Skyrim Special Edition UNLIMITED GOLD Glitch (TOP 5 Secret Hidden Merchant Chest Glitch Locations)

Skyrim Special Edition UNLIMITED GOLD + INFINITE MONEY FAST Glitch (All Secret Hidden Secret Merchant Chest TOP 5 Locations (Cheats Still NOT Patched on Remastered)
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  • Snolana

    This bloke is an absolute jet. What a king. Thanks mate.


    Skyrim is one of the best rpg games ever made like if you agree

  • TheKazragore

    player.additem f 999999999Done

  • Karmafreak22

    This is how Donald trump made his fortune

  • Memor Esto

    1:08We're just gonna turn around ( person on the ground dead )and come into this small alleyway

  • Walter Acevedo

    There's an easier way to go out of bounds in Whiterun. From the gate, head left towards the Hall of the Dead, then go right, heading for the tree. Stop at the house of Gray-Mane. Get really close to the corner window of the house and you'll slowly fall through the floor. 180 back the same way following the water and you'll be under the wall and out of bounds.Also, if you can't fast travel from under skyforge, just follow the stairs leading from the Companions building to the tree and jump through.Press Like if still hasn't patched.

  • Hui Lasy

    should I even get this game please someone answer me thanks

  • Jack Ross

    Why dislike such a helpful video?

  • Chaotic

    for some reason ill wait 48 hours and no chests reset

  • That Filthy Weeaboo

    The first glitched chest is actually the shop inventory for Eorlund Graymane, the blacksmith that works the Skyforge.

  • W Gillenwaters

    When your trying to get a chest then a dragon comes then the game crashes

  • Luke3007pc

    Confirmed to be working on the switch version :D

  • Corvo Legend

    3:08 you don't have to jump

  • Samponsite 23

    What I don't understand is how people don't realise after all these years of SkyrimTHEIR IS A MUCH FASTER WAY TO MAKE MONEY WITH ZERO MODS/ OR USE OF THE CONSOLE COMMANDS and it can be done from level 1.............The hardest part of getting money in Skyrim isn't getting valuable objects, its being able to sell them. This is the absolute fastest way of getting money being able to easily gain you over 500,000 gold per hour and probably over 1000,000 gold hourly (on your character, not just of items, but in hand)1. go to Solstheim, from Windhelm docks (Dragonborn DLC)2. Obtain an east East Empire Company Pendant(they are all over Solstheim in lockboxes, you only need one) 3. Have a follower with you4. Go to Whiterun and drop the Pendant on the floor the same place ESO jumps over the wall lookout just right of the main gate5. Tell your follower "i need you to do something" and have him pick up the EEC Pendant6. Leave Whiterun 7. Fast travel back to Whiterun8. Go back to the original spot your Pendant was dropped, and it will be duplicated if your lucky(it should be lying on the ground where your follower picked it up) aswell as in your followers inventory(the higher the number on the ground the more gold you gain). Remove the amulet from the followers inventory and drop both on the ground. Repeat the process and you should have doubled the number again the next time you fast travel back. Once your dropping around 50 on the ground you will be making about 25000 gold every time you fast travel back to white run(although you can drop even more)9. Fast travel back to raven rock, talk to the trader and he will provide you with 500 gold pieces for every East Empire Company Pendant you have on you. The beauty of this is his inventory gold can be ZERO, the money added is scripted so it is like a quest reward and never ending forever flowing............. as long as you keep providing the Pendants, he will keep spitting piles of endless gold at you, no reloading, no killing npcs.10. PROFITThis method will literally accumulate gold in your inventory over 20X as fast that of looting merchant chests or the doors of oblivion book off a filthy dead skeleton :P.

  • Kelsey Borgeteien-james

    Hey guys, I don't think many people know this, but actually in the merchants chest in white run, you can just run through the stair case to get back into whiterun without fast traveling

  • christian østberg

    The chest content in whiterun wont respawn for me 😢

  • django unchained

    ESO keep it up man, best skyrim YouTuber by far👍👍👍

  • John Battye

    Theives guild or dark brotherhood?

  • Brian T

    I use the whiterun glitch to farm unlimited gold and items then I buy every weapon with enchants to farm those then I buy or take the iron ore transmute it to silver then gold and craft jewelry to max smithing after that you pretty much have any normal item in the game as well as unlimited funds just wait to days to reload I know how to walk through the wall so there is no need to jump into the barrel and I know how to walk out of the glitch while overweight listen to my man and max out your skyrim file max speech craft also by selling to bulbasaur or whatever his name is he tried to sell me his sister one time yea that dude dont forget to buy up ur grand soul gems and deadra hearts so you can reem some dragons in skyreem.

  • Shugo Pendragon

    they don't respawn I have waited 15 days

  • Eric Terry

    these don't respawn after 2 days. I waited 13 so far and they're all still empty.

  • Khaled Reza

    lol why did bethesda leave the chest in such strange spots? lol does this mean all my items in my "storage" is not really on me , but in some other data area?

  • PurpleGoomy

    I cant get to the whiterun chest. Im playing on switch :<

  • Heather Rousseau

    i ran into a damn blood dragon in dawnstar I HATE WHEN IT HAPPENS >:( mutters damn dragons

  • Drew Biggah

    I just do the dawnstar chest over and over its the fastest one to do. It also helps to have a horse so u can fast travel if ur become overcumbered.. Theres also a chest in windhelm too and a chest in the mages colleges too that has the sigil stone in it so u don't have to do the "conjuration ritual" quest..

  • F.B.I #1002

    player.additem 0000000f 100000000just do this ffs

  • Owen Adams

    their is an easier way in the whiterun chest, if u walk in the side of the battle borns house u fall through the flaw

  • z lariviere20

    my favorite way to get rich is by smithing there are things you can make that sell at a higher price than it cost to buy the materials to make it and it helps to use potions and enchantments to boost profits while leveling enchanment alchemy smithing and speech

  • Thomas Filippo

    Can you do a video on the book of oghma infinium, and if there is a lever glitch, Can you show that too?

  • Crystal Wells

    On the first glitch you dont have to fast travel back to whiterun, you can jump out right beside where the underforge is

  • Jesper Roos

    hmm i tried it and the chest doesnt respawn

  • Turtle Bear Aj

    Ooooo snazzy. Me gots to try this!!!

  • Crystal Wells

    Some of these dont have to be on special edition

  • Corpie

    There is a porn company with the exact opening animation...

  • broke boi

    the chest's are not respawning 😐

  • Sangay Bhutia

    Awsome man I loved it vid keep going for it.nd plz do make the 2nd part of the cheats. Good luck!!

  • zLemonProz

    Is this still working?

  • Nicholas griffin

    The first glitch has an easier way, if you go to the dummy's outside of the companion "fort" pick up a bucket (by holding the use button on it) shove it against the wall and whirlwind sprint towards the bucket

  • Yoran Hoessels

    can you put your saves from the normal skyrim to the new one?

  • Bean Bag

    There is also a hidden chest in the College of Winterhold.

  • CT-7270

    Sorry for the spam the request timed out so I kept doing it

  • Clorox Bleach

    For the first one you don't need to fast travel just walk through the stairs

  • Sparkle8205

    For the whiterun glitch there is an easier method ( I play 360) where you go to the area in town where there is a circle of lavender and you can walk through a section of a house's wall (with a window) and go under the map. Once there go to the water and go under it and you are out of the map (be careful though, you can easily get stuck if your not careful where you step!!!) once outside the map, continue going to Dragon's Reach and take the same steps as in this video to get to the chest! Please tell me if I missed anything or anything is unclear.

  • TakeThisL

    What if you have the mod where you Don't need to have loading screens and you can just open city doors

  • Joshua Ward

    Free house glitch? Checked description, no info.

  • MC

    Are these just for SE?

  • viny vine

    I got all the way to snapper cave

  • Paarthurnax master of the voice

    You damn imperial bastards

  • Tristan Scott

    You can walk through the steps on the whiterun one.

  • CT-7270

    The easiest one is in dawn star

  • Zeus Light

    They dont reset for me plz help?! :)

  • Jimmy The Abyss Walker

    I've waited 2 days in game on different occasions to get the chest in Whiterun to respawn more items & it won't. What am I doing wrong?

  • BramDK

    Hi, does this work on PS4 also?

  • lewisgaming.21 reilly

    Will you get anything good at level 28-30?

  • ll uji

    hey I did the first one I kept walking for like two minutes and it says to in the middle of my screen and my screen goes black with smoke.if someone could help me because that scared the crap out of me

  • Curtis Anderson

    Also the chest in whiterun you can take everything become over weighted and still get out. Just go to stairs leading to skyforge. The wall next to stairs and walk up. Once your body is half above ground jump and poof above ground. No more wasted items.

  • Zentz29

    There is actually a much easier way to do this where you don't have to travel as far and don't have to fast travel at all.Go behind the Companions building. Grab a bowl off one of the tables so you're holding it in front of you and it is not in your invertory. Go to the wall directly behind the building with the practice dummies with your bowl in hand. Aim just to the right of the part of the wall that sticks out a bit further (there is a practice dummy there. You should aim between the dummy and the part of the wall that sticks out a bit further) and sprint (bowl in hand) towards it. You'll end up outside just like in the vid, but you'll be a LOT closer.You end up outside right next to the Skyforge. Takes about 5 seconds to run up and around to where the rocks are that you have to walk through.You can also do it without the jumping and fast traveling. There are different parts of the rocks you can go through, but that's too much typing.

  • Tano Barendsen-Rossi

    Would the open cities mod make chests like the Whiterun one not appear? Because you sort of have to exit the city without it loading everything outside, and open cities removes the loading screens so it would kinda make sense.

  • Ygaz gge

    so i can only find the Whiterun chest and its been almost 3 in game weeks and it it hasn't refilled.

  • S C R U B

    all of the other chests worked exept for that dawnstar one. is that only on special edition???

  • RaginPlayer

    Go to the companions guild hall grab a bowl put it against the wall and use whirlwind sprint ITS EASIERAlso just run to the dam stairs to get out !! fast travel 😂

  • The Crazycork

    Has anyone had a problem with the crate refilling? I've traveled away from Whiterun and waited 4 days , travel back and the crate is still empty... Anyone else getting this?

  • Keanantheplayer

    mine isnt refilling any help

  • MARIAN ion

    i accidentaly deleted an chest what it says: Do not delete.oh man i wonder what it does

  • ParkourBus

    Thank u so much!!!! I have every house in the game! Woo-Hoo!

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