Skyrim: How to Make Your Wife Hot Guide (Xbox 360)

This can easily be done on PC with console commands, but I've found a way for it to work on both the Xbox 360 and PS3! Leave a like if it helped you!



This video will show you how to get any Companionable Wife to wear whatever clothes you want her to on the console! Up until now this has only been possible on the PC but now it can be done on the Xbox 360 and PS3! Enjoy!
  • Edwin Murillo

    Everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked...

  • Michael Malone

    you said a couple of dudes, when I went in there, there were 10 falmer shadowmasters and I brought a weak follower, he survived and I got everything, but it was just unexpected

  • Vendetta Worm

    Great video! Now my husband is wearing the emperor's robes. Thanks.

  • Derp Lord


  • Kaike The Humanhog

    Aela is alerady hot with the nord armor.

  • PRisonPEnguin

    Those clothes are ok but if you really want to make her look good put the forsworn amour on her 😍

  • GeneticHybrids

    Omg I just figured out how to make Lydia 100x hotter than she's ever been. I figured out how to get her to put on the four pieces of the "Armor of the old gods" that I got during the "No One Escapes Cidhna Mine" quest... OMG I'm so f-n glad I held onto this armor now!!! I don't know why I never thought to do it before, but all I did was use a fortify smithing potion on just the armor and smithrd it up to legendary. I'm sure it way overkill but her armor now is 327 and she wasted no time peeling off that ugly heavy armor I've been trying to get off her since ps3 days. God she looks good. After you put the armor on her whole look changes and the helmet changed her hair to something sect too. This definitely got her back up to one of Tennessee top five wives in my to get my girlfriend an outfit like this.....later guys!!!

  • Harambe's Revenge

    My problem is that she constantly defaults to wearing her bra and panties.

  • goku

    thanks dude this was really helpful :) im tired of lydia taking care of the kids in a full suit of armor

  • E Burke

    I'm such a nerd for watching this 😂

  • Hailey \TheTroll\ Elizabeth

    I just made my HUSBAND hot lol

  • LNG Varck

    Console people have to do glitches and such to enhance their gameplay while PC players download some mods to completely change everything to make EVERYTHING in Skyrim look beautiful. I love PC.

  • Joey C

    "everyone says you have to be on the PC version of skyrim to be able to do this, Well (laugh), I play on the xbox version of skyrim!' Well arn't you cool 

  • Payton C

    this is honestly the saddest video I have ever seen hahahah some freaking nerds trying to make there wife hot😂

  • Lord Lazy

    Orr you can give her a forsworn armor

  • Siebe Van den Elzen

    mjoll the lioness you are going to be so beautiful

  • Apollo Smile

    Its funny i played this on pc skyrim but it feels more better on xbox 360 there is somethign about playing games you like on a console special.....

  • Travis Gifford

    I tried it and it glitched her default armor back

  • John Matthew

    I like how you make taking a dead person's clothing so casual haha

  • Jesus Cuellar

    Forsworn armor is the most revealing ;)

  • comicstorian's number 1 fan

    what about forsworn armour

  • Shannon Lashway

    i keep trying but she just keeps dawning her default clothing tried every trick that was talked about but still doesn't work but now i have around 600 sets of her default armor how can i fix thisim on Xbox by the way

  • Golden

    you PC peasents dont know REAL power!!! Behold the almighty potato master race!!! we run at 20160p and 120 frames per second!!! fear us. respect us. plant us.

  • Red Angel Gaming

    i can't get this 2 work sam wife same clothes still goes back 2 default did everything just like youtuber did must have been patched

  • Karasamune

    Will this work with Ysolda?

  • Bryan Tan

    Can we get the lowest cut clothing for men?

  • Prezzly Vang

    What if your wife isn't a follower, do you just have to pickpocket your non-follower wife?....

  • waffle wolf

    I found the tavern cloths in markarth if it makes it any more easy to find

  • SalandFindles

    So, I've married Ysolda. Does that mean that I can't change her clothes at all? I played Skyrim back in 2011 when it was new and eventually gained 473 hours in it, but I ended up marrying Aela the Huntress on that playthrough. So.........Ysolda, yes or nah?

  • skrty stark

    It's not working. Does it have to be steel plate armour?

  • Aprialdano

    Hahaha Ulfric Stormcloak should be a naked high king

  • Nick Bronze

    My wife's clothes keep reappearing. She won't be "in all her glory" like you did

  • Fat_Al's Gaming

    in my game this worked, but I told her to go home so I could get my other follower to come with me. and I went back home and she was in a bra not the tavern cloths lol

  • Spot Light

    what if they aren't a follower?

  • Falkreath Cast

    But now the question remains: who to choose...

  • Zara Harris

    Does the 'Steel plate armor' still look like that on females? With the boob plate and all? I thought that was a mod thing. Would really appreciate a reply. Thanks and great vid btw.

  • Jason De Marco

    Does this ONLY work with companion/ follower wives ?

  • Hoàng An Nguyễn

    so I only can do that when she's following me, but when I tell her to part away, she wears the ugly armor again, so is there any chance that she can stay at home but wear clothes?

  • John Intin

    Pc and modding is for homos. And nobody plays pc but nerdy kids lol.

  • Akeam Clark

    steel plate armor keep spawning😡😡😡

  • Lordkaminator

    finally  a guy who plays skyrim on console pls make more tutorials for the xbox version that is what I use

  • Benzux The Ender Master

    Ancient nordic is also a good choice

  • Harry Markwick

    i had to buy the amour and shield for 1700 gold WTF

  • Jason Zimmerman

    Does this work on a non-companion wife?

  • Cole Greatly Approves

    Oh I just killed a woman in Markarth for those clothes

  • ake staaf

    Can you make Anwen change clothes?

  • Alex Beckstead

    Playing remastered and there are in game mods that work really well for this

  • Juicebox Jr

    For it to work you need to leave 1 part of her original armor on.

  • KA-12 Atom

    this does not eork on orcs it just wastes money

  • Meliv G1RB

    She takes it off of you leave the city so she is always makes when I come home :(

  • West Coast Classics

    I cant do it with mjoll the lioness, and i cant borrow her armor

  • Scissorfuk Bax

    Ok nevermind. Just make sure you give them the clothes first before you take your armor back. But at home they are naked because they eventually take off what you give them.So it still doesn't work! ...

  • 2LiterJay MajorJackaFan3000

    If u dismiss what happens

  • Valerio Petouchoff

    Is it possible with camilla valerius?

  • Connor Gaspard

    Got a mod to get nocturnal's clothes... Everything worked out.

  • DeviledAngel 16

    If anyone else wants to find the tavern clothes and doesn't want to travel to the cave here's another wayYou can find women in Inn's that usually play an instrument Ex: in markarth theirs a ladyJust kill her and BOOM

  • Beefius Bon Peanoot Loafus III

    Okay, now this is epic.

  • Yu Katsuragi

    can you change Miner girl's clothes? if you know her.

  • Divided Reality

    Or level pickpocketing to 100, unlock the Perfect Touch perk to pickpocket ANY equipped items, weapons, clothing, etc. Then switch out the clothes if you're hidden while sneaking.Made the guards wear fine hats.

  • Just rose

    I married Lydia, i have to admit shes wonderful

  • theforcebewithu

    Or you could pick pocket it

  • Goofy Goober

    Doesn't work on my waifu she changes back to default clothing everytime she doesnt follow me.

  • Nicky The Greater

    This was such a helpful guide especially for the switch version

  • Itsfunneh fan

    This will only work on your wife. You're wife becomes an npc store and you can buy anything in her possession. Basically just buying her default armor off of her. So she can equip anything else.

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