Skyrim Special Edition – Gameplay Trailer #2

Epic fantasy. Stunning details. Winner of more than 200 Game of the Year Awards. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim returns with Skyrim Special Edition, available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on October 28. Along with the critically acclaimed game and add-ons, Skyrim Special Edition has all-new features like remastered art and effects, dynamic depth of field, screen-space reflections, volumetric god rays, and more. Watch the new trailer to see Skyrim Special Edition in action.

Skyrim Special Edition also brings PC mods to Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Now console gamers can experience new quests, environments, characters, dialogue, armor, weapons and more.

For more updates on Skyrim Special Edition , follow the game on these sites:

Official Website




ESRB RATING: MATURE with Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Sexual Themes, and Use of Alcohol.
  • Abiel Hakeem

    is it now in 64 Bit ???

  • Jeremy Galjour

    Never shoulda come here

  • Whiterun Guard

    0:59 I need to ask you to stop. That... shouting... is making people nervous.

  • RoxyLuffer

    Am I the only one that was annoyed that they didn't show the PC Before and After (Vanilla)?

  • George Rushton

    Finally, console users can finally experience the beauty of Skyrim the way PC players have for the last 6 years! AT 30FPS OF COURSE FUCKING RIP


    200hrs more? No, problem, bethesda!

  • Scrooge McFuck

    This hardly looks THAT much better so what's the point?

  • lukas johnsson

    Eyy it's free i can't complain.

  • Sam Martin

    Does this "remaster" fix the thousands of bugs?

  • ErieTheOwl

    People hating on it that its not that great of an improvement, but I mean its a free Patch, You shouldn't bitch about things you get for free >.<, #Hyped

  • Nolan Cowlard

    I don't even care about the remastered visuals. I'm just excited to have a reason to get back to the land of skyrim!

  • Woo Nam

    Wasn't there already mods that made the game look better then this?

  • Shrimpyy

    To think I bought the original with all DLCs for only £7.99 in the Steam Sale, but the poor console peasants have to pay £60 for what is essentially a re-textured game.

  • Ryan Banana

    Coming to Nintendo Switch?

  • Arpit Johari

    bethesda busted.. showing PC footage and saying ps4 and xbox1 see 0:56 mouse pointer in middle of screen. lol

  • Gam3Junkie

    Looks good for consoles, but looks like its running on medium on PC.

  • Wilhelm Felix

    fucking cool omg me gusta

  • sofa bendana

    it looks like temple run

  • yoevan1

    When I saw this I thought the textures would change. But it didn't. I had to download a mod to make it have better graphics. AND A MOD THAT ADDS IN GOD RAYS!

  • K. Nakanishi

    I am so glad I got this for $13.00 on Steam and won't have to pay for this again. Definitely looking forward to starting from scratch, downloading a Survival Mode mod (if it's not included) and playing through again!

  • Di General (Why do people always argue in my reply/comment section)

    Yeah, I'm too broke to afford this. Guess I'll replay The Witcher 3 to pass time :(

  • Doopisin Chan

    remastered a? Hmm time to get my Chest of gold

  • John Willingham

    is that fur comeeing out of your eears?

  • hugete373 YT

    bethesda You could put the online please be the second best after the mod

  • Potato Lord Gaming

    Can u Bethesda pls add the same mods for Xbox and PlayStation because Xbox get cool shit while PlayStation we get mods that make our characters do useless stuff so pls give us PlayStation users the same things 😄

  • TK-421

    Did console hit your face? Why are you guys bitching about console

  • Darius Carlos

    um excuse me we live in 2017, up till 2016 the video game graphics were great for other games, so why do i feel like im watching the trailor fror alan wake in 2013, ew

  • Russhill Brand

    +bethesda Softworks PLEASE PLEASE add VR support for playstation. Do this and I will buy this game (for the 3rd time).

  • James Escondo

    It looks the same but the trees and the Sky make it more better.

  • CarrowMind

    Still salty they decided to remaster a 5 year old game instead of Morrowind, which is far more deserving of it!

  • David Tharios

    Nyarrrggg!!! - said the enemies of Skyrim

  • Sub Zero

    Skyrim is one of the best games ever.........


    Watch these guys use this same shit engine for their next TES or Fallout. These guys can't develop shit. Their games are plagued with very bad optimization. Now, they water these games down for simplicity in a world without consequences and shitty dialog. What a shame.


    Pls update the skyrim ps3 and xbox

  • Shoarmadad

    I hope that there is a SKSE mod and a SkyUI mod available on launch day. Probably not, but still.

  • Thermocrius

    I wish I came up with the idea of re-selling a game + a pissfilter for full price.

  • Dishonored 4 Taxi

    happy mothers day mum I'd like to thank you for buying this game when I was 12 when it was the 111111 and now I'm 18 I still love this game i would like to thank Todd Howard and the team for making a master piece like this my first and favorite Tes game I also loved oblivion too but this was a good memory I had with my mum thanks bethesda

  • Winterspawn

    That's not gameplayjust sayin

  • Game Central343

    jarl balgruf the fatter is here hail elder scrolls

  • Lucus Thompson

    I'm a kid and I am a fan of the Elder Scrolls!!

  • Youssef Tarek

    I'm sorry I downloaded this from internet for free please forgive me and let me keep it please reply that you read that

  • Luke Ryktarsyk

    anyone else think they should release additional dlc with skyrim special edition? o_0

  • Pip-Boy

    Here skyrim for ps4 and xbox one and I still waiting for this same version but oblivion

  • James Escondo

    Wait is the Special Edition is Game of the year edition? Cause I like to play all DLC.

  • Snow Rime

    Please make the Fallout 5, not TES VI.

  • Kira's Life

    Anybody else get shivers?

  • Dothethird

    will this version of Skyrim have an HDR patch for ps4?

  • Mr. Robot

    The graphics still look like shit.

  • Pekatius

    nice 2013 skyrim gameplay how about you actually give pc something mods cant do better

  • Lucus Thompson


  • 21ml / Chilopoda

    Doesn't look anywhere near as good as the original on PC with mods.

  • Mark Smith

    I played as an Archer in my play through back in 2011. What should I play as this time around?

  • Calzones

    Can't wait to play this beauty again on Nintendo Switch!

  • Scitch2781

    loads of pc basement dwellers here, most likely salty about not getting red dead 2 and uncharted 4 etc

  • DarthPipBoy

    Mustard Jar! Praise the lord! F**ing cool! Oh my god! Me gusta! Hes not gay! Hes our goooood. Watch my tie rectal staple my heart, to the floor.

  • Star Wars Theory

    I cannot wait to get this and use it with my VR

  • vendel veres

    But will mods come to ps4

  • DodgeCity Records

    Bethesda you need to fix the modding problem Skyrim/Fallout 4!!! cant download anymore mods even though I have downloadable space!!!


    I wonder if the next elder scrolls will be named (Valenwood elder scrolls: VI) the main mission is to find out who is responsible for trying to open the portal to Sovanguard and stop the boss from trying to open it because time turns slow and add some places like Whiterun into the game itself and a fun easter egg that makes your player go to Skyrim, Morrowind,Daggerfall,Cyrodiil,High rock (Pls add the game to the ps3 concole)

  • Tredal Racette

    just bought it love it

  • N Nitrogen

    I love ElderScroll games skyrim oblivion...more I wondering why they haven't made this on smart phone that will be so comfort and easy to play anywhere .. even with high price ! It worth

  • Lit' AHSr.

    shit I think the color on PS3 and xbox 360 looks better PS4 & X1 looks too yellowish -my opinion !

  • mrpidd111

    So why can't I run it on my Lenovo y-50? It's a gtx860 with 16gigs of ram and an i7...

  • Obito's Nikushimi

    So how is the modding going to work exactly? Since lots of us wanna use mods made for original skyrim will they be transferable to the new one? or will we just have to hope that the mod anther makes it so

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