SKYRIM - 10 Things You DIDN'T Need To Know (but secretly need to know) - Surfing On A Bird?


Quakecon 2011 footage source -

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to Skyrim Special Edition!

00:47 - Bird Surfing
03:00 - M'aiq The Liar / Elsweyr
04:14 - Khajiit Ears
05:01 - Basket Of Moonstone In The Midden
07:17 - Thomas
08:39 - Bleak Falls Barrow / 2011 Quakecon
11:27 - Sarethi Sisters Don't Have Red Eyes
14:43 - Portal 2 / GLaDOS Potato / Skuldafn
16:06 - White-Gold / Adamantine / Red Tower
18:35 - Flames Spell Secret Mechanic

Skyrim Special Edition Playlist -
  • Camelworks

    Be sure to let me know of any other cool secrets like these, that can be found in Skyrim!🐫🐫🐫🐫🐫🐫

  • Lord Askr

    So when Maiq isn't placed in Skyrim, he is located elsweyr?

  • Actually Alias

    It's so fun to hear the crowd from 2011 become awestruck at the sight of some mammoths and giants. Remembering how mind-blowing a game was when it was first released always makes you appreciate it more

  • Greden

    Actually all the races know the "Flames" spell from the start of the game on. The book which you can find in the Helgen keep is the spell tome for "Sparks".

  • Thomas Beardmore

    Max level mage mounts bird and starts raining fire down on solitudeENEMY AC-130 ABOVE

  • Holden Stevens

    Fun fact: Nazeem isn't marked as essential

  • SonOfMael V3: Legend of the Aramouto

    "Making them very easy to shoot out of the sky"I must be an even worse shot than I thought!

  • drizzd1

    You hung up on the eye color thing entirely too long. You repeated your point about 4 times.

  • Not Nathan Z

    "Taking into account the target's movement speed and direction..." Is shooting at a stationary target

  • Daubeny

    Conjure a Subscriber'I already know that spell'

  • Jyharri Arowdur

    I think the crowd just WOWed at the passing mammoth

  • Tristan Torr

    Camel, that Moonstone Pun was quite.....Refined

  • Ulfgar-Septimus von Stahlenberg

    I actually knew about the facial expression of khajiit. You'll see enemy khajiit do it and you may also see your own character do it, when you have a kill move.

  • bombchus

    Oh man I guessed 3 Moonstone ingots

  • Studious Pupil

    They should have left the exit to bleak falls barrow how it was. I don't know about other players but I always just fast traveled back to Riverwood

  • Ausar Vile

    What if M'aiq is a liar because he lies about his name 🤔

  • leave me alone

    Argonians have a similar trait to the khajit ear thing where their mouth opens and their eyes dilate(?) I think dilate is the word

  • jester

    what if the sarethi sisters went blind or their eyesight degenerated due to the glow of the nirnroot given they are nirnroot farmers so they have to look at the glow all day long every single day while tilling the soil around the plants

  • Sandhiren Pillay

    The bird surfing us hard af, i always shoot the damn bird

  • Zophobas Morio

    Dammit Camel, hawks aren't eagles.

  • Gref Steel

    LOL why do you claim the sisters to just be 'sick', that's not cool man.Perhaps they are perfectly healthy and it's just the result of prolonged exposure to the pleasant chimes of the Nirnroot.

  • Wang Schlong

    Thought camel was about to go full epicnate on us but these things are actually cool to know

  • lestat Rhodes

    Her eyes are purple I believe has something to do with because she is a nightengale

  • Lars Thorsen

    I suspect the Moonstone ingots are in the Midden because they're needed for making a Frost Atronach staff - most of the miscellaneous loot in the Midden and Midden Dark are things you use in the Atronach Forge.

  • John Freeman

    S H O W M E Y O U R W A R F A C E ! >Jankiest expression I have seen in the gameT H A T ' S A W A R F A C E !

  • Jack McGrory

    7:50 I actually never enter Bleak Falls Barrow at a low level, so i've never went through the dungeon without encountering the troll. I usually explore the entire map, complete every quest within each hold, complete a guild questline, and discover every word wall before i speak to Jarl Balgruuf. I usually end up around level 40 before i speak to him, it's sort of a tradition.

  • Gale Anderson

    They should totes write it into canon for the next game that a Khajiit on the back of an eagle killed the emperor.

  • Adam Thompson

    Lol was just searching around for old hroldan inn on YouTube and then notification squad came up so here I am. Thanks Camel 🐫

  • Kimberly Elliott

    10 Things I DIDN'T Need To Know, But Now Have To Go Find and Try.

  • vsGoliath

    To be fair, M'aiq did say that his father was named M'aiq, as was his father before him.Then again, we are also talking about s guy who's title is literally "the Liar"

  • princessbinas

    Elsewyr is a cat box! XDLaugh, damn it...

  • Adam Thompson

    I still remember my wow factor on Xbox 360 seeing giants and mammoths 🐘 (First ever play through) when exploring ahhhh I miss that :(

  • Potod Scumbigula

    Player: How do I get eyes like those?Karliah: 20 menthol cools.

  • KaZ Neosis

    11:25This needs to be a mod, and you really don't have to change anything simply because fast-travel is a mechanic.

  • rainynight02

    What? I've never had a flames book. Every Character starts off with flames and healing (and one race has familiar as well)First book I find in the dungeon has always been "Sparks"

  • PyroBlaze666

    Theory: The two sisters developed the white eye coloration after prolonged exposure to nirnroot (as it's what they mainly grow on their farm).

  • Embo

    I saw the streamlined-feline joke a mile away... you are getting sloppy, dear Camel boi...

  • Deni

    ooh the puns, as lousy as ever, love it

  • Vamisto

    The noclip fast running khajit is hilarious for some reason

  • Adam Thompson

    Lol now I have to go Solitude lol. 🦅 🐦 oh and I bet Maiq knows what Bethesda E3 conference will be about lol. Maiq is a fgggking champ lol :) Maiq is tired now go bother somebody else :)

  • Andrew Glebus

    Also karliahs skin is also slightly purple

  • King Sarathos

    Karliah's eyes may have changed due to her affiliation with Nocturnal.Also, most new players did not encounter the Golden Claw quest as an introduction to Bleak Falls Barrow. Most new players spoke to Alvor/Hulda then went to Whiterun, and doubled back to the Barrow to pursue the Dragonstone... Just saying.

  • Hyreal S

    Camelworks: "Nothing we can do about it now"The mod community: "Hold my beer"

  • Jyharri Arowdur

    Instaclicked! Now give me my Mammoth Cheeze

  • Atkd27

    Elder Scrolls 6: ElsewyrMain Quest: Escape the 10X10 box

  • Britannic hayyomatt

    "Makes me aerodynamic when I fight".(Pineapple Express)

  • jefthereaper

    “10 things you don’t need to know”Furiously clicking link I NEED TO KNOW!!!

  • EastBeast13

    Surfing BirdPeter: Brian can I see the paper for a sec... Huh? That's odd. I thought that would be big news.Brain: You thought what would be big news.Peter: Well, there seems to be an anthems of a certain logical glitch. A headline regarding mass awareness of a certain avian variety.Brain: What are you talking about?Peter: Oh, have you not heard? It was my understanding that everyone had heard.Brain: Heard what?Stewie: Brain, DON'T!!!🎵Well the bird bird bird. The bird is the word. Well the bird bird bird. The bird is the word. Well the bird bird bird. The bird is the word. Well the bird bird bird. The bird is the word. Brian! Don't you know about the bird? Well Peter is to tell you about the bird. Well the bird bird bird. Well the bird...🎵

  • Ylrir IDKwhat2putHERE

    About the flame spell getting bigger, is it possible to do the same with Arniels Convertion/Convention/... ? I mean it looks the exact same as the flame spell, abd the only difference (as far as i'm aware) is the damage and mana cost

  • That_ Deadeyegamer79

    My first dungeon was that mine until a few playthroughs later I started clearing Pinewatch, better staring loot.

  • F G

    Unaccessable - should be: InaccessibleUnexplainable - should be: Inexplicable"Ascend into [the dungeon]" - should be: Descend

  • Jason H

    You can see Red Mountain from the top of the College of Winterhold when it’s clear. Which granted, isn’t very often..

  • - Monster -

    I got the sparks spell to do the same thing as the flame spell, I only think it happened when it went to a kill cam when I was using it. It was pretty cool.

  • panchemist

    Terry Pratchett wrote of camels that do higher math on their free time. This one spends his time making puns! Me likes!

  • Anatoliy Shpalin

    White gold tower is there so you could see it from High Hrothgar when the sky is clear. And they build the land and mountains for the ridiculous 3D map

  • Gaafdovjun Gaming

    5:09 I'm afraid I don't know that spell.

  • Pit Worcester

    It is sparks that is found in the helgen keep torture dungeon, but flames is still the first spell players learn because it is a starter spell, like heal and some racials

  • Noah Hendrix

    psssssss camel can you do the dragonpriest mask next please or at least some lore vid on them thx.

  • Otaku Oxide

    Do you know where M'aiq is at this moment?ElsewhereElsweyr?Yes, Elsewhere

  • Miss Murder30

    I was right actually 😊 I knew there was moonstone in the basket 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • BG Hoody

    Always thought Karliah had one of, if not, the best female VAs in Skyrim. But damn, she looks good in your videos. Bonus of having a modded game I guess. Great work, Camel.EDIT: Okay, so how does a clod like ESO, who only makes videos showing how many different things he can shoot up with arrows, get over a million subs and Camel, who actually puts work and research into his videos have less than half that number? Bloody hell.

  • SpaceCat

    Been there, done that. I even crashed my bird into a wereshark.

  • _ JayMillz _

    "for anyone in the future, it's 2018" thank you cuz right before you said that I was thinking, when was this vid made 😂

  • SonOfMael V3: Legend of the Aramouto

    I'd love if for future Elder Scrolls games, that fire mechanic was expanded into being able to charge spells.Imagine if rather than there being tiers of similar spells, there were spells that each had different effects, but charging them in some way would increase the power. So to take fire spells as an example, Flames could be charged up to be stronger for a few seconds and maybe even adding the Wall of Flames effect before petering out into the normal Flames. Firebolt could be charged into an explosive Fireball. I have no clue how this would be implemented into the controls, since holding down the button like a magical power attack would conflict with spells that require you to hold the button down to continue casting. But then again, I honestly hope the next Elder Scrolls really revamps and improves combat.

  • Culuf

    "But there's nothing we can do about it now."Modders: Hold my hat.3 years later: Nope lol I'm never going to finish that mod.

  • Jimboola

    'Surfing bird' - Everybody knows about the bird, everybody knows because the bird is the WORD!!!!!!

  • Venu Shade

    In regards to the Dunmer eyes, someone I saw on reddit mentioned a good point. They were cursed to have 'eyes of fire' not specifically red eyes.Fire itself, depending on temperature, can range from Reds and oranges, to yellow, white, blue, and purple. so the white and purple eyes are probably just a recessive gene or a mutation rarely seen.Another alternative is that they aren't full-blooded dark elves.

  • Jessop Reason

    Flames is already there you have it at the beginning of the game

  • lil rob

    Thx for the YouTube link I couldn’t find it

  • Zurin Arctus

    Haha! Another list of things any lore beard absolutely needs to know! Thanks for the quality content Camel!

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