All 10 Dragon Priest Mask Locations - Skyrim - YouTube

This is a Fast Informative Video Guide that shows you the location of All 10 Dragon Masks in Skyrim. I It also shows you how to get the Secret mask by activating the Dragon priest alter!

hope this helps you all!

It should also be noted that you can take all the masks back once you place them to get the final mask.

Skyrim Masks

Hevnoraak - 0.10
Krosis - 0.17
Morokei - 0.28
Nahkriin - 0.38
Otar - 0.46
Rahgot - 0.56
Vokun - 1.05
Volsung 1.15
Wooden Mask - 1.30
Konahrik - 1.30

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  • LePonnay Doux

    Can you take back the other masks when you took the nahkriin ?

  • Tomas Krbec

    I will never get the reward mask, becouse I cant get the mask from the Skuldafn, since i completed the storyline so back ago, and i did not take it becouse i was low level to fight the Dragon Priest ;-;

  • TheMinecraftReality

    I like the stamina mask better than the final ultimate mask

  • Eryk Rejner

    What a shitty prize for the bother of collecting them all. I honestly was thinking the final mask would be the powers of all the masks combined. I mean... you get the last mask required near the end of the main questline. Why not give an possibly OP item to fight Alduin?

  • Brinc Music

    Can you get all the masks back after you activated the altar?

  • GamingDude2000

    Who was the first dragon on the moon? Buzz Alduin!

  • Canadian61

    The konahkrik maskdoes it always heal you and damage others when you are low health or is it a 50/50 chance or something

  • Sebastiaan Arbeitstein

    i have morokei and volsung now im gonna find the other 8 masks

  • Izmar XLordran

    OK here's the thing... i accidentally stored the wooden mask in the chest and took me back, and now i can't go in again :d

  • Lightning Brigade

    You can keep all the mask. If your wearing the mask with the tusks and your losing health during a battle sometimes a dragon priest ghost will come out of the mask and help you fight. It's pretty cool.

  • Luna The Doggo

    Yay i got all of them


    About the dislikes, I liked the video, but ㄹчる is my favorite number!

  • semar mendem

    I lost lydia when im getting the rahgot Mask

  • 19smooshes

    i thought there was eight of these masks

  • Brain Storm

    Does the mask work every time or what

  • Lachlan Mackey

    Just dup them give them to your follower put them on the stone thing get the duped copies and put them on that way u got the good mask and the others

  • The old Heartburn52

    I find the 100% magic regen is fun to pair with the arch Mage robes

  • Balkan Strijder

    today i gonna do this

  • Poisonouskull

    Isnt miraaks mask also considered as one? Although im not sure if it was released when this video came out

  • Ethan 345

    Vorlong was the first one I found, I only care about the money so that helped me the most.

  • Alivia Smelser

    is it the dragonborne quest that's the main one you're talking about for the Nahrin mask

  • It's Shiftyy

    I went to the place for the seventh mask and there was a death overlord instead of a dragon priest

  • Dave

    it really isn't worth getting it

  • Bad End

    vahlok didn't have a mask? I killed him but he didn't drop any

  • Renan Felismino

    what armor are you wearing sir its kinda like a glass armor but way sexier for female char.

  • MixedUpGamer

    Well crap I threw one away

  • Jack Roth

    were is the Nordic ruin in skyrim or the other place with all the dark elf's are on dragon born quest is at

  • Joe Watkins

    What if I made it exquisite

  • Manraj Chinjar

    can some one please help. when I put all the masks in, it doesn't open.

  • ryan gross (RandomGamer)

    These tutorial vids about to get a hell of alot of views soon

  • Pedro Lin


  • Skyrim kitty

    what's the point of traveling if I could have a better something like a ring AHZIDAL RING OF NECROMANCY.

  • Junior Valadez

    i need help with the fourth where can i start the quest?

  • Cheyenne Shiver

    i am a PS player who found out that Morrowind was going to be on xbox so i bought an Xbox. started playing Morrowind when the GOTY was released I started playing that. when oblivion was on PS3 I bought one and started playing oblivion same pattern when oblivion GOTY. I bought Skyrim when it was released and the same with the legendary edition and I have played few games between them. I love the elder scroll series and see myself playing for many years to comeTHANX FOR YOUR AWESOME VIDEOS

  • xX-LexRocks56-Xx Alexis

    The only one I need is Otar!

  • oakflesh angry

    so basically the last mask you never die.

  • James Hancock

    I ran past the one guy with the mask in the main story and hopped into the portal so now it's impossible to go back and get it and that's the only mask I need

  • EpicFace 640

    I KNEW KROSIS WAS SOMEWHERE NEAR WHITERUN, But i kept looking WEST, in the mountain where Drelas's Cottage and Labyinthian is. facepalm. i was ran into krosis by accident first time playing but did not kill him. iv been looking for him ever since.

  • Torin Simon

    do u lose all the masks to get that one

  • Mateusz Przybylski

    Is this last mask must be Heavy Armour!?

  • JJ Aznawi

    What's up with your spelling

  • dragon greek

    I can't find morose I mask

  • Tom Hayes

    You should do a more in depth video showing where you go in the caves to get the masks


    Thanks keep it up here have a subscription

  • Fluffeh 904

    I never took the Nahkriin mask i was very new to the game and didnt know anything about these and i was Heavy Armor One Handed so yeah i am not getting this unless i do it in my other save where i collected it but the last one is quite useless to be honest

  • Ayden Munoz

    Can you take back the other masks when you are done

  • perry mackay

    awesome video helps a lot thanks bro

  • High King Dorian

    Can you go back to the portal to sosvngarde? I totally wussed out of the dragon priest because everything would kill me

  • Shadow wolf

    reply to this comment what is your most unliked mask and you most liked mask.

  • Nazurick The Dragon

    Where is the first mask at the labyrinthian? I got the wooden mask but couldn't find Morokei. Any help?

  • Beginning_of_the_3nd

    can you take back the

  • jason vanleda

    thank you for the tips

  • Xx_Emo-Pro_xX Official

    At the beginning it says Dragon Prist masks. Just letting you know :)

  • themlg vegeta

    Who is the hardest dragon priest

  • kyle warener

    :) i didn't know "prist" was a thing.

  • Kenneth Light

    Basically you can finish this without Nahkriin

  • hezsofresh

    Side Notes:-You can take back all off the masks once you get to final one-Along with the chance you being healed by the mask,there is also a chance of a ghost of a dragon priest being summoned to fight by your side.

  • O H comedy

    so when u where the finale mask can u basically not die?

  • ross ebert

    I sold one is there any way I can get it back?

  • Ollie Lovell

    Thx this really helped

  • Gregory Porte

    Wish there was a mask that helped with destruction and illusion :/

  • Mattatron 18

    great help with the locations. but I finnished the story quest ages before I watched this video so obviously I didn't know what a dragon priest was so is there another way you can get the mask of the dragon priest at the end of the main story?

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