All 10 Dragon Priest Mask Locations - Skyrim - YouTube

This is a Fast Informative Video Guide that shows you the location of All 10 Dragon Masks in Skyrim. I It also shows you how to get the Secret mask by activating the Dragon priest alter!

hope this helps you all!

It should also be noted that you can take all the masks back once you place them to get the final mask.

Skyrim Masks

Hevnoraak - 0.10
Krosis - 0.17
Morokei - 0.28
Nahkriin - 0.38
Otar - 0.46
Rahgot - 0.56
Vokun - 1.05
Volsung 1.15
Wooden Mask - 1.30
Konahrik - 1.30

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  • Timothy Jensen

    I'm on Rahgot, after that its Volsung, then I'm done, I'm so excited :D I just hate those fucking MASTER LOCKS, I barely improve my lock picking, anyway wish me luck :D

  • Brinc Music

    Can you get all the masks back after you activated the altar?

  • Acero

    I was pissed when all the entire alter did was open the dragon head.All that hard work.. And all you had to do was lift the fucking head..TROLLED.

  • Ausguard resgon

    Krosis wont come out of his fucking box


    did anyone notice in the intro it said prist and not priest

  • Umut Balcı

    yay! got my first mask today, Krosis!

  • nm.going

    My first was Krosis? What was yours?

  • Tomas Krbec

    I will never get the reward mask, becouse I cant get the mask from the Skuldafn, since i completed the storyline so back ago, and i did not take it becouse i was low level to fight the Dragon Priest ;-;

  • TheMinecraftReality

    I like the stamina mask better than the final ultimate mask

  • White People Seasoning

    I got 5 out of the 8. Its not hard defeating them they just have alot of health.

  • Hezar5166

    Krosis scared the cripe out of me. There i was killing a dragon and he floats around the corner and starts owning me. Luck and lots of potions saved me, dragon priest plus assassin minus element of surprise equals "bruh".

  • Cheyenne Shiver

    i am a PS player who found out that Morrowind was going to be on xbox so i bought an Xbox. started playing Morrowind when the GOTY was released I started playing that. when oblivion was on PS3 I bought one and started playing oblivion same pattern when oblivion GOTY. I bought Skyrim when it was released and the same with the legendary edition and I have played few games between them. I love the elder scroll series and see myself playing for many years to comeTHANX FOR YOUR AWESOME VIDEOS

  • The old Heartburn52

    I find the 100% magic regen is fun to pair with the arch Mage robes

  • Tom Hayes

    You should do a more in depth video showing where you go in the caves to get the masks

  • Lycan

    +ESO After you get the mask the good one can you get the other ones back?

  • Lightning Brigade

    You can keep all the mask. If your wearing the mask with the tusks and your losing health during a battle sometimes a dragon priest ghost will come out of the mask and help you fight. It's pretty cool.

  • Joe Mike P

    KROSIS was the first mask i found and still my best fcking mask!!!!

  • Poisonouskull

    Isnt miraaks mask also considered as one? Although im not sure if it was released when this video came out

  • angleteam 84

    Long quest, but really funYou get tons of loot and xpBut the mask you get is terrible

  • gonçalo queiros

    got the best mask but still use morokei im mage and i think thats the best for mages

  • Osha U Wot M8? The Wow Effect

    when i tried to get otar i got a daedric dagger, im level 27....... WOHOOOOOOOOOO!

  • Timothy Jensen

    Wait so you basically invincible!?!? Ok I need this thx ESO your the best

  • chaxne

    How do you get your armor to make show more skin and less armor?

  • iTiger

    Konahrik's tusks look so awesome. I think I'll get a set of dragon bone armor to go with it :P

  • Yung Stain 978

    At the beginning it says Dragon Prist masks. Just letting you know :)

  • Bolt

    When I was at skuldafn, I was too low to fight a dragon priest. When I saw the guy, I ran for the portal into sob guarded and I put so much time into the game after that so I can't reload the save to kill the guy. Just to let you know, I was a level 9. Now I'm level 87...

  • It's Shiftyy

    I went to the place for the seventh mask and there was a death overlord instead of a dragon priest

  • SnakesOnSteroids

    I one hit killed Krosis with the razor

  • xD

    My first mask - Volsung. My eyes - O_O

  • Ragecomiclols

    Now I'm sad because I can't get back to skuldafn to get the mask:(

  • Phoenix S

    Shows all the mask designs, stats, locations and names of said masks and all in a short, compact video. Perfect, well done 👏👍

  • dikymint

    Congratulations on 100k that is an amazing achievement keep up the good work :D

  • Mattatron 18

    great help with the locations. but I finnished the story quest ages before I watched this video so obviously I didn't know what a dragon priest was so is there another way you can get the mask of the dragon priest at the end of the main story?

  • John O'Neill

    It's totally not worth it mask 8 is probably better than it (my opinion)

  • William Aaron-Blue

    Easy way to kill dragon priests get a sneak attack on it then use windshear to stager your opponent then use mehrunes' razor to get the 1 hit kill chance when it gets back pup hit it with windshear a again and rise and repeat until it's dead do come prepared though it is still very hard I'm lvl 45 now so it works and bring potions and upgraded weapons and armor hope this helped at least one person sorry if this wastes your time if this is widely know

  • matthew basile

    all my masks are weaker than the ones you have

  • Pierce Allan

    My mask's are only level 24 ?HELP ME!!!!!

  • Name Name

    Thank you for making this video without it I would never been able to find any of the dragon masks my kitten is about to attack me from behind a cardboard box filled with hot wheels cars thank you for making the video

  • Sinon Lover#1

    what kind of armor are u wearing?

  • Sonicchao1234

    What armor are you wearing?

  • Yelsom Hououin

    Undeath mod with revenge of the enemy's and legendary mode on... Yea getting hunting these mask for my level 50 Death Priest as I call my class is quite difficult.. But very fun.. Skyrim with mods never gets old.

  • LePonnay Doux

    Can you take back the other masks when you took the nahkriin ?

  • James Hancock

    I ran past the one guy with the mask in the main story and hopped into the portal so now it's impossible to go back and get it and that's the only mask I need

  • Dorian The Dumbass

    Can you go back to the portal to sosvngarde? I totally wussed out of the dragon priest because everything would kill me

  • Eryk Rejner

    What a shitty prize for the bother of collecting them all. I honestly was thinking the final mask would be the powers of all the masks combined. I mean... you get the last mask required near the end of the main questline. Why not give an possibly OP item to fight Alduin?

  • A muffin

    Did not fucking help I have to do the enter main quest line for one fucking mask!

  • Shadow wolf

    reply to this comment what is your most unliked mask and you most liked mask.

  • aiden baron

    What was that town on the map just SW of high gate ruins at 1:19?


    Vokun is the perfect mask for dark elves

  • Generic

    The konahkrik maskdoes it always heal you and damage others when you are low health or is it a 50/50 chance or something

  • The Coolest

    I think I lost the wooden mask lol

  • ashler covey

    Do you have to get the one during the quest or can you get it before it?

  • Sean Michael Sweeney

    You can keep all 10 masks by taking them off their busts again after you've unlocked the 10th mask. You only leave when you equip the tenth mask! 

  • EpicFace 640

    I KNEW KROSIS WAS SOMEWHERE NEAR WHITERUN, But i kept looking WEST, in the mountain where Drelas's Cottage and Labyinthian is. facepalm. i was ran into krosis by accident first time playing but did not kill him. iv been looking for him ever since.

  • Infinite Gaming

    I dont wear krosis because it lowers my armor rating

  • josh levesque

    So after getting the last mask can u still get all ur masks back

  • XxwolfXx The Twisted Wolf

    I'ma bout to be starting all skill points but not alchem or Smithing..

  • Tammy Buckles

    morokei is not at ladrinthian bich

  • Broke Bloke

    Can't find morokei

  • RoryTGM

    i didnt get the one when traveling to alduin

  • Aidan Coppin

    you can get all the masks back

  • Jodhie Panggalih

    Damn, 200 and more hours, didn't know about this until now

  • IbrahimAfify

    I got them all finnaly,i used Conjuration and used the dremora lord all the time so all of the was owned in 1 day

  • Gamer Zoid

    How to be op Do the werewolf stack glith and you will have all the effects of all the masks

  • M.I.L.K

    You mispelled nahkriin which caused a lot of problems for me smh

  • Uknown_ Client

    People are saying the prize sucks but really you can take them all back plus a free mask that can heal you and hurt your enemies when you need it most

  • Jerry Ao

    today i got hevnoraak, but I can't remember if i already got the krosis mask. Is there any possible way you can get the krosis mask if you lost it?

  • Name Name

    And she just bit my toe and out is bleeding

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