Skyrim Special Edition How to Start DAWNGUARD DLC (Remastered Gameplay Walkthrough Guide)

Skyrim Special Edition: How to Start DAWNGUARD DLC (Remastered Gameplay Walkthrough Guide)!
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  • Zentz29

    How in the flying fuck is it that so many retards can't see the BIG FAT word in their main quests that says DAWNGUARD?😣. 😯. 😞

  • DragonfireTheAntagonist

    I really enjoy your voice, that's the main reason I subbed.

  • Freddie Fenwick

    lol I was looking around for dayspring canyon and realised I don't even have special edition

  • Chillhelm der Breite

    Skyrim belongs to the Stormcloaks

  • Leonjid Iljić Brežnjev

    Its almost like the shivering isles but better...

  • Jay Zee

    How do you REstart it on PS4?? I want to side with the vAmpires now

  • pokeurmum gaming

    Do the dlc's for skrim still work on ps3

  • Sam McClintock

    im lvl 36 and it wont let me go to the Dawnguard castle

  • rafshan chowdhury

    Can u play this mission in skyrim original

  • Greninja Trainer

    bozo ork dude wont come to me and i'm lvl 22

  • DoTaBa 17

    i not meeting him so far.. i'm already level 51.. i'm playing skyrim dawnguard DLC not the special editionpls help..

  • i am jesus christ


  • kias playz

    I didn't get special edition I got legendary edition 😆

  • The CraftingPro69

    that explains why it the doors not there for me YOU NEED A MOD

  • The Occisor

    when I got to the recruit he attacked me and so did durak, I don't understand

  • copycat

    can u find it in lvl 30

  • Roaster Toaster

    I think ESO was a little sick making this

  • Drago the Dragon

    finaly i found out how to get the werewolf skill tree. Yesss😁

  • Kadato Anime

    The valley isn't there for me? Help?

  • Adam Folkerts

    what is in the legendary edition?????

  • Tasty Popcorn game's

    I smashed the Subscribe button but my phone screens cracked


    WHAT!!??Are there people out there who doesn't know that??!!

  • Jihn Book

    I'm over level 10 and I've been waiting in whiterun. He has showed up, any clue why?

  • foxy gamer

    I have the legendary edition

  • Jason Arnold

    hey do hearthfire next please

  • Kain Of Legends

    they always just freaking kill me!!!!!!!

  • Kaine Echavarria

    fucking stupid ass Xbox paid twenty dallors for a piece of shit the doesn't even work it's been 14 weeks in game 😤😤😤

  • The Gaming Cat

    hey ESO I would love to see a video of how to do this for the vampire lord story cause I like vampires but I don't know how to join the vampires

  • Strange Guy

    how do i start it with an old character? plz sum one help me

  • Crawling in my skin

    Pls help when i entered the cave every one started attacking me

  • Faggy Horse

    hi ESO I love your videos and you helped me with skyrim when it first came out keep doing what your doing and keep up the good work

  • Harvey Jack Olden

    do you recommend doing the campaign or the dlc first

  • cout

    Its not showing up for me. I'm level 1 :00

  • Alexander Elashkar

    is it posibole to ba a vampire and a wearwolf at the same time?

  • william gates

    Question...I tried doing the Dawnguard quest at lvl. 60 with some deadra artifacts equipped with me but was attacked by the Dawnguard at their HQ when I wanted to join them.  What happened?

  • James Boyd

    mine was glicthed out so I had to use to second method thanks you helped so much

  • ItsLiss

    you didn't even say the secoundary method


    When you download dawngard, and your like level 30 do you have to start a new character

  • Area 51

    ESO contact me if you want to know a glitch that hasnt been patched and i discovered it. it works on followers/allies and its real fun

  • Justin Penaranda

    where do you find method two

  • Landman 10

    can I be a warewolf vampire lord ?

  • Chris Taylor

    if your map actually showed locations of other sites this would be so much easier

  • Drago the Dragon

    if i have companions in whiterun then do i have dawnguard too? I cant find the cave but im at the same place Eso found that cave. Can someone help me? Please.

  • MouLiG

    I'm really pissed off, I accidentally picked vampire lord, and I wanted to get the dawnguard armor and continue the dawnguard quest. I cured my vampirism, and have not completed he red water den quest. Is there a way to go back to dawnguard?

  • Drama Center

    Can anyone help. I have Skyrim Special Edition and when I go to the location it's blocked by a wall. I am level 31 and I have not had a dude come to me or heard a guard mention anything about it .Please help

  • PokeCrafter02

    there's a third way which jis just people randomly talking about the dawnguard which hear this will give you the dawnguard quest

  • CloverGaming

    can i join dawnguard if im a werewolf

  • KingNazaru

    Instead of telling us this, how about how to prevent vampires killing npcs.

  • Bailz

    Do have to be a vampire when you join the vampire faction?


    if i get the dlc , can i use my old character

  • ViciousSummoner

    Skyrim Special Edition has all the DLC in it or what?

  • Invincible

    Can you be a werewolf and a vampire?

  • 9th Doctor

    Idky we can't marry Serena :c

  • Emily Rubley

    What about Legendary edition? Is it pretty much the same thing?

  • James Hunt

    When will fallout 4 get mods

  • Joey Dixon

    I killed Durak because he appeared with the cultist people from the dragon born DLC so I thought he was one of them can I still start dawnguard

  • freakbag420

    where the fuck is method two. you state that it exists but I never heard a word of it

  • AF-1 Squad

    Nobody ever came up to me?

  • travon johnson

    Wtf im trying to take Seranna to her castle and the gate guard isnt responding. Hes not letting me in

  • Nick M

    Can i have some help so when i walk up to any of them they all attack me and im doing the quest line

  • Eskimo227

    if I'm a werewolf in the companions can I still become a vampire?

  • Argonio Argonio

    ESO can you please do a list of all skyrims armors and you are the best love your vids

  • fools play

    I went there and I was not a vampier and I was attacked

  • zVI PaLaDiN IVz

    Someone can help me? I chosed to stay with downguards,but i becomed a normal vampire instead i chosed downguards saying no to the supreme vampire... How can i return "human"? Sorry for my bad english :(

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