The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Official Trailer

We're pleased to share the first ever in-game trailer for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the next installment in The Elder Scrolls series from award-winning creators of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Fallout 3, Bethesda Game Studios.

For more details on the game, visit, and join The Elder Council at

Skyrim will be released worldwide on 11.11.11 on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

ESRB RATING: MATURE with Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Sexual Themes, and Use of Alcohol.
  • Katou Megumi best girl

    I would give everything i have to experience Skyrim for the first time again, i want that feeling again

  • Zerotron 123

    Bethesda used to be adventurers like us,But then they took a Fallout 76 in the knee.

  • bison patrol

    Jesus, why is this getting me hyped even though I've already completed the game.

  • Jon W

    Im so excited i could pass out*wakes up in carraige* Todd Howard you son of a

  • Caio Domingues

    8 yrs later and still the best videogame trailer ever

  • DarkAdrielm

    8 years laterYoutube: Lets show you the skyrim trailer now.


    *in the futureChildren : *wakes upMe : Hey, you. You're finally awake!Me : wait ...

  • Subscribe to PewDiePie Chungus

    Almost a decade later, and still one of the best games ever.This game has made history.

  • Captain Hawke

    Years after its release, and I still don't know who stole my sweetroll

  • _Itz.SkyFallWrld

    My future kids: Dad?, what was ur favorite memory as a kid?Me: (Hides the Dragon) Well....this all starts on a wagon to helgen

  • Aaron Hammond Duncan

    "But, there is one they fear. In their tongue he is Dovahkiin, Dragonborn!"FUS-RO-DAH*chills*

  • Apple Cider

    You know the chills strike through you when that line happens

  • T3KN0

    Hey you! You’re finally watching!You got caught trying to cross the recommended section.

  • ChicagoPaul2010

    The Skyrim trailer is honestly one of my top 10 game trailers of all time.

  • Selbad Of Steins

    This game got me through things I thought know one can handle. I thank everyone in the TES community. #TES25

  • MrRetroNerd

    8 years and this still give me the goosebumps....with the fus roh dah!!!!

  • Selin Sevgi Terzi

    Why Im crying dammit. Its been 8 years.

  • Cooper Davis

    I get chills every time he Shouts

  • Muk King

    What's weird is that the trailer is in gameplay format instead of theatrical format

  • Man Ray

    I'm so excited for the game i already ownedThat's just how great skyrim isPs. Almost forgot the standard normie question: 2019?

  • imnota gundam

    Dont know why YouTube recommended this, but, FUS RO DAH!!!!!!!!

  • George Wang

    Who would dislike this? Dragons?

  • ???

    Dovahkiin! Dovahkiin! Naal ok zin los vahriin!Wahdein vokul mahfaeraak ast vaal!Ahrk fin norok paal graan!Fodnust vok zin dro zaan!Dovahkiin! Fah hin! Kogaan mu draal!

  • Chimmy griffith

    Best video game trailer ever chills even after 8 years

  • DoYouHaveTheBallz

    This was the peak of bethesda's game engine. Everything after The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has begun to show too much of its limitations and faults. They need a new one if they don't want to botch Elder Scrolls VI completely. I say this as someone who has put thousands of hours into this game. More than any other game. I have bought this game a total of 5 times on two platfrorms (ps3 and PC) and the first time I played through it was a cracked version on my dads old MacBook, it peaked at 20fps and yet I LOVED! every second of it. But that was 2011. Today it's 2019. We have seen the limits of Bethesda's 30 year old engine. Both through mods and their later releases. They NEED an upgrade if they want to keep their core audience while at the same time expanding upon it. If that doesn't happen I will fondly remember my time with Skyrim, both as part of my childhood and my early adult life. However, it will mark the day I say goodbye to Bethesda and the Elder Scrolls series all together.

  • Me LLØ

    elder's scroll 6 iscoming in 2021 anyexcited the new skyrimgame that game is masterpiece

  • Lukas Kühl

    Me: dies*wakes up in a carriage*Todd Howard: intensively giggeling

  • Mr.ScouP PlayZ

    Youtube pop this video on my recomanded M I THE DRAGONBORNE

  • Connor The Android sent by cyberlife

    mehrunes Dagon opens the great gate of oblivionmolag bal takes spaces in cold harborBUT NO ONE WANTED TO BELIEVE THEY EVEN EXISTED

  • shook

    Whenever it says fus ro dah i always say it along

  • Nightmare AJ Bushey Someone's Yandere

    "In their tongue, he is Dovahkiin..Dragonborn!"FUS ROH DAH!

  • UnaffilliatedCougar

    YouTube in 2011: YouTube in 2019: Hey I got this cool game for you to check out!

  • killmaster9000

    Happy 90th birthday Max von Sydow (Esbern/Narrator of this epic trailer)

  • A small biscuit. . .

    Meanwhile, in Sweden...“Please rise for the national anthem.”

  • John Jacob Jingleheimer Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen

    Still get chills and goosebumps... This shit almost makes me shed a tear of joy... We need a game like this again.

  • Mac McCallum

    Nobody:Me: watches the trailer for a game I beat three times

  • Mohammed Saffarini

    Me : wtf a talking dog !!Barbos : Skyrim host gaints , flying lizards, two-legged walking cat men, and ur surprised by me !! Me: ... potion of invisibility

  • hamzah bob

    This game looks ok. Can't wait for it to come out

  • Sparkymist

    After all these years this still gives me goosebumps, such a great game!

  • Noah LoLer

    This game looks dope, when does it come out?

  • SpyKiller123

    "fus ro DJAA!"in game:fus...RO DAH!i preffer the trailer fus ro dah.

  • Mohd

    Still watching it 7th April 2019...Love it.. it gives me chills everytime.

  • Faye Buckley

    I've completed this game multiple times and jesus it never gets old

  • Zimpson

    Such a great gameBought it now AGAIN on pc... Alduin your time has come

  • Valentin Mihalescu

    I just got the game, guess i am almost a decade later but i don't care

  • Dorothy Anne

    YouTube: Hey, you know that 8 year old game? Wanna see the trailer again?Me: ...yes

  • The Spherical Earth

    Here to wash my eyes after elder scrolls blades


    8 anos se passaram desde o lançamento e eu ainda me arreio de emoção quando vejo o treiler Skyrim sem dúvidas foi o melhor jogo que eu já tive o prazer de jogar

  • DimSums

    Who came here again after seeing the new Elder Scrolls 6 announcement trailer?

  • Necrotic

    Still get chills when he says Dragonborn


    1.5k Thalmors in our land


    Nothing comes close to Skyrim, wonderful game.

  • Sappy uwu


  • Jake T

    He protecHe attac But most importantly he gets his sweetroll bac

  • Vayron

    Today i bought Skyrim on Xbox360 😍❤️

  • Nate

    1.5k dragons disliked this. 129k Dovakhin destroyed them

  • Matthew Llewellyn

    8 years and still the best game to bless our screens and is only made better with this fandom

  • Craig2632

    Elder Scrolls 5 : existsBethesda : It's free real estate.

  • Kein Koenich

    Still the greatest trailer of all time. "BUT, there is one they fear" ... this shoots literal excitement through my body, every frickin time. Everything after that is just nerdgasm that keeps going.

  • EQOAnostalgia

    Recommended? The Elder Squirrels foretold of this day!

  • Harri Hughes

    Its been 8 years and I still jizz my pants after watching this.

  • Michael Thomas

    I had to re-watch this to restore my faith in Bethesda after the 76 disaster.

  • Dink Master

    I don't care what anyone replies. this is hands down the best game ive ever played in my entire life.

  • Kazuya Minegishi

    1:07 my personal favourite scene ❤🔥

  • JAVIXcr

    Imagine when they release this trailer: "In their tongue means Dovahkiin, DRAGONBORN!" Oblivion players like: "WHAAAT!?" (Remember the last Dragonborn dies on the third era)

  • Alex Huff

    Bethesda might as well make another version of Skyrim after the failure of Fallout 76. Pretty sure the game hasn't been released for the TI-86 calculator yet.

  • Hodor

    Day 1178 still havent finished the game

  • Angrush Live

    Лучшая игра всех времён!!!)))

  • N3gat1ve Zer0

    And thus started the legacy of a game that set a bar so high, TES VI has a large chance of being underwhelming.

  • Ahsan Wasif

    Ah shit, here we go againEven after 8 year, I'm playing it and it's still a gold RPG game

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