Titanfall 2 by Bryonato in 1:26:32 - GDQx2018

Runner introduction starts at 2:13.
Run starts at 3:30.

Games Done Quick Express is our new mini-event series, expanding upon GDQ's two main events. GDQx 2018 took place at TwitchCon 2018, benefiting the TwitchCon Charity Plaza, from October 26th-28th.
  • lyravega

    Tİtanfall 2 is perhaps one of the most underappreciated games of all time. One of my favourites. Still hoping for a sequel, and according to week old news, there is a possibility. I just hope EA won't make the same mistake by releasing it so close to other titles.

  • GodzEater321

    55:17 BT: Throws fastballCooper: Skips entire levelBT: "Damn, i'm good."

  • Rotcrawler

    Titanfall 2 had better campaign and multiplayer than any cod or battlefield game fight me.

  • Frying1Pans

    They turned a severely outdated engine which has it's roots in 2004 and made it technologically on-par with next-gen games

  • Games Done Quick

    Runner introduction starts at 2:13. Run starts at 3:30.

  • ppom9

    I speedran this game, it took me 3 weeks to get my best time.My time?3 weeks.

  • SilverRexy

    >Watching this not knowing about sludge skip>Played through on master>Kill me

  • Kurkku


  • Gold 117

    "We're gonna go talk to Lastimosa over there before he has his Lastimoments." I am dying right now xD

  • J Sakes

    1:26:17Slone: Sorry, Mate. It's time to die.Slone: I will not be destroyed by some pitiful excuse for a Pilot...Slone: [death scream]

  • The Orb

    He must be OP in multiplayer with those skills

  • TheEpicPancake

    Dude, as someone who loves bat shit crazy movement, speedrunning this game looks really fun. I wonder if there are many guides for it...

  • Soma

    One of the best runs in the marathon, for sure

  • Kodiak

    right after 18:42 one of the enemies ragdolls at high velocity past the cockpit on the right. I keep watching in in slow motion

  • Tron Javolta


  • Newt

    titanfall 2 is prob my favorite singleplayer fps campain

  • luke talbot

    Only saw the 2017 run a couple weeks ago, and im amazed to see how much the run has changed. Also great to have the guy on the couch before running now.

  • Justin Clayton

    My favourite FPS series by far... Thank you for doing the mechanics justice Bryonato.

  • EPD Cirbah

    wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwI helpd

  • Walker Berndt

    I had so much trouble in the beacon on master, and seeing moon boots, I’m facepalming so hard

  • Jeremy Duck

    damn, Top 4 in a marathon, What A Legend.

  • ChilledEcho

    BibleThump WE BibleThump LOVE BibleThump YOU BibleThump GLASSES BibleThump GUY BibleThump

  • SuP3r 99

    Got agree with a lot of these comments. To send this out between two big releases really killed the hype and know doubt premeditated by EA. One of my favorite games this gen they should of been released in March like the original. The Respawn dev's are some of the best in the industry. Remember playing the first one and thinking it was years ahead of COD, true next gen game. Cant wait to see what they do with a Starwars game and of course TF3.

  • Urban Centurian

    This is like the perfect game to speed run because of all the parkour involved.

  • tbxvividos

    Such an amazing and under appreciated game. Great run bry

  • G Ing

    This was one of the coolest video game videos Ive seen in a long time

  • bc

    Oh. Hello, RLCS S1 world champ. Huh.

  • Ryan Sizemore

    I've been thinking of Titanfall 2 a lot lately. Excited for a sequel when it comes.

  • guyver 5er

    The best comparison I could ever make to this game is that i love it for the same reasons I love How to train your dragon. They both do something incredible in taking a generic/cliche story and just ABSOLUTELY nailing that story because of the effort put into it. making you care for the characters to such an extent that even a robot and fictional/mythical animal feel so real is truly something to be respected and revered. Both of the movie and the game deserve some much respect because what they did is honestly as impressive storytelling there could possibly be. Please buy TITANFALL 2 and HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON as well as it's sequel, it is well worth it

  • Wang Chong FRANZCP MD BSC

    This game is the perfection of the modular technological-industrial style. I usually prefer the beautiful forms of classical architecture, though this is a different kind of order. Where beauty is the humanity of rooted generativity, this order is the humanity of logical, generative ambition.

  • Crystal Mephiles

    Vipers got you in the pipe five by five

  • Subash Chandra

    One of the best campaigns this decade. Such sublime level design, and absolutely amazing mechanics.

  • TnT_Ryl0

    the moon boot part had my jaw on the floor jesus thats was nutty

  • Sebastian Keil

    I wish more people would still play this on PC as it is one of the best fast multiplayer shooters ever. Beats the everloving shit out of any CoD.

  • Pusliin

    Shit im old - Heard the "Always nice to see TF2 runs..." and sat in confusion for a few seconds before realising...

  • Soul Resinance

    I'm so glad to see this run and your amazing commentary.

  • That Diabolo Guy

    This is my favourite speed run ever

  • Nicholas Kawamura

    36:30 "No more shortcuts."Uh huh.I'm glad the runner is in the sane crowd of "people who think the smart pistol in multiplayer is problematic."

  • Blakefire Gamer

    Has anyone else noticed that in the "w" sequence BT has his old colours

  • Eldrad Ulthran

    Effect and cause reminds me of a bit in dishonored 2

  • johnsju


  • Csumbi

    the fact that this game is not available on steam is one of the reasons why i think it failed commercially, i would have definitely would have bought it if it were on steam

  • FurryGamer :3

    And I thought I would never watch Titanfall 2 speedruns

  • Gaming Needed

    Someone nerf that guy already, he is making us look bad

  • Khorne Flake

    Hahaha, Blisk is my favorite character too. I really like his briefings in the first game MP, and those small windows popping with them talking, shame they removed those in the second game's MP.

  • Dalton McBleh

    This game was assassinated by EA and it's a shame because it's easily the best FPS this decade (unless Doom Eternal blows past even Doom 2016). It's definitely better than any Call of Duty or Battlefield released in the past 8 years. Love you Titanfall 2.

  • {ҬËØ} Deī Ignis

    I am always happy to see such charismatic runners whom also are really clean in their runs. This is now in my top 5 favorites runs I've watched from GDQ, props to the runner and to GDQ for letting him run Titanfall 2. 10/10 am going to recommend people watch this run if they are curious about speedrunning and the community.

  • bluefalcon04

    This game is incredibly awesome! I get the same feeling when watching people play it that I do when I watch Halo Reach playthroughs as well... pure nostalgic elation. Great sci-fi shooters with an emphasis on good storytelling are my jam.

  • Crimson Arrow

    Nice to see you at GDQ :)!

  • Roberto Rebola

    All that hopping is damn sexy

  • Schanzenrudi

    such a beast. What humans are capable to learn is unbelievable. The muscle memory combined with the commentary.. nice!

  • Sronly

    Um... Good run looks like a fun game to go through.

  • Galvanize

    i missed class because of this, well worth

  • DKir

    Still my favorite game of all time hope tf3 improves even more ^^

  • Nova

    1:36:55 is just ZA WARUDO

  • JC Holmanation

    Has there ever been a more humble runner?This was great 👍

  • Zetryox

    I'm prouda you bry

  • Chunkymonkey

    This is one happy comment section

  • guul66

    Great commentary, Bryonato!

  • matthew reinking

    hey bryonato, idk if you remember me what i watch your streams and youtube videos, im sad i didnt see this live but im going to watch it now!

  • Cornelius S. Tinkerpotter

    Titanfall movement is so beautifully fluid. That and big stompy badass robots. Its a damn shame these games never got the spotlight

  • biobiobio7777

    55:10 He literally skipped through that area.

  • Grunty

    Love this game and learnt so much from those 2. Thank you guys.

  • Stirrcrazy N

    I'd love to see if this guy can pull off his frame perfect jumps in multiplayer.

  • MagikGimp

    This game looks so much fun to run! Very old skool.

  • Dominick Johnson

    Bryonato is a good commentator

  • Just Weird

    The story about his doge made me follow him

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