An Overview of Every Mod in Skyrim's Creation Club

Today we take a look at all of the new content released in Creation Club for Skyrim: Special Edition. This is the first wave of content and should be out on all platforms. Creation Club adds in new addons or paid mods for Skyrim: Special Edition and Fallout 4 on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.



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  • JuiceHead

    If you're looking for my opinions on the program that video can be found here: deliberately didn't do that here so this could serve as a (mostly) clean cut overview

  • Aetherus

    At around 2:50, where you're talking about the Shield, it's not that they're light and heavy shields. One is called "fastened Shield," meaning it's fastened to your back

  • The Raven

    Thing that pisses me off the most is the Knights of the Nine armor. Because in Oblivion, you LITERALLY COULDN'T WEAR THE ARMOR IF YOU HAD ANY INFAMY AND NOW IT'S BEING WORN BY A BANDIT.

  • Pixilys

    0:11 trying to get away from creation club

  • James Baratta

    Y would anyone dislike this it’s literally an overview lmao

  • Ulysses

    Wow so Bethesda is breaking their own lore with the Creation Club now? Only a pure person of no sin can wield the Crusaders relics so I'm pretty sure a common bandit wouldn't be able to use the crusaders armor. How pathetic.

  • Halogeek 1337

    Not gonna lie, that arrow and arcane thing was pretty cool. Everything else? Eh, it's alright. The zombie one? Well. Meh.

  • TheGuyInYourBasement

    So, most of these "creations" seem to have a running theme. "Hey! You remember that old game we made that you liked!?" Fallout 4's CC was filled with Fallout 3 stuff. Skyrim's CC is filled with oblivion stuff plus some "new spells" that are actually rehashes of spells already in the game. Don't know why i was expecting better.

  • Sasqmo

    Calling it now, the reason survival is only gonna be 500 is because the news spread that it would be 800 and as people pointed out it just barely broke the 750 for the cheapest pack it would've looked far worse than it already does.

  • Castus

    Almost all the mods or some variation is available on the nexus, save your money do not bother with any of them especially survival mode.


    FYI there are multiple free chrysamere mods 😑

  • Ben Skett

    Got survival mode and spent the free 100 points on the 'Arcane Accessories' pack, Survival modes fun and more spells are always welcome - both of which cost me no money so hard to complain. The rest of the content just looks dumb and overpriced similar to Fallout, the 'Arcane Archery' is the only other content that actually looks fun and interesting but been as you can only buy points in packs there's no way i'll spend money on 750 points to only spend 150. If you could actually buy the pack alone I probably would at some point so really Bethesdas screwing itself out my money by been greedy with its stupid point system.

  • insanegames

    While still relatively underwhelming, it is vastly better than Fallout 4's Creation Club items.

  • Nicholas Drake

    So basically nothing worth buying.

  • i couldnt think of a username

    Maby if you didn't have to buy the points in bulk and 100=1dollar it would be a better system

  • Aero248

    This is just terrible.

  • Tazuman Shemhamforash

    Btw there is a mod that gets rid of the creation club option and news feed 🤘

  • Brownberry Purp

    I swear somebody loves Creation Club!

  • Childeater

    *pulls out nexus mod manager on phone*. BEGONE BEAST

  • Spacefrisian

    Even the PS4 has beter magic mods than that. Now i will enjoy casting my beam of Spriggan magic and summoning every kind of animal that roams Skyrim using Phenderix magic evolved.

  • Carefreechicken

    There is a free mod with the chrysamere (not sure if I spelled that right) that includes very cool armor, a shield, and more weapons. The Chrysamere’s ability is when you block with it equipped, it creates a ward that blocks all magic for a short time.(the mod also includes a quest).The mod is called Breton Paladin Artifacts or something like that. I highly recommend this mod.

  • Yeshua Krongold

    Wich graphic mods have you? PD: Sorry for my english

  • Veronica Daubman

    Cough Cough the Soul Stealer Arrow can one shot the ebony warrior Cough Cough

  • Agung PYM LINK

    Man keep buy those mod on cc,say halo to elder scroll 6 20 years later...All available on nexus for free...

  • President of the Secrete Sankcake Server

    Well obviously the "bone" arrow has a dragon skull quiver and the dragon bone arrows have a regular quiver.It just works.

  • The Big Powerboss

    Telekinesis arrows? Do i head Dio Brando laughing somewhere far away?

  • Erik Ebbesson

    The "Zombies" are just reskinned Draugr with the Zombie skin from Oblivion, slightly changed. What a surprise

  • Dylan McClintock

    So...we're paying for OP weapons and spells?

  • Heatwave619

    Warning: Survival mod is a bit broken in the “Hunger” system. For those who have already played it through and experience it yourself in the beta and final version, you know what I mean. It takes huge amount of cooked meats and soups in order to restore your stamina and satisfy your hunger. Fallout 4 was perfectly balanced with 2 mutfruit being enough to satisfy me. The rate of the hunger increasing is a bit of an issue due to the timescale of the game, and the same can be said for Skyrim, but it’s a lot worst. If I can eat 30 cheese wheel just to get ONLY HALF of my stamina back, why in the world would I be hungry again in a few short in-game hours? And DON’T SAY IT’S BECAUSE I HAVE A DRAGON SOUL THAT MAKES ME HALF DRAGON AND THAT I HAVE “Dragon appetite”!

  • LifeisagameCH

    "its quality controlled" jeah and the First spell we see totaly flips out the physics engine :D

  • FarceMartyr1229

    If you want zombies go download Creepy Zombies. They have original sounds, textures, multiple types, and do spawn in hordes. If you can deal with a few random typos from the author and not quite as great textures, it's waaaaaay better than that paid shit

  • Icymisterlamb

    I got survival mode but it's glitches and the check box for survival mode doesn't appear so I can't play it. Glad I didn't pay.

  • Drackar

    ...skyrim 101. maces are heavier, so they do more damage, at the cost of being slower.

  • Lokil Machinima

    bandit wearing the crusader relicsthat's not L O R E F R I E N D L Y

  • MajoraIkana

    Do Creation Club mods limit trophy/achievements?

  • Emperor Hirohito

    You buying points will make Bethesda MAKE MORE OF PAID MODS STOP

  • ChaoticTabris

    Btw, the thing where you use the spell in the ground and it damages people that walk over it was a planned feature that never made it into the game, as is the attacks that mix elemental damage.There are even some spells that shipped with the vanilla game but you can't learn in normal play that do EXACTLY that.

  • Zerro

    Weird, never saw a video with no views before

  • Soviet Wanderer

    The spells and arrows are actually interesting. The weapons have better implementation than in Fallout 4, and there is overall more content.

  • The Smactacular Smacman

    I mean, I hate Creation Club as much as the next guy.....But that bow is fricking awesome.

  • JimmyWatchingGames

    A really cool quest i gotta admit was the one about the vigilants of stendar to get that armour. That was a interesting and new quest i've not experienced before in skyrim.

  • Councilor Vay Hek

    now compare all of these mods vs the free mods on nexus before they break skse

  • Darthplagueis13

    Swords do always deal less damage because they swing faster. With one-handed as well as two-handed weapons you always have the variation sword-axe-mace/hammer with the swords being the fastest and the hammers being the most powerfull while the axe is balanced.

  • Robert Reaser

    Nice review ... Me myself I enjoyed creation Club the mods we're polish and did not conflict with any other mods I have install spent 15 bucks I got around 7 mods ... I'm good with that and I still can get free mods .. Best of Both Worlds just my opinion

  • A S

    Thank you so much Juiechead! You mentioned survival mode was free for 1 week, and i Saw the date of your video so i started skyrim and got the survival mode for free! And I'm pretty sure today, the 10th, is the last day it's free.

  • Cyrus Gronk

    The mace does more damage because it swings slower, they're probably the same damage in terms of DPS. This is the same for vanilla weapons too.

  • Paul Grattan

    Tbh the creation club version of the Crusader armour is better than any of the free crusader mods on beth net. Its textures are better it uses whole new assets the free one has poor metal textures tbh its not a steel plate retexture with extra bits and an imperial shield retexture you get 2 different looking unique armours and shield. It has male female versions both the Crusaders weapons and a quest to get them. The free one on Beth net is nowhere near as good as the paid one. The free one then adds different not lore friendly knights with Dawnguard armour retextures across Skyrim you dont get the Crusaders weapons which i dont want. I wanted the proper Crusader armour as it looked in TES 4 and with this i got it. Im sure Nexus has this but that was never going to be ported for Beth net was it. I really wanted this armour so i bought it. The free mod wasnt good enough imo. Creation club beats the free mod for quality against the free mod on Beth net imo on this one.

  • Jackal Carmick

    The staff actually said "HOLD" in Sheogorath's Jygalagg transformation voice.

  • King Moon

    I also got all the CC content and this is what i can say.1. Spell pack: Amazing mod, but really overpowerd if you play as mage, you get two really good pieces of armor at the start of the game.2. Archer pack. By far the best CC cotent, only 150 credits you get a mod that is much better looking than the free Elemental Arrows and much more easy to adquire ingame. You can buy those arrows from shops (altought very price) unlike elemental arrows which can only be forged. Whomever they are insanely OP, i was three shooting Mammoths and Giants at level 10 with Fire and Dragonbone arrows.3.Knights pack: Really good looking armor and really powerful stats, you even get two weapons which have really good enchantments and amazing DPS (on par with Deadric weapons) and can be get very early on. It's pricy, but i think it's worth it.Ruins Edge: Good looking and powerful bow, specially if you don't focus on enchanting, but after you get Enchant 100, you can get much better bows.5. Plague of the Dead: By far the worst, very short quest you can complete at level 5. You can find zombies again but they are rare. I found more of them near Markarath.6. 2H-Mace: Good loking but really bad weapon, it's insanely slow and much worse than Deadric and Ebony versions, Mephala Ebony sword is much better in every way.7. Knights Long sword: Good i guess? it plays as an avarage sword, it's really powerful if you get it earlier, but there are better swords in the game.

  • Milan B.

    i already have a modded skyrim se i think im going to install frostfall aswell.. so suck it bethesda. (also isnt this arcane paid mod/dlc already a free mod? i mean there is certainly a huge magic mod)

  • Myrrmoasta

    The Survival mode is a nice thing for console players...its okay overall. But I really like the telekinesis arrows, they're awesome.

  • ElderCaptain5

    Bethesda should just make the script extender and sell it for 20 bucks, boom, modding is better then ever, and it would be a 100x better then the same money worth of paid mods

  • Investment Guru

    Why am I watching this if I not even gonna buy any of these mods?

  • RealFNneatO

    wow, reskinned draugr and a ported armor from oblivion, GG Bethesda

  • Yumeko

    In all honesty... none of these are special or anything. It's quite mind boggling how some people are willing to pay for these.You can easily find something better on Nexus for goddamn free! Not sure if anyone is actually fanatically protecting Creation Club (except Bethesda, *cough*), but if such people exist... I don't even know what to say.Thanks for doing an overview on these, Juice.

  • Siglms

    I personally am fine with the Creation Club, but certain things like the Divine Crusader Armor, Anti-Material Rifle, Wraithguard, Hellfire Power Armor, Tunnel Snakes Clothing, Chinese Stealth Suit, The Old Gauss Rifle, and Shadowrend should not be blocked by a paywall. They are items that are near and dear to most player's hearts, and forcing us to pay more than the base game (+DLCs) for something so important to the series as a whole is just insulting. However, technically nothing is stopping any dedicated modder to add these to the game. Since they are items integrated into the game's lore and have already been introduced in earlier installments, it isn't plagiarism if you make a mod of those items. If I had the knowledge and the talent, I'd do it myself.

  • Hannah Rose

    So, with fast travel disabled in an official mod that you have to pay actual money for, did they finally fix that potentially game breaking quest with the Redguards looking for the fugitive in Whiterun that's unavoidable unless you fast travel past the gate? Orrrrrrrr does it still run the risk of glitching one of the Greybeards to some random area of the world map, making completing the game literally impossible?Cuz... if they haven't officially fixed that yet, then a full survival play through of the main quest line may be, again, potentially impossible on PS4. lol

  • Chizuru Minamoto

    Well I laugh in the face of people who said that these were going to be bad. They are honestly good enough for most, especially the arrow and spell packs are pretty damn cheap but offer great stuff. If they at least keep things of this quality, I'd say its fine to buy some here and there. (Unlike the $1 pipboy skins).

  • Sekai on

    Thats basically the Knight of the nine armor from Oblivion...

  • Deltahunter

    I'm gonna say I got survival mode for free and it's actually pretty good

  • Dreadnaughty

    The zombies look pretty cool and if they implement them a bit better it'd be worth it. All around, this is already a lot better than Fallout's creation club.

  • Jonathan Szuhai

    I'd love to see Bethesda add a Creation that enabled underwater combat. That would REALLY help the game.

  • Vanders

    Why do you always add "gonna" and "do" to everything you say? "This weapon IS GONNA do this" vs. "this weapon does this", "then we DO have" vs. "then we have". Every single time. It's just so superfluous. Edit: at about 11:00 onwards you finally stop saying it. Yay.

  • Ghislain Roy

    I'm not a fan of CC but at least they lowered the price of "survival mode"

  • Eonix M

    I love buying dlc from oblivion in skyrim, so much originality and creativity in bethesda game studios

  • Brian Williams

    Do you think with this release that they’ll now have unofficial patch on PS4?

  • These cave formations aren't natural

    Pretty cool thing is they're all sorted automatically in a load order.Maybe they'll add some interesting things, like toilets in the world.

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