The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Official Trailer

We're pleased to share the first ever in-game trailer for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the next installment in The Elder Scrolls series from award-winning creators of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Fallout 3, Bethesda Game Studios.

For more details on the game, visit, and join The Elder Council at

Skyrim will be released worldwide on 11.11.11 on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

ESRB RATING: MATURE with Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Sexual Themes, and Use of Alcohol.
  • George Wang

    Who would dislike this? Dragons?

  • Jon W

    Im so excited i could pass out*wakes up in carraige* Todd Howard you son of a

  • Nightmare AJ Bushey Someone's Yandere

    "In their tongue, he is Dovahkiin..Dragonborn!"FUS ROH DAH!

  • Caio Domingues

    8 yrs later and still the best videogame trailer ever

  • Be Kind

    Year 2050Grandkids: Grandpa tell us a story!!Me: Ok, guess I'll tell you about the time I got caught by the Imperial ambush!Grandkids: Wait....what...Me: It all happened around the Fourth Era. I was trying to make it across the borders of Skyrim when I was ambushed by Imperial soldiers, along with their general, Tulius....Grandkids: This is boring...and it doesn't even sound real....Me: There's a dragon.....😯Grandkids: look at each other in confusion

  • Michael Thomas

    I had to re-watch this to restore my faith in Bethesda after the 76 disaster.

  • Kin

    It's crazy how monumental a game can be if a good amount of effort is put into it. Skyrim is over 7 years old now and we're STILL playing it, talking about it and loving it.

  • Katou Megumi best girl

    I would give everything i have to experience Skyrim for the first time again, i want that feeling again

  • donkeypunch64x

    The elder scrolls told of their return (Bethesda)...their defeat (fallout 76) was merely a delay.....

  • Tuomas Natunen

    I wish i could erase my memory and play this game for the first time again!

  • Doomguy

    It's been 5 years, I own the game....And after all this time?Always

  • Aaron Hammond Duncan

    "But, there is one they fear. In their tongue he is Dovahkiin, Dragonborn!"FUS-RO-DAH*chills*

  • Zerotron 123

    Bethesda used to be adventurers like us,But then they took a Fallout 76 in the knee.

  • Mackenzie Sigmon

    I remember not really knowing about this game until about a year after it came out. I was 11 at the time, and I asked my brother if I could play it. He seemed hesitant, since he was 19 and I was well... 11, and this game has a mature rating. He tried to bribe me with Monster Hunter and Fable, saying those were really good. Well, I didn't care about those. What I cared about was Skyrim.And I watched this exact trailer probably 50 times, hoping for the day he'd let me play it.That day came.And it dawned in fire.

  • Captain Hawke

    Years after its release, and I still don't know who stole my sweetroll

  • Mdarie15

    This ladies and gentlemen, this is how you do a trailer.

  • prosto ink

    Hello from 2019 Im playing skyrim

  • Führer des Benutzers

    I love how they used mostly in-game footage with very minor graphical enhancements for the trailer. You knew this was the real deal.

  • Connor The Android sent by cyberlife

    By the nines, this is still a good game.Talos guide you

  • ssgperez

    We could make a religion out of it!

  • Kaz Miller

    When bethesda was cool

  • Amy 14444

    I feel so many different emotions watching this, it's so powerful...

  • Apple Cider

    You know the chills strike through you when that line happens

  • Cooper Davis

    I get chills every time he Shouts

  • DoYouHaveTheBallz

    This was the peak of bethesda's game engine. Everything after The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has begun to show too much of its limitations and faults. They need a new one if they don't want to botch Elder Scrolls VI completely. I say this as someone who has put thousands of hours into this game. More than any other game. I have bought this game a total of 5 times on two platfrorms (ps3 and PC) and the first time I played through it was a cracked version on my dads old MacBook, it peaked at 20fps and yet I LOVED! every second of it. But that was 2011. Today it's 2019. We have seen the limits of Bethesda's 30 year old engine. Both through mods and their later releases. They NEED an upgrade if they want to keep their core audience while at the same time expanding upon it. If that doesn't happen I will fondly remember my time with Skyrim, both as part of my childhood and my early adult life. However, it will mark the day I say goodbye to Bethesda and the Elder Scrolls series all together.


    *in the futureChildren : *wakes upMe : Hey, you. You're finally awake!Me : wait ...

  • EQOAnostalgia

    Recommended? The Elder Squirrels foretold of this day!

  • saad alanzi

    We need SOMETHING bigto happen in 2021.After 10 years of Skyrim.

  • Jake T

    He protecHe attac But most importantly he gets his sweetroll bac

  • dosduros

    And that is how denerys lost a dragon.

  • Shev Abeyratne Weerasekera

    Whose excited for elder scrolls blades?

  • Mohd

    Still watching it 7th April 2019...Love it.. it gives me chills everytime.

  • Teresa

    Omg, I’ve never actually watched the trailer🤭

  • Noah LoLer

    This game looks dope, when does it come out?

  • MrRetroNerd

    8 years and this still give me the goosebumps....with the fus roh dah!!!!

  • MicaeLO

    thank you YouTube for recommending me this after 8 years

  • The Spherical Earth

    Here to wash my eyes after elder scrolls blades

  • McMan86

    If only- 8 years ago- people knew what they had in store...

  • DimSums

    Who came here again after seeing the new Elder Scrolls 6 announcement trailer?

  • _Itz.SkyFallWrld

    My future kids: Dad?, what was ur favorite memory as a kid?Me: (Hides the Dragon) Well....this all starts on a wagon to helgen

  • flameplane

    Played this to Lenny, my pet lizard. Now he's giant, has wings and he breathes fire, he says he's called Alduin, and he's supposed to destroy the world or something

  • Prateek Dahiya

    I am playing it for the first time in 2019 on my ps4 and man I was missing everything. Most awesome game I have ever played..

  • shook

    Whenever it says fus ro dah i always say it along

  • Jeff Lamberton

    even after all these years, this trailer still gives me the feels.

  • Angrom Play

    Is Ricardo Milos included in this game ?

  • John Jacob Jingleheimer Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen

    Still get chills and goosebumps... This shit almost makes me shed a tear of joy... We need a game like this again.

  • killmaster9000

    Happy 90th birthday Max von Sydow (Esbern/Narrator of this epic trailer)

  • Ultimate Gamer

    This game got me through things I thought know one can handle. I thank everyone in the TES community. #TES25

  • Hodor

    Day 1178 still havent finished the game

  • Joseph Boyse

    if I had to make a list of my top ten video games, Skyrim would be on it without a dout

  • Karl Johanssen

    Can't wait for Elder Scrolls VI!!

  • Mahith Bhima

    1:08 Who came here for that music

  • Harri Hughes

    Its been 8 years and I still jizz my pants after watching this.

  • Dstar Productions

    When you look back on the trailer and name every place

  • Connor The Android sent by cyberlife

    mehrunes Dagon opens the great gate of oblivionmolag bal takes spaces in cold harborBUT NO ONE WANTED TO BELIEVE THEY EVEN EXISTED

  • N3gat1ve Zer0

    And thus started the legacy of a game that set a bar so high, TES VI has a large chance of being underwhelming.

  • Anthony Eisert

    I get chills at the fus ro dah part every time

  • ZHL242

    This is the best video game trailer of all time. Change my mind.

  • W de Wit

    Who’s still playing this in 2019??🙋🏻‍♂️

  • Duel Fire

    I get chills everytime he uses unrelenting force


    The perfect game doesn't exi-

  • Klausberger

    Came here, just because of the music. Best trailer ever.

  • GeekY M

    I am rewatching it,just to get some chills

  • le skeletor

    Shaggy is the most powerfull huh. Watch this and say me that again.

  • Follower 8

    Some people watch this trailer once or thriceNot usNot us

  • dragontruth

    Our hero, our hero claims a warrior's heart...I tell you, I tell you, the dragonborn comes...

  • Ciment

    Today is 11/11/2018!Happy Birthday Skyrim!Love ya, see you next year!

  • Smalsheh

    It’s been 8 mother fokin years

  • nils holgerson

    There is no way Bethesda will ever top this, what a game..

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