Skyrim: Touching The Sky Quest - Part 1 (Dawnguard DLC Walkthrough)

This is Part 1 of 2 for the Touching The Sky quest for the Dawnguard DLC in Skyrim. Part 10 overall for my Dawnguard Skyrim walkthrough.
  • Gavin's Friend

    The portal was invisible for me .-.

  • Rapidshell123

    This was the worst quest ever

  • Jordan Maratea

    Bruh i did most of this and my game didn't even have quest markers on for this quest wtf

  • Dallas Michael

    this quest is so annoying, im lost on 4/5 lol ugh

  • Deadly RvG

    People the portal may be invisible walk up to it as you would normally to the wall and click A i was stuck on that part for hours till i gave up and contacted support

  • Ronald Lewis

    Dude you rock, I couldn't find the shrine of sight, my map didn't have the little arrow it was no where to be seen! I did the whole place and decided to go to YouTube and you saved me from quitting this awful quest. Thank you!!!

  • Sableduo Gaming

    THIS TOOK ME A LONG DAMN TIME TO FIGURE OUT! The portal for me just looked like a concrete wall, within the first shrine

  • Destiny people sup

    I hatttteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this quest

  • JaminKoehn

    I just love Serana's demeanor when asking those questions. I could swear I saw her actually rolling her eyes...lolAnd, no, it does hurt that she's voiced by Laura Bailey.

  • hopewec

    tyvm, mine glitched, didn't show me the portal

  • Southern Yank

    I always end up walking with too  much carry weight and then taking forever to get to my destination  in this quiest line.

  • nathan grace

    Another guy who uses Dawnbreaker


    if anyone wants to add me on xbox360 or xbox 1 my user name is Foreignbloom2 and we could talk about skyrim <3

  • Gabriella Raze

    Thank you for showing this! I couldn't find that little gated area in the Falmer camp for hours - at least not until I saw your video.You've got a new subscriber and a new like from me. :)And ignore all the haters, dialogue isn't a big deal, I myself prefer straight-forward videos such as yours. However I would recommend some kind of break up in locations, perhaps even you could just pull up your map every so often or add font in the background so people know where you are. Granted for people like me who already have Skyrim and the DLCs and are just looking up your vids for a bit of help, they're perfect. But others who just watch until they get either Skyrim or the DLCs, or are newer to Skyrim, do need them. So, you know. A suggestion, but still, good job.

  • MemeBloodStream

    I Spent about 3 Hours Going in circles trying to find The Path When they Give Me No Quest Markers.

  • Thomas

    Nice the portal didn’t show up on my screen so I was wondering around the cave for like half an hour

  • j.d. rookie

    Falmer story, From Snow elves to slaves to falmer or the betrayed to ashes on the ground

  • Kristina Dobson

    I couldn't find the portal it glitched and wasn't there lol

  • Timothy Allen

    +xGoldMan no. i think it might be a dawngaurd quest.

  • ellen hancock

    If you follow this video, you'll find 5. If you have problems with the water won't activate. "Can't do that with enemy need by" this is getting water at 5. Just go though one of the portal and come again. A bug, in the game. It will work.

  • Dylan Morgan

    I told Serena to wait in the cave with the Falmer and there wasn't a "Follow me" command, so I gave up and left her ;-;. Will I be have to go back and get her or will she just appear somewhere when I fast travel?

  • Rektosaurus

    Why can't I find the fifth portal

  • H-Bomb Girl

    I went to Glacial Crevice and searched all through that place and found nothing!!! HELP!

  • RobbyThePsycho

    a royal blooded vampire is a follower of a werewolf and helping him to kill his father 0_o

  • Toilet rolls

    Dlc? I didnt buy a dlc with the game but i had it anyway

  • Sallie VanDyke

    Movement is so fast that I have to watch it several times to figure out where things are.

  • leighton lanzetta

    it wont let me talk to sidanyis hes glitched half way in the ground

  • self servis

    well I'm a vampire lol ... didn't like those annoying guys... so I killed every single one of them and became a vampire king lol

  • Jakub Kontowicz

    When I finish the Passage, it says that I still need to survive it? wtf?

  • Moose

    i cant even get to the first portal i wish i knew what to do nothing shows up

  • Thanataphobia ʕง•ᴥ•ʔง

    the portal invisible but just walk up to the wall

  • Arsynic

    I was stuck on 4/5 until I watched your video, thank you so much, haha.

  • Ottoman Ball

    How come I have no quest markers?

  • Xia

    I hateeeeee this queeest

  • Liam Gegenheimer

    Am I the only one who can't use the Summon Arvak in the Forgotton Veil?

  • ilove camera69

    Ni🅱🅱a how tf do I get the quest?

  • Sam WALSH

    It's annoying how when you go through the invisible portal there is no quest marker when you go through it and you just trudge through not knowing where to go

  • The Censorious Critic

    Wtf? Why are you a wherewolf it you're doing a vampirelord quest? That's impossible!

  • Procrast

    Dawn guard is pissing me off it's so boring and unrewarding

  • Quinn White

    Why is he using the dawnbreaker it sucks.

  • Urbntess

    can someone tell me what happens if you never drink blood if you are a vampire? all I get is that I get stronger and stuff.

  • Dustin Ramos


  • Christian Attle

    wow its annoying that u dont even look at things, like that giant, u just walked passed it, and u never check the loot or anything, kinda annoying...

  • Darkhand96

    very helpful since im on the same quest I needed help so this came up thanks

  • Carmen Xerxes

    That sword is called Dawnbreaker. You can get it from the Meridia daedric quest.

  • dragonstriker25

    What sword does he have?

  • ThePaleRider

    on 21:00 i cant talk to him because hes like injured

  • Aaron Page

    could you please let the spirits speak? it's hard to tell which of the 5 wayshrines you're at otherwise

  • Tartek just Tartek

    the weapon i use the most in the dragonbone bow, enchanted with fire damage

  • awcdenney

    I honestly haven't even done the dawnbreaker quest yet. Only daedric artifact I ever use is The Black Star.

  • Tommy Wiseau

    It is the DAWNBREAKER a DAEDRIC quest for meridia a DAEDRA

  • Kia Romone

    agreed with some others this is a messed up quest but commentary would be nice. this is the lazyman way of utoobin a crappy vid. ima gunna look for a more usefull vid.

  • AkTurtleIII

    it is a daedric articfact known as the Dawnbreaker

  • Retroboard

    What weapon is that, is seems to be really effective.

  • Obagus00

    I hate skyrim updates cause they are patching everything skill boost i hare updates

  • Ross Hamilton

    Honestly especially compared to dragonborn, im not a big fan of this dlc.Its always find this find that.The soul cairn was boring to look and play at.And this quest gave me shitfits for a few days.

  • shino_aburame

    IT' SO FUCKING DARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Samer El-musri

    Hmmm, I'm doing this right now But in that winter part Serena was not with ME?

  • Hector Degrell

    all that caps-lock and swearing is making me hungry...

  • Omega123


  • Naala

    hmm searched for this since i went through the portal when i found one of those shrines now the way points for the other shrines are gone. . seems i shouldn't have gone through :S

  • HollowInsid3

    Stuck on this quest and lost for 2 hours. THANK YOU

  • Tony Gh

    What cunt really thought giant spiders was a good idea to put in the game! Eughh, hate them things!

  • gonnaownurass

    it sounds like its just invisible i thought that too.

  • Majadi Randolph

    Just walk up to the blank wall and press A (or X for ps3) its a glitch that makes the portal not appear that it is there. And if that doesnt work. Make a save near the water thingy, and reload it.

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