SKYRIM vs. SKYRIM Special Edition : Performance/FPS | 1080p@Ultra

So how does Skyrim: Special Edition compare to Skyrim with regards performance/FPS?

Resolution : 1080p
Settings : Ultra for both games

System used for test:
i7 4790k@4.4Ghz + 16GB RAM
ASUS 980gtx DirectCU II x2 SLI
  • Rebelzize

    Spawned in 1000 Nazeems(no joke) and I didnt crash right into the cloud district. SSE is very stable compared to Skyrim 2011

  • Drewgamer

    "Not the best gaming rig"Has an i7 and TWO 980s...Someone is a bit modest xD

  • Spacedroner

    The stability improvements alone are worth it for me... but I guess I can't complain much about value because I got Skyrim SE for free

  • AWiseMelon

    I wish I had a good enough system to run this because I got it for free. Seems like such a waste :(

  • Kuhn

    "My rig is not the best out there, but it isn't bad." has two 980s and a high end i7 plus 16 gm of ram... Bruh...

  • Omricon

    Isn't SSE also running 64-bit? I presume that's one of the reasons for the significant performance boost.

  • Viperborn Elite

    The water has to be the best feature, I hated regular Skyrim's water.

  • mankilaba

    It's ridiculously well optimized! I'm running it on a 660TI, 2500k and 8 gigs of ram - All settings on high at constant 60. Considering the age of my hardware, it's pretty amazing really.

  • EnclosureHD

    You should have done this with 1 GPU.. not sli..

  • sniperlif3

    The special edition looks kind of blurry. Like less quality textures kind of blurry.

  • Diving Husky

    Well. Bad luck for me, I have installed 200 mods on skyrim. And I can't play skyrim without them.

  • Chris Picon

    Gopher, just wondering if you're willing to do a playthrough of Mount & blade: banner lord once it comes out?

  • Stephen Ward

    If any of you were interested, here are some lesser known changes Bethesda made to the special edition (courtesy of Brodual):-Rain occlusion, rain and snow no longer clip through shelters eg. under a bridge or under a roof of a porch.-Graphical glitch (Z-fighting), no more flickering of terrain that is in the distance-The improved stability, although this is known to most people, what people don't know is that this allows for more objects or NPC's to be on your screen at once without the game dropping frames (perfect for mods such as a civil war overhaul for larger battles)-Realistic water flowing, water now reacts to objects it comes in contact to. For example I there is a branch in the water, the water flow will slow down and speed back up once it has passed it, or water traveling around a bend will travel slowly on the inside and fast on the outside. It helps it to look a lot more realistic rather an seeing it travel in a straight line at full speed clipping into the river banks.

  • Wayne Brady

    This doesn't make any sense to me, SSE runs better than original for you @ ultra but I can run original with tons of mods at decent settings and maintain 60 fps, on SSE i get like 20 on lowest. ?????????????????????Btw i loved the part where you're talking about how the engine works over 60 fps and you can hear shit going crazy in the background of the inn.

  • Frank BIzzoco

    Isn't lower framerates on an unmodded Skyrim OG vanilla due to the fact that it can't fully utilize SLI 980s without the VRAM hack ? Skyrim SE can now utilize a 64 bit system with SLI which I am very happy about because when it is heavily modded like my original Skyrim is, it will be able to avoid the RAM cap CTDs, and freezes that the original was prone to.

  • jmcmike1

    This is kind of silly when your rig always produces over 60 FPS in all cases. Try this on a 5 year old rig like mine and you would find the SE is much, much slower in all cases. Even vs Skyrim with tons of mods.

  • Maarten De R.

    From what I've seen on Youtube, the SE textures seem blurred, less sharp?I'd like your thoughts on that :)

  • B E

    The special edition shadows won me over, everything else is extra.

  • Dinko Revan

    It's just sooo bad without SkyUI. Horrid UX.

  • GrenadR

    Now we need 2K rock textures for Skyrim special.

  • BBukeeB

    You mentioned locking to 60FPS because the physics engine gets crazy otherwise, is this still true for SE?

  • johnaspaul

    :D So Gophers lowest Fps is like my highest when I play Skyrim. I rarely get over 50 Fps

  • Kid Cosmo

    I can barely pull 30 FPS on medium and Gopher is running at 102 0_0

  • Charlie Matthews

    "My rig isn't that good. I only have 2 980's" Lol

  • Joffy

    Wait a sec, so Bethesda didnt improve the physics engine to run the game normally above 60 fps ?? what the actual f**k? this is 2016/17 for christ sake

  • vXViper

    can't wait for sky ui.. =D

  • iamcll

    Bullshit. Loads of people are getting worse performance considerably worse in some places

  • Sacremas

    This is pretty much as expected. The engine is upgraded to x64, and it's now DX11, regular Skyrim isn't really able to take advantage of more than 2 of your cores (hence overclocking would help) or more than 3 GB RAM (yeah it's supposed to be 4, never gets all the way up there in reality though), while due to DX11 and better performance from that on Win10 over DX7 you are now using your hardware way more. Regular Skyrim is also not really able to take much advantage of SLI at all, and if you do go back to regular Skyrim for some reason later I recommend turning off the second card, or you will see things like ugly water distortions that you may actually see in SSE also. Overall this isn't really from something Bethesda has done to enhance or fix up the game to make it run better, it just does so by default because it can now access more of your hardware, which was bottlenecking it badly in areas like Markarth, Windhelm and Whiterun steps because there just was too much for it to keep track of at once.

  • Gaurav Rai

    This version seems to run worse on AMD card.

  • Dennis van der Voort

    Who cares about ultra performance? Show a comparison between HD modded skyrim with texture and fauna overhaul, and the new special edition.I'm thinking mods do it better and for free.

  • Jochum

    The special addition just has this soft glow over it, which I dislike. I like the harder feel of the original Skyrim. Maybe I am weird that way, but I prefer the OG.

  • Tr4wnet

    So you get this free if you have all the DLCs?

  • Andrew JM

    I think your right gopher, testing old Skyrim and New Skyrim, New Skyrim has no stutter and runs significantly better especially in places like white run.

  • Chromaz

    I’m planning to get a Linx vision 8 gaming tablet and it can play Skyrim 2011 around the 25fps mark on the lowest settings but obviously I’m going to install mods to downgrade the graphics. I’m wondering what edition of Skyrim wold run better on this tablet as I would love to have a good experience playing Skyrim on the go. I do not have the money for a Nintendo switch so I’m going for this tablet which is around $100. So if you can find out what edition would run better please tell me. Thanks in advance :)

  • 123456gordon

    Well, that extra ram does help I guess. Remember this is a 64 bits engine now.

  • TrueGamer007

    The reason for the performance gains might be that Special edition uses TAA instead of MSAA. MSAA is an absolute performance hog.

  • Mopsmic Sama

    hey Gopher, can you make a quick guide how to get the special edition working with MO? Or just some tips in a future video. Maybe im a little dull but it wont work for me. Love your vids anyway and thanks for ihud, its an amazing mod.

  • Restless Pilgrim

    Thank you! It's nice to see something positive being said about SE. It's really impressed me so far. Many mods manually install from Nexus, and it runs and looks beautiful in a "vanilla"ish state. The future looks sooo bright!

  • behrad dehnadi

    "....Skyrim Special Edition looks and performs worse than Vanilla Skyrim" I'm so sick and tired of hearing this from people for the past couple of days, thank you Gopher for showcasing the difference

  • dasoe55

    Gopher are you going to make another "Let's Play" on this new/improved skyrim?

  • Dominic Bunn

    "It's not the best but I have SLI GTX 980's and an i7". Ok

  • Nick

    I can't even get 50 FPS on ultra with my GT 740 on the legendary edition.I get solid 60 on high with the special edition.Good Job Bethesda !

  • War624

    Running an i7 4790k and a gtx 970. No stuttering of any kind. No crashes, but I also haven't put many mods on it yet. Lol.

  • Peter Meto Thomassen

    "Not the best gaming rig out there, but it's not bad" has 2x 980...

  • Panagiotis Tsibos

    Excellent vid man as always! Could you make a vid with the best/essential mods for skyrim? And also compare modded skyrim to SE skyrim!?

  • Exile

    i would give my left testical for Bethesda to release a special edition of Fallout 3 optimized for W10 pc.

  • Clorox Bleach II: The bleachening

    I am looking forward to all the new mods for this! Gonna play this as much as the origional, if the mods are as good.

  • Mr. L Carter

    Always can count on Gopher to put out quality videos.

  • juliando300

    "My rig is not the best gaming rig out there" Has SLI 980s

  • Tom

    It's always refreshing to enjoy a quality-made video by Gopher in the ocean of halfheartedly uploaded content from bandwagon gaming channels.. simply the best!

  • Josh

    I have a 980 ti and all I get is stutter

  • Ben Willock

    Does SLI work for you Gopher? I can't get it working.

  • Satch Boogie

    So basically what you're saying is that it took Bethesda 5 years to make Skyrim kinda decent? Ok

  • John Patterson

    +Gopher and anyone else. here's a trick for anyone who's annoyed by input lag with bethesda games. as you know, their games are capped at 60 fps but you still get input lag with your mouse. this only works with nvidia cards as far as i know.edit the ini (fallout 4 tutorials) and disable vsync (skyrim should be the same), then disable vsync in nvidia control panel for that specific game, download "nvidia inspector" and set that game to be limited to 60 will get rid of all your input lag and act as if it was unlimited fps without all of the glitches in bethesda games. i discovered this myself playing fallout 4 because input lag drives me nuts with fps games. should work with any other game as well (haven't tested it) and stop screen tearing/input lag to a degree. sry for vague instructions but the dedicated people should figure it out easily ;). id be happy if +Gopher could do a tutorial on it.edit: when i get the time ill post more detailed instructions. it's late night and i have work tomorrow.

  • Paco

    But the real question is;Do shadows work on grass now?

  • 4Gaming

    Those extra frames that it gives will allow for more things on screen at once which is great!

  • New Game Plus Productions

    Thanks for the insight. This is awesome news!

  • FatLi TheLi

    "not the best gaming rig out there" proceeds with saying "I have 2 GTX 980s" Dude I have gtx 660 xDD

  • Rodriobr

    well for me is not working better in anyway... I've got a gtx 750ti, amd fx-6300, 8gb of ram, win 8.1 x64. I can play the original skyrim at 60fps or more on high, the special edition on same quality only gets 30fps or even worse :'C , oh and the classics bugs still there, I was waiting more...

  • Chris Monty

    I spent a lot of hours trying to get oldrim to run with mmods on my new high-end rig and failed. I installed the Special edition and it runs smoots with 200+ mods. The Special edition seems to go better with new machines. I read it has to do with divx9 and win 10.

  • Jackie Halloveen

    Gopher is right about performance! ASSUMING you meet the minimum system requirements lolmaoI get great performance with only minor tweaks. But first, here are my specs; Phenom II x4, 2x4GB stock ram & a 2gb variant of the GTX 750 (not a 750 Ti) If you are having trouble with performance and have an old matchine like me, here is what i did. FIRST thing, drop shadow resolution to 1024 (half default), Disable the engines frame lock (ini edit, google it) THEN cap it yourself! If your displays refresh rate is 60 (or 59) with adaptive v-sync (or "fast sync" @ fellow maxwell nvidea users), If your displays refresh rate is around 75 or 120 then you should use Adaptive v-sync half version (ie, half your refresh, at least down to 60). You can try adaptive half with a 60 refresh rate display, but that will cap you at 30 fps, only for real low end matchines. And lastly, only if you need to, disable volumetric lighting (ini edit)

  • Under A Bridge Too Far

    And gopher more than 140 fps on a older game was useless.... (still is) but now on more advanced systems it can produce shaders and lighting added above the rendered frame (counts for more) So SKSE is just a very well optimized for 700+ nvidia GPUS to look better for crazy systems (honestly) like yours


    I can play skyrim on high 30fps skyrim special edition low 26fps

  • Andrew Scott

    My old skyrim I run with about 100 mods and an enb and I usually get around 60 on my laptop and when I tried special edition I was getting around 30-20 fps without any mods on highI don't get it

  • TESforlife

    Unfortunately I've been CTDing every 20-30 minutes, and I've been getting random slowdowns even on my really powerful rig. I wish I could enjoy this new Special Edition, but unfortunately I may have to go back to my original fully-modded Skyrim. Because for some reason, my original modded Skyrim is actually more stable than this for me, I never crash at all in original Skyrim thanks to Sheson's Memory Patch. Also, my framerate may be lower in original Skyrim, but that's because I have so many graphical mods and a heavy ENB that it makes it look really good, much better than how SE looks, so the performance trade-off is worth it to me.If the Special Edition is working for some other folks, power to ya, I wish for you maximum enjoyment and am happy for you. But for me, I dunno why, it keeps fuckin' crashing.

  • Jeancly

    wow nice, this is good news and it is impressive, after enderal i may consider download this one ( after skse and other mods) and do again a play

  • Rikashey

    Why do you use Fraps when Steam has a built-in FPS counter?

  • Adolphification

    is it possible to install old mods with textures, scripts, n meshes to SE?

  • Andrew S

    Frames are significantly lower for me. Can anyone offer advice?AMD 7870i5 3.2ghz8gb RAM

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