Skyrim Special Edition – Gameplay Trailer #2

Epic fantasy. Stunning details. Winner of more than 200 Game of the Year Awards. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim returns with Skyrim Special Edition, available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on October 28. Along with the critically acclaimed game and add-ons, Skyrim Special Edition has all-new features like remastered art and effects, dynamic depth of field, screen-space reflections, volumetric god rays, and more. Watch the new trailer to see Skyrim Special Edition in action.

Skyrim Special Edition also brings PC mods to Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Now console gamers can experience new quests, environments, characters, dialogue, armor, weapons and more.

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ESRB RATING: MATURE with Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Sexual Themes, and Use of Alcohol.
  • Abiel Hakeem

    is it now in 64 Bit ???

  • Jeremy Galjour

    Never shoulda come here

  • Whiterun Guard

    0:59 I need to ask you to stop. That... shouting... is making people nervous.

  • George Rushton

    Finally, console users can finally experience the beauty of Skyrim the way PC players have for the last 6 years! AT 30FPS OF COURSE FUCKING RIP

  • RoxyLuffer

    Am I the only one that was annoyed that they didn't show the PC Before and After (Vanilla)?


    200hrs more? No, problem, bethesda!

  • Rebelzize

    Cant wait to start playing this game for hours on end and eventually spend even more time modding it ^^My Thu'um is ready >:) Dragons beware!

  • lukas johnsson

    Eyy it's free i can't complain.

  • Diddle Bop

    I don't even care about the remastered visuals. I'm just excited to have a reason to get back to the land of skyrim!

  • Sam Martin

    Does this "remaster" fix the thousands of bugs?

  • Woo Nam

    Wasn't there already mods that made the game look better then this?

  • Mortiganto

    The mouse pointer at 0:56 tho..

  • ErieTheOwl

    People hating on it that its not that great of an improvement, but I mean its a free Patch, You shouldn't bitch about things you get for free >.<, #Hyped

  • Ryan Banana

    Coming to Nintendo Switch?

  • NickTheDumbass

    i hope they did something about that draw distance

  • Di General (Why do people always argue in my reply/comment section)

    Yeah, I'm too broke to afford this. Guess I'll replay The Witcher 3 to pass time :(

  • Arpit Johari

    bethesda busted.. showing PC footage and saying ps4 and xbox1 see 0:56 mouse pointer in middle of screen. lol

  • Gam3Junkie

    Looks good for consoles, but looks like its running on medium on PC.

  • Dyversityy

    To think I bought the original with all DLCs for only £7.99 in the Steam Sale, but the poor console peasants have to pay £60 for what is essentially a re-textured game.

  • Kurt Nakanishi

    I am so glad I got this for $13.00 on Steam and won't have to pay for this again. Definitely looking forward to starting from scratch, downloading a Survival Mode mod (if it's not included) and playing through again!

  • CarrowMind

    Still salty they decided to remaster a 5 year old game instead of Morrowind, which is far more deserving of it!

  • Winterspawn

    That's not gameplayjust sayin

  • Calzones

    Can't wait to play this beauty again on Nintendo Switch!

  • Scrooge McFuck

    This hardly looks THAT much better so what's the point?

  • Dothethird

    will this version of Skyrim have an HDR patch for ps4?

  • Star Wars Theory

    I cannot wait to get this and use it with my VR

  • Thermocrius

    I wish I came up with the idea of re-selling a game + a pissfilter for full price.

  • Shoarmadad

    I hope that there is a SKSE mod and a SkyUI mod available on launch day. Probably not, but still.

  • mrpidd111

    So why can't I run it on my Lenovo y-50? It's a gtx860 with 16gigs of ram and an i7...

  • BTNH

    so.. why did they re release the pc version?

  • Slade

    Put the speed on 2.0 and turn the volume all up xD

  • 21ml

    Doesn't look anywhere near as good as the original on PC with mods.

  • vendel veres

    But will mods come to ps4

  • Obito's Nikushimi

    So how is the modding going to work exactly? Since lots of us wanna use mods made for original skyrim will they be transferable to the new one? or will we just have to hope that the mod anther makes it so

  • gamer taboo

    Can't wait to get back into Skyrim... Though I personally consider this the version PC should have had all along... -_-Sort of irritated I have to buy the entire game a third time now. First copy I bought on Xbox 360, second copy on PC, and once again on PC but it should look better. Better be optimized though, sort of worried after FO4 that this is going to look good and not play so well.

  • Luke Ryktarsyk

    anyone else think they should release additional dlc with skyrim special edition? o_0

  • U know Me

    Did console hit your face? Why are you guys bitching about console

  • Scitch2781

    loads of pc basement dwellers here, most likely salty about not getting red dead 2 and uncharted 4 etc

  • Pyrus

    I mean, this looks nice and all, but my game already looks nicer...

  • TheHorreK2

    any new features or something like that? I mean whats the reason to buy it if i could just mod my current one to even better graphics?^^

  • sheedi pants

    I haven't bought the dlc, so I won't get it for free :(

  • Pekatius

    nice 2013 skyrim gameplay how about you actually give pc something mods cant do better

  • Mr. Robot

    The graphics still look like shit.

  • Bobby Dadude

    Skyrim with a ugly emb, yep makes sense. Lets not remake the older games that could use a remake. lets remake the shit one.

  • Nicole Plays

    It seems like there's only lighting graphics. I'm actually disappointed; when they talk about 'modern graphics' I imagined moving armour and hair, ACTUAL brand new graphics suited to modern technology. Not just lighting and slight retextures that you can easily get for free as mods. Jesus. It's actually like Bethesda just walked up to a stage and started yelling: "Hey Skyrim fans! We turned that saturation up so pay money for a new version!" This so called "Special Edition" is so f... non-essential Skyrim with mods looks a million time better then this crap. When you see Fallout 4, then you'd expect PHENOMENAL graphics - around three years they spent on THIS CRAP? Unbelievable.

  • aragorn100000

    At the end, we see pc, ps4, xbox one.The game is not confirmed for Switch yet then?

  • Tyler Lalonde

    still not getting it for my xbox 1 i have already bought 3 copies for 360 why do we get screwed over!

  • Roxas theNobody

    maybe this one won't crash every hour i play.

  • Johnny Good

    I can do that with mods... tell me, is combat improved?

  • Mark Smith

    I played as an Archer in my play through back in 2011. What should I play as this time around?

  • Russhill Brand

    +bethesda Softworks PLEASE PLEASE add VR support for playstation. Do this and I will buy this game (for the 3rd time).

  • RoflCopter MLGK

    Okay so, i was planning on buying this game on Xbox one as soon as it came out because im so keen to play it, but i just realised that i own skyrim and all its DLC on steam! i bought them in 2013 and never opened it because i owned a mac and macs can't play certain games! (was really dissapointed at the time that i spent all that money and couldnt play it) but what an amazing surprise haha!

  • I am Mark's slap back into reality

    LOL they changed the lighting. People are so dumb.

  • FREEZedits

    is there a point of buying this on pc ? you can just mod the game and have the same thing right ?

  • Feminism Must Die

    Please Bethesda, port a collection of Fallout 3, New Vegas, Oblivion and Morrowind. They don't need to be remastered or Mod support, just a direct port. It's quick money for you and its what the fans want.

  • Nicolas Lima

    Bethesda could be the cool guys and give us a free 1 hour dlc with it just to show good faith

  • Gavin Adams

    It's Skyrim with a low end ENB attached to it and called a Remaster!

  • SoulKilla1000

    Fuck Ps4 I am getting this on PC.

  • Nick871203

    fuck the new graphics. 64 bit is the only thing thats really worth going for... alll those mods and no more CTDs!!!!! damn! cant wait to mod the FUCK out of this oneim actually confused as to why they didnt reveal much info regarding 64bit? its not easy to switch a 32bit engine to 64 bit and for something thats practicly game changing for mods. why didnt they like make a bigger deal out of it?

  • PoeticWhisper

    It would REALLY be a special edition if it didn't have frostbite spiders... Just a suggestion.

  • Retrogaming Insanity

    listin pc users didnt start this war console pesents did consopole fanboys allways been jealous ogf us pc users they started the war we just defend our selves know ur history of this subject dipshit kids i mean seiousle pcs were before consoles dipshits it was comdore 64 and amiga and atari st computers that sasved the videogame industry from crashing not the nintendo lol

  • Jurjen SSW

    Will my Old Skyrim Legendary edition saves be transfered over to the special edition?

  • huldu

    0:17 it doesn't look like that when I exit the cave. Everything on ultra/high. The only thing I notice right away is the ridiculous blur effect and the pebbles on the ground.

  • EpicPudding

    Making the graphics a bit prettier doesn't fix the shallow gameplay, forgettable characters, horrible AI, samey voice actors and wealth of bugs.Skyrim is potentially the most overrated game of all time.

  • ProjectOverSleep

    its look mice but can i please have morrowind remastered ps4. pleaseeee bestheda

  • robo rampage

    ❄☟☜ 👎☼✌☝⚐☠👌⚐☼☠ ☼☜❄🕆☼☠💧

  • Caio Eduardo

    This game will have subtitles in Portuguese-BR?

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