Fallout 4 – PC vs. PS4 vs. Xbox One Graphics Comparison [FullHD][60fps]

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Captured with Elgato GameCapture HD60 Pro & Nvidia ShadowPlay

We compare the graphics of Fallout 4 on PC with maximum graphics settings and PS4 & Xbox One – the consoles are identical. The main difference between consoles and PC I noticed are Shadow Distance, View Distance, Shadow Quality and godray Quality. The latter consumes a lot of performance on PC while the difference between low and ultra settings on PC for godrays is visually not huge.
Wir vergleichen die Grafik von Fallout 4 auf dem PC mit der PS4 und Xbox One – PC ist auf maximale Details gestellt. Die Grafik unterscheidet sich auf den Konsolen nicht voneinander, die Unterschiede zur PC Version halten sich auch in Grenzen: die Sichtweite allgemein sowie die Distanz in der Schatten dargestellt werden ist deutlich geringer auf den Konsolen. Ebenso ist die Schattenqualität eine Stufe niedriger und die Qualität der Strahlenbündel reduziert. Gerade letztere benötigen auf sehr hohen Einstellungen auf dem PC viel Leistung, der optische Unterschied ist jedoch gering.

Music: captured from Main Menu

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  • Alex Shuysky

    Speaking GRAPHICALLY, PC will always dominate no matter what stupid one-platform-only gamer says.

  • Vsdas 2727

    Pc-The best Ps4-The cool one but still not as good as pcXbox one-The microwave that is an embarrassment to gaming

  • White Knight 5

    PC = more grass, better resolution, better textures, better frame rate, better lighting, better platform to play on...Xbox One = scaled back PC versionPS4 = same as Xbox One version with more fanboyism behind it

  • Chief Ooga Booga

    Why did the console peasant cross the road??To render the buildings on the other side

  • Niall Higgins

    It's sad that graphics is all that gamers talk about nowadays, what about sound design, gameplay, content, innovations, level design, AI, characters and so on.

  • Chezzter

    Let's face it, PC will always be better than consoles

  • dONALD42

    By 60 fps you mean the video, not the game on the console, right? :D

  • Kai

    1. pc2. xbox one3. ps4

  • Sergeant Johnson伍世

    so is this what i bought my $1400 gaming pc for? a bit of extra grass and higher quality telephone cable lines?

  • Xavier

    I definitely see it, pixel #2649629562 is much more graphically intense on pc than pixel #2649629562 on ps4

  • Max Zamora

    I'm 100% a PC gamer, but I'll be honest. The only difference I see between PC and both consoles is the render distance and shadow quality. Textures and mesh detail all look pretty much equal.

  • Kombat 36O

    Who cares what looks better damn, went to GameStop and every1 including a guy I know was taking about the graphics, I was thinking wtf is wrong with people, who cares what u think is better, I like them all but I'm more of a Xbox fan and I have my reasons, what I hate the most are fanboys who won't stfu

  • Deany Kong

    The [platform I planned to purchase this game on] version looks way better than the others!

  • Jan St.

    They all look 95% alike. Nothing special.

  • RaVe Justice

    Save you some time of your life Pc = the bestXb1 = a "lazier" job of the Pc version Ps4 = a washed out less colourful version of the Xb1

  • Blank

    Okay I will settle this PC has the best graphics XB1 has the second best PS4 the third best IF YOU DISAGREE I DONT CARE

  • omkriot -

    The xbox on and the pc made the ps4 look bad

  • Alexis Aguiñaga

    PC: ShadowsPS4: Almost no shadows, washed out colorsXBOX 1: Just VERY few more shadows than PS4, more colorful

  • JoeDotPHP

    OK we get it, PC has best the graphics and frame rate. But I'm a college student with absolutely no money to spend on a $3500 gaming PC. You can all stop now. Please.

  • TXF

    Nice video. Shows some of the weaknesses of the console versions. Though I would like to point out that Consoles and PCs are vastly different gaming platforms. I'm just saying. People compare the console versions of games to the PC version, and act like it's a big surprise that the PC version is better. The PC version has literally always been better. Almost NO ONE is arguing that. PC is 100% better in every way. I'm a console gamer, but I'm not an idiot. Of course PC is better. A PC simply has better parts to work with. A console can't be upgrade.Consoles are designed for people that like consoles. Simple as that. Some people love mods, and messing with settings, and fiddling with things. In that case, great, go for PC. No prob. I on the other hand enjoy just pressing 2 buttons from my cough and getting into the game. In which case an entire expensive gaming PC is a bit overdoing it for my needs.Another note is FPS and graphics quality. To be 100% honest, the graphical difference between Consoles and PC nowadays isn't huge. Yeah, PC's better in regards to graphics, but the console graphics look good enough. The key words being 'good enough'. Not everyone needs 1080p 60fps with every tiny particle of dust rendered. Hell, I still enjoy PS1 and N64 games, and those were some blocky ass simplistic graphics. Even FPS is regarded different between people. I can play Far Cry 3 on a 360 with it's 15-20fps, and I'm perfectly fine. I almost don't even notice it. Other people lose their shit if the fps drops 1 frame below 60. It's all preference, and what you can tolerate. People that play with lower FPS a lot, tend to get used to it. I've been a console gamer my whole life, and playing a game with 60fps actually takes effort to get used to.The ONLY thing that bugs me about the console version of Fallout 4, that some of these pictures makes really obvious, is the draw distance. It's the same issue I had in the 360 version of Far Cry 3. The draw distance for bushes and grass is ridiculously short. Meaning any time you look into the distance, you see an obvious line where the grass stops. There really should be a way around that.Please note. I'm not trying to start a PC vs Console argument. There's enough of those already. I'm just trying to get the pretentious "PC Master Race" idiots to realize there's a difference between console and PC. Not just in terms of game quality. They're two completely different things that really shouldn't be compared in the first place.

  • Heroborg

    PC and Xbox have similar color only difference is the distant renders ps4 has more of a greylike color

  • DarkWolfModding

    PS4 looks better than Xbox One. PC crushes bothconsole = 30 fpsPC = 60 fps.#PCMasterRace

  • Connor Blair

    Do the graphics really matter?

  • Stefano Longdick

    PC fanboy = has spoken the truth, smart, generous.Xbox fanboy = not bad, pc lil bro, our peoplePS fanboy = the worst, garbage, immature, has losing 1/2 of their braincells due 30 fps capped.

  • TJesterTV

    Other than slightly different lighting, and more nature decoration. I do not see much of a difference. Everybody prefers the feel of their choice in gaming devices. No point arguing about it?

  • Mojave Ace

    why did the console peasants cross the road?To render the other side.


    Lol, I like how there are tons of comments mostly from PC users saying that the other systems graphics are garbage, and if you use that system apparently you are garage as well . Who gives a shit what system a person decided to go with. Shunning people for what they use will only put people off of the gaming scen. You're killing the gaming community, and putting off the potential of future game developers, because you wanted to smug, and prideful that you're system is the best.

  • Stefan92m

    console = step backwards

  • Hyp HammM3R3d

    pc and xbox are the best

  • WarpRulez

    If I understand correctly, the PS4 and XBone have a graphics chip that is, in terms of efficiency, approximately equal to an Nvidia GTX 4xx or 5xx family of cards. Which is a bit ridiculous, really, given that even mid-range modern Nvidia cards (eg. in the GTX 7xx family, not to talk about their flagship GTX 9xx cards) are twice as fast.What the consoles usually do to compensate is to run the game at 30 FPS. This allows them to look graphically almost as good as the PC version... which is typically running at 60 FPS or more. (Halving the framerate makes a huge difference. It essentially allows the graphics chip to achieve almost the same visual quality as a newer chip that's twice as fast, because the chip has twice as much time to render each frame.)Some console games will run at full 60 FPS. However, they tend to be graphically simpler than the newest, most advanced games. (Very often a remaster of a previous-gen game, ported to the current-gen, will typically run at 60 FPS, for the simple reason that it can, as even with the remastering they don't become graphically as heavy.) In some cases they will actually run at a lower resolution, rather than at a full 1080p.Whether 30 FPS is enough for you... well, it's a very subjective and personal choice. With many games it doesn't really matter all that much, and if you don't pay too much attention to the framerate, it's not bothering. In some games it can be a bit bothering, especially if you are accustomed to 60 FPS and can't help but to notice the tiny tiny slight stuttering, which is almost unnoticeable, but can be bothering, that 30 FPS framerate on a modern monitor has.


    By 60 fps you mean the video, not the game on the console, right? :D

  • AirborneThorne

    Theirs not even a difference like wtf playstation and PC people like to brag about it and you can't even tell if their wasnt a discription y'all wouldn't know which is which

  • ALi7E

    OMG Just play the fucking game!

  • Jdog1104

    As a play station gamer I still think pc looks the best

  • Koonty B

    for this particular game there is very little difference between all three gaming systems. So would therefore follow your heart and preferred gaming style and what you can afford without breaking the bank and trying to keep up with the Jones's.

  • ShinobiSpec

    PC>Consoles. It might cost a lot of money to cash out with a good computer, but its better than buying a new console every year in the long run.

  • AK P

    it looks pc has better shadow effects than ps4 and xb1

  • Justin Gelinas

    I always see these comparisons and then read people arguing about pc vs consule. I own both and even if you only own one... The only question that matters is are you enjoying it? If so then who the hell care about anything else. Enjoy your gaming!

  • Untermensch

    you know its a bad port when PC and console almost look identical.

  • Aurelious of Phoenix

    people who brag about how much better their next gen console's graphics are must have some damn good eyes.

  • Inferno PLAYZ

    Guys eventually playstation and Xbox will become the next computers trust me PC will have to do alto better

  • michael van leeuwen

    oke here ar a few reasons why i dislike this videoen before i start    Yes i did do dislike this video but did not click on the Dislike buttenI don't hate this guy for making this video but I just don't like it when people compere PC gaming with console gaminglets start with 1  : he compere PC with a gaming console    if you have a PC you can upgread it by putting bether hardwere in therlike if you got a 200 euro    than change is big you got crapy graphic'sbut if buy a 2.500 euro PC    your PC wil be able to easily preform 4K gaming some thing that ps4 and Xbox one wil never be eble pull off so yeanow lets go to n2    :  PC gaming is not even closs to console gamingplaystations and Xbox ar made for easy gaming acces and comfortlike   by playstation and Xbox its like     grap a controller put the disc in put on the TVand relexno wires no keyboard no mouse     no just 1 controller    that's al you needand you never have to worry about if you system if powerfull enough to be able to play that gameand you don't have to worry about compatibility problemscuze every game you buy of the playstation or Xbox    you know it work,    why?  wel that game is made for that consoleand now the most important thing   n3         Don't Freaking careXbox playstation   they ar both good      PC also realy goodjust play that dem game and have fun playing it

  • Heroninja112

    #pcmasterrace consoles are losers

  • fuze furry

    Why do y'all care about graphics isn't it all about the fun and gameplay

  • Toe Nail

    Once again, PC graphics reign supreme.

  • hyenachase f

    never liked any consoles i like real power,my 2016 pc is more than the ps4and xbox combined

  • Hector Castellanos

    I modded my PC Fallout 4 with texture packs, Reshade shaders and Sweetfx color correction, last night i played on my friend's Ps4.. I can't believe how bad it looks xD, i'm so used to my beautiful modded version 😛 the difference is abysmal!!!

  • Kazene

    playing fallout 4 in ultra with $300 pc

  • Salty TPM

    1.08 dat render distance on XB1 and PS4

  • Anonymous guy

    Ok we need to stop this war and state the facts.Pc has and will be better than the consoles.That dosen't mean consoles are the worst.Some people like the consoles and some like pc, that's fine.We just need to acknowledge that there is a machine better than Xbo, ps 4, ps4 pro and xbs.After that there will be peace and everyone will just enjoy and play games.Sincerely - All Platform Gamer.

  • Muhammad Hannan

    well the game runs on 30 fps on both consoles.On the other hand PC runs it at 60 fpsThe difference is noticeable when the three are compared in graphic intensive areas.

  • Solo Gals

    How many people would get it right if it did not tell you what version you was looking at. I know if i got it right it would be pure luck.

  • †he Broken Cog

    And people say ps4 is better than Xb1. They're the same!

  • TonyDaHero

    This comment section is cancer. It's full of pretentious pricks talking how amazing their $300-$2000 electric box's graphics are when it won't matter when reality gives them a call or when they're dead. I found this machine called outside, it's graphics and sound are realistic, the frame rate is smooth all the time, you can use it as long as you want, and it always has new updates that make the experience more enjoyable. Most of the games you can are under $60 and are good. I got to try it out and I made a new friend

  • Erak The Red

    Anyone hardly notice a difference and not care because an extra twig won't affect my experience?No? Just me? K

  • Lara Croft

    1:17 Anti-aliasing has not gotten any better of the years

  • DarkSutures

    Let's be honest here Pc Master Race.

  • K Mrow

    Yes yes, we all know PC is the 'master race' but in reality, most of these had very subtle differences if any at all. Yes, some of these had noticeable differences, but most did not. It's not that big of a deal and there's no use in belittling others for what they choose to play on. Not to mention several people I know use all 3.

  • Pleytom

    Yes Pc is Facking owner

  • Zero IrazoR

    Now i can say XBOX is better than PS.

  • sσηsүωnαlε

    I currently have a xbox 360, should i continue with the xbox family or should i get a ps4

  • Sander_LL

    1. PC 2. PS4 3. XBOX ONEThe truth...

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