Our Top Skyrim Mods of 2016

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Featured Mods:

Many of the mods can also be found on SSE, just search their name!

Realistic Animation Project
Breton Paladin Set
Volkihar Knight Set
Respledent Set

Other Armours:

Relationship Dialogue Overhaul
Holds - The City Overhaul
Wildcat Combat
Beasts of Tamriel
Simply Knock
Sleeping Bags
Blowing in the Wind
Quick Loot
Path of Sorcery
Lip Sync Bug Fix
Opening Scene Overhaul
Caranthir Tower Reborn
Dawnguard Arsenal
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  • Red-Rook

    Brodual Timeline2013 Hello and welcome to Brodual.2014 Hello and welcome to Brodual.2015 Hello and welcome to Brodual.2016 Hello and welcome to Brodual.

  • Terra Gamer

    3:58"So now your friends will talk to you as if they like you"Man... I wish I can mod real life. Where is the Nexus mod page for that?

  • Calimero Hœnir

    yet it's been 5 years and I still can't play a left handed character

  • Adonis Batheus

    Happy new year to Brodual, arguably the absolute best mod showcaser that doesn't rely on cheap "sexy" gimmicks and bad clickbait to get views, with high quality editing, voicing, and camerawork.Even though I haven't played Skyrim in a while, I always check your videos to see what's good these days.

  • Ballin Balgruuf

    That is a beautiful like-dislike ratio

  • Sultan

    Every time I want to drop mods, I end up walking away with three or four new ones. I'm sure my game's irrevocably fucked by now. Happy new year.

  • Faiz Arsyad Wahab

    8:06 "Everything is for sale, my friend. Everything. If I had a sister, I'd sell her." damn

  • Publick Gamer

    Thanks for featuring my Opening Scene Overhaul! Have a happy new year everyone! :)

  • chris scorpio

    "We really like the sneaking animations..." and don't show the sneaking animations.

  • ThePieMan

    Last time I was this early, these cancerous jokes didn't exist and the world was a better place for it.

  • Ballin Balgruuf

    Vivid weathers has no link in the description

  • Icegod101

    10k this year? Proves the community is still alive and well

  • TwizzElishus

    On Beasts of Tamriel you accidentally typed "Beasts of Skyrim" in the top left.

  • James Tyler

    "Abyss walker blue" Dark souls, anyone?

  • MidKil

    The people who made enderal should be given jobs at Bethesda to help create elder scrolls 6It would be good . Very good

  • Tenvian Rabbit

    Yes. Decapitate that person with a mace.

  • J B


  • Souls Borne

    I must say, these videos are extremely calming, much thanks to your fantastic voice. I love your content, and you are my go-to youtuber when it comes to Skyrim mods. Keep it up man!

  • Oakesyrules

    Legacy of the Dragonborn, my all time favorite mod. Not specifically new this year, but there have been tons of updates and it just keeps getting better and better, from artifacts to the quests.

  • Kris Sisk

    I just have one thing to say about the Relationship Dialogue Overhaul. Just a quote of something Lydia has said a couple times since I installed it that I feel makes the whole mod worth while. "My husband, are we still meeting later for....combat training?" I busted up laughing the first time I heard it.

  • Mura Casardis

    I'm a bit surprised you didn't feature RUSTIC CLOTHING. While the mod was first started on September 2015, it was only recently finished in 2016, and ported over for SE. It is arguably the first and only texture mod that covers every single "clothing" from Skyrim. Some other mod tried tackling it, but never fully completed it until Gamwich. It's also worth nothing that the retexture stayed a lot with vanilla style with some touch that feels lore-friendly, never overboard. I feel this great effort that took more than a year to complete should have had a mention at least. Still, great list Brodual.

  • Zosphus

    For those of you who think they have the most mods, I hope you didn't beat my high score of 783.

  • cookiecreamicecream

    enderal will mess you up emotionally but it is by far better than skyrim ever was regarding the story.

  • Nyarlathotep Flagg

    Years later, still the best mod reviewers. Manages to remain informative, even as they give their opinions in the form of advice. You guys set a new standard for youtubers. Well done.

  • Eetu Palo

    I feel like those "female animations" were done by someone who hasn't ever interacted with any women in real life.

  • John Dayguy

    This is propably the only Skyrim mods channel that doesnt show ass and titiies for views

  • 12me91

    Are these for special edition, normal, or both? I have both but like normal more for some reason. Probably skse

  • Adam Young

    I don't want to watch this, because if I do, I will have to go back to Skyrim which I don't want to do because I want to give other games a chance :(

  • Dard 151

    "Arguably the best thing to come out of Fallout 4..." that is exactly what I said when I first encountered the quick loot manu! ha

  • The J5

    Still waiting for a seperate video on enderal!!

  • Rory More

    9:05 "Arguably the best thing to come out of fallout4..."Woah, some brodual shade being thrown!

  • Greg Martin

    The Volkihar Knight set also has a patch to make it compatible with Sacrosanct so you can still get the daywalking and invisbility, as well as a light armor version. Highly recommend it for other vampire players.

  • Wunderwaffe DG-2

    These mods... it's insane the things you can do. One was where it recreated part of Cyrodiil.

  • Jojo of Faraway

    Sadly my PC doesn't manage Holds and it freezes with the opening scene overhaul :/

  • Joseph S Ⓥ

    You have been great at this Thank you

  • Disgusting Weeaboo Trash

    Clockwork wins my mod of the year by far. It was one of the best quest mods I have ever used, heck maybe even one of the best mods full stop.Review it guys, you won't regret it.

  • superfightingrobot

    any chance of a top ten for the special edition?

  • KJ F

    wow you can have all those and still have skyrim function right? is it glitchy and buggy with all those mods? pc skyrim is 30x better than console wow.

  • dawt dart


  • LORD JAKE legenddairy

    Werewolfs are better than vampire lord

  • Mikelis Brown


  • El Sopa Cartoons


  • Saška Prpić

    At least 2016 was good for Skyrim, even if overall it was total shit. Love the wind blowing signs mod. But my favorite mod is still Raptor legs for Argonians, nothing can top that.

  • Jeremy Avalos

    Does anyone know what ENB is used in the video?

  • leqs

    Vivid Weathers is not in the description

  • Project Scrolls

    vivid weathers is absolutely amazing. I'm running it without an enb and I highly recommend it. Its much better then purity and climates of tamriel in my opinion :)

  • GuilleX7

    I want Skywind released in 2017

  • mental knight

    Happy new year mates. You forgot to include John Skyrim. He made some sick weapons this year.

  • pm6550

    Brodual is my fav Skyrim channel and I like the welcome! So not change the welcome!

  • Midnight

    Can't live without quickloot anymore...

  • -

    You should really check out the Website Mod Picker.

  • FoxPonyShift2013

    Looking forward to Skywind.

  • a holy spanner

    and now to see how many people fall for this trick down hereread more

  • sub gamerx

    Guessing this is all for pc

  • June Hollybell

    imagine being a undead vampire that despises his kin and other undead so badly he becomes a paladin anyways xD

  • Sherlock Pwns

    What's the face/body mod you use? the models of the npc's and characters look more polished

  • The Panacea

    Yey! =D New Brodual videos! =D

  • DJ halla

    thanks for your hard work bro, happy new year

  • e21big

    As always, excellent content Brodual. Looking forward to be hearing more reviews in the 2017.Happy New Year

  • Sir Funk Owl

    all I want is the resplendent armor to come to xbox

  • 5

    When he was walking with the paladin armor on water what graphic mod did he use ?

  • Kernoel 77

    Brodual i would like to aks which perk mod you like better for mage characters: Path of sorcery or ordinator?

  • the ELDER

    with the quick loot mod can we open the default bar when the mod is activated

  • KamakazieDuck

    Goddamit looks like another modding marathon for me! Thank you Brodual

  • maxxon89

    When you showed that paladin breton armor I remember Ancient Famer Armor from Skyrim dlc dawnguard which has gauntlets and boots models from original skyrim ebony armor shame what a fail. By the way, they turned vampires, a hidden creatures to a stupid tanks that attacked every city with only purpose: to die stupid death. With this dlc being vampire loses any sense because people will notice your unnatural yellow eyes (if you roleplaying a person that wants people not to know that you a vampire). In original game vampires had just sliht red eyes on first stage of being a vampire what is pretty legit. Bethesda really fucked up vampires hooray.

  • Wizard Cat

    I leaved modding now i miss it... But im not going back! When i mod i have to start a new game every month because i fuck it up somehow...

  • LastSon

    Don't buy skyrim remastered on PS4 unless ur new to skyrim. It's a waste of money

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