Skyrim: 5 Things You Probably Didn't Know You Could Do - The Elder Scrolls 5: Secrets (Part 13)

Skyrim offers players a variety of characters to meet, locations to visit and quests to complete. However nearly seven years after The Elder Scrolls 5 was released, many Dragonborns may finally be starting feel like they’ve done it all, beaten every boss, found every Easter Eggs and saved every guild. Thankfully, that’s not the case, as today we’ll be taking a look at five more things you (probably) didn’t know you could do in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.

    Oh I didn't know you were allowed to use non english adjectives. This opens up a lot of doors for you Nate.

  • ReZaHydra

    There is an exploit where you can kill Kematu right after getting his gold, and if you do, Saadia will thank you as if she was never paralyzed, completing the quest twice.I guess you could say killed Kematu. What, you think he was Murdered to Death? Don't be silly.



  • Fatacemcafee

    90% of the skyrim players grab the dragon stone before heading to white run cuz of the merchants quest lol

  • Aiden Gonzalez

    I thought pretty much everyone did the Golden Claw quest before going to Whiterun?

  • Jan Krajnc

    I was sitting and playing skyrim waiting for part 13 of murdered to death to pop up on my notifications

  • Damon FF

    Actually i believe Saadia is like 100% guilty, from the beginning she wants you to murder those Alikr, even at the end she’ll thank you for doing that. On the other hand all kamatu does, is to paralyze her, even when you kill Saadia he reacts in a harsh way. Saadia was kinda lying from the beginning about her name and... and i have question why on god’s earth Thalmor would hire some Redguards, which their thirsty for their blood, to kill Saadia, while they have a lot of soldiers themselves.

  • Erik Åkerblom 9B Jättestenskolan

    Oyfum oh wrong channel..

  • SoulidiumHollow

    Listen up Nate, I found this out by pure chance; however you know that big ol yellowish gooey Dragon, Duhniviir? He's not undead despite what people think. I have a 'heal undead' spell (Which comes in handy for your vampire buddy in the main Dawnguard quest.) I used the 'heal undead' spell on him and it didnt work! So I opted to "Heal other" and by Talos it worked like a charm. So he's not a rotting corpse despite what alot of people claim..he just is rotting away despite still going. After all his name literally translates to "Curse never dying" in dragon.So he's literally the textbook example of what happens if you do not have everlasting youth...but cannot die either, kinda...creepy when you think about it.

  • Connor Kenway

    Now I'm definitely sure that you're Todd Howard's son.

  • shadowdragonomega

    I thought both sides were lying to me. So I murdered them all to death.

  • Roolet

    I just got the challenger last night my dude. Heres some facts about it you missed.If you accept his duel, hold guards will spectate. If you decline, they’ll murder him to death.If you conjure something, or have a follower join in, he’ll draw his blade on you.

  • Daniel Hani

    8:35 while briar hearts have some of the best sneak detection in skyrim the spell paralysis in the restoration skill tree allows you to pickpocket them as they are falling leading the battles against them being extremely easy, i use this trick to steal the weapon from my enemy and proceed to bash their heads with it xD


    When you said assassinate the emperor you didn’t say murder to deathTop 10 anime betrayals

  • Johnny Pearseed

    Skyrim is one absolute unit of a game

  • MasterPlayer979 Bob

    Back to no. 3 my dad once made the "gloves of the pugilist" an item that you get by starting the thieves guild questline and made it to where you could one punch the son of akatosh to death............. Yeah........... It's a little overpowered and a little cheaty but, really hilarious

  • Muhummad Smith

    I swear you've already mentioned the Bleak Falls Barrow fact previously

  • TheNN

    Another detail about the 'Challenger', if you cast a Fury spell on him, everyone else will turn hostile to him, and this will also make him be like "Hey, stop attacking me this is meant to be a duel".

  • Honest M'aiq

    Here are some Turkish adjectives :Devhasa (this is how you pronounce it , the way you spell is Devasa) , kocaman , büyükOh and most importantly , this is how you say murdered to death in Turkish :Öldürene kadar katletmekYou're already welcome.EDIT : as a guy in the comments pointed out , yes , "Ölümüne katletmek" would do as well , in fact it's a lot more correct , but I wanted to write "Öldürene kadar katletmek" because it sounds a lot more hilarious in English..."Murdered to death till he was killed"Heh ... New quote...

  • Itama

    I have actually never ever picked up the farengar quest before obtaining the dragon stone, since I always do the golden claw quest, before going to whiterun xD

  • Mr. Pablosek

    When are you gonna do the oblivion secrets?

  • Kamil M.

    Sooo... wanna try polish adjectives? 0:03 GigantycznaDużaOlbrzymiaOgromnaRozległaMasywnaWielkaKolosalnaObszernaOk, that's all for now, gl with pronunciation :)

  • A c

    The potion thing reminds me of Morrowind, which had a crazy exploitable alchemy system. By boosting intelligence you could make increasingly more powerful potions. You can boost your athletic skills so that you can run from one end of the map to the other in ten seconds, or your acrobatics so you can jump so high it'll take hours to land. It's actually really frustrating because you can end up stuck with an effect for a thousand in-game years because of the potion's duration also being boosted, and the game is unplayable if you move so fast you can't control where you end up.

  • kelerews

    that alchemy and smiting glitch makes the whole game boring and unplayable. I don't recommend it.

  • Motaz Fawzi

    6:45 Wait!!!! Does that mean that barrel are basically trash cans...and I thought they were some kind of storage.

  • Whiterun Guard

    Dovahkiin's out there fighting Challengers and what do I get?Lollygaggers...

  • Henriko Magnifico

    Your videos are so good and well put together that you're now my favorite Skyrim-tuber. Any thoughts on branching out to videos / reviews on Skyrim mods as well?

  • Dominik Greene

    Huh, I thought everyone who's played Skyrim more than once would've gotten into the habit of raiding Bleakfalls Barrow before even heading to Whiterun. I've probably played a minimum of five separate "new games" in Skyrim since first buying it in 2014 and I've almost certainly raided Bleakfalls Barrow four of those times right from the start.

  • PlotTwist

    the fortify alchemy glitch is one of the most widely known glitches to be honest, anyways nice to put it in a video so more ppl will know

  • FloppyBeagle 926

    I fought the challenger then had the boethia cultist attack in the middle of the fight

  • Lazarus

    When you click so fast that you break the fabric of the universe

  • Mortuse Draco

    Saadia is guilty in my eyes for a couple of reasons 1. She lies about who she is2. She came to skyrim which has thalmor everywhere 3.keamute only paralyzes her and reacts super negatively ig you kill her as if she's a person of importance. 4. After turning her in I've always had thalmor agents attack me with a note saying I compromised one of their agents.

  • Charred Husk

    Armor actually caps the damage reduction you can get after a certain armor value, maxed out at 85% of damage taken.

  • riemaennchen

    I have over 700 hours in Skyrim and haven't beaten it once. So I still have enough to do.^^

  • aries

    The year is 3018, TheEpicNate315 has just uploaded episode #3056 in his series of “Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do In Skyrim” series.

  • Troper H'ghar

    3:21 "dungeons and drauger"Aww that was always my favorite expansion

  • Blaine Webb

    Hey Nate, so today, I was playing through my dark brotherhood quest line, and killed Enodius Papius, well, it seems that the owner of the wood mill up the road from him, sent me a letter wanting to reward me for murdering the poor man to death! Maybe that is the man who hired the brotherhood in the first place? Something to look into!

  • VictoriumStudios 77

    The Wizard Challenger made me want to start a Telivanni Wizard Build

  • livirus

    here's some Dutch adjectives:enorm, gigantisch, massief, groot, reusachtig, colossaal

  • Phantom of Death

    Here's a fun secret. If you are a higher level in any type of magic, alchemy, or enchanting, you can talk to Farangar for the first time with unique dialogue. This can only be done if you do the main quest up to that point.

  • Patryk Kruszona

    WTF most of todays "things" already have been shown by You...

  • Jeremy Landon

    In my time of need? More like- in my time of greed. 😃 I always get the best of both worlds by turning Sadia in and then collecting my bounty from the Alkir then killing kenmatu thus releasing Sadia from the paralyze spell. She will then be hostile but if you cast a simple calm spell on her you can complete the quest with Sadia and gain the bounty from her too. When the spell wears off and she becomes hostile again then you kill her with no bounty on your head for any of it. Play it safe and kill em' all I say. ☺

  • Jessica Parker

    do you really have to spend the first 2 minutes of every video with the same introduction explaining that skyrim is a deep game?

  • Alex Wilson

    In the Saadia/Kamatu quest, you can actually take gold from both of them. Basically, go talk to kamatu at the cave. Tell him you'll side with him. Lead Saadia to the stables. Let him paralyze her. Take money from him. Kill him. When Saadia wakes up, use a pacify spell on her. While pacified, she is friendly and you can complete the quest like you killed kamatu for her. Take gold from Saadia. Let Pacify spell ware off. Kill Saadia. Boom, 1000 gold.

  • Lachloni Pepperoni

    Did you know you can start a thieves guild & Riften guard war. Once you join the thieves guild all you have to do is attack any random guard in Riften, get as many guards to chase you as possible and then run into the thieves guild via the cemetery. It is really fun watching the battle play out, and it unlocks some unique dialog from surviving thieves guild members.

  • Seth De Shallow

    You can take Kematu's reward, kill him, use a calm spell on Saadia, then take a reward from her(backstabbing her is optional at the end)

  • Scuba Steve

    Personally, given Kematu's harsh words if you kill her compounded with the dialogue he has when speaking to her, I am more inclined to believe Kematu's story.

  • Dylan Leitch

    Hey Nate, not sure if you’ve covered this but when you are asked to kill one of the captives when first meeting Astrid if you only kill 2 out of the 3 you find some unique voice lines from Astrid, and ever possibility of killing 2 of the 3 gives cool dialogue lines

  • ElectricLuxray

    If the next game is set in Hammerfell we may finally find out what happened in the canon version of "In My Time of Need."

  • Despacito spider

    Fun story: I attacked some Kahjiit merchents outside Whiterun and they followed me trough the entire city and into the palace. As soon they got inside the guards attacked them but they were not killed because they were essential characters.

  • TerrusIce

    Any mod recommendation for Skyrim LE that improve quality of enemy gear. Chance for them to get upgraded one, and leaders with chance for enchanted one?

  • Andreas Brandt

    My first character was a pure mage, with at least 150+ hours of playtime, and I have NEVER encountered the "Challenger."

  • Riko Vladimir

    did you now you could have a skeleton army in Skyrim you need ordinator and the bone collector perk it's kinda creepy nut it's spooktober after all LOL

  • Armash Agha

    5 years later5 more things to do in skyrim

  • Marco Vinicio Chavarria Brenes

    Sadia or Kematu? Beer or wine? Fap or no fap? Those questions are timeless mysteries for us mortals!

  • Th3Devils Heart

    What's the mod for your sword?

  • Joe Nesvick

    When I first played, I actually went to Bleak Falls Barrow first for the Golden Claw. I prefer going to White Run first though. I have the one ring mod, so I get that in Riften first 🤣. I have pickpocketed those hearts.

  • Trace Antonacci

    You can use the clear skies shout to remove rain and blizzards.

  • Blaine Webb

    Lol finally a new video, lol was starting to have withdraws from the lack of EpicNate's informative information!

  • Tyg Rahof

    Saadia is guilty and needs to be returned for her crimes!

  • Mike Wautraets

    but Farengar isn't arrogant though :c

  • PGE The Elder Scrolls Türkiye

    murdered to death till he was killed

  • Greenpanda Studios

    You are the reason I still play Skyrim

  • Lou Blue

    I think you work for Bethesda

  • 85244e

    another cool thing about the briarhearts is that if you shoot them in the heart with an arrow they will die instantly

  • Janusz

    You sound more tired than usuall.Do you need to talk?

  • vargen1414

    10:51 why not just kill both of them

  • Jamie Lynn Villeneuve

    ESO proved saadias guilty

  • Callum Thornton

    Next adjective gargantuan

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