The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Dawnguard DLC Walkthrough - Part 3 Vampire Lord Gameplay

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Dawnguard DLC Walkthrough Part 3
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Dawnguard is the first DLC made available for skyrim, the story line of Dawnguard revolves around a prophecy from one of the elder scrolls that tells of the permanent obfuscation of the sun. The player is given the choice as to whether they fulfill the prophecy or stop it entirely dependent on how they follow the quest-line.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Dawnguard DLC is available on Xbox 360, PS3 & PC platforms.

Gameplay & Live Commentary by IFreeMz

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  • Life of Amoree

    Your audio is way out of sync

  • Samuel Holland

    wow you can become a vampire, didnt know you could become one. I just got the dawnguard dlc. cant wait to become a vampire, thanks for the gameplay.

  • Stroy Buddailey

    your voice over is late mate

  • thaGreenestleaf 04

    Good choice of becoming a vampire lord✅

  • Parker :P

    dawnguard gives you so much more things than the volkihar do. xD It's cool to be a vamp, true.. but... Dawnguard is best

  • Alec Juztine Delacruz

    Im a HybridI can turn both into a Vampire Lord anda WereWolfi watch the tutorial on how to become a hybrid

  • Makaia Betus

    Once you level the vampire lord high enough you can actually poison your claws as a perk and its very useful against live enemies

  • Delta Gaming

    You are a really good Skyrim player and you tuber. Keep up the great work. 👌👏👏👏👍👍

  • thaGreenestleaf 04

    You can find potions of blood hidden all around castle volhkiir

  • Makaia Betus

    You should when your done with that part you should join the dawnguard that are fithing the vamps

  • ChR1StMaS98

    Could have cured your previous vamprism with a cure potion before saving it.....

  • Ashton Stanley

    stay vamp they are soooo beast!!

  • Mr. Know it All

    i so paronoida bout the gargoyles to. i just got my new skyrim disc my old one got scrached and i got it with the legendary pack so yeah

  • Epic Bombers


  • Sled_NeckX99

    dawnguard side FTW why does everyone choose the vampire side

  • We Will Take Over

    XD idgaf what game I'm playing if I can become a vampire I will, except in Elder Scrolls IV:Oblivion, being a vampire in that sucks

  • Henk Mondria

    vampire is cool super cool

  • nathan payne

    If your going to talk through every bit of dialog why bother to make the videos. Jesus christ its annoying

  • Anthony Rhee-Reynoso

    Keep yourself as a vampire lord

  • Kichirou Vixen


  • Enrique Martinez

    no if you get this one thing you can heal yourself by 100 with healing spells but as a vampire.

  • CurrysauceNoGo3

    Try watching Yogscast Sips he refuses! :)

  • Chris Venner

    I would like to see what happens if u don't become a vampire

  • Whisper Of Shadowlock

    did you ever figure out to bite people in meele? i never figured that out.

  • Andrej Mezek

    she wont talk to me but i can talk with her .what can i do?

  • Liam Joy

    Why is the audio delayed?

  • CreeDMast3r

    Hey I'm first at comments YES !!!! FTW

  • Venom Quill

    I think it depends on the style you play. actually. Werewolves are a lot better for rogues and warriors. Mainly warriors. Mages make terrible werewolves. However, mages make awesome Vampire Lords while warriors and rogues... eh not so much.

  • SillyShockman

    There is a big delay with your mic

  • Jr Saldana

    what is the manican glitch u r talking about

  • RILEYCish

    I think you can be both (not postitive) You'd be a liken... like from underworld... a badass movie

  • Some Dovahkiin

    vampire is better becourse when you calm an enemy usingvampire powers u can simply feed

  • awesomestraightedge

    his stats are better I agree with that, and I respect your opinion, but i enjoy playing the the vampire more.

  • Velociraptors of Skyrim

    No, they override each other.

  • Haris Ali

    Shadowwolf pick a werewolf. Vampire dies eaisly if u fight a dragon.

  • LegacyOfHoontar

    The sound gets a bit behind o.O

  • Glenn Colvin

    vampire lords are fucking BEAST!

  • Gaming Redneck

    I never saw it when you refuse my dawngaurd dosent work

  • DuckionQuak

    you should change it vampires and vampire lords suck ass

  • DeStructor


  • Banana Banana

    well u can jus the cheat code

  • Rokas Alisauskas

    Do you realize, that this video was made a year ago and that freemz won't even see your dumb comment?

  • Dawson Green

    Don't be a dick. He could have not even made this so shut the hell up I'm tierd of Plp hating on the Plp who made the video if you don't like their walkthrough watch a different one

  • Viko1188

    Dam ur so fuckin annoying. Wtf is with the sound u keep making. Ur not cool.

  • DramaLlama

    I was on the dawnguard side. its better then the vampire side

  • Reci 123

    Werewolf is alot better.

  • kaleb bearce


  • Duak

    if your a mage choose vampires if your an archer/warrior be a dawnguard

  • Carter Stein

    stay as a vampire lord

  • The life of Zay

    be normal the dawn are like 3 times stronger look it up

  • cristopher blint

    long live creatures of the night!!!!!

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