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Hunters Not Bandits by raccoondance
Snow Penguins by Canlocu
Wild Penguins by Jokerine
Fluff's Followers - Winston the Penguin by Fluff Eisenkette
Lind's Marksmage Garb by Lind001 - Lindsworkshop
Nithhogg Dragon by Zerofrost
SnowFall ENB - with Realtime Snow Cover by Megaloblast and Kojak747
FurArmor Set by Keung
  • ESO - Fallout & Elder Scrolls Guides

    MxR I didn't get one either, I had to ask for it. Ive been doing pretty much just SKyrim guides for 5 years now XD.

  • 룸파

    I'm still waiting for Harambe follower mod

  • Famix

    Skyrim is located in the north. There are no penguins in the north. They're all in antartica

  • Damian Currie

    Until SKSE arrives for remastered I personally don't find it that worth swapping over to

  • paul tananikas

    came for the mods, stayed for the harambe moon.

  • Edward

    I played skyrim so much...that I am now bored of skyim. I have stopped playing skyrim for half a year and hoping in the future, I can regain the interest of playing skyrim.

  • Magneto

    So I just got Skyrim Special Edition for Xbox One, and there's already a female body mod on the store or library or whatever. I saw it when I was at my friends house, and he was like "Of course, there's already one of those." At first I was going to play it off like I wasn't going to download it, but then I essentially said screw it. I was like "Okay, we both know that as soon as I go home, we're both going to download it first chance we get, so we might as well just do it now." lol

  • Keith Elliott

    ... because its 60 bucks, no new content, and i've played the crap out of it on ps3 and pc.

  • Forest Stalker

    YOU HAVE A HARAMBE MOON?!!! Now I've seen it all..

  • Oli

    Do you only play Skyrim to jack off to it?

  • slimj091

    Skyrim remastered doesn't even look as good as old Skyrim with mods. I mean what exactly is the point of it?

  • Its Me Dio !

    why the fuck does this guy sounds like Pewdiepie lmao

  • Exaless24

    man you sound like pewdiepie noice

  • Mr. BeatsMachine

    How did you not though? Over 1 mil subs and still no love? GAH!

  • Dimitri Sainis

    I got it for free :P So, whatever.

  • Yvory6

    Ok, let be clear here, the new version is 64bit yes, but the main point of that is not the 64bit itself wish bring only a little more performance but the fact that it can use over 4gb of memory (Skyrim itself is limited to 3.2gb along with the 32bit systems themselves) If you run the old Skyrim with an ENB like most do then you probably also have the "enboost" installed, in old version you had to install it separately now since a good time it included in most (all?) ENB mods (I personally use "ENB Vision")That Enboost allow the use of memory over 3.2 like if it was a 64bit system. So if you already run fine there is no point to switch to the new version. If you need a "little" more dps maybe it worth it. If you're the average joe then go for it ;)

  • Jesters Jest

    Did Zerofrost take 4 years to make those dragons! lol XD

  • zum

    Thanks for making these videos, they helped me through the bullying in my high school years. During gym time i felt so insecure and everyone bullied me because i was born with a micropenis. It's made me very depressed and even suicidal, but when i turn on one of your videos my life is like when i thought penis size didn't matter. Thank you

  • JuiceHead

    hey if you get a copy i want one too

  • Lazer Peabody

    is that a haram bae  moon  lol cool mod.

  • Ohio's Last Rockstar

    your voice has changed..

  • Michael Owens

    Im gonna be honest man, you do more for skyrim... No... Bethesda.. , you do more for Bethesda than any other You Tuber. Sure there's other mod channels, there's other channels that play the game. But none of them bring as much life into the game as you do. Keep up the good work, im sure Bethesda will notice lol.

  • VideoFanatic13

    Who is the girl in the thumbnaili need that preset!

  • Knifey McStab

    Why is the Moon Harambe? you know what. WHY NOT.

  • AWP Dragon Lore

    (=゚ω゚)ノ Bleach OST? Did you hear that too? Winston part-

  • Christoph Withers

    OMG, the dragon is ultimate bruh, it looks so creepy and godlike!!!

  • Silver

    You sound like Pewdiepie. Lol.

  • Camachino17

    Penguins in Skyrim are just wrong.... Skyrim is not on the South Pole so therefore there cant be any!!

  • Zaric Zhakaron

    You need to be a legend like Trainwiz to get early copies as a modder.

  • Chronica

    What's the armor used in this video?

  • Keln

    They are using the same engine for the remaster... but are mods gonna be compatible directly or will the modders need to work'em out beforehand?

  • EcchiSamurai

    He kinda sounds like Pewdiepie

  • yahya musseb

    this guy died of climax or something? 8:07

  • iMYX

    Because limitations doesent just break interest: It breaks consols.

  • Just_Random_1o7

    Lol you kind of sound like pewdiepie

  • i like churros because they taste like regret

    You are Pewdiepie and nobody can convince me otherwise

  • The Foxy Show

    he sounds like Pewdiepie

  • Abel Kuroyama

    Oddly enough, I'm inclined to think Bethesda may in fact actually dicking with Mxr specifically. I can absolutely see that happening.

  • Thenduril

    7:55 why does this make me laugh so much

  • Thissitesucks badly

    Yo seriously Fuck Bethesda ...im just done ....First they make a Mod limit....okay for consle makes sence,.....then theres a 255 limit on PC steam....when they could EASALY make it over 60000 ..Code FFFF.....then They make u use some Steam mods its creationi club ontop of the fact its over priced.....Like just fuk em

  • A Theos

    I'm looking to get into game design as a hobby, and you have my solemn affirmation that I will put massive "tiddies" on all of my creations. Oh yes my friends there will be "tiddies."

  • German Furman

    that pronunciation of Nidhogg made me cringe so bad.

  • SJKid856

    8:04 look at the backround

  • Love Bird

    Do they have any mods to make men look better

  • Jose Lara

    Harambe Moon, up in the heavens where he belongs ... such a beautiful message 🙌🏻

  • max

    why did the dragon look at u and than attack u lol

  • Russell Grier

    why is Winston in the in, ....never question skyrim...ever lol

  • John Howard

    Immersion? Penguins in cold climate? You are aware that most penguins don't live in the cold right. Most live in the southern hemisphere in sub tropical or temperate climates, but hey who doesn't wanna see a penguin being eaten by a polar bear?

  • Armadyl Featherbreeze

    I got Skyrim for PC like early 2015 or 2016 (I think - same year as Special Edition came out), and modded the heck out of it thanks to you MxR for showing the awesome mods, and when the Special Edition came out, it was already in my Steam Libary for FREE =)

  • UltimateGeek

    but MXR, penguins?There are no penguins in norway, finland OR Sweden, which skyrim is based on....

  • Skyrim Boss

    What is that running animation

  • - RedZoneGameplay -

    do a alexstraza face guide

  • Rebelzize

    Thats why we are re-making Oblivion with Skyblivion! Have you seen our trailer MxR? And latest update video? We took Bethesda's jobs ;)

  • Noah The Troll-Hunting Christian Spy

    The Fur Armor Set looks Mongolian in appearance.

  • Cryptic Cobra

    mod channels don't get early access because a modded game is better then anything they could release....

  • Dan Morgan

    So, MxR care to explain the naked guy with the massive erection who is lying in the street at 7:55?

  • Shadow death princess The goth antigoddess

    Mxr is the nidhogg dragon available on console

  • Victor - Towiebai

    I not a Youtuber and i get it for free xDD

  • Prydwen Gaming

    Plz dont let pottastic do any more vids. Ive been with you since day one and im gonna stop watching your vids because shes ruining the channel.

  • sportiolli

    Fur? beware of skyrim peta

  • Nuck Chorris

    Which body replacer do you use mxr

  • DeathIsLight

    What is the best NLVA ENB?!?!

  • Sam Weingart

    Inhales for 5 seconds Screams at bear - SKYRIM BELONGS TO THE NOOOOOOOOOOOOORDS bear runs away in fear

  • Galimeer5

    Bethesda doesn't like modders because we make them look bad

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