The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Dragonborn - Official Trailer (UK)

Watch the trailer for Dragonborn™, the next official game add-on for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim®.

Dragonborn will be available for download for 1600 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE® on December 4th.
  • Joshua redfern

    Still can't believe they hyped us all up on dragons you could ride only for us all to find out that you can't control them like at all

  • Snowblade

    I'd love to have the soundtrack for this.

  • SuperCsubi - A Dühöngő Űrmedve

    Miraak... this name is so familiar. I don't why...

  • AliDott

    All the DLC was fabulous, I just wish we could have had one or two more aaaaaaaa

  • Ragsy x

    Considering Elder scrolls final DLC's appear to follow a pattern of focusing on a specific daerda prince (Morrowind - Hircine, oblivion - sheogorath and Skyrim - Hermaeus Mora) I wonder which one they'll focus on in the next game? I think Sanguine would be Bants

  • Srab23

    Funny how skyrim should have dlc's about my favorite things. Lovecraftian horror and vampires

  • Wilhelm Felix Jr

    I even cried a little. Damn love you Bethesda. Your going down in history as the best fucking game makers of all time. best RPG ever made.

  • Vladimir C

    Bethesda know how to make a trailer.But Skyrim was the first time it actually delivered.

  • రవి సుమంత్

    The music and the narration awesome.. chants till 26 sec and epic music after that . Chills down the spine.

  • The_real_hitler_offical

    How does Bethesda always make bomb ass trailers

  • Leisurous

    .....better with kinect!!!

  • Dark Caster

    Its 2017 still its giving me those chills OMG o.o

  • Hunter Caldwell

    mind fucking blown every time I watch this

  • Noah Tucker

    I just completed that campaign

  • spencer nug

    I love how Bethesda ended this trailer just like the very first Skyrim trailer. It shows the dragon's soul being absorbed, but instead of the main character, it's Miraak. Pure genius.

  • Escapistier

    This DLC was AWESOME! I loved every part of it. Well maybe not that fact you can't really control the dragon you are riding, would be super cool to travel all Skyrim like on a horse. But I loved the the unique new area Solsthaim and everything in it :). I wish Heartfire and Dawnguard would have new areas as well..

  • Bersekr

    See? Now thats how you make DLC. ..

  • Caspers Game Video's

    Look people THATS how you make a trailer!

  • roblox is my city

    He was the first...and only, evil Dragonborn.Who you need to kill because he's evil.

  • Sebastianz Villarojo

    The First VS The Last..... Such epicness

  • The Killer

    I'm stuck in aquiring the bend will shout.fucking character won't absorb it

  • Lillian Banda

    Bethesda is making movie trailers not videogame adverts

  • DragonLover3348

    lel i am not 18 and i am playing skyrim :D

  • Kyla McLeod

    0:56 I don't know how but i still hearHE'S THE LORD! FUCKING​COOL! OH MY GOD! ME GUSTA! HE'S NOT GAY! HE'S THE GO-OH-OH-OD!

  • Dairis Litavnieks

    This trailer still gives me goosebumps.....

  • JaxTheGamer

    I used to be a Dragon Priest like you than I took a Great Power to the face.

  • Zonghoua L.

    Miraak that first I know but he died and resurrect again and why I got the dlc and the dawnguard too heartfire

  • Omegus Primal

    Did anyone else get really angry when he stole your Dragon soul? I was like: "Bitch! That's mine!"

  • Glitch exe

    dear bethesda, I've been getting this glitch in Skyrim when I turn Into a vampire my game crashes, sometimes.

  • Galath Worker of secrets


  • Nikita Heyland

    Ale and mead , the only advice a sailor needs, comment if you've heard this from a reaver

  • The Helghan Empire

    First eh... I'm jealous I'm gonna kill this guy.

  • xReelex

    0:47 I like that he has the typical dragonborn armor and dragonbone arrows

  • Scarecrow

    So glad they brought back solstiem

  • Fdgod wow

    lol this is not Skyrim V 😑 idiots

  • Darthddawg

    skyrim has some of the best DLCs I have ever played and I have played alot

  • Mihael Šarić

    does anyone know the name of this skyrim theme (soundtrack) on steroids?

  • sackbutt retard

    listen up mojan THATS how you make a trailer not some blocky pixelated guy runing around

  • ThePolarclaw

    just because he's the first doesn't mean he's the best

  • Ghost Rider

    I remember when I first saw this I thought the cultists were priests of order. Signaling the return of Jyggalag. Jyggalag better return in the next Elder Scrolls

  • bradhuygens

    Actually the best DLC. So much content. Dawnguard was the first fresh DLC so some like it more, but this one was definitely my favorite


    What's better dawnguard or dragon born DLC? Because I'm thinking of getting dawnguard.

  • oblivion476

    Bethesda proving once again they can do some damn good Fan Service with their real expansions. Shivering Isles and Dragonborn are so fucking good. Even Dawnguard was really good and fleshed out. Only gripe I had with Skyrim was their dismissal of actual attributes and making it all stamina/magika/health. Aside from needing a bit more RPG complexity back into the mix it's such a great series. Really looking forward to VI but I hope they take their time. I don't care if it's here by 2020. Make it good. Not rushed.

  • Grant Walter

    Why did Kyneareth give him the power of the dragonborn first?

  • Armored Personnel Carrier

    Elder Scrolls makes my dick wet

  • Hailey Frye

    get the game its so cool but get the skyrim that says .the elder scrolls skyrimlegendary editionget that skyrim its better then the first skyrim because skyrim legendary edition has more better things then the first skyrim

  • American Cheese

    Is there a full version of the vocals at the end?

  • Nyan Kid

    It would be cool if you could get a shout that lets you summon hermaeus mora or something that would be awesome

  • TyZ 2001

    Remember when we thought we could steer the dragons? Good times

  • Dizzy AVGN

    still gives me a goosebumps...

  • slicktrips

    "you didnt think you were the only one, he was the first" what the hell were their writers thinking with that line, master arngier told the dragon born he wasnt the first and may not be the only one of the 4th era but he was the first to to be revealed. it just pisses me off lmao

  • Izzuz Otsoga

    Yeah you were the first Dragonborn until I killed you just like what I did to Alduin ( The first born ) lol

  • Chaos Blade Gaming

    I think YouTube has gotten sick of me pressing the replay button on this video because it isn't working anymore.

  • TytoT2000

    When he says Miraak was the first Dragonborn, I get chills (especially with the image of Miraak absorbing 3 souls at once)!

  • Ben Rosmaruss

    and to think that we could have had two more great DLCs like this instead of ESO...

  • ScreamingTantrum

    Superb DLC. I defeated him on my new character at only level 16. Crazy. Only had a few shouts. Only did one quest in skyrim before heading to solstheim

  • Dragonk116

    Annnd yep, still haven't touched either of these DLC's even though I had them on the older versions.... maybe this time on the PS4 version special edition I will actually experience it.

  • DrakosXV

    Lol Its so good that when things started to explode , my cellphone Just dropped

  • slicktrips

    "you didnt think you were the only one, he was the first" what the hell were their writers thinking with that line, master arngier told the dragon born he wasnt the first and may not be the only one of the 4th era but he was the first to to be revealed. it just pisses me off lmao

  • Fils de Jason Voorhees

    Karstaag wasn't in the trailer but he is the fucking hardest boss

  • Matt W

    i think we should start DBLM dragon borne lives matter instead of fighting each other

  • RainCloud802

    I wish i know the song from this trailer ;.;

  • Razorel SilverFlare

    You got to admit...the idea of surprising the players (and the main hero we think we are roleplaying) with the notion that"YOU ARE NOT SPECIAL...NOT AT ALL." was quite brilliant, and it adds way much depth to this game...

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