Skyrim: The Movie (HD)

Part 1.



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  • Fresh Certified Memes

    This title is misleading as fuck.

  • Random Acts Of Fun

    I came for the tits in the thumbnail.

  • uGotCAGED

    thats not even a movie!its a gameplay!!!!!!

  • GHOSTc jr

    Graphics better than my future lmfao

  • M F dragon

    Do you have to zoom out to stare at your sexy elf? Come on. You are making most female think you are perverter.

  • KaitlynHadley

    AWESOME MOVIE! and don't listen to the bad comments since it was awesome

  • evilpiratemermaid

    I like ur gameplay, but most definitely not a movie. The title is extremely misleading... U may want to fix that little bit

  • Seagull Boy

    Daedric armor and weapons from the start. sure

  • zoe

    what mods are used in the 1st wallpaper as she looks so amazing and pretty.

  • Aim High

    daedric armor already damn:0!!

  • Mark Morley

    Hi Where did you get the trielek armor from  could you please send me the link

  • Deandre Davis

    Did you use a controller or keyboard cause you are beast I tried I can't I'm sticking to controller

  • myMomSaiDimGrounded

    what race is your caracter

  • Srithor

    Don't bother - this is not a movie, it is the beginning of a mediocre playthrough. The title is clickbait.

  • BadgeurM0B

    maybe I missed the point but isn't Skyrim whatever you want to make it? I use mods like live another life and generally start where I want and my skyrim is the way I like it, so whats the issue?

  • sky rim

    Lol I see everyone standing up for the creator. Why this isn't a movie. This is what happens when I watch Skyrim over someone's shoulder. Lol cool but no movie.

  • Ryan Alexander Osborn

    Jesus Christ Is God Almighty In The Flesh! Believe Jesus Christ Shed his blood and died for all of our sins on the cross, he was buried and he rose again from the dead three days later by his power and if you believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ then you shall be saved and go to Heaven forever. None of our good works shall save us or anything else will from our sins that deserve destruction and death in a Lake Of Fire for all eternity. Once saved always saved forever by the gospel of Jesus Christ for all our sins. Ephesians Chapter 2:8-9, 1 Corinthians Chapter 15:1-4 And Romans Chapter 3:25. The King James Bible.

  • Deutsche Hierarchie

    Huge chunk missing after the character creation. Its suppose to say "your not on the list. What do we do with this one? Kill them like the rest. Sorry freind. But captains orders. May the gods have mercy on your soul. "

  • Savage Fox

    Young yea has a better movie than this it's just the actual gameplay

  • Ryhab Whit

    who else was smart enough to skip right through this to see if anything remotely interesting happend


    wow I pick locks with the top pick

  • Cassandra

    Your character really... fits in.

  • Skyrim Movies And Series

    Hey tirerexhd I have a movie called the skyrim apocalypse

  • Legoboy 2006

    stromclok you are a trader 

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