The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Dragonborn - Official Trailer (UK)

Watch the trailer for Dragonborn™, the next official game add-on for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim®.

Dragonborn will be available for download for 1600 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE® on December 4th.
  • Joshua redfern

    Still can't believe they hyped us all up on dragons you could ride only for us all to find out that you can't control them like at all

  • spencer nug

    I love how Bethesda ended this trailer just like the very first Skyrim trailer. It shows the dragon's soul being absorbed, but instead of the main character, it's Miraak. Pure genius.

  • Nicolas D'orasio Leão

    HE WAS THE FIRST!Still give me chills.

  • Escapistier

    This DLC was AWESOME! I loved every part of it. Well maybe not that fact you can't really control the dragon you are riding, would be super cool to travel all Skyrim like on a horse. But I loved the the unique new area Solsthaim and everything in it :). I wish Heartfire and Dawnguard would have new areas as well..

  • Wilhelm Felix

    I even cried a little. Damn love you Bethesda. Your going down in history as the best fucking game makers of all time. best RPG ever made.

  • Caspers Game Video's

    Look people THATS how you make a trailer!

  • Freddy Fazbear

    He was the first...and only, evil Dragonborn.Who you need to kill because he's evil.

  • DragonLover3348

    lel i am not 18 and i am playing skyrim :D

  • Ian Ye

    Hermaeus Mora - Here in Apocrypha just got this brand new Dragonborn, great for fighting things and operating in the mortal realm. But do you know what I like more than my Dragonborn? KNOWLEDGE

  • SuperCsubi

    Miraak... this name is so familiar. I don't why...

  • Bersekr

    See? Now thats how you make DLC. ..

  • Omegus Primal

    Did anyone else get really angry when he stole your Dragon soul? I was like: "Bitch! That's mine!"

  • Glitch exe

    dear bethesda, I've been getting this glitch in Skyrim when I turn Into a vampire my game crashes, sometimes.

  • Dairis Litavnieks

    This trailer still gives me goosebumps.....

  • sackbutt retard

    listen up mojan THATS how you make a trailer not some blocky pixelated guy runing around

  • Dragonk116

    Annnd yep, still haven't touched either of these DLC's even though I had them on the older versions.... maybe this time on the PS4 version special edition I will actually experience it.

  • _S1CKN3SS_

    What's better dawnguard or dragon born DLC? Because I'm thinking of getting dawnguard.

  • TyZ 2001

    Remember when we thought we could steer the dragons? Good times

  • Sho Panda

    Yeah you were the first Dragonborn until I killed you just like what I did to Alduin ( The first born ) lol

  • TytoT2000

    When he says Miraak was the first Dragonborn, I get chills (especially with the image of Miraak absorbing 3 souls at once)!

  • ScreamingTantrum

    Superb DLC. I defeated him on my new character at only level 16. Crazy. Only had a few shouts. Only did one quest in skyrim before heading to solstheim

  • slicktrips

    "you didnt think you were the only one, he was the first" what the hell were their writers thinking with that line, master arngier told the dragon born he wasnt the first and may not be the only one of the 4th era but he was the first to to be revealed. it just pisses me off lmao

  • •Dark William Bonner•

    Lol Its so good that when things started to explode , my cellphone Just dropped

  • RainCloud802

    I wish i know the song from this trailer ;.;

  • James Smoke Porter

    Karstaag wasn't in the trailer but he is the fucking hardest boss

  • Matt W

    i think we should start DBLM dragon borne lives matter instead of fighting each other

  • Paul Baranek

    One of the best DLCs in video game history

  • slicktrips

    "you didnt think you were the only one, he was the first" what the hell were their writers thinking with that line, master arngier told the dragon born he wasnt the first and may not be the only one of the 4th era but he was the first to to be revealed. it just pisses me off lmao

  • Lukas Raymond

    Jesus christ DRAGON Bourne! eh?

  • Zerometo x

    kinda sucks you dont have choice to kill or spare Miraak so he can be your follower/companion

  • Cancer with AIDS

    HE WAS THE FIRST.... DRAGONBORN! - Shezz, chill are real! :D

  • Τζουλιανο Χοτζα

    More thing to slay n loot. Say no more.

  • Bunslurrs Jenkins

    Hey guys, Pegi's 18 now

  • Richard

    Still disappointed only 3 DLC...

  • Joevace Joe

    and this is how the greatest game gave birth to the greatest dlc

  • Scott Andrew

    Things I have dreamed of: RIDING A MOTHERFUCKING DRAGON! YES LAWD!!!!

  • MP-433 Grach

    is Talos/Tiber Septim the first dovakin/dragonborn?

  • TheBetter Butter

    dragon priests came in dlc?

  • The Real Dovahkiin Miraak

    I suggest getting this.

  • Razorel SilverFlare

    You got to admit...the idea of surprising the players (and the main hero we think we are roleplaying) with the notion that"YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL...NOT AT ALL." was quite brilliant, and it adds way much depth to this game...

  • Aniket Prabhu

    One of the only two bosses that cannot be instantly killed by the Mehrunes Razor...

  • Jake Godfrey

    Man 5 years later and that trailer still gets me hyped up

  • MACn Captain

    0:55 He's the Lord! Fucking cool! Oh my God! Me gusstaaaaa! Our feather! Our God! Dragon's roar

  • Laura Carter

    This is totally one of the best dlc's ever!

  • Ben Rosmaruss

    and to think that we could have had two more great DLCs like this instead of ESO...

  • Arda Gazioğlu

    To be honest, Miraak was cowered by the dragons. He did stand up after a while but he got destroyed along with his temple and rule so I'd say he is not that much powerful.

  • Podrick Payne

    Title: DragonbornThat Dragonborn gets 5 minutes of screen time...

  • Andrew Kennedy

    Ok people should win, Dragonborn vs Smaug

  • The9PointStar

    Ohh gooood i am playing this now on my ps3, simply awesome

  • Paul Flores x 2

    I need this song's version

  • Dirge the Undying

    Am I the only one here that fucking loved apocrypha? XP

  • Fluffy Greyfoot

    It sure beats the main quest.. The battle with alduin was basically the same as fighting any other dragon but with more hp/damage and meteors doing showering on me... Wish the alduin boss fight had more to it

  • Callum Yu

    Anyone else dissatisfied with dragon riding? I'm like ATLEAST let me fucking control where the dragon goes, othrr than that pretty good dlc 9/10.

  • Wilhelm Felix

    Seriously ... Bethesda. You are FUCKING geniuses. Fucking EPIC trailer. EPIC I TELL YOU. EPIC!!!!!

  • the gamer1625

    Which is better Dragonborn or Dawnguard

  • Unkown


  • Lennart On Fire

    i want a full version of the music

  • Noice dreams


  • Duelblink

    I hope TES VI is going to be as good as skyrim

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