Skyrim Special Edition UNLIMITED GOLD Glitch (TOP 5 Secret Hidden Merchant Chest Glitch Locations)

Skyrim Special Edition UNLIMITED GOLD + INFINITE MONEY FAST Glitch (All Secret Hidden Secret Merchant Chest TOP 5 Locations (Cheats Still NOT Patched on Remastered)
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    Skyrim is one of the best rpg games ever made like if you agree

  • Memor Esto

    1:08We're just gonna turn around ( person on the ground dead )and come into this small alleyway

  • Corvo Legend

    3:08 you don't have to jump

  • Snolana

    This bloke is an absolute jet. What a king. Thanks mate.

  • Walter Acevedo

    There's an easier way to go out of bounds in Whiterun. From the gate, head left towards the Hall of the Dead, then go right, heading for the tree. Stop at the house of Gray-Mane. Get really close to the corner window of the house and you'll slowly fall through the floor. 180 back the same way following the water and you'll be under the wall and out of bounds.Also, if you can't fast travel from under skyforge, just follow the stairs leading from the Companions building to the tree and jump through.Press Like if still hasn't patched.

  • Karmafreak22

    This is how Donald trump made his fortune

  • Luke Richards

    Confirmed to be working on the switch version :D

  • Crystal Wells

    On the first glitch you dont have to fast travel back to whiterun, you can jump out right beside where the underforge is

  • zZ PDJ Zz

    There is an easier way into the first chest area. You can wall glitch into the building next to the stairs with a plter

  • Bean Bag

    There is also a hidden chest in the College of Winterhold.

  • Thomas Filippo

    Can you do a video on the book of oghma infinium, and if there is a lever glitch, Can you show that too?

  • Samponsite 23

    What I don't understand is how people don't realise after all these years of SkyrimTHEIR IS A MUCH FASTER WAY TO MAKE MONEY WITH ZERO MODS/ OR USE OF THE CONSOLE COMMANDS and it can be done from level 1.............The hardest part of getting money in Skyrim isn't getting valuable objects, its being able to sell them. This is the absolute fastest way of getting money being able to easily gain you over 500,000 gold per hour and probably over 1000,000 gold hourly (on your character, not just of items, but in hand)1. go to Solstheim, from Windhelm docks (Dragonborn DLC)2. Obtain an east East Empire Company Pendant(they are all over Solstheim in lockboxes, you only need one) 3. Have a follower with you4. Go to Whiterun and drop the Pendant on the floor the same place ESO jumps over the wall lookout just right of the main gate5. Tell your follower "i need you to do something" and have him pick up the EEC Pendant6. Leave Whiterun 7. Fast travel back to Whiterun8. Go back to the original spot your Pendant was dropped, and it will be duplicated if your lucky(it should be lying on the ground where your follower picked it up) aswell as in your followers inventory(the higher the number on the ground the more gold you gain). Remove the amulet from the followers inventory and drop both on the ground. Repeat the process and you should have doubled the number again the next time you fast travel back. Once your dropping around 50 on the ground you will be making about 25000 gold every time you fast travel back to white run(although you can drop even more)9. Fast travel back to raven rock, talk to the trader and he will provide you with 500 gold pieces for every East Empire Company Pendant you have on you. The beauty of this is his inventory gold can be ZERO, the money added is scripted so it is like a quest reward and never ending forever flowing............. as long as you keep providing the Pendants, he will keep spitting piles of endless gold at you, no reloading, no killing npcs.10. PROFITThis method will literally accumulate gold in your inventory over 20X as fast that of looting merchant chests or the doors of oblivion book off a filthy dead skeleton :P.

  • W Gillenwaters

    When your trying to get a chest then a dragon comes then the game crashes

  • Drew Biggah

    I just do the dawnstar chest over and over its the fastest one to do. It also helps to have a horse so u can fast travel if ur become overcumbered.. Theres also a chest in windhelm too and a chest in the mages colleges too that has the sigil stone in it so u don't have to do the "conjuration ritual" quest..

  • oh darn

    Theres another way to get out of whiterun in the first glitch, but it requires you to have the whirlwind shout.Go on top of the skyforge and shout your way on Jarrvaskr roof (idk how it's called ;-;) Then turn to that side where the companions train, there will be a watchtower, jump on that watchtower's roof and then jump out of whiterun. I think it's easier than the way he showed in the video.

  • Khaled Reza

    lol why did bethesda leave the chest in such strange spots? lol does this mean all my items in my "storage" is not really on me , but in some other data area?

  • Bethesda Studios Bug response service

    Don't worry. We won't patch this. But we promise there will be nothing like this The Elder Scrolls VI.

  • Casper

    i did that like 3 years ago and i did not have any gold in there, i only found trash armor and weapons

  • Sangay Bhutia

    Awsome man I loved it vid keep going for it.nd plz do make the 2nd part of the cheats. Good luck!!

  • Jack Wade

    With the 1st glitch you don't have to fast travel, you can just walk to the stairs in front of Yorvasker, (the companions building), and walk through the steps

  • django unchained

    ESO keep it up man, best skyrim YouTuber by far👍👍👍

  • RaginPlayer

    Go to the companions guild hall grab a bowl put it against the wall and use whirlwind sprint ITS EASIERAlso just run to the dam stairs to get out !! fast travel 😂

  • TailsPrower07

    3:38 another way to get out is to walk/jump to the stairs of Jorrvaskr, you'll clip back in to Whiterun, saves you a loading screen

  • WolverinStudio

    I know this is an older post, still love your stuff ESO but a quick note, I still play on a 360 and to get out the Whiterun glitch all I have to do is walk toward where the stairs would be for Jorrvaskr would be and I walk right out by the Gildergreen and I am in a normal, active Whiterun just like I left it.Not sure if this works on other consoles or on PC.

  • Chaotic

    for some reason ill wait 48 hours and no chests reset

  • Mineplexer

    I watched this video hoping to learn a new glitch or two, but sadly I already knew about all of the included glitches.

  • NightSeed

    With the legendary unofficial patch none of this works.

  • denefirecraft

    For those who doesn't know, you can also find these chests that ESO mentioned in regular skyrim.

  • ThatOne RussianGuy

    I already know 1 of these. Oh and on the first one no fast traveling required just head to the stairs and go through them.

  • Aidan Skelton

    Thank you for making this it really helped me get spells for m ymage build


    ESO look up the wooden plate glitch. You can just glitch into the wall

  • Red Beard

    Also, for a video you put up a while back, about using Soul Trap on dead to level up conjuration.. the Unofficial patch also stops that as well..I had to uninstall/

  • Wassabi san yun

    Epic Video, I'm doing these glitches & it works!

  • Tristan Scott

    You can walk through the steps on the whiterun one.

  • Red

    I got full eleven armor thanks and a eleven bow I'm set for a bit

  • Riley Ross


  • Bruce Warren

    There's a much easier way to do the Whiterun glitch if you just pick up one of the bowls sitting behind the companions Place put it on the door and then run into it, like what you doing at Thieves Guild you'll go underneath the map can get to the chest that way it's much easier

  • Crystal Wells

    Some of these dont have to be on special edition

  • That Filthy Weeaboo

    The first glitched chest is actually the shop inventory for Eorlund Graymane, the blacksmith that works the Skyforge.

  • Ryan Stegall

    Love the vids bro. Glad to have your commentary. And side note: there is going to be videos with the same content when you're dealing with the same game. ESO has been on the YouTube grind since skyrims original release years ago.

  • PandiGirl Gaming

    Thank you so much i got the stuff from wightrun!!

  • Braydon Mark

    thanks bro this helped out heaps!

  • MyFlightYT

    Your AWESOME dude I hope this doesn't get patched anytime soon 😜

  • Dominik Tracz

    ESO, thank you for existing

  • Matty Lee

    Cheers for that dude... really helped 👌

  • Sam Olmos

    Thank you so much dude you helped me out a lot. thank you 😊

  • POKEMON' zolt zaper

    but preffurible leather armor and yeah plzand thx

  • Rock Cooper

    I just started using Mods, if I have the Unofficial patch installed, then uninstall it to find these Merchant Chest, will it still work ? Will it corrupt the game ?

  • Corpie

    There is a porn company with the exact opening animation...

  • ReikoRose /Thistle

    for all of u out there there's an easier way to do the first one 1. get a platter (not a plate)2. go to the companions place3. go to the left where the secret door is4. Face the wall of the companions building5. drop the platter on the ground6. pick it up and hover it directly in front of you7. push the plate against the wall then Sprint towards it(by now u should be under the floor)8. turn around 180° and run forward(there should be an invisible slide that u CAN run on)9. when u get to the top where he was jump and spam A/X/E10. loot the crate.11. wait 2 days or so12. repeat

  • Ei

    I'm from Ohio thoWhiterun Whiterun!It's everyday bro...

  • Fox Fennec

    lol "or loot everything be that guy" 😅😆😆😅😅

  • P.A. K

    Just tried this on the Switch and it works but however the loot dosent respawn for mw

  • ⭐Azelf⭐

    amazing video eso! once again I love your content so much, your the one who inspired me to do YouTube anyway thank you so much this really helped me out and also whats your Twitter? and could I dm you please??

  • Kevin Gurley


  • cody crutchfield

    what's the patch mod called I only go dragon born hearth fire and Dawn guard

  • Anthony Rodriguez

    Hey ESO does the glitch work for PS3??

  • Clorox Bleach

    For the first one you don't need to fast travel just walk through the stairs

  • MadSorcerer

    thank you ESO i did the master illusion text ritual and i didn't have enough gold to by all the rest of the spells

  • haeleyy :/

    This actually works... No joke!! I'm not a bot or friends!! Thank you so much I subbed!,!

  • Joe Crann

    This has changed everything - truly thank you hahaa

  • Chris Vorhees

    Or just use the console to give yourself however much gold you want. Guess that won't work on the console versions though.

  • Eric Schenkenberger

    One more trick for selling back to the Kajit, especially if they're right next to the chest - you can use a console command to give then more gold so you can sell everything without having to wait 2 days, causing the caravan to leave.When you go to sell items, open the chat to sell, then open the console by hitting "~". Then click on the npc and type in "additem 0000000f 25000" to give the npc an extra 25k gold. You can give them more, but keep their total no higher than 32,000. At some point between 32 and 33k it will glitch and you won't actually gain gold when selling.I do this on normal play-throughs at merchants just to avoid wasting time by waiting 2 days for every 4500ish gold. I don't feel that it detracts from the immersive gameplay because then I'm not literally staring at a progress bar.

  • Analou Perez-George

    is this glitch patched on xbox360?

  • Anubis Top City

    Hey ESO!! Man your content is my favorite, your voice is gold and your methods are amazing! I have found a good chest for Archer items and it'd be frickin' sweet to see it in a video!! I'm in the process of finding MORE hidden chests, just let me know if you'd be interested in seeing them! You're the best man

  • ifudontlikeitdie

    Please do a video for the aetherial crown and how to level up faster by having multiple standing stones active at once!!!

  • Zentz29

    There is actually a much easier way to do this where you don't have to travel as far and don't have to fast travel at all.Go behind the Companions building. Grab a bowl off one of the tables so you're holding it in front of you and it is not in your invertory. Go to the wall directly behind the building with the practice dummies with your bowl in hand. Aim just to the right of the part of the wall that sticks out a bit further (there is a practice dummy there. You should aim between the dummy and the part of the wall that sticks out a bit further) and sprint (bowl in hand) towards it. You'll end up outside just like in the vid, but you'll be a LOT closer.You end up outside right next to the Skyforge. Takes about 5 seconds to run up and around to where the rocks are that you have to walk through.You can also do it without the jumping and fast traveling. There are different parts of the rocks you can go through, but that's too much typing.

  • Harry W.

    Yo It's called console commands PC bois

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