All 10 Dragon Priest Mask Locations - Skyrim - YouTube

This is a Fast Informative Video Guide that shows you the location of All 10 Dragon Masks in Skyrim. I It also shows you how to get the Secret mask by activating the Dragon priest alter!

hope this helps you all!

It should also be noted that you can take all the masks back once you place them to get the final mask.

Skyrim Masks

Hevnoraak - 0.10
Krosis - 0.17
Morokei - 0.28
Nahkriin - 0.38
Otar - 0.46
Rahgot - 0.56
Vokun - 1.05
Volsung 1.15
Wooden Mask - 1.30
Konahrik - 1.30

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  • LePonnay Doux

    Can you take back the other masks when you took the nahkriin ?

  • Tomas Krbec

    I will never get the reward mask, becouse I cant get the mask from the Skuldafn, since i completed the storyline so back ago, and i did not take it becouse i was low level to fight the Dragon Priest ;-;

  • Phoenix S

    Shows all the mask designs, stats, locations and names of said masks and all in a short, compact video. Perfect, well done 👏👍

  • Final Frontier

    And she just bit my toe and out is bleeding

  • Gordon Montroy

    I sold a mask before I even Knew what it was! Anyone know how I can get it back?!

  • miki maus

    I Lost one of my masks

  • Sunny Bono

    I love these vids! Fast and straight to the point.

  • Aidan Coppin

    you can get all the masks back

  • Jerry Ao

    today i got hevnoraak, but I can't remember if i already got the krosis mask. Is there any possible way you can get the krosis mask if you lost it?

  • andrew l98

    Thaksin for the usefull video

  • Jodhie Panggalih

    Damn, 200 and more hours, didn't know about this until now

  • IbrahimAfify

    I got them all finnaly,i used Conjuration and used the dremora lord all the time so all of the was owned in 1 day

  • Final Frontier

    Thank you for making this video without it I would never been able to find any of the dragon masks my kitten is about to attack me from behind a cardboard box filled with hot wheels cars thank you for making the video

  • The Coolest

    I think I lost the wooden mask lol

  • Barry B. Benson

    Rip players who didn't pick up Nahkriin

  • M.I.L.K

    You mispelled nahkriin which caused a lot of problems for me smh

  • G4M3R 201D

    How to be op Do the werewolf stack glith and you will have all the effects of all the masks

  • Eryk Rejner

    What a shitty prize for the bother of collecting them all. I honestly was thinking the final mask would be the powers of all the masks combined. I mean... you get the last mask required near the end of the main questline. Why not give an possibly OP item to fight Alduin?

  • Mr. Murk

    People are saying the prize sucks but really you can take them all back plus a free mask that can heal you and hurt your enemies when you need it most

  • Kartik trehan

    Thanks and God Bless All.

  • dovahkiins games

    I got all the masks in the game!!

  • Alex Pro

    I found Dragonscale in the boss chest. I'm looking for Dragonplate... PLATE!

  • Defcon5

    any way i can get the morokie mask very early on

  • TheMinecraftReality

    I like the stamina mask better than the final ultimate mask

  • Dominic Bruno

    Before this guide I had the grey beards tell me where all the words of power where knowing I would eventually get every mask

  • Brinc Music

    Can you get all the masks back after you activated the altar?

  • Hassan Mustapha

    where is the nordic ruin of Skuldafn?

  • Raven

    I love your videos they have helped me a lot on skyrim when I needed help keep up the amazing videos ^w^

  • foxit begamin

    anyone noticed the mask names are kinda close to the location names?

  • Hunter 120902

    i just want the final mask, I'm going to where that and the cultist robes when I fight Miraak to do a dragon priest verse dragon priest

  • Winter Paws

    one like= how helpful this was

  • Shadow Eclipse

    thank you! this helped my dad and i so much!

  • The Insane Zoroark

    wait at location 3 I found the wooden mask but I don't see where an entrance to get morokei

  • Diana Wilson

    I am so glad that i got all the masks but...

  • Rabidcaboose

    why is everyone bitching? that's awesome

  • Magma Fang

    can u take the mask back after placing them

  • Terje Solem

    also the final mask can make a fire cloak and summon spectral dragon priest

  • Sean Moore

    wtf is the the main quest line

  • Flaming Skull274

    It is amazing how Bethesda could create such a game to were everything basically connects perfectly I mean it's not like it is a very easy thing to do, and also I admire how they have a thing for making games to where you have your own choice.

  • Diana Wilson

    there are more masks but they are not needed to get the legendary but they have cool patterns.

  • GamingDude2000

    Who was the first dragon on the moon? Buzz Alduin!

  • Magma Fang

    when was the dragon born head that small

  • Lightning Brigade

    You can keep all the mask. If your wearing the mask with the tusks and your losing health during a battle sometimes a dragon priest ghost will come out of the mask and help you fight. It's pretty cool.

  • Canadian61

    The konahkrik maskdoes it always heal you and damage others when you are low health or is it a 50/50 chance or something

  • BlueStar Gaming

    Mage make Regen mana 100 percent 0:39Destruction mask 0:45 20 percent less for conjugation illusion 1:08

  • JAGGz

    Eso where are you? Where are your new daily videos?

  • єvєrchday αtrσcítchTM

    Just in case anyone doesn't know, the game seems hard because of the difficulty level that it's set on. When you start off it's set on Adept. You can actually bump it down a couple notches if you want. Just go to settings then set the difficulty. I just wouldn't put it on Novice if I were you. It makes the game so easy that the only time you die is when you fall off a cliff.

  • Ahmad Qandil

    I put my masks in a chest in the home but when I came I didn't have anything where did the masks go?

  • Adrian O'Hagan

    I got the wooden mask at Labyrinthine

  • The Lamamamma

    i sold one of the masks and wanting to know if i can get it back (this was somewhat early in the game when i didnt know what they were for)

  • Torin Simon

    do u lose all the masks to get that one

  • Aptitudinal 620

    About the dislikes, I liked the video, but ㄹчる is my favorite number!

  • semar mendem

    I lost lydia when im getting the rahgot Mask

  • Izmar XLordran

    OK here's the thing... i accidentally stored the wooden mask in the chest and took me back, and now i can't go in again :d

  • livirus

    I am very pissed off, because I dropped the Wooden mask at the center of the Labyrinthian ruin, but when I came back to retrieve another mask, it was gone (and dropped items aren't supposed to disappear...ever). Can someone help? (and no, I don't play on PC, so using Console Commands is impossible for me)

  • Lachlan Mackey

    Just dup them give them to your follower put them on the stone thing get the duped copies and put them on that way u got the good mask and the others

  • Jack Roth

    were is the Nordic ruin in skyrim or the other place with all the dark elf's are on dragon born quest is at

  • Manraj Chinjar

    can some one please help. when I put all the masks in, it doesn't open.

  • Kermit The Frog

    What if I made it exquisite

  • ryan gross

    These tutorial vids about to get a hell of alot of views soon

  • Tom Hayes

    You should do a more in depth video showing where you go in the caves to get the masks

  • Ethan 345

    Vorlong was the first one I found, I only care about the money so that helped me the most.

  • It's Shiftyy

    I went to the place for the seventh mask and there was a death overlord instead of a dragon priest

  • catagaming ayh

    what's the point of traveling if I could have a better something like a ring AHZIDAL RING OF NECROMANCY.

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