Skyrim Console Commands (Full List) and Usefull Ones [PC Only]

Please leave a comment! And look at that quality! Full List HERE V

Ones I use in the video and Helpful ones:
TGM [Toggle god mode]
TCL [Toggle Colliosions off/on]
TM [Toggle Menu (UI)]
TFC [Toggle Free cam mode]
player.forceav dragonsouls # [Increases the amount of dragon souls you have]
player.additem ITEMCODE # [ITEMCODE list is below, adds an item of your choice to your inventory]
player.setlevel # [Sets your level....]
player.setav speedmult #% [100 is normal]
player.setav SKILLNAME # [SKILLNAME does not always mean the skill, link to full list below!]
kill [Click on your target before you hit enter]
unlock [Same as kill]
killall [Kills all people in the vacinity]
coc LOCATION [Teleports you to a LOCATION, riverwood for example]

full list:

item codes:

shout codes:

Skyrim is the fifth in the elder scrolls series, preceded by Oblivion, the game of the year in 2006 and 2008 and also Morrowind.

These are not the best graphics that the game runs on, fraps destroys my framerate which makes it hard for me to record in an better quality. It gets a little laggy at times because of this, if there are any alternatives to recording with fraps please let me know.
  • Nick19

    To get skill points type advskill then whatever skill tree u want to increase and type in 100000

  • Grug

    Gold script gives you free gold: player.additem 00000f 9999999

  • Joahan A

    the enthusiasm in this video is bellow -9000 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  • Nat0ri0us

    Well...what is the code for dragon souls

  • Hezmarie

    The most best command is coc qasmokeGuys, trust me do it and it'll be awesome. Everything useful in the game is there, sorry but no npcs in it, But there is all of the weapons :)

  • river rat

    why did you say 'full list'?

  • Youtube Demonitizer

    FINALL COMPLETED SKYRIM! (after 9 months) ps. Im lazy

  • Waffle

    Thank you so much for the unlock chests one!

  • Xia

    What about psb? If you type it in the console commands you can get all magic in the game

  • Massa

    This can also be on ps3 and xbox360 if you plug in a usb keyboard, it works.

  • St. Agnes Farms

    does anyone now the command to remove all your gold

  • ShadowFistGG

    player.additem *the item code* 1 (this number stunds for how many you want you can poot more than 1)

  • ShadowFistGG

    Open the console type help "iron ingot" 4, then type player.additem *the code that stands for iron ingots* and there you go. Oh and you can also do this with all types of items.

  • ShadowFistGG

    he means computers only

  • Sam Mason

    Can you do a vid with All types of amour but like this bat everything

  • Keith Jones

    What is the command word for, iron ingots and leather strips?

  • Dominic Olah

    Is there a code to reduce bounty

  • Patrick Lee

    Player.additem [item number] [how many you want]

  • anonomous nuva

    whenever i put an item code in it says compiled script saved what do i do please help me

  • Raw Kookie

    whats the command that changes skyrim's graphics ?

  • batgamingprojects

    "Player.setscale 10000" self explanatory 1 is default size

  • xXHunter2-1Xx

    my console commands work but wont allow me to look at the codes for the mods it use to work before but i had to reinstall the game

  • Preston

    He filmed it with an HD potato!

  • Alyssa A

    U could get skyrim for free on the pc it's called nexus mods right click it wen u get it put run as adm than put launch on the top

  • ImCorruptYT

    Can't wait to get this for the PC. I've been playing it since it's release on the ps3 and have over 200 hours of gameplay on it but I have to get it for PC because it's just sooo much cooler.

  • somestrangefilms

    Your voice made me think of you as a goth or emo. Sorry ._.

  • Oppai Chan

    you forgot the bat master you will full youre skills in 100%

  • Doc

    why when i use player.additems 6C7777A5 1, there's nothing? this is a mod called Assassin's Creed Ezio's Armor.

  • Aydeniz YILDIZ

    how can i use spell tome codes?

  • Romelda Kirkpatrick

    i wot the leavl 99999

  • Mike Gonzales

    Increase level of a skill by one: player.incpcs (skill name) you should use this on a skill after you have set your level to 1, and you will gain SP fast.

  • DomCloughYoutube

    Mac is a pc. It stands for personel computer

  • Omnisi

    pc stands for personal computer so actually the term pc does encompass Mac. What you may be thinking of are the operating systems Mac and "Windows"

  • Omnisi

    I think what he meant is only for computer as opposed to xbox.

  • HuntsmanLegacy

    Playing Skyrim on Xbox here, although I have access to the PC version although it plays too slow. I made a save on PC and left the character in "Qasmoke" but realized that it's impossible to get out without console commands. Then discovered you can spawn a guard and get arrested to get out, although its impossible to get back in using just the xbox. Anybody know a way to create a door to teleport me there/adding a map marker to let me fast travel inside?

  • EXOSaderZ47

    Thing are not always based off the name

  • Grant Drew

    -_- how idiotic can u be, it means it doesnt work for PS3 and Xbox

  • SmittyThe Guru

    After the space following the ID you have to type in the desired # srry 4got to say that :P

  • SmittyThe Guru

    there is another command where u can type " player.addperk (ID of perk you want to add)" and that should work. Also if its a perk with multiple levels (eg. Barbarian, Augmented Flames, Enchanter etc.) you can put a space after the ID of the chosen perk and it will add that amount of SP to that perk.

  • silverkeyblade42

    What do you do if it says Compile Script Not Saved?? I tried inputing a player add item code and it just kept saying that

  • DeadlyGreed

    shoot yourself on a leg and lick the wounds! Fast! Have no time to explain!

  • Lost

    if its for pc why is is it called CONSOLE COMMANDS!?!?!?!?

  • ArcticTron

    when you are in tcl with a dragon its locked in pose while moving


    How do I marry someone

  • DevilDog934

    Can you use console to get perk points?

  • MrGhazala44

    if you like playing with console commands , just set.level and use add.perk !

  • Adam Figgins

    There is a mod that shows you all the commands in the pause screen I think it is called sir rodneys commands

  • ShadowFistGG

    do you know how to get 0 shout recharge time?

  • iBUNGATz

    set your level to 1 Then set alteration to 1 The do a high alteration spell which will level you up fast Don't think there is a command.

  • Fenrir Havoc

    he's a dumbass wat did you expect lol

  • ShadowFistGG

    -.- pc he means computers mac/windows and shit

  • RqZeR

    When typing in an item code you don't have to put in the zeros at the beginning.

  • Hey. Omw?

    Can you get Skyrim on Mac?

  • TheHotboy47

    here is a command that gives you codes ingame help "object, spell, etc" 0~4 and a list of code comes up use page up and down to scroll

  • i lik poosi

    Can you speak louder pls? Thx

  • Javier Chacon

    PC only? Each and every command worked on my Mac -.-

  • Daniel

    markfordelete I think.

  • S0ulC41ib3r

    coc qasmoke-everything in the game might lag give it 20 secs psb-all spells

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