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Hunters Not Bandits by raccoondance
Snow Penguins by Canlocu
Wild Penguins by Jokerine
Fluff's Followers - Winston the Penguin by Fluff Eisenkette
Lind's Marksmage Garb by Lind001 - Lindsworkshop
Nithhogg Dragon by Zerofrost
SnowFall ENB - with Realtime Snow Cover by Megaloblast and Kojak747
FurArmor Set by Keung
  • Gopher

    I didn't get in on the creation kit beta either and I almost never stick titties on anything.

  • SharkByte

    It's been 5 years and I'm still too retarded to install an ENB

  • tskwared667

    Am I the only one that plays these games with a male character and make myself look badass rather than play as a girl and stare at their ass?

  • ESO - Fallout & Elder Scrolls Guides

    MxR I didn't get one either, I had to ask for it. Ive been doing pretty much just SKyrim guides for 5 years now XD.

  • Jose Lara

    Harambe Moon, up in the heavens where he belongs ... such a beautiful message 🙌🏻

  • Damian Currie

    Until SKSE arrives for remastered I personally don't find it that worth swapping over to

  • Oli

    Do you only play Skyrim to jack off to it?

  • CG Vallejos

    Why do you want skyrim remastered if you have a PC and ENB that put it can put to shame what Bethesda did? I mean, you got a poncho with bouncing boobs! A bouncing boob poncho!

  • Famix

    Skyrim is located in the north. There are no penguins in the north. They're all in antartica

  • UltimateGeek

    but MXR, penguins?There are no penguins in norway, finland OR Sweden, which skyrim is based on....

  • zum

    Thanks for making these videos, they helped me through the bullying in my high school years. During gym time i felt so insecure and everyone bullied me because i was born with a micropenis. It's made me very depressed and even suicidal, but when i turn on one of your videos my life is like when i thought penis size didn't matter. Thank you

  • Edward

    I played skyrim so much...that I am now bored of skyim. I have stopped playing skyrim for half a year and hoping in the future, I can regain the interest of playing skyrim.

  • Abel Kuroyama

    Oddly enough, I'm inclined to think Bethesda may in fact actually dicking with Mxr specifically. I can absolutely see that happening.

  • BlondyIronBlood

    People get the Special Edition for free if they make guides for Skyrim?Now I feel like an asshole just getting it for free, since I havn't done shit to deserve it.I don't even play it...

  • Walter Applebee

    did anyone else notice @7:14 he turned full on scottish say shoulder cape?

  • TheDragonKing

    Penguin live down at the south pole, skyrim is up north

  • 룸파

    I'm still waiting for Harambe follower mod

  • liliana yan

    Doesn't have pigeons cus it is based off the north.

  • EcchiSamurai

    He kinda sounds like Pewdiepie

  • Geege

    What are you going to do with the special edition anyway.. Show tits and ass in 64 bit?

  • Z1LL4 JR


  • Frater Xavier

    Pc specs you use with all these mods?

  • Randy Parsons

    What going on with that sleeping man at 8:00? : D

  • Edwin Mejia

    That Winston and Pino combo was hilarious hehe 😂😂😂😂

  • jdbgolf_ 326

    winston+giant=rocket penguin

  • Mr. BeatsMachine

    How did you not though? Over 1 mil subs and still no love? GAH!

  • Jesters Jest

    Did Zerofrost take 4 years to make those dragons! lol XD

  • Geeky Galaxy

    Are you begging for a free copy? Everyone else had to pay...

  • I Will Redeem The Land of Shadow

    who's that chick first in the video?? what's that mod?

  • Lark Horse

    Actually penguins are only found in the southern hemisphere

  • Agtor R

    i get why penguins #downloaded

  • iMYX

    Because limitations doesent just break interest: It breaks consols.

  • Makayla Squires

    PlayStation needs these ;^;

  • Dimitri Sainis

    I got it for free :P So, whatever.

  • Zack Attack

    hey boss do you know where I can buy a all well ranged mods skyrim ?

  • Dakota Wheeler

    So in regards to the penguins one day in chemistry we were arguing what was worth more dragon scales or mammoth tusks and our chemistry teacher chimed by saying " no penguin peni is where it's all at"

  • César Alejandro

    That Deatwing ost at last was pure gold with the Dragon ♥

  • slimj091

    Skyrim remastered doesn't even look as good as old Skyrim with mods. I mean what exactly is the point of it?

  • Anonymous Gamer

    how can you compare enb to your enb it looks good either way so no point really if your gonna compare then compare it to the original vanilla game not the another enb that you already had then we wouldn't know the difference

  • M Smith

    Most of the mods don't work.

  • Keith Elliott

    ... because its 60 bucks, no new content, and i've played the crap out of it on ps3 and pc.

  • Cayde 6

    I didn't get remastered too! my original skyrim on PC looks 10x better

  • Faridz Ishak

    wait, why your voice sounds like Pewdewpie's ? or is it just me

  • Jedd Rowbotham

    ughhh your avatar does my head in. stop touching your goddam face. jessica! thats where pimples come from! do you want to end up like your older sister?

  • Stag Dragon

    I am dying, I forgot why I love these guy's videos. But just on the Hunters not Bandits.

  • HGVhGVxJY 4Cz2xD0

    Seems like you've forgotten that Skyrim is on the northern hemisphere?

  • ShadewDonger

    What mod is in the thumbnail?

  • Black Mamba

    this guy is incredibly funny

  • VideoFanatic13

    Who is the girl in the thumbnaili need that preset!

  • TheSwervsPlays

    pewdiepies long lost brother.

  • Stag Dragon

    fucking Thomas the Tank Engines flying around. ahh good times good times.

  • Galimir Nund

    Uhhh you can get skyrim se for free hehe...

  • framexer

    i don't mean to be an ass, but this is not skyrim.. "this" does not look like skyrim and does not reflect its spirit.. too much shiny mods spoil the original game and that "epic" experience.. in my opinion ofc..

  • Biggie Cheese

    Why does this guy clickbait and fetishize video game characters? Is he that desperate for views?

  • Nathan Plumb

    What idle animation is he using?

  • Oli Cansdale

    How do you get your character to look like that?

  • ReyGamingFPS

    Just play elder scrolls online

  • Ranger tg

    Mxr the people who do guides just preorder it. Also modders get it first to port mods.

  • Teddy P

    who the fuck is talking? MxR?? wtf happened to ur voice?

  • MissMisterPr0xy

    i have skyrim with all the mods but i want to try out Remastered version for you know.... i really god deal of 1-1$ lel

  • Arpit Johari

    actually bethesda hasn't sent any PC copies to youtubers and mod reviewers except modders and even they are not allowed to say a single thing about special edition on PC till it actually launches on 28th bethesda want every special edition focus on consoles.

  • Valaois

    i must be retarded bc mario on n64 looks better than my skyrim and i've tried texture upgrade mods

  • Travis letchford

    What are the changes in the remastered version

  • Yolo Prod

    The dragon is sexy but yours is making train noises xD

  • Cobaltcrafter Gaming

    Dont fucking question Winston. -Tracer

  • Dragon Fat Deposits

    im not touching special edition.

  • Christo Du Plooy

    So is the special edition just an upgrade or a completely new game, it pops up in steam as already purchased and I didn't buy it. Second, is there some channel that shows great mods on the steam workshop cause non of these mods shows up there

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