All 10 Dragon Priest Mask Locations - Skyrim - YouTube

This is a Fast Informative Video Guide that shows you the location of All 10 Dragon Masks in Skyrim. I It also shows you how to get the Secret mask by activating the Dragon priest alter!

hope this helps you all!

It should also be noted that you can take all the masks back once you place them to get the final mask.

Skyrim Masks

Hevnoraak - 0.10
Krosis - 0.17
Morokei - 0.28
Nahkriin - 0.38
Otar - 0.46
Rahgot - 0.56
Vokun - 1.05
Volsung 1.15
Wooden Mask - 1.30
Konahrik - 1.30

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  • psychedelica

    My first was Krosis? What was yours?

  • LePonnay Doux

    Can you take back the other masks when you took the nahkriin ?

  • Umut Balcı

    yay! got my first mask today, Krosis!

  • Brinc Music

    Can you get all the masks back after you activated the altar?

  • C61

    The konahkrik maskdoes it always heal you and damage others when you are low health or is it a 50/50 chance or something

  • Yung Stain 978

    At the beginning it says Dragon Prist masks. Just letting you know :)

  • Lightning Brigade

    You can keep all the mask. If your wearing the mask with the tusks and your losing health during a battle sometimes a dragon priest ghost will come out of the mask and help you fight. It's pretty cool.

  • Tomas Krbec

    I will never get the reward mask, becouse I cant get the mask from the Skuldafn, since i completed the storyline so back ago, and i did not take it becouse i was low level to fight the Dragon Priest ;-;


    did anyone notice in the intro it said prist and not priest

  • JJ gray

    Thanks, diddnt even know about the alter 

  • iTiger

    Konahrik's tusks look so awesome. I think I'll get a set of dragon bone armor to go with it :P

  • mash8

    all my masks are weaker than the ones you have

  • Lee Squires

    Helped so much thanks a lot. Could you do one with the starting locations of all daedric artifact quests?

  • Ethan 345

    Vorlong was the first one I found, I only care about the money so that helped me the most.

  • White People Seasoning

    I got 5 out of the 8. Its not hard defeating them they just have alot of health.

  • Cheyenne Shiver

    i am a PS player who found out that Morrowind was going to be on xbox so i bought an Xbox. started playing Morrowind when the GOTY was released I started playing that. when oblivion was on PS3 I bought one and started playing oblivion same pattern when oblivion GOTY. I bought Skyrim when it was released and the same with the legendary edition and I have played few games between them. I love the elder scroll series and see myself playing for many years to comeTHANX FOR YOUR AWESOME VIDEOS

  • Burt Macklin

    I ran past the one guy with the mask in the main story and hopped into the portal so now it's impossible to go back and get it and that's the only mask I need

  • Rublik Gamer

    thats mean ur gonna be immortal ?

  • VideoQuestEx

    Cool: thanks for this guide!

  • Enjed FX

    Thank you! helped me alllot

  • Kaelob O'Hanlon

    Couldn't find morokei in labyrinthian :/

  • ManneNMyteNLegendeN

    When i go to morokei i just get a Wooden mask

  • Gonçalo Queirós

    got the best mask but still use morokei im mage and i think thats the best for mages

  • Yelsom Hououin

    Undeath mod with revenge of the enemy's and legendary mode on... Yea getting hunting these mask for my level 50 Death Priest as I call my class is quite difficult.. But very fun.. Skyrim with mods never gets old.

  • Alex alba -_-

    I have not done it yet but I know it's true THANK!!!You

  • The old Heartburn52

    I find the 100% magic regen is fun to pair with the arch Mage robes

  • Cashus Johnson

    Thanks bro! Uou got a like and my subcription

  • Elitemaster012


  • Raymaster

    This was sooo helpful thank you

  • TheMinecraftReality

    I like the stamina mask better than the final ultimate mask

  • Clair Gibson


  • Wpack5

    Amazing job on the video I like how you show on the map where it's at and how you slowly walk through it.

  • jason vanleda

    thank you for the tips

  • gokugohan9000

    I sold the wooden mask long ago. I have no clue where it might be

  • Apex Luxy

    At Ragnvald place a rune nextto Otar's sarcophagus and leave that room. Go back an Otar will be out without Saerek and Torsten's skull keys.

  • PheonixFlame156

    DLC Is legendary for Smithing improvements

  • The Coolest

    I think I lost the wooden mask lol

  • logan bonner

    after watching this vid, I realized I had all but 2 masks.... so I decided to get them all, thank you!


    Thx rhos really helped me do more i enjoyed the mega mask or whatever :)

  • Spud Head

    Lol I have mask 7 Vokun and I didn't even know the it was a Dragon Priest mask


    i have all this masks in my xbox 360 im level 42

  • Sinon Lover

    what kind of armor are u wearing?

  • Donato Kimmons

    Thanks a lot ESO! :) really helped

  • Taylor Moubray

    Can u tell me how I got two Volsung masks lol

  • Alfie Blunden

    Thanks for making this video very helpful.

  • Destiny Guillen

    How did you get that armor offline

  • Modernwarhero

    What armor are you wearing

  • MintAndPurple

    All I need is Vokun. thanx for this

  • awesomedudes

    +ESO do you have Xbox LIVE

  • Master M

    The first 3 masks were the last 3 I needed you are magical

  • Kieonne Kwissiwa

    Thanks man!Finally me and my cousin can get all the masks!

  • Conzo Ward

    So much better than commentary tutorials, awesome video dude it helped alot

  • Luna The Kitten Killer

    DANGIT. I already beat the main quest and didnt get the mask! Is there another way to get it? ;-;

  • Phong N

    DAM i had all the mask then i lost one somewhere ><

  • Vesper Kovak

    Love you videos very well done and informative keep up the good work

  • Caenir

    anybody else have skyrim on more than 1 console(including pc)

  • Tyler Jackson

    I'm more worried about the fact the hidden wooden mask is in labrynthian when u put it on it takes u to a statue where u put all the mask wonder what happens next

  • DJRokahn

    Don't do the last part with a follower it'll glitch and they will be stuck forever

  • AJ0611

    I tried to use the wooden mask but it didn't work

  • Kane3036

    for all asking, YES!!! you can take all the masks back after you place them and get the one in the middle of the rack

  • Sket Lix

    there is a mod for the pc version that shows you the locations.


    please help i dropped the nahrin and i have xbox

  • Insanely Calm

    Is that legit armor? Or is that a mod?

  • Sawyer Springer

    I lost the wooden mask..............F-me

  • Cassie Varble

    Thank you sooo much!!! Was a huge help!!!

  • Shadow Haze

    This is my first time actually trying to collect all of the dragon priests masks and so far it is going well.Thanks for the video.

  • nick smith

    do you get all the other masks back @ESO - fallout & elder scroll Guides

  • Patrick Snyder

    ESO im stuck on vokun it says i cleared high gate ruins but i dont have the mask i checked all my houses including winstad manor which is where i keep my mask im afraid i sold it so i might be screwed

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