Skyrim Special Edition How to Start DAWNGUARD DLC (Remastered Gameplay Walkthrough Guide)

Skyrim Special Edition: How to Start DAWNGUARD DLC (Remastered Gameplay Walkthrough Guide)!
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  • Zentz29

    How in the flying fuck is it that so many retards can't see the BIG FAT word in their main quests that says DAWNGUARD?😣. 😯. 😞

  • MaverickhunterDragonfire

    I really enjoy your voice, that's the main reason I subbed.

  • Louie Nelson

    upload a new video pls

  • Jason Arnold

    hey do hearthfire next please

  • Chillhelm der Breite

    Skyrim belongs to the Stormcloaks

  • RoOoK keErY

    Do a vampire lord build just like your werewolf build that you did

  • Harvey Jack Olden

    do you recommend doing the campaign or the dlc first

  • Bailz

    Do have to be a vampire when you join the vampire faction?

  • Chip Chipperson

    Make a video on how to prevent vampires attacking NPC's. I hate the Dawnguard DLC because of this.

  • James Hunt

    When will fallout 4 get mods

  • Invincible

    Can you be a werewolf and a vampire?

  • freakbag420

    where the fuck is method two. you state that it exists but I never heard a word of it

  • KingNazaru

    Instead of telling us this, how about how to prevent vampires killing npcs.

  • Mug Life

    I'm a vampire •-• (1 hour later not now)

  • Alboy

    which one have better loot? dawnguard quest line or vampire quest line? I played dawnguard one and i got auriel bow and i was able to get best crossbows. Now in new game i dont know do i wanna be vampire or dawnguard guy.

  • Argonio Argonio (Argonio)

    ESO can you please do a list of all skyrims armors and you are the best love your vids

  • zVI PaLaDiN IVz

    Someone can help me? I chosed to stay with downguards,but i becomed a normal vampire instead i chosed downguards saying no to the supreme vampire... How can i return "human"? Sorry for my bad english :(

  • Eskimo227

    if I'm a werewolf in the companions can I still become a vampire?

  • Kat


  • Dream Travel

    most major* cities, you're welcome -_-

  • AF-1 Squad

    can you do the dawnguard quest as a vampire?

  • Patrick Ressler

    So I joined the companions and the thieves guild so far, about to join the stormcloak rebellion...obviously I should not join the vampires on this account...but my question is, should i finish the companions and thieves guild quests before the dawnguard or after?

  • Niac

    Hello ESO, i unfortunatly dont own Skyrim Special Edition, but will your videos still work on normal Skyrim?

  • Living in a ruined world

    I have this problem where I can't turn into a Vampire Lord. After turning into the VL for the first time (When Harkon teaches you the basics of the VL) My eyes turn back to normal and the other vampires treat me like I'm human.

  • Boi

    I don't know why everyone makes new guides for a remastered when it's exactly the same as the old game except the graphics and 64 bit.

  • Miles Wisner

    What if your already a vampire?

  • Nick M

    Can i have some help so when i walk up to any of them they all attack me and im doing the quest line

  • MiztarBriteCide

    My question is the exact opposite, how do I DELAY the DLC? It would be nice to play through the main quest without having all my NPC's killed by vampires.Would also be nice to visit the Hall of the Vigilant or Solstheim without starting any more quest lines. Would there be any mods/Unofficial patches that could fix this?

  • Anthony Burun

    If your playing as like a thief with light armor, but you happen to have a heavy armor shield, what effect dose that have if any?

  • 9th Doctor

    Idky we can't marry Serena :c

  • Renze

    Show how to start the Hearthfire quest please :)

  • travon johnson

    Wtf im trying to take Seranna to her castle and the gate guard isnt responding. Hes not letting me in

  • conspiracies are just great stories

    hey ESO...when u do ur intro...u say hello to your subs and then say ur name is ESO....we have known that for years now

  • devin williams

    Is there a cheat menu for skyrim on ps4

  • Hs Chhangte Sialhawk

    There is no cave whatdo i do...i got the legendary edition

  • Pilotgrunt986 destiny and Gaming

    Plz help me I'm a girl Nord and I'm past level 10 but when I go,the fort dawn guard that Durak keeps trying to kill me and I don't think I'm a vampire if I am how do I get cured

  • Teguh Wijaya

    priest fuking attack me all day... omg dawnguardd...

  • AF-1 Squad

    Nobody ever came up to me?

  • Torpid •

    I never understood why you're called "ESO" when you never play ESO

  • Parmeshwaran Goundar

    i got the skyrim legendary edition and now I'm level 49 and still i didn't get dawnguard mission

  • Perry MGS

    games like skyrim are only good and are tailor made for YOUR adventure why anyone would want a guide is beyond me

  • Hamburger 1

    I went to riften and a Guard told me

  • Zaidify

    when i go there i get attacked can anyone help me???

  • Kaiju

    guides describing how to do this have been around for about 3 years. Jeez dude; ups on the original content.

  • Kains Legacy

    do I have to join the vampire hunters to become a vampire lord

  • Omg Aqua

    I'm level 23 when I bought it. Do I have to restart my game?

  • Lewis Bianco

    Just great...Starts game to prepare for a long voyage, dragon instantly attacks Riverwood... -_-

  • Coolcat1234

    You can get the quest from guards too

  • Bobby Forsythe

    does skyrim special edition come with all dlc or just dawngard because I loved hearthfire and the one can't remember the name of

  • Darling Aardvark

    Durak just attacked me

  • Natsu Senpai

    can you show me all dawngaurd armor i didnt get the DLC yet

  • Javier Torres

    how do you join the vampires?

  • Damian Bocanegra

    how do I do it if I'm already a vampire they attack me when I go there

  • Josh Dews

    eso how much dose cost on the ps4 I want get new skyrim

  • Solaire

    I REALLY NEED AN ANSWER!!! How do i stop being a Vampire Lord?

  • Bill Gates

    ESO contact me if you want to know a glitch that hasnt been patched and i discovered it. it works on followers/allies and its real fun

  • Shiny M&Ms

    Yooo, I dot think it matters where you are when Durak approaches, from my own experience ive encountered him in the wild, hell just walk up to you like any other npc, also, to me, Skyrim SE doesnt look much different from the regular game(from gameplay on youtube) is it?

  • El Salchichero.Z

    Does skyrim remastered have the dlc pre-installed in the disc?

  • Jonny _

    But how do I become vampire do they walk up to me or what

  • ZugZug

    wait, Dawnguard is pre-installed? Somebody explain to me! I have a PS4, and I want the game!

  • Maddy Spindler

    which is better to side with? dawnguard or vampires? note:I am already a werewolf and don't want to loose the skill

  • TedMo Tv

    Thanks for makin all this videos ... Love the game

  • Acecraft Ftw

    I got both durak and the cultist event at the same time I was so confused because the cultists attacked the guards and not me

  • Decrypt the Encrypted

    Is auri'el's shield good? What are it's stats? Couldn't really find an answer myself

  • SunnySide Kid

    I accidentally accepted harkons offer can i still do dawnguard quests?

  • Ivan Roman

    do you have to chose the dawngaurd side to craft dragonbone items?

  • Lazar Krsmanovic

    I'm lvl 30 but never see taht gay and can't start quest help someone.

  • Finn Hamilton

    What if I'm a vampire before starting the dlc, then what do I do if I want to stay one.

  • Mrthingy /sir

    Why are they attacking me when i go there

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