The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Official Trailer

We're pleased to share the first ever in-game trailer for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the next installment in The Elder Scrolls series from award-winning creators of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Fallout 3, Bethesda Game Studios.

For more details on the game, visit, and join The Elder Council at

Skyrim will be released worldwide on 11.11.11 on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

ESRB RATING: MATURE with Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Sexual Themes, and Use of Alcohol.
  • IronSheep

    For those wondering, its still possible to masturbate to this

  • George Wang

    Who would dislike this? Dragons?

  • Roill evans

    This game gives me chills every time i see the trailer

  • Doomguy

    It's been 5 years, I own the game....And after all this time?Always

  • Jeff Lamberton

    even after all these years, this trailer still gives me the feels.

  • Kaikōhuru

    Is there anybody else that feels a rush in their body when the "fus ro dah" is beeing shouted ?

  • mobbles1

    ok i cummed a little at the Fus Roh Dah, 5 years on and this is still just as epic.

  • SarcasticDragon Gaming

    Still best trailer in the history of trailers.

  • Jesse Taylor

    that's an epic trailer

  • Coolfire Lazer

    Good luck beating a dragon with dat armour

  • Shix Lo

    In their tongue he's Dovahkinn.........

  • Babachaw

    After all this time? ... Always.

  • SuperMiner16

    On my PS3, whenever I use the shout, Storm Call, my game crashes :(

  • RayAstur23

    Five long years passed since then... And our only hopes it'a a remastered version (60$)... I know it will deserve the wait but... Please, Bethesda, give me my drug.

  • BenjiD


  • MK1MonsterOck1989

    1:06 That's Exactly What You Came Here For

  • DAY-V Entertainment™

    Should I really get this game? Is it really worth getting?

  • _Fr0stb1te_

    I love watching this trailer, it just makes my day.

  • Jermaine lash jr

    IM SO EXITED FOR THIS GAME! Sorry if this comment is late, Im using Internet Explorer.

  • MrJoshua12746

    this should be on pornhub its so hot

  • Romilos Fronimidis

    I'm wondering... in which... CAVE I was living, so many years?!I just... installed it (last week) and so far I have... 150+ hrs of gaming, 31 level and rising!!!WATTA 'FUCKIN' "GEM", this game is!

  • Daniel Torres

    its been 5 years since my game came out. If your reading this and dont have this game get it

  • Ajax 750

    1:00-1:15 best part in the the whole trailer

  • Arthur do Prado

    2016 and still nothing about Elder Scrolls VI.

  • BigBOSS

    Its time for a new Elder Scrolls.

  • -xTc-

    5 years ago today. 5 years. 5 years of greatness. 5 years of amazing replayability.AND I AM STILL FINDING NEW THINGS

  • Geralt Marston

    The masterpiece is coming back... now on my PS4! I can't believe... I love u so much Bethesda

  • John Grundy

    but there is one they fear

  • WildSoldier

    Happy Birthday - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim! 5 years cult !

  • Riccardo96cek

    can't understand why everyone use "Fus Ro Dah" against dragons in the game... it's fucking useless

  • LTrack S

    I buyed the game at relaes date but i finished the main missons 2016 :D

  • KalaX Gaming

    toe fUCking dragon porn fus ro dah

  • Karakla08

    God this trailer is so awesome, i can constantly watch it.

  • Gazter Perez

    I misjudged the height of that jump

  • underakillingmoon

    So many RPG disappoited me.Ultima VII-Serpent Isle was my favorite one...until Skyrim...damn this game is near perfect

  • Snolana

    0:54 and the following moments are what we are all here to see.

  • Jordan Henderson

    60k likes and only 890 dislikes. thats pretty good.

  • Deathpool

    if they can go from oblivion to this in just five years. imagine how amazing they can do TES 6, ten years after Skyrim. I'm getting chills just thinking about it

  • Fat Dinosaur

    1:08 the chanting after foose fa da! Is like mustered jar It's a bot. Fucking cool Oh my god. That's all I know

  • drakeanator

    Elder Scrolls VI : Tamerial

  • cristian paul herni


  • Zachariel Productions

    i play as a nord with that exact armour through the entire game, beating alduin isn't easy

  • Foxy Terrorista

    1:08 wtf he screamed?

  • Caio Ariel Produções

    fucking bethesda!! we need TES VI

  • Faith Liberato

    Lol I can't watch tailor cause age restrictions but the game is only MA 15+ and I am 15

  • Vatan “Wattkit” Kömürcü

    it's been years from the game's release, and it's 2017 but i still play this fucking game...

  • Jason Drake

    after playing this in 20112017 im still playingstill get hyped

  • Mongocom

    Plz Bethesda....I have gtx 770 and on skyrim it proposed me to run it at medium...and on fallout 4 on high wtf, srl?

  • Utopia burial

    I love this game so much i have a lvl 80 on ps3 and a lvl 307 on special edition, normal edition pc i have a lvl 70

  • Vörös Erik

    Witcher 3 killed this game :D

  • Hassan Ahmed

    i remember watching this trailer over and over before the game out... good times. still just as badass to this day.

  • Nicolas Pascoe

    902 people died no the first mission and disliked the trailer

  • MrGMoney1944

    Prepare mere mortals for the HD version shall soon be among us and the legend of the Dragonborn will be reborn!

  • Jay Kalinka

    this trailer is the reason i bought in on steam TODAY with all the dlcs FUSHRODAAA!!!!

  • Fef & Gogo

    it dawns in FYHAAA !!

  • Otia Jaiani

    skyrim for the nords! :D

  • yourapple jack

    is this shout in the game if so what is it called

  • Adis csa

    This guy that was telling the story had such awesome voice for this game

  • Můj MHD kanál

    Mrdalo po pivku, hovado....

  • Tekaaluk Seth-eix

    so that is esbern's voice

  • Jawad Almutiri

    I havnt playd this game I am loking for it in stores all of say we dont have anymore

  • Cédrik Pelletier

    LOVED how they show the title at the end whit a perfect music

  • Mitha Aparicio

    like si ves esto en el 2016

  • VacaRider

    When you play all the games and you see the graphics. Just the dragon and the guy scene

  • Macomber 05

    this game is the best game i ever seen and the trailer is really cool... good job.

  • hydraliskin

    whos speaking at this trailer, i recognize the voice but cant place it...real actor for sure

  • Chandler Bechard

    all the dislikes are from alduin and his dragon buddies

  • Chruckn0rris

    Skyrim > New Vegas

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