Gears of War 4 Stage Demo - IGN Live: E3 2016

7 New Minutes of Campaign Gameplay

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  • Stefan Andoniu

    From the thumbnail I thought it was the witcher

  • Cleife117

    way to ruin the end of trailer reveal with the thumbnail

  • Jeremy alvarez

    Markus looks pissed af

  • TotallyToonsTV

    That felt a bit weird at the end. I've been a big Gears fan for years and my name is James. Having one of my favourite game characters say welcome home was a bit of a mind exploder.

  • WhaspTV

    Gears just doesn't get me excited anymore in the way that is used to. . .

  • Krombopulos Michael

    The new characters look so lame to me

  • Mr. TAMW

    im worried about the commentary wen JD kills and enemy that was the WEAKEST "Take That" on the very first execution in the video

  • Wavy Chris Gaming

    Watched an unskippable ad for a PS4 exclusive to watch the Gears of War 4 stage demo.

  • Patrick Hocking

    oh man those one liners are so bad even the characters say 'really' LOL. Pulling that catapult down was also one hell of a direction flaw. Hes right in the line of fire and is not getting shot

  • Proud Racist

    Look it's Dead Space 4

  • Andre Frazier

    Dat Unreal Engine 4 looking real nice. The particle effects at 5:17 is quite amazing

  • HeartsoreCere

    some of the dialogue feels forced and strange

  • AudiTheKNIGHT

    Welcome home james . AWESOME

  • GTR

    7:01 Geralt, what are you doing here?

  • Rafael Villalobos

    That gunner AI is damn bad, he's blind.

  • Masterduced

    this voice acting is terrible :/

  • Mason Aguilar

    game really holds your hand huh

  • Bob Mob

    Voice acting. I hope it's placeholder.

  • dan Aliyev

    this looks dissapointing

  • enfekted13

    The voice acting is horrendous!!!

  • James Brady

    Marcus getting ready for more gears even though he's OLD

  • dainco08

    WOOWW This is The GAME!

  • Kevin Townsend

    These look like 360 graphics...

  • diegoalvarez64

    They need to work on the voice acting

  • NostalgicMonkey

    James Dominic "JD" FenixNice name.

  • Mizthegr8

    Graphics looks great but these characters/voice actors were awful. I think they are trying to mimic the character interaction from Uncharted series but failed miserably.

  • Quinones

    the gameplay dialogue is what kills my excitement for half these E3 trailers. They just talk so much cheese...

  • Dread Macklemore

    I got emotional seeing Marcus

  • ThatGamer

    wow what a graphical behemoth, looks extraordinary

  • J. Michael

    can't tell if xbox one conference or Windows10/PC conference. .

  • Hassi BT

    sadly there is no PC version of GOW


    ayyy when the quality gonna get better tho

  • thaB00gym4n

    isn't it uncomfortable to stand and play, get them a chair dammit

  • BlueTerror

    Very impressive voice acting. You can CLEARLY tell they did a good job....

  • NoobMaster69

    lol only i had seen gelalt of rivia on preview?:D

  • basketballTaco

    The dialogue sounds like a Ubisoft demo where the real players are talking to each other! Kinda offsets the atmosphere I think.

  • Martin Aslaksen

    Love the GoW games, can't wait for this one!

  • Rick Sanchez

    Audience reaction say it all

  • Roman Garcia

    meeh ill wait for a price look good but same repetitive gameplay.Ill buy mainly for campaign not multiplayer....the beta was very dull.

  • rytiski

    Not exciting enough...until I found out that Marcus is back!


    bro why is this reminding of dead space?


    bro why is this reminding of dead space?

  • Metro B

    The graphics seem off.

  • TheLeonBM

    Is that Saint's Row Female 1 Voice? ♥

  • Romio Tajalle

    I played the Marcus part like 13 times

  • Kyudo Kun

    Wow the graphics looks amazing!!!

  • jermaine7072

    720p look alright 😂😂😂😂

  • Felipe Sousa

    Old Marcus?! oh my god!!!

  • Mowza

    Old Marcus scares me.. How life goes on.

  • Harry Nguyen

    Wasn't his name JT??

  • Ryan

    The storm in this is just way to rediculous, the bodies go flying when they're dead but nobody is bothered by it while they're alive, other than the storm game looks good

  • RoseEmblem

    2:52-2:59.....Trishka..Show her how it's done lmao.

  • Norton Luna

    Is it me or this gameplay is kinda not exciting?

  • Just Frame Deep

    Marcus my man, we missed u

  • Selig Volker

    look like QQSM2 Online @.@

  • Tyler W.

    I thought they killed all the locust in GW3

  • Matheus Lopes

    this demo was not to show the graphics but the gameplay and mechanics of characters, so can not speak of graphics and voiceovers because the game is still in creation

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  • Chan Son

    This has been one of the best e3 over with all these great games announced

  • alx lek

    Is dat Marcus fenix in da thumbnail?

  • J Dubs

    Glitchy video and weird subtitles in beginning

  • Zach

    Can't Wait to see this on the Scorpio.

  • Gati Hurtado

    I am a true Gears fan and been playing forever but this just looks boring as hell

  • Golden Taurone

    sooooo gears 4 gonna be on pc?

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