. Kinda sad I'll have to give up the arcane enchanter though, but it's better than living in Markarth. I hate Markarth.

  • 54 Tunny

    all Companions are trainer all Companions are followerall Companions are werewolfall Companions are handsome guy and beautiful girlwell i know what faction will i join :v

  • kylie caperton

    my opinion serana is a better mage or is she a warrior or a mix of both

  • Katykats Stuff

    HELP ME I can't decide betwee Farkas OR Vilkas! D:

  • AceKat

    On my old lvl200 argonian I married an old ass argonian lady. I immediately regretted that

  • CallOf Leo Clench

    Benor Died when i was married to him

  • Law19157

    As a dude, I like to play as female characters in both Skyrim & Dragon age: Inquisition cause her shapely physic is nice to look at through out the, I'm pretty good at making my female characters look like bombshells, its like playing as Lara Croft in an RPG but with your own custom sexy Lara. Made my female Orc & Qunari look pretty hot too

  • Yuki Yuhi

    Vilkas will always be my number one.

  • Zelda Henson

    I had never had Valdimar as a follower before. He is now my favorite follower. He's so eager and kind.

  • Bearly Hana

    I married cause he looked like Argis who I couldn't marry because of my low level.

  • Kaya Mizu

    Can't I marry Paarthurnax? I wish I could marry him

  • Fox sniffing flower

    I was going to marry Farkas but he had the personality of a sponge so I married his brother instead =w=

  • Stonkish

    Can you marry someone if you are a vampire or do you have to get cured first? I wanna keep my vampyrism.

  • AceKat

    I'm currently married to the adorable Farkas.But lets get real guys, we don't judge guys by the skill.. only by their voice and face XDMy top 3:1.Brynjolf 2. Vilkas3.FarkasDon't ask why my husbands brother is second. I wish I married Vilkas now XD

  • Moonalight Gamer

    Whats the companions quest line for Farkas?

  • MiniArcana

    Marcurio is good to have around

  • Emma Kilgore

    Kajargo is my choice But I can't marry him WHO IS WITH ME

  • TheMuseSway

    Since I was more of a thief character I married Marcurio because he was bad ass sorcerer which balanced me out a bit, also he was one of better looking candidates. LOL

  • Deadly Smurf06

    Yay my husband is number one!!! :D

  • Keshaun Harville

    Farkes is 100% better than his brother.

  • nerdygameinggurl

    think this is for companions not husbands😒😒😒😒😒

  • TheFullmetal Narcissist

    I agree, one-handed and two-handed are important qualities in a husband.

  • Pastyll Bananaz

    I like farkas, but I'm not sure he would have me as a wife cause I'm a kahjit

  • c p

    where is argis the bulwark at and how do u marry him

  • Jeff C

    can i mary a fancy dragon in a tophat who is very fancy? :p

  • sophie mcgilvray

    guilty on not caring about their talent but what they look like hahahah damn

  • Ninja UNICORN

    why'd you put Brynjolf in the thumbnail if you didn't even mention him once I got so excited.

  • Get this channel to 500 subscribers without video

    The comments are filled with girls

  • Laughing Thrush

    My hubby is Argis. Total hottie in my opinion

  • AT-TE CloneTrooper

    When you think of it, you're more focused on Male Followers than husbands. I think the black smith from riften is a good husband, the fact that he's hard working

  • George Sweeney

    Where do u get valdimar

  • Raven Fair-Fire

    why would you need a warrior far a spouse? you wouldn't have them follow you and end up dying. 😕

  • Itachi Uchiha

    I'm trying to marry Marcurio I have hired him multiple times and the option to marry him still does not come up. What do I need to do to get him to marry me?

  • Sammie Madden-Caza

    okay we all know that vilkas is #2 because he's hot

  • Gee Buttersnaps

    What is up guys? It's Scarce here!

  • Nicole N

    When you cancel your wedding halfway with Marcurio but then watch this video and see that he's number 1 so go back to him ._.

  • Dominique Chiaverini

    Honestly I just wanna marry Brynjolf, is that too much to ask????

  • Giselle Benitez

    argis doesn't come out on my game, why?

  • Noxaura

    Marcurio is my best friend. He's been with me for a long time, I'm thinking of marrying him.

  • Saber Goddess of the triforce


  • Justin Parallax

    Kinda telling that the husbands in the game are built for combat while the wives are built mainly for utility...

  • Logan Lentilus

    Marcurio is very strong, plus, he has some sweet dialog, very nice personality.

  • noot fruit

    I always marry Derkeethus, who I think is the only marriageable Argonian in the game. He's pretty tough, and kinda hidden though so I'm not sure a lot of players know of him.

  • Autumn Spears

    I lost my husband :( I have no idea where I told him to wait and he's not at either manor I own or his inn.

  • The Universe

    Wot about me mate? Am i not attractive enough for your arse?!

  • Jeff C

    can i mary a fancy dragon in a tophat? :p

  • Rynn21

    I wish you could marry Delvin

  • XFallout Builds

    Scouts-Many-Marshes? Gotta love a bit of lizard

  • TheDragonborn Princess

    I can't choose between Farkas & Vilkas... mainly because I found out Vilkas is handsome and really romantic when you get married and good with your kids when you adopt them. But Farkas vouched for you when you joined the companions and trusted you without knowing you and stuck by your side and fought alongside your character and when you get stuck in the caged room he defends you and himself to kill the silver hand and get you out... :/ help?

  • Vinicius braga

    where i can find bemor?

  • felicity wood

    can you marry any thieves guild members

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