Skyrim: 5 Things You Probably Didn't Know You Could Do - The Elder Scrolls 5: Secrets (Part 13)

Skyrim offers players a variety of characters to meet, locations to visit and quests to complete. However nearly seven years after The Elder Scrolls 5 was released, many Dragonborns may finally be starting feel like they’ve done it all, beaten every boss, found every Easter Eggs and saved every guild. Thankfully, that’s not the case, as today we’ll be taking a look at five more things you (probably) didn’t know you could do in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.

    Oh I didn't know you were allowed to use non english adjectives. This opens up a lot of doors for you Nate.

  • The Nothing Nobody

    Another detail about the 'Challenger', if you cast a Fury spell on him, everyone else will turn hostile to him, and this will also make him be like "Hey, stop attacking me this is meant to be a duel".

  • Motaz Fawzi

    6:45 Wait!!!! Does that mean that barrel are basically trash cans...and I thought they were some kind of storage.

  • Armash Agha

    5 years later5 more things to do in skyrim

  • Alyssa Davidson

    I think Saadia's lying. There's no way in hell she'd leave her life behind and go on the run, but then say that she's not sure why the Alik'r are after her when questioned. No fugitive is oblivious as to the reason they're in hiding. Also, if Kematu had just wanted her corpse for the gold, you killing her in front of him wouldn't ruin his plan; he could still just bring her body in to whoever hired him and collect the reward. But, instead, he's angry that he now can't bring her in for the fair trial he spoke of. There's just too much evidence on Kematu's side.

  • Aiden Gonzalez

    I thought pretty much everyone did the Golden Claw quest before going to Whiterun?


    When you said assassinate the emperor you didn’t say murder to deathTop 10 anime betrayals

  • Troper H'ghar

    3:21 "dungeons and drauger"Aww that was always my favorite expansion

  • shadowdragonomega

    I thought both sides were lying to me. So I murdered them all to death.

  • Micah Bell

    Dovahkiin's out there fighting Challengers and what do I get?Lollygaggers...

  • LightningBlaze100

    "I'll pin a comment with some links that explain the alchemy exploit!">Pins some random ass comment with absolutely nothing to do with that, or Skyrim, at all instead

  • Jeremy Landon

    In my time of need? More like- in my time of greed. 😃 I always get the best of both worlds by turning Sadia in and then collecting my bounty from the Alkir then killing kenmatu thus releasing Sadia from the paralyze spell. She will then be hostile but if you cast a simple calm spell on her you can complete the quest with Sadia and gain the bounty from her too. When the spell wears off and she becomes hostile again then you kill her with no bounty on your head for any of it. Play it safe and kill em' all I say. ☺

  • Nick G.

    Huh, I thought everyone who's played Skyrim more than once would've gotten into the habit of raiding Bleakfalls Barrow before even heading to Whiterun. I've probably played a minimum of five separate "new games" in Skyrim since first buying it in 2014 and I've almost certainly raided Bleakfalls Barrow four of those times right from the start.

  • Sonny

    where's the pinned comment, Nate???

  • Fatacemcafee

    90% of the skyrim players grab the dragon stone before heading to white run cuz of the merchants quest lol

  • Lachloni Pepperoni

    Did you know you can start a thieves guild & Riften guard war. Once you join the thieves guild all you have to do is attack any random guard in Riften, get as many guards to chase you as possible and then run into the thieves guild via the cemetery. It is really fun watching the battle play out, and it unlocks some unique dialog from surviving thieves guild members.

  • Blaine Webb

    Hey Nate, so today, I was playing through my dark brotherhood quest line, and killed Enodius Papius, well, it seems that the owner of the wood mill up the road from him, sent me a letter wanting to reward me for murdering the poor man to death! Maybe that is the man who hired the brotherhood in the first place? Something to look into!

  • PGE The Elder Scrolls Türkiye

    murdered to death till he was killed

  • Atheismo

    "It's a magic duel"I cast FIST!

  • Johnny Pearseed

    Skyrim is one absolute unit of a game

  • Demonmagnos

    A neat thing about The Golden Claw quest is that Lucan's shop is open 24/7 before you finish it.

  • Andreas Brandt

    My first character was a pure mage, with at least 150+ hours of playtime, and I have NEVER encountered the "Challenger."

  • Mindy Auron

    Skyrim is big but the available possible replacements for “big” certainly is notToday. French. Tomorrow, Austrian

  • vargen1414

    8:36 just use like a Fortify Sneak by 10,000% potion

  • Lexx Alolia

    Have you see those warriors from Hammerfell? They have Curved Swords. Curved. Swords.

  • Phantom of Death

    Here's a fun secret. If you are a higher level in any type of magic, alchemy, or enchanting, you can talk to Farangar for the first time with unique dialogue. This can only be done if you do the main quest up to that point.

  • Desert Foxchild

    Personally I always believed Kematu. Sadia gives off strong vibes of a rather cold and criminal nature to me, but both are highly believable because that could just be the result of being hunted.

  • Blue Bic

    6:25 you can make really op weapons and poisons, but don't waste your time making op armor. No matter what your armor stat is, the damage reduction caps out at 567.

  • Oliver Hugaas

    Number One thing you didn't know you could do: Play the remastered edition instead of the original Skyrim

  • Death Leprechaun

    If you don't give the golden claw back to the guy in riverwood, he keeps his shop open 24/7, good for being a vampire and such.

  • Wanted Walrus

    I can't think of a single time I didn't already have the Dragonstone when I talked to Farengar because of the Golden Claw questI guess not everyone is so quick to help Lucian

  • PlotTwist

    the fortify alchemy glitch is one of the most widely known glitches to be honest, anyways nice to put it in a video so more ppl will know

  • Axolotl

    The year is 3018, TheEpicNate315 has just uploaded episode #3056 in his series of “Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do In Skyrim” series.

  • Alex Wilson

    In the Saadia/Kamatu quest, you can actually take gold from both of them. Basically, go talk to kamatu at the cave. Tell him you'll side with him. Lead Saadia to the stables. Let him paralyze her. Take money from him. Kill him. When Saadia wakes up, use a pacify spell on her. While pacified, she is friendly and you can complete the quest like you killed kamatu for her. Take gold from Saadia. Let Pacify spell ware off. Kill Saadia. Boom, 1000 gold.

  • Patryk Kruszona

    WTF most of todays "things" already have been shown by You...

  • Camp Master Noob

    "XXX asks you condescendingly to run errands for him/her"Basically the beginning of every quest in Skyrim

  • 85244e

    another cool thing about the briarhearts is that if you shoot them in the heart with an arrow they will die instantly

  • Itama

    I have actually never ever picked up the farengar quest before obtaining the dragon stone, since I always do the golden claw quest, before going to whiterun xD

  • ChaseRadical

    In reference to the "Resto glitch" I recommend checking out xBeau Gaming for in depth tutorials.

  • Thrall302

    Skyrim is an ABSOLUTE UNIT of a game

  • Ben Bayne-Davies

    Am I the only one who on their first play through and ever subsequent one just did number 4 because of the quest from Lucan Valarius?

  • Garrett Kolling

    I have actually always done the Farengar one. I have never done the normal *accept quest then go to Bleak Falls Barrow*. I just get it then go meet him. Even my first character I did the Golden Claw first.

  • The Vegan Senpai

    Saadia. When I asked the red guard would she be harmed, he stated that she would be (in a more passive speech).So, I killed him. Then saadia attacked me. So, I did it again but made sure I killed him before he paralyzed her.

  • Snigelhasten

    How is your skyrim so good lookin?? holy ** it looks like it came out 2019 :O Could you perhaps make a video to show how to make skyrim look like that? Please Nate!

  • Niccy Cawkwell

    ever time i pickpocketed the briar heart, i would get hired thugs after me sent by the briar hearts lol

  • poop freely

    Another dragonborn here to burn my father's boots good job

  • Lm Pst

    The alchemy glitch was patched really early on? You can still do a much lesser degree but restoration no longer affects it. Also armour has a max number and anything above that isnt actually counted.So things you actually didnt know.

  • Cry Bloodwing

    I knew about the Dragonstone thing since my first playthrough because I went exploring way before doing the main quest haha.I also knew the Briarheart because I randomly decided to pickpocket one. I was really surprise that he died and thought it was a bug. But then I was like “oh fits his name. Cool!”

  • Patryk Zaniewicz

    Cool thing is that since TES6 is set in Hammerfell we'll most likely find out who told the truth.

  • Trace Antonacci

    You can use the clear skies shout to remove rain and blizzards.

  • The Big Powerboss

    Dungeons & Draugrs, huh...

  • SmoKK z0r

    This game was amazing perfect, still surpirse after so many years

  • Really Bitch

    Poison Causes 113999040 damage?ok then

  • Joe Nesvick

    When I first played, I actually went to Bleak Falls Barrow first for the Golden Claw. I prefer going to White Run first though. I have the one ring mod, so I get that in Riften first 🤣. I have pickpocketed those hearts.

  • Sparky Shepard

    Here are some things:Couriers sometimes give you back your letters if you dump them somewhere near them.Shopkeepers have a chance to comment your actions when you drop things around them. Belethor sounded quite happy when i did.If you attack the courier,everyone attacks him. You can even cast Rage spells on him,everyone will still turn hostile on him. Quite funny watching entire town punsing him everytime he gets up.Your spells can trigger voice lines. If you use "heal others" spells on npcs,they sometimes ask if its some kind of healing spell. Calm spells make them say that "they dont feel any different".You can become full leader of the thiefs guild by finishing 5 unique jobs. To unlock them you gotta do small jobs. After becoming the actual guilt leader,you get the guilt leader thief outfit,in the Ragon Flagon are now shops such as a mage shop for example and certain Shopkeepers have more gold and more unique items such as enchanted daedric weapons. Not many people know this since they usually are done with the thieves guilt after the story line. The dark brotherhood also has some small last quest where you go find some "ancient" guilt outfit. And at the Companions you can find the totems of hircine.

  • Wade Allen

    I just figured that everyone did #2 naturally, as the shopkeeper in riverwood gives you the quest to go into bleak falls barrow, which is on the way to whiterun, so I don’t know why anyone would go to whiterun first.

  • Ser Noisy

    1. thing I already did I'm my 1. playthrough.. the rest I also already did..what I still didn't managed to do is playing the Dragonborn DLC though..


    In no. 3, i actually did that yesterday. If your smithing is level 15 and you improve just 1 weapon or armor (grindstone,workbench) it will get to level 100(obviously if potion used. Also selling one of these can get speech 100 instantly since if you keep looping, it will cost millions of septims. PS. If you do enchanment potions with the fortify resto by +1000000% or something like that, you can enchant armour with increase health , stamina and magica, making them infinite(literally inmortal). I did it also with sneak and i can walk by dragons and even touch them while sneaking and they dont notice😂and my sneak level is 20

  • Vitali

    Need a list of French adjectives?Gigantesque, gargantuesque, énorme, immense, géant, colossal, vaste...

  • Dominic Lepage

    Wait, I can NOT get the Dragon Stone BEFORE I'm told to get it? AMAZING!

  • GDSpectra

    120KKKK damage ... that is absolutely insane.Well, now I know what to use against the Ebony Warrior. 😆😆😆

  • Greenpanda Studios

    You are the reason I still play Skyrim

  • Matt

    lol i always get the dragonstone first. get the golden claw quest, go to blb, get the claw and stone, go to whiterun, deliver it, fast travel back to riverwood, give the claw. fastest way to knock out the opening quests imo

  • Battlecry Eden

    In my time of need quest. Saadia is lying, because she said the soldiers were Thalmor assassins, well if they were then:1) They would kill her at sight and if you kill her, they would not be sad, it is clearly that they want to capture her, not to kill, so they can't be assassins. 2) Whiterun although neutral is more pro Empire, and Empire now obey Thalmor in many ways, and goes as far as outlaw the Talor worshiping. If Those Alik'r warriors were on the Thalmor service and pursuing enemy of Thalmor, they would have no problem to operate on territories where Thalmor influence is strong, they could have some kind of order or warrant on Saadia. Last but not the least, one of their fellow warrior were captured by Whiterun guards, if they were at Thalmor service, they would not have any problem to free him.3) We know that Redguards are at war with Dominions, and its not a typical war, but a national independence war, so it is not likely that some real honorable Alik'r warriors would at the service of Thalmor, who burned their cities and killed their ppl. Also Hammerfell quit the Empire, they are now separatists, so logically real Alik'r warriors would have trouble doing business on Empire territory. 4) When you came to Saadia, upon acknowledging that you are on Alik'r warriors' quest she first threaten you and tried to kill you, not to convince you to leave her, buy you out or some other way. Doesn't seem like a behavior of some noble woman, more like a bitch. Alik'r leaders didn't want to kill you, he tell his warriors to hold back and talk with you, trying to convince you, real thugs would just ambush you using their number and the fact that you came by yourself to their lair, then torture you for information, since they were not going to pay you anyway. And if you give up Saadia, they would not pay you too, they also may ask you to murder her for them and not get their hand dirty.When first doing this quest I save Saadia and killed Alik'r warriors because all guys want to kill bad guys and safe a maiden, but later upon second time, I looked closely into the quest and find it quite interesting and deeper than it seem.

  • Cynthia Brogan

    You can also go into a shop in Riverwood where two people are arguing about the golden claw. That’s how I like starting the quest :3

  • Emily And Izzy

    Challenger: "MA-GIC, you know, like spells" Me: *proceeds to crush his bones with my warhammer*

  • Jan Krajnc

    I was sitting and playing skyrim waiting for part 13 of murdered to death to pop up on my notifications

  • Cerf Verlaet

    Other adjectives in French : énorme, géant, gigantesque, très grand, enormissime :D

  • Alex Silva

    Restoration potion! AKA GOD MODE! It was possible to add an extra article of clothing(for enchantments) by doubling up headgear; a light falmer helmet and a circlet.

  • John Dominy

    The exploit with the circular powering up potions, armors and enchantments is one I proudly discovered on my own. Thats not saying much. But I felt like I deserved to gloat for that one.Seriously does break the game though.

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