Skyrim: Touching The Sky Quest - Part 2 (Dawnguard DLC Walkthrough)

This is Part 2 of 2 for the Touching The Sky quest for the Dawnguard DLC in Skyrim. Part 11 overall for my Dawnguard Skyrim walkthrough.
  • JB

    U can't see a thing and I'm so confused on we're to go this is probably the most annoying quest

  • Exynos

    This made me quit skyrim

  • Mtesh Phauroté

    thanks the last one was a thorn of talos to find

  • EssaBoss77

    This was easy for me just had to know where I could find the last one thanks

  • Crowfanity

    Thank you so much, I accidentally went through the portal when I got to the first wayshrine in the Forgotten Vale and when I came back it had erased all my waypoints

  • ellen hancock

    Anyone having problems with the water at the last station, "can't do that with enemy need by". Just go through a portal and come back, fix the problem!Thank you for your hard work on your video.

  • Jmaximus

    Thanks for this. I overlooked a gate that you saw.

  • Rescinded

    Good God, that horrid Field of View.

  • Misa Galvez

    I beat this at level 2 with a shovel on expert, for the people saying shit like this post the video and I'll believe other wise shut up, good video btw

  • Jason Lee

    Why am I still glitched at the last part? It says im in combat but I did everything nothing works, did I glitch the mission?

  • sarah king

    Im only level 15 and i finished this quest

  • Christian Attle

    wow dude, this walkthrough was so borring... u never looked at the nature, u never looked at the loot of anyone. You just ran through everything, u didnt even check the the snow elf... so borring..

  • Quinn White

    His weapon does 36 damage wow step up your game man mine does 191 damage plus 40 points of fire damage.

  • Christina Sorling

    how does he make this look like a breeze

  • CalmYourFeeds

    When I get past that little village, it is completely different? Does have anything to do with it being the morning?

  • JoeTheHero123

    Thank you so much!!!!!!!! This video really helped me out when I couldn't figure out what to do for an hour!!!

  • David Tal

    i hate how labyrinthine the bigger areas are to find your way around

  • zondy008

    Lvl 53 diff Master T~T kill me please

  • CatsRevenge

    Thank you for the walkthrough. I will say that this DLC was a  terrible experience for me. THis part and the finding of the waters was very comfusing and made me very... angry. The complex mazes of the valley, and the part where you do the farmar village was painful. You can get lost in the caves and- EVERYTHING! I was latterly about to scream but then I gave up and found your walkthrough and finally completed the qyest after HOURS of wandering endlessly. I can say, I did not enjoy this DLC because of the complx maze-like areas. Also, the page part was nearly a gaint waste of time. I hope that Dragonborn dlc will be better than dawngaurd. Because I swear to god... I will NOT replay this DLC with my main. Vampires can attack town all they want; this is the last time I  EVER do this DLC. Ever.

  • Portgas d Ace

    Sky rim belong to the nords

  • g35x518

    Thanks 👍 last location was a nightmare to find. Big help!

  • A.J. Polder

    Yo. I just used the Frost Giant to clear the entire valley. It was pretty epic.

  • Dmzy

    Man I need to start playing this game again, I miss it so much

  • Phil philly

    lol.So i make it all the way 2 the Inner Sanctum with Serana & what's the 1st thing she does when we go through the door.She only sits down & start's eating a loaf of bread.

  • Dracohydra

    Looked up your vid because I missed that small opening at 13:49 I'm glad other people think this quest Is bull shit too. Thanks for the help. 👍👍👍👍

  • NeonRainxX

    Have you ever watched a walkthrough and thought "Wow. I'm a dumbass."

  • Marc Winter

    It is good that I am level 22 and have 59 archery and 62 sneak right?

  • Amethyst

    TTHA NK YOU. I was lost for so long

  • lalacita123

    he killed those dragons in 2 min. !

  • Loxx Gallagher

    i started this questline on level 8, and i beat it. know why? because im gary motherfucking oak.

  • Ultimate Evil

    Your character sucks you almost died lol

  • Dylan James

    DUUUUDEEEE This was so much help thank you

  • ehdollet

    2:30 your lucky i had ti fight 2 flatheaded dragons but i had cicero the vempire girl and my summom assassin guy i gliched the game on xbox 360 to get two followers

  • McDefaultGames

    the armour i got from the elf in the end disappeared because i put it in that display thing in my house. do you know the code to spawn it back?

  • Kaka Karrotcake

    @Ben Gordon no you don't you can start at level 1 by going to Fort Dawnguard directly.

  • Gen Bordon

    Ghilliefish... That's a lie... You have to be level ten to start the dawnguard quest... :/

  • Jakob Miller Songs

    How do fix the problem in the shrine at 16:20?

  • Rainfawkes

    i was lvl 17.. higher levels doesn't mean the gameplay is easier, actually seems to get harder as enemies level up

  • Rainfawkes

    The most glitched quest in skyrim, i cant play it, so im watching it here

  • Tommy Wiseau

    Im only level 29 and i completed this quest

  • EZCarFix

    I am lvl 51 and kicked there ass on Expert, im putting on Master soon because right now Ancient dragons take about 10 hits to die. Its just not very hard, Volhikar vampires are tougher than those 2 dragons. Of course I hit like 250 dmg each swing.........

  • Wandering Matt

    Install deadly dragons and play on master

  • Macy

    Im stuck at 01:44 it wont show me wear to go

  • SevereMatrex

    Can someone please help! I glitched my game! It won't let me pour the water to gain entrance and I already collected all the water.

  • SupertoastGT

    Can't find any more that 2 shrines... Been at this four hours. Starting to think they are a myth.

  • shino_aburame

    @Jason Brody Stop playing on Novice difficulty!!! Play on master I bet you would get beaten everytime.

  • OBNX17

    That Dragon Fight Was So Epic For Me!

  • nonaG123

    Wow past the door to last wayshrine about a dozen times......

  • Brendon Kidd

    It's the xbox they suck use Pc or Ps3 Pc best

  • Ishthegreat97


  • Stephen Muhl

    cheers the last part of this quest is one of the hardest to find

  • cameron ImNotGivingMyLastNameToYou

    i followed it just fine

  • Anton Jäger

    Nice guide but why are you rushing it so fast? Almost impossible to follow

  • Grim Reaper

    I got the bow but the next quest doesnt start up at all. What should i do?

  • Forty1Second

    The map on this game is fucking retarded. It just keeps sending me back and forth through that gay ass fucking portal thing! I'm about to say fuck Skyrim and play Hitman!

  • GUT

    14:20 is what i came for.

  • Tim Stieg

    I use that same sword he's using. It's freaking amazing!

  • TheMitchellPWNS

    I'm level 81 and the only thing i fight now are legendary dragons -__- I use the nord hero bow with some special enchantments

  • Pwnjabful

    i did it on Expert piss easy and my 1h is 59 and i only got royal vamp armour on with vamb boots lol

  • Jake Gee

    Uh oh dragons won't spawn for me

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