Skyrim: How to Make Your Wife Hot Guide (Xbox 360)

This can easily be done on PC with console commands, but I've found a way for it to work on both the Xbox 360 and PS3! Leave a like if it helped you!



This video will show you how to get any Companionable Wife to wear whatever clothes you want her to on the console! Up until now this has only been possible on the PC but now it can be done on the Xbox 360 and PS3! Enjoy!

    I found out farkas is gay he's interested in me

  • Edwin Murillo

    Everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked...

  • Michael Malone

    you said a couple of dudes, when I went in there, there were 10 falmer shadowmasters and I brought a weak follower, he survived and I got everything, but it was just unexpected

  • Kaike The Humanhog

    Aela is alerady hot with the nord armor.

  • Derp Lord


  • Vendetta Worm

    Great video! Now my husband is wearing the emperor's robes. Thanks.

  • GeneticHybrids

    Omg I just figured out how to make Lydia 100x hotter than she's ever been. I figured out how to get her to put on the four pieces of the "Armor of the old gods" that I got during the "No One Escapes Cidhna Mine" quest... OMG I'm so f-n glad I held onto this armor now!!! I don't know why I never thought to do it before, but all I did was use a fortify smithing potion on just the armor and smithrd it up to legendary. I'm sure it way overkill but her armor now is 327 and she wasted no time peeling off that ugly heavy armor I've been trying to get off her since ps3 days. God she looks good. After you put the armor on her whole look changes and the helmet changed her hair to something sect too. This definitely got her back up to one of Tennessee top five wives in my to get my girlfriend an outfit like this.....later guys!!!

  • PRisonPEnguin

    Those clothes are ok but if you really want to make her look good put the forsworn amour on her 😍

  • Harambe's Revenge

    My problem is that she constantly defaults to wearing her bra and panties.

  • goku

    thanks dude this was really helpful :) im tired of lydia taking care of the kids in a full suit of armor

  • Max Lawless

    Kill her with fire before she lays eggs.

  • Travis Gifford

    I tried it and it glitched her default armor back

  • John Matthew

    I like how you make taking a dead person's clothing so casual haha

  • Hailey \TheTroll\ Elizabeth

    I just made my HUSBAND hot lol

  • Lord Lazy

    Orr you can give her a forsworn armor

  • Shannon Lashway

    i keep trying but she just keeps dawning her default clothing tried every trick that was talked about but still doesn't work but now i have around 600 sets of her default armor how can i fix thisim on Xbox by the way

  • comicstorian's number 1 fan

    what about forsworn armour

  • E Burke

    I'm such a nerd for watching this 😂

  • Jesus Cuellar

    Forsworn armor is the most revealing ;)

  • Karasamune

    Will this work with Ysolda?

  • Nick Bronze

    My wife's clothes keep reappearing. She won't be "in all her glory" like you did

  • Falkreath Cast

    But now the question remains: who to choose...

  • Jason De Marco

    Does this ONLY work with companion/ follower wives ?

  • Red Angel Gaming

    i can't get this 2 work sam wife same clothes still goes back 2 default did everything just like youtuber did must have been patched

  • Siebe Van den Elzen

    mjoll the lioness you are going to be so beautiful

  • Apollo Smile

    Its funny i played this on pc skyrim but it feels more better on xbox 360 there is somethign about playing games you like on a console special.....

  • Lordkaminator

    finally  a guy who plays skyrim on console pls make more tutorials for the xbox version that is what I use

  • HydeAlone

    thx now my wife isnt wearing massive armour so cheers bro:)

  • smifekka

    Here i am in 2017 addicted to skyrim on xbox360.

  • waffle wolf

    I found the tavern cloths in markarth if it makes it any more easy to find

  • Akeam Clark

    steel plate armor keep spawning😡😡😡

  • Lonna Massa

    Is skyrim a boy game because Im not a lesbian and I don't wanna marry a girl....

  • sajisama24

    Well it looks like PC is a mutch bether choose to play Skyrim.

  • ShadowWes89

    Nice, am on xboxand i was trying to figure it out.this vid helpt me allot thanks ShadowWolf

  • Tinytacohead

    Tried it with your mom & sadly, nope!

  • Tinytacohead

    Two thumbs up for helping 13yo button-monkey's jack off around the globe!

  • IPrefer2Win

    Oh silly console peasants...

  • Michael Golden

    i had the same problem. you can remove 3 items from her using this method. but if you remove even one more item, all of those items you took will respawn.

  • trueladiesman123

    does it work for you ?

  • Gilgamesh

    Thank you very much :D !!!!

  • trueladiesman123

    i did everything the way you told me to.. and it keeps spawning her old armor back... why ?

  • Steven Walton

    good vid want my wife being this foxy too

  • Sanish Nhemhafuki

    My freakish uncle was able to make the most incredible pole dancer there is in my town fall in love with him as he used the Cupid Love System (Google it). I wish I became joyful for him but I dream an amazing person would fall for me like that. I am extremely envious. Does that make me a terrible individual?

  • Ægir

    I change my wife clothes and it works, but every time I come back to my house she's naked, what did I do wrong?

  • Joe Hanson

    Hi wife. I brought you home a new outfit. It was murder to get. I hope you like it.

  • RocketFizz720

    i'm not gonna look for that exact clothing but i'll get her to wear real clothes

  • Swagruto Uzumaki

    Does it work on ysolda I fucked up and married her without knowing she couldn't help me in battle

  • tad filmz

    dont worry i doont understand cloths either

  • sf1888sn1889

    Nice I hate that she stands like a guy

  • Jesse Roberts

    Or you could kill Alva to get the tavern clothes. o3o

  • Robert Gobert

    What do you do if your wife is part of the blades (like Lydia)

  • Sakthi You

    I'm bothered. My friend sleeps in the adjacent room and he in recent months became excellent at getting the women. The guy went to the Master Attraction site by Jake Ayres (Google it). Now I hear him bringing ladies back. He's always pulling females back and I can't help but hear it, which is disgusting and If only he never discovered that site. My best friend is getting laid now too coz of that site.

  • Jeffrey Gostomske

    it is so nice to find another xbox gamer who posts cool surprises and cheats. thanks shadow wolf

  • Larry Mead

    OK I ended up marrying Lydia, it took me all day to find the Liar's Retreat and hours to clear out the loot, including the Bartender outfit but I have a feeling she won't wear it. I'll try buying all her apparel and I got her a glass dagger of burning. However my wife say's the games going to my head, ha.

  • Larry Mead

    I went and married Sylja a miner from Shor's Stone and found out both by experience and the internet it was impossible to change that ugly miner outfit. So losing a lot of game saves I made a note of the save before proposing to her and went back. I've been playing this game for a while (Xbox) and Bethseda must have had a low budget for testers because it is full of glitches. It makes me sick PC players can do whatever they want, I've been unable to find the cave. I could go on, I'v left a novel

  • Steej

    hey, if you can work out how to open the console command in real life you can do anything ;)

  • alex mckeown

    can you try to find away to do it with the 2.9 update

  • Oshawott's World

    how do you reverse it please?

  • jacob smith

    lol "I'm a guy I don't understand clothing names"

  • Mike Althouse

    I tried doing that with my wife Aela but it didn't work. I did everything u did. When id buy the armor back it would go back 2 her default armor. What did I do wrong? I have a xbox 360 please help!.

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