DETROIT Become Human Trailer (E3 2016) PS4

Official cinematic trailer for Detroit Become Human by Quantic Dream !
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DETROIT Become Human Trailer (E3 2016) PS4
Release date : 2017 on PS4
© 2016 - Sony

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  • Moss

    There's gunna be some proper good Android racism in this game..

  • pimpinnevaslipin

    Its like they took Keanu Reeves and put him in a video game

  • DrakeVagabond

    David Cage fooled me 3 times. I'm not falling for a forth.... But It does look interesting

  • Roddy Shikatekime

    It would make such a great movie. Oh, wait, is it a PS4 exclusive? It is a movie, then, whew.

  • István Nagy

    Wow, this resembles very much the canceled TV series, Almost Human. Even the title and the android themed story. I like this so much.

  • Skides Art

    I love choice based games! Too bad I dont have a PS4

  • Adam Jensen


  • Guy Guino

    Cool, it's gonna be more like Heavy Rain where we get multiple characters. Glad we get a NAHMEN JAYDEN type of character again.

  • Rachull

    I hope that part isn't even in the game. Seeing as how I saw all the options

  • Flynn Gumshoe

    Bad android = MeLittle girl = My low expectations for this gameGood android = David Cage"Don't do this.""Why, Beyond two souls was garbage. Why should I trust you"Because you want to play this game."I let go of my cage hate.Gun guys = realitythey fire at me"I trusted you Cage. This game sucks."

  • Joon Lee

    John Cena was in the trailer.You just couldn''t see him.

  • Eric Waters

    You know, I was hoping this would be an in-depth open-world where you made the android you were playing and then stuff happened. Now, it seems like it's going to be a bunch of highly interactive vignettes with multiple endings each, all concerning an overarching theme of what being "human" means....I can't decide if I'm disappointed or more excited than ever...

  • Victor Chicat

    The character is so charismatic, he looks like John Newman ahah

  • Mr Madness

    I can't wait to see Mat, Pat, and Woolie play this.

  • Eduardo Cunha de Carvalho

    Deus Ex plus Heavy Rain? cool!!

  • Ian Darmetko

    L.A. Noire Cyberpunk? Yes please.

  • Tristan Jewell

    Such a good idea for a game, hopefully it's executed well

  • Hau Tak Leighton Tam

    Wait a minute, androids with blue blood... is this set in the same universe as the TV show 'Humans'?

  • Millitrix

    Dude! I am so pissed! What happened to Kara!? She should have remained as the main character! Why'd they change it??Ugh! The game looks so interesting, though, but I was so looking forward to playing as a character developed by Valorie Curry! :(

  • Mad Max

    Looks amazing, but where's Kara!?

  • leonartha03

    deep .... but where is kara?

  • Cooler 1478

    The rain is heavy with this one

  • Xtremenator2

    I didn't know what to expect with this game, and this definitely wasn't it. But its still interesting and want to see more.

  • UsielX

    QD should get some facial animators...the mo-cap does not look any goood by itself

  • TheDark101Knight

    I wonder how many rape scenes will be in this david cage game if it is one XD

  • Abdulrhman Aljuhani

    Man this game look sick.. I'm buying!

  • Bic Boi

    about time i actually see a kid die in a game

  • Hassyel Mendez

    -FINALLY!!!-what?-i don't know!!!

  • Nathan Kramer

    Did they not put every possible ending in this trailer?

  • Legendary Detective Wobbuffet

    I can't wait. I love everything David Cage has done.

  • -Echa-

    Best drama ever. I want to play it.. :(

  • Cankun Wang

    How does a city become a human ?

  • unpass

    I think his name is Connor?

  • Abyan Devi

    if this game shows up it will be long way "Detroit all choices" walkthrough video

  • Rizzit

    wtf omg wtf why did i not heardanything of this game yet

  • Lee Goodwin

    Dude. Props for authenticity to the city. I wasn't expecting to see the GM Building in that final pan shot. GG videogame. GG.

  • Blinkyiskinky | Fortnite content & random vids

    Is he voiced by "the amazing Spiderman's" green goblin? Dane something?

  • 125happyguy

    watches the trailerOh wow, this seems pretty neat. I might actually buy i--remembers who made it, and the games he made beforehand......fuck......

  • Joshua Joeseph Thomas

    u can do all this and even more in Deus ex..

  • Cameron Clark

    I live in Ann Arbor about 1 hour from Detroit so I have to get this game

  • TornadoAzulK4


  • Heroman237

    so basically its on the same premise of the Jayden sections of Heavy rain. Every decision and action will help in the one situation depicted, as well as how well you handle the situation. if you take too long or make the wrong decision, game over. Play your cards right and you get to be happy.

  • Farrazy Alif

    this game look like La noire

  • Lune

    Im just gonna walthrough or type "Detroit all scenes" on You Tube lol

  • MP3-Speler

    is the whole game about saving the girl?

  • Azfar Shah

    Hope this games has an excellent background music with its every scene...

  • xMostHated

    Sick of these interactive-movie-type games. A video game doesn't need to rely on cinematic storytelling to convey emotion, it can be done in-engine, during gameplay. This shit is just lazy now.

  • Kev DS

    This just looks gorgeous, definetly buying it when it comes out! Anybody else agree that Connor has a similar vibe to Nahmen Jayden from Heavy Rain ☔️? Or is it just me?

  • Rohith Srivats

    0:07 to 0:16 = Watha Thalaivar da #SivajiTheBoss

  • MitochondrianFanta

    Hey, XBox One players, you know that feeling when you wish you bought a PS4?I'm getting that feeling right now.

  • jon doe

    this remunds me of beyond two souls, the concept looked cool, bit when you actually played it, it sucked.

  • EXOM805

    Is this a ps4 exclusive man i hate making the decision of buying an xbox1

  • Bhaskar Prajapati

    What is the song after 2:18 ? Please anyone!? I want that soundtrack!

  • SNaKeYe355

    this looks awesome! Here's hoping David cage doesn't go involving terminators or extraterrestrials into the story line

  • Bethany Monges

    Wait is that the same girl that’s with Kara? I wonder is she’s an important character

  • copy Right

    Jesus, heavy rain on steroids and serious choice.

  • Saga More

    0:41 is like the Gateway guy no? anyone?

  • John Ciaccio

    Too bad Sony doesn't release games like this on PC. Always a mouse and keyboard guy so consoles are out of the question. Plus I am a fanboy of great graphics and consoles just take too long to catch up. Even with a mid season console upgrade they are still years behind the PC. I do not understand why don't they make a $800 console that is as close to PC level as possible along with the crap hardware they sell to everyone else.

  • TonyMacaroni

    Did they reveal the end of the game or the start

  • 41Djfu#lksdkjfd

    My name is Connor Macleod, and I'm immortal.

  • Brownier

    "I think, therefore I am"

  • Christopher Stanley

    Conner's story looks interesting, but I think I speak for everyone who knew of this before it was called Detroit that we all just want to know more about Kara's story.

  • Stefan Batrinache

    im the only one who thinks the face animation in this video are shit ? xD

  • ZeroStriker426

    2:28"You can't kill me. I'm not alive."I admit, even though I'm not a fan of these types of games, Connor right there sounds fking badass.

  • ExcaliburForge

    Fake. Detroit is going to be a pile of dust and concrete in the future.

  • aCaramelCrunchie

    If you can go rogue and become a psycho android then this game has potential to be one of the best games ever

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