Skyrim Dawnguard -- How to get the Summon Durnehviir Shout

Skyrim Dawnguard -- How to get Summon Durnehviir Shout:
The Skyrim Dawnguard DLC has arrived, complete with some new dragon shouts for budding Dovahkiin. Here's how to get the Summon Durnehviir shout in the Dawnguard expansion pack for the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

How to get the Soul Tear Shout:

How to find Arvak, the undead horse:

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  • Trash Bag

    I killed him when I saw him is there any way to go back and get it?

  • Brody N.

    God dammit. Im level 85 now and beat the Dawnguard dlc around my 20s and i killed the damn dragon on the spot and never learned Summon Durnehviir so ill never be able to get the soul tear shout fuuck

  • Yannick Morsen

    He only taught me Dur and I (stupid as I am) left the Soul Cairn. Is there any way I can go back and he'll still teach me the rest of the words?

  • Jquan Gandy

    I haven't never seen him how you find him

  • rdajdlh777

    Uhhh, being the awesome mage that i am, I accidentally nuked Durnehviir when he spawns the second time without knowing he would talk to me and teach me that shout. Is there any way i can learn it still? Not playing on PC so console won't work.

  • J K

    Either reloading or ur screwed thts all i know or u could use shout?

  • Mohammed Q

    theres an invention called sprinting in games..consider trying it out plz.

  • Hadeel Didam

    Is dawn guard part of skyrim elder scrolls 5 or is it a mod?

  • Phillip Dahn

    Do I have to be a vampire

  • CVG

    Glad to hear it! Thanks for dropping by.

  • CVG

    Hey buddy, are you aiming the cursor at the ground when you shout?

  • Braage

    Stupid that you have to shout at the ground.. i mean, he tells you to shout in the sky.. missleading? lol

  • TheSolusPrime

    u have to aim the shout at the ground to summon him

  • Good Gamer Guy

    question, why did it give me a second shout? never summon him? is there something wrong with summoning him?

  • Rexy

    Durnehviir and the revered dragons are the cutest dragons in skyrim :3

  • Jack Burke

    i try to use the shout but he doesnt spawn

  • Hobbsie

    I'm having the same problem, where i just saw him and killed him on the spot and i never got the shout. is there something i can do to fix it or do i just need to redo the mission?

  • Robin Freestyler

    do you need to be an vampire?

  • KSharpMusic

    unlock it with dragon souls then

  • rharris2727

    I did exactly the same and killed the prick at this point... no shout... know anyway of getting him back to get the shout?

  • CybericAndroid

    HELP!! I earned the soul and I clicked "Summon Durnehviir" shout,it says "dragon souls are required to unlock shouts." PLEASE HELP ME ;A;

  • giantkiller3910

    why some cheats don't work in Skyrim Dawnguard? kind "coc Soul Cairn" or "player.additem XX011BAD 1" ?

  • Shepherd

    For those on xbox 360 that can't summon him even when aiming at the ground. If your magic resistance and or absorption percents are higher than 60% or so when you do the shout your character will glitch invisible in third person and you eat the shout. Lower your percentages, by removing things like the atranorch stone, then give it a try. Your magic absorption will effect it more than resistance.

  • ben lunsford

    For some reason i cant summon him ive tryed different places with no luck

  • Aztech Design

    oh, I killed him on the spot

  • Ryukn7

    my shout is glitched! it just goes Duuuurrrnee. . . it just stops :(

  • e7lggames99

    which side should i be with to get the shout (dawngaurd or vampires)

  • DafyddTheIV

    He didn't teach me it can I get back to the soul carin

  • Bibidi Babidi Buu

    why did i get only one word !

  • J4N15

    He wouldn't speak to me in the game. Now I can't find him. What do I do?

  • MrKman08

    I have a question, I exited that area where you get the elder scroll and I am saw Durnehviir sitting there so I began to attack him and I killed him. Is it possible to get the shout still, if so how?

  • Gamers' Ascent

    no its a bug it wont let me summon him either

  • dad dad

    Anyone else notice all the dragons have 3 syllables in their name so its like a shout? Od ah viin Par thur naax Al du in and so on

  • MyMilo777

    where do you go to unleash the shout cause i have it on ground all over skyrim and other realms and cannot get it to work at all

  • Stanley Banks

    Ohhhhh bollocks. I think I permenantly killed him :-/

  • Stanley Banks

    I can't find durnehviir?

  • rdajdlh777

    Uhhh being the amazing mage that i am i "accidently" nuked Durnehviir the second time ( .55 ) without waiting for him to talk. Did i lose out on the shout?

  • SpiritualCobra

    When I went outside the door and saw him, I jut started shooting him with my crossbow, he attacked me and some time later, he died. How do I get this shout then!? D:

  • Sergant Kornballz

    It won't let me summon him.

  • Sergant Kornballz

    @cvg Lol, I play it on xbox. I'm just shouting like normal and he won't be summoned. It must be a glitch; I'm aware that consoles are notouriois for glitches.

  • MaTheus548122

    wtf wtf man u fuckign kdding me i want to get thesout and not see how u do the shout

  • assassin of despair

    So this is basically a back up shout if odahviing dies

  • Josh Hemmeke

    He talks to you as soon as you get out the door i dont think you have a chance.

  • michael darst

    remember to UNLOCK the other 2 words with Dragon Souls. I forgot to do this. LOL Then just have Room and shout at the ground. Worked for me. And also got the Platinum Trophie for the ps3. I was Glitched on the main game 3 shouts and got them with the DLC DG WOOT

  • prozak88


  • Nicole Perricellia

    I killed him a second time how do I find him again please help

  • Gemutlich Keit

    I think i may have done the same. I don't ever remember having a conversation with him to convince me otherwise. If the conversation happend automatically i wouldn't have done so. A fail on Bethesda's part. A few too many i am afraid.

  • Brookelle Karko

    i have the shout but whenever i use it it just stops, never works.

  • A Ginger Gamer

    dose it matter if you are dawngaurd or vampire?????/

  • Josh Roark

    you have to aim at your feet to summon him, if you killed him then i dont know how to help

  • pinktiger2150

    How can I get durnehviir as an alley if I killed him twice ? I thought he was re-spawning to fight me again so I didn't wait for him to speak to me first before attacking him as he re spawned ! .

  • token_1856

    ok, @TobocoSkill so i killed him twice. Once the time you were supposed to and the second time when he comes back. so did i kill him for good or does he come back some time?

  • Alex Ioannides

    do you have to be a vampire to do this?

  • David C

    i killed him, left and completed the dawngaurd quests, im back in the soul carrin again, can i encounter him still? i want the shout and i didnt know about it till after i had killed him and left.

  • Matthew Yenor

    Can someone please explain to me every single step (step by step) of how to get this shout. I am a Skyrim nerd, you see, and I need to know because I need this shout (Xbox acheivment, power, knowledge for fellow nerds, etc.). If anybody knows, please respond. If you yourself don't know, but know a video, please respond. Thank you!

  • hotbox231

    i have all three words...but i still cant summon him...i dont udnerstand

  • CartelmanJ

    Level 10!!?? fuck yeah!!

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