Skyrim Special Edition How to Start DAWNGUARD DLC (Remastered Gameplay Walkthrough Guide)

Skyrim Special Edition: How to Start DAWNGUARD DLC (Remastered Gameplay Walkthrough Guide)!
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  • dobby .co.uk123

    I had a guard tell me by pelagia farm

  • Zentz29

    How in the flying fuck is it that so many retards can't see the BIG FAT word in their main quests that says DAWNGUARD?😣. 😯. 😞

  • Jason Arnold

    hey do hearthfire next please

  • RoOoK keErY

    Do a vampire lord build just like your werewolf build that you did


    WHAT!!??Are there people out there who doesn't know that??!!

  • Area 51

    ESO contact me if you want to know a glitch that hasnt been patched and i discovered it. it works on followers/allies and its real fun

  • Chillhelm der Breite

    Skyrim belongs to the Stormcloaks

  • DragonfireTheAntagonist

    I really enjoy your voice, that's the main reason I subbed.

  • Nolan Collins

    You should make a guide of how to play Legendary difficulty. I decided to try it out for the first time but I kept dying to bandits so I lowered the difficulty to Master. It just seems impossible.

  • Perry MGS

    games like skyrim are only good and are tailor made for YOUR adventure why anyone would want a guide is beyond me

  • DoTaBa 17

    i not meeting him so far.. i'm already level 51.. i'm playing skyrim dawnguard DLC not the special editionpls help..

  • Harvey Jack Olden

    do you recommend doing the campaign or the dlc first

  • 9th Doctor

    Idky we can't marry Serena :c

  • f

    So it comes with all dlc's for $60

  • zVI PaLaDiN IVz

    Someone can help me? I chosed to stay with downguards,but i becomed a normal vampire instead i chosed downguards saying no to the supreme vampire... How can i return "human"? Sorry for my bad english :(

  • Bailz

    Do have to be a vampire when you join the vampire faction?

  • Actually Bored

    I have this problem where I can't turn into a Vampire Lord. After turning into the VL for the first time (When Harkon teaches you the basics of the VL) My eyes turn back to normal and the other vampires treat me like I'm human.

  • Niac

    Hello ESO, i unfortunatly dont own Skyrim Special Edition, but will your videos still work on normal Skyrim?

  • Boi

    I don't know why everyone makes new guides for a remastered when it's exactly the same as the old game except the graphics and 64 bit.

  • ViciousSummoner

    Skyrim Special Edition has all the DLC in it or what?

  • Mira Mira

    You didn't tell us the second method! I just downloaded it and nothing happened.

  • Nick M

    Can i have some help so when i walk up to any of them they all attack me and im doing the quest line

  • Jay Zee

    How do you REstart it on PS4?? I want to side with the vAmpires now

  • KingNazaru

    Instead of telling us this, how about how to prevent vampires killing npcs.

  • Louie Nelson

    upload a new video pls

  • Dante Sparta

    This and NBA 2k18 are the only native 4K games a have(On PS4 Pro).

  • Adrian Herrera

    Can anyone help. I have Skyrim Special Edition and when I go to the location it's blocked by a wall. I am level 31 and I have not had a dude come to me or heard a guard mention anything about it .Please help

  • LemonPlayer

    I found da dude on riften but he wanted to kill me im lvl 78 why it happen this

  • Abel Solis

    I dont have the remaster

  • rottielizzy

    whats up squad my name is ESO an- ME: puses the vid to get a donut

  • DominantKeeper

    I've downloaded dawngaurd and went to the location and there's nothing there...

  • Tortoise gaming

    My Dlc isn't working

  • DarkNinja 1702

    Help, my brother started this doc without me knowing, he became a vampire and I want to be dawnguard, is there a way to start this over again without starting a new game?

  • Water Cat

    i don find this im 58 lvland the main quest is over and alaians

  • Psy Chronic

    thanks for making this video i was getting really confused about this since i got skyrim special edition like 4 days ago XD

  • GracefulHunter 360

    I'm in level 30 and they haven't came to me

  • Wertim Tim

    if in skyrim legendary Edition???

  • Themangopug Nation

    I have skyrim remastered and I followed the Instructions but the cave wasn't their and the game is in Xbox 360 live

  • The random Idiot on YouTube

    Lies it comes on disc 2

  • thepicplayer

    I go their lvl6 and everyone attacks me help

  • Xeniit

    The guy isn't approaching me

  • Smithy 222008

    I keep being attacked by the people?

  • Filip Martin

    Eso Pls respond! Why do they attack me when I come in?

  • sky rorik

    I can't find it there's just wall and if i go any further down the path it's just the edge of the screen. Please help

  • Freddie Fenwick

    lol I was looking around for dayspring canyon and realised I don't even have special edition

  • Flex Gopnik

    Its almost like the shivering isles but better...

  • Sam McClintock

    im lvl 36 and it wont let me go to the Dawnguard castle

  • rafshan chowdhury

    Can u play this mission in skyrim original

  • KalosTrainer Kev

    bozo ork dude wont come to me and i'm lvl 22

  • pokeurmum gaming

    Do the dlc's for skrim still work on ps3

  • The Occisor

    when I got to the recruit he attacked me and so did durak, I don't understand

  • The CraftingPro69

    that explains why it the doors not there for me YOU NEED A MOD

  • Drago the Dragon

    if i have companions in whiterun then do i have dawnguard too? I cant find the cave but im at the same place Eso found that cave. Can someone help me? Please.

  • copycat

    can u find it in lvl 30

  • The Gaming Cat

    hey ESO I would love to see a video of how to do this for the vampire lord story cause I like vampires but I don't know how to join the vampires

  • Kaine Echavarria

    fucking stupid ass Xbox paid twenty dallors for a piece of shit the doesn't even work it's been 14 weeks in game 😤😤😤

  • Drago the Dragon

    finaly i found out how to get the werewolf skill tree. Yesss😁

  • Faggy Horse

    hi ESO I love your videos and you helped me with skyrim when it first came out keep doing what your doing and keep up the good work

  • Tasty Popcorn game's

    I smashed the Subscribe button but my phone screens cracked

  • Jihn Book

    I'm over level 10 and I've been waiting in whiterun. He has showed up, any clue why?

  • Adam AKA Love_Doc.

    what is in the legendary edition?????

  • Original Name

    Pls help when i entered the cave every one started attacking me

  • foxy gamer

    I have the legendary edition

  • william gates

    Question...I tried doing the Dawnguard quest at lvl. 60 with some deadra artifacts equipped with me but was attacked by the Dawnguard at their HQ when I wanted to join them.  What happened?

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