Skyrim: Top 5 Rare Quest Items You Shouldn’t Miss in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

Skyrim is a game that offers the Dragonborn their pick at an assortment of armors, ingredients, spells and weapons. Indeed, The Elder Scrolls 5 allows players to equip almost anything they may need for their adventures. While many objects are quite rare and interesting, it’s typically the items given to the Dragonborn during Skyrim’s quests that prove to be the most fascinating and unique. From long lost ancient swords with incredible amounts of lore to rare spells and potions, today we’ll be taking a look at my top five quest items you shouldn’t miss in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.
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    M'aiq doesn't like being pinned, it hurts M'aiq's tail.

  • SnapplyPie

    M'aiq has cheat codes, nothing is secret.

  • Justin Y.

    Bold of you to assume we haven't hoarded every item possible and shoved them in our house in Whiterun.

  • Lauren E

    Speaking of the bloodskal blade, it's the only weapon you can use while under the effects of 'Become ethereal' shout. So you can swing it around damaging people without anyone being able to hit you back

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    Nate: Sponsors himself* Nord VPN Left the chat *

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    Actually, Crescius argues with his wife, not with a fellow miner..

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    Everytime M'aiq comments M'aiq gets criticism unless by popular demand, so this is the last one, bye!

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    You know what would be better than all these ObjectsCHEESE CHEESE CHEESE

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    Nate's also a rare quest item.

  • Chilling Villain

    Ah yes, the Soul Carin. Not to be confused w/ the Soul Karen.

  • timemadscientist Greatscot!

    "You can only get one jarrin root" laughs in dark brotherhood poison garden and vendor mod

  • Ittium Immortal

    save this jarrin root for emergencies and one shot extremely hard bosses No No No bad Nateyoure thinking far to smallthink bigger... The MOST PAINFUL DEATH FOR NAZEEM

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    Sometimes I like to use big words that I don't know it means to make me look photosynthesis

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    Since Cookie gave you a heart last video I thought I would give you a pin for this one 🧷

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    Not gonna lie the bloodskul blade I'd max my two handed (which I never do) just to wield that blade

  • Senketsu Fi

    Do a video covering unique/rare items you must get before they despawn from gameplay changes.

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    Arvak stole my heart as well. 😭

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    your videos always keep me entertained while i'm on break

  • Ben Toth

    Fun fact with Wuuthrad, the deterioration wasn't slow. It shattered during hte Ebonheart Pact questline in ESO, during the Second Era.

  • Sol Eclipsx

    The game also lets you fast travel from Arvak's back. Very useful for getting around overencumbered.

  • Lucien

    The tiny details however arent rare at all

  • Ph Shadow

    Actualy, Crinson Nirnroot is more Powerfull than River Betty in poisons. Another Tiny detail you missed Nate

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    You have a beard? I'm not sure why but that really suprised me

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    Nate; Murdering Skyrim word pronunciations to death.

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    In reference to your beard:"A man is only as good as the beard that wears him." - Sai Sahan, 2E 582

  • Filthnails

    I think Boethiah's Black Mail armor deserves a mention. That thing is practically OP. Not so Fun fact, you can lose it permanently during the thalmor infiltration quest if you give it to the elf who holds your gear.

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    Jarrin root... Karstaag!That was a tough battle, but the poison was good enough to take him down easily!

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    That is not a fellow miner, that's his wife. A former priestess

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    Ah yes, the Axe of Racism.

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    Wish elven followers could comment on you using Wuuthrad in their presence.

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    Have no idea if someone already told it to you, but Crescius talking not to a miner, but his wife.

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    A nord without a beardIS HARDLY A NORD AT ALL

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    "It blows it's number 2 out of the water" - Nate, 2019.

  • Sam Girardin

    I have a merchant mod that puts Jarrin Root into the game as a buyable ingredient. It makes for some seriously crazy poisons.

  • Mindy Auron

    3 of these I always get. Other two I forget about so thanks for the heads up Nate

  • Aidan Weiss-Rice

    I'm disappointed that most of the "special" bows that you can find are just enchanted bows

  • Kai Crow

    An "elephant"? What's that a bird?Now a Mammoth, THOSE are big!

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    whats that mod your using during the first person bow scenes looks pretty cool

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    Wait, can i kill Karstaag with the Jarrin Root???

  • Prisoner 24601

    arvak was my favorite mount, more than shadowmere.

  • Alternate Infinite

    bloodskal blade can be used whilst become ethereal is active

  • Arceus Lord of Creation

    Ma boy ARVAKso I can be medieval Ghost Rider🔥

  • Alberto Laurella

    There's an alchemy skill that lets you use a poisoned weapon twice, I always get that one before using the jarring root

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    Nate! You finished the video, I am so proud. I am not going to put anything else into context, you will understand :P

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    Just duplicate that Jarrin Root.Easy.

  • Tom Bombadil

    You need to double check on those lore facts, my dude. I noticed errors in your last couple Skyrim videos

  • darth revan

    The blood swords my fav it give you litterly a tactical advantage as you showed send attacks untill they reach you and then fight regular Epic!!!

  • Zach Steiner

    Just a public announcement:Please don't eat the Jarrin Root. I lost two characters this way.

  • Robb Moore

    Don't murder your beard to death!

  • Ysmir Wulfharth

    The real question here is:When will Hothtrooper realease the Talos Armor ?!?!

  • Senior Batman

    Anyone else buy manors in towns , cause you ran out of room for armor dummies and display cases?

  • Buck and the Buddy

    7:25 Bitch just literally poured the soup onto the table.Not the service I expected from a Gordon Ramsay's place.


    Dawnbreaker was a must for my Belmont build to slay Vampire filth. Probly my favorite roleplay

  • Ginger Snape

    Rather have Erandur instead of the Skull. And Arvak is the best horse in the game!

  • Semaie

    I'm sure you get asked this a lot, but which graphical mods do you use in your videos to make skyrim look so great?

  • Isaiah Ferguson

    "Wuuthrad" actually means elf grinder

  • Chris Griffin

    hey nate what ENB is that it looks really nice?

  • Eagra -

    Do you have a list of mods that you use that you could post somewhere? More specifically the visual ones, since your game looks crazy good.

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    I love your Herobrine troll vid as much as your Skyrim content 💖

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    Even I hadn't thought of trying to keep the Jarrin Root.Noice~

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    Hay Nate love your vid‘s and find all of them useful or just fun to watch

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    Hey Nate! Thanks for making these videos. Maiq is pleased

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    (possible detail/curiosity) The bloodskal blade also apeared in the TES 3

  • Syneios

    Glad there were mods to make Jarrin Root plantable...I wanted to do more with it than poison royalty, Like tipping an arrow with it poised for a dragon's heart.

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    I don't know what took me so long, (prolly enjoying all the content) but I subscribed; this guy deserves many more!

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    I'm used to loading up youtube when I get the notification that you've uploaded, but this time youtube asked me "would this be a good recommendation for you" and wouldnt let me click the video at all, got fed up and closed the app :( opened the app back up and you werent on my top feed and the video wasn't on my feed! Glad it was up now! I would love a top 10 EpicNate quests!

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    you should make a top five top fives of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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    Anyone else here under 10 min?

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