MK11 Flirty Intros & Teases (Relationship Dialogues) - Mortal Kombat 11

Mortal Kombat 11 Flirty Intros edited in a transformative manner from the original narrative. I draw Parallels & use Juxtapositions for the dialogues of Erron Black Kitana Frost Cassie in order to show similarities & differences. As always: All footage played, recorded and edited by myself. #MK11 #MortalKombat11 #MortalKombat

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  • elFacho

    Title: “Flirty Interactions”Video: ”Y O U W I L L J O I N M Y C O N C U B I N E S”

  • Megatron's Royal Emissary

    Female: *exists* Johnny Cage: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • The Prxphet

    Hot girl: hey baby, you look hotMe: my slavers need breeding stock

  • Waleed

    Johnny Cage is the lost child of Johnny Bravo.

  • king kemmy

    i want johnny’s level of self-confidence.

  • GarageStudio

    So basically:- Johnny Cage flirting with anyone or anything that resembles a female- Sup! (Pops Bubblegum)- Everyone tryna get in Kitana & Liu Kang's business "like a Wendy interview" 🎶

  • Kouhairu

    "I will suck you dry.""Skarlet, we barely know each other." is also a good one lol

  • Sike sike

    How to get flirty intro.Step 1) Grab Jhonny CageStep 2) yes

  • Dellaith

    You forgot an interaction between Skarlet and KanoKano: “Want to taste Australia’s best blood sausage?”Skarlet: “I’d rather taste your blood, Kano”Kano: “Would you settle for me sausage?”

  • 【dj from apple】

    Female:Johnny Cage: “Spare coochie ma’am?”

  • Roronoa Zoro

    1st grader: want to sit on swings 8th grader: I need attention Mortal Kombat: my slavers need breeding stock

  • Jp Triana

    4:03kitana="there is only melina"kung lao=" thank you ill pass" hahaha

  • Whiterun Guard

    Nobody:Kollector: My Slavers need breeding stock

  • kagomesind

    You missed one with Kabal and FrostKabal: Just how cold are you?Frost: Chilled to the coreKabal: That’s so hot!

  • Sam monereau

    "I grew up around tough women.""didn't they teach you respect?""They taught me to hit back."BAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMM !!!!!

  • Esketit Esketit

    Erron Black: “they taught me to hit back”New favorite character.

  • Viscupelo

    Man, I miss Mileena. She would've been pure gold for this kind of banter.


    Most of the flirty intros are either Johnny Cage being thirsty or everyone telling Liu Kang, “So about Kitana......”

  • Fierce Pierce

    “My slavers need breeding stock” I’m so using that line

  • Memes

    Johnny Cage : Looking foward to a kinder , gentler Outworld . Kitana : Why ? Because im a woman ? Johnny Cage : Well that and you're banging Liu Kang . Destruction 100

  • willie schmidt

    Cassie comes in*Johnny comes in*SWEET HOME ALABAMA

  • F.B.I

    No one:Kollecter: My SlAvEs NeED BrEEdiNg StOck

  • TALIA Ball

    "Parts of you are valuable" "my slavers need breeding stock" EEEEWWWWWW

  • Simon S.

    Basically everyone the Cage family encounters.

  • SkyBreaker 13

    Flirts each other.F A T A L I T Y

  • dish soap daddy

    Erron Black: “Hey I dunno what you like but I think ur cute so here’s a bunch of heads”

  • Bætnet

    "Sup." *pop*That's all the flirting I need.

  • Akio

    Kung Lao: I’m suppose you have a sister?Kitana: Only MileenaKung Lao: thank you, I’ll pass.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Min Yoongi

    Lu Kang: so the crown is making your head heavy Kitana: there is no end to the stress Lu Kang: Then let’s release some Kitana 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lil Gamer Abby Chan

    The Thumbnail be like...Erron Black. Why hello there~Cassie Cage: Oh, fudge no.

  • D4RX

    Liu kang and kitana : (exist)All other mk11 characters : 🔊

  • C Twait

    Flirty intros & teases: my slavers need breeding stock.

  • FlashQuatsch

    "They taught me to hit back"True equality there XD , you know, aside from all the violence in the game lol.

  • Matthew Prokopuk

    "You will join my concubines". So cute and flirtatious.

  • Hector Barrera

    3:27 you left Erron's repsonse.Erron Black: "I hated my ma"

  • Nick 9Deez

    You forgot Kabal and Frost.Kabal: Just how cold are you?Frost: Chilled to the core.Kabal: That is super hot.

  • Víctor G.

    Women: ExistJohnny Cage: It's free real estate

  • ツShiftyMyth

    Female: You are begging to be punched in the faceJohny cage: N O N O T T H E F A C E4:37

  • Sebastian Powers

    "You will join my concubines"W O W T H E R E

  • Stylish Emerald

    Where is Skarlet and Sub-Zero dialogues. Seems like that blood ninja chick has a crush towards that ninja ice man

  • S U C C

    Title says characters flirting with each other.First clip: You will join my concubines

  • Chemical Druid

    "flirty intros", you mean every single johnny cage female encouters?

  • GeauxGetta504

    So we just gonna forget Kano offered Skarlet his "Sausage" twice their intro ?

  • Rick Alkhatib

    Kotal Kahn = Gossip Queen.

  • Fan Of Bunny Bútť

    2:01 you can see Kitana's sad faceWhy does Outworlders don't accept them? If they loved each others 😭

  • DestructiveDave1900

    Johnny: What’s cookin’, good lookin’?Cassie: Ewww, no! Seriously?Johnny: Wait, what? Not what I meant!

  • SC Garrett

    How to pick up a girl at a barWalk up to herBuy her a drinkTell a few jokesLook her in the eyeBrush the hair asideAnd tell her “my slavers need breeding stock”

  • Pablo Eskybruh

    Wait, is that Hsu Hao's head that falls out of Erron Blacks Bag?

  • David O'Hagan

    Liu kang: "Nothing will come between us" Kitana: "Is that a proposal, Liu kang?" Liu Kang: "A solemn vow"That was the smoothest dodge ever! lol

  • Stop!

    6:04 Im rofl-ing right now, the FIGHT part always got cutted out and my mind was just like hearing it saying FUC-

  • Vtastic

    Kitana and Liu Kang are like if I went up to my mom and said "I love you" and started punching her.

  • BoxeQ

    Nobody:Not a single soul:Absolutely no one on earth:Cassie Cage: SUP POP

  • Poke Mon

    3:53Kung Lao:Liu Kang is a lucky manKitana:how so,Kung LaoKung Lao:he's lucky WE did not meet firstMe:SOMEBODY'S JEALOUS

  • Miggy sergi

    Hot woman : I need a dateKollector : were running out of slavers breeding stock

  • Fallenhell100

    Ironic how you can have an intro with 2 people in some kind of relationship (that's isn't just being enemies) and they'll kill each other 2 mins later

  • Quinniece Wilson

    Oof, forgot Johnny was such a thot. 😂

  • Zxanax

    im never gonna get tired with Cassie Cage's intro "Sup"

  • Daniel Clark

    "You know, there's a word for girls like you.""I hope it's 'assassin'.""You got the 'ass' part right."

  • Just a random weirdo

    Woman:*exists*Johnny Cage Wants To Know Your Location

  • H2ZV.1

    Is there anyone who doesn't know about Liu Kang & Kitana?

  • Peter BomBeater

    Johnny Cage: ExistsHot Women: I'm about to end this man's whole career

  • StartToMiddle

    6:05 even the commentator dude said the f word...

  • Jae

    I'll accept the new kung lao being a talented slacker and lui kang always practicing over the previous lui kang will always be better no matter how hard kung lao tries because kang is the chosen one.

  • Tim G

    Johnny: marry me...and be hollywood royalty Sonya: ugh...and be chased 24/7 by paparazzi...?Me: I mean running away from them could be good excersize

  • Bryan Werefox

    After Sonya died, Johnny sure been looking for a new mom for Cass lol

  • The Crooked Man

    Everybody all up in Lui Kang and Katana's business, like damn.


    Liu kang:nothing can come between usErron black: throws a bag of heads between themMe: oooooooooooooof

  • Lael Mc Clay

    Johnny Cage * What a peek at my sexy pecks* Me * HELL YES*🤩🤩🤩

  • Shinobi X

    Johnny : What's UpFrosty Chick : Your timeDamn, she's cold, but that diss was fire 🔥🔥

  • Jae

    "Becomes I'm a woman." Here we go again. 🙄

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