Skyrim Dawnguard - Ending & Final boss HD - Dawnguard path ending walkthrough part 44 (final part)

Skyrim Dawnguard Ending & Final boss HD Dawnguard path ending walkthrough part 44 (Final part) dlc add on expansion The Elder Scrolls V full playlist
  • Scrawny C. Bones

    I like how you're so careless like 1:50 was that really necessary? XD

  • Killin' Weebs

    Did anyone else love serana so much you started reloading previous saves if you accidentally hit her?

  • Daniel A.

    If only there was an assault on Fort Dawnguard like the assault on the Castle.

  • Aesir Beer

    1:51 laughed so fucking much xD

  • Jerry Neville

    OK if i was in there yes I would kill lord harkon,but I would not turn the sun into darkness and I would not become a vampire OK and I would cure serana from her vamperism OK also OK I wouldn't turn the sun into darkness OK and I wouldn't become A vampire

  • Nicolas Ebeno

    This prooves it all, most youtubers are noobs on videogames.

  • CoolYoung Juke

    Why u give hark on auriels bow ?????

  • Tobygas

    Why you would like to give the Bow to Harkon anyway? i dont get it.

  • Critical Ruin

    Harkon and Miraak is a better boss fight than Alduin yeah?

  • Lachlan Hurburgh

    why did he give harkon auriel's bow. It's completely pointless :P

  • nube1oscuras

    So let me get this straight, you don't even have to join harkon to be a vampire lord and could just ask sedans to do it instead when she becomes your follower?And Isran would totally be cool with that?

  • JHsBall&Chain Narcissist


  • The Unknown Uchiha

    I thought the last mission is when you kill aludin

  • Trey Holton

    I couldn't take Harkon's request to become a Vampire Lord, honestly. Having a Werewolf form to go batshit crazy on everyone is just too fun. Plus, a lot easier to travel. >3

  • Edgar Martinez

    Lol 1:56 he jus shouted at Serena n she slew lmao

  • haha yes

    lol ur noob i killed harkon with only one word!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!! HAHAHAHHAAHAH!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!! HHAHAHAHAH! HAHAHAHAHA!!!1

  • TCLegend Ch.

    1:50 Why Did you do That o_0 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anil S

    Serana looks like jaina proudmoore from world of warcraft...She is having similar character...

  • Max Jordan

    wait when he uses fast healing on his hand it was conjuration spell

  • Syed Ahmed

    what side do u need to be on to summon duhrenviir and arvak?

  • Aesir Beer

    Hahhahahaha fus ro dah on serana xD

  • Sōsuke Aizen

    I like how you just carelessly dropped an daedric shield

  • John

    That's just great 1:50 XD

  • Cullen Dittmar

    So, the ending in this is fulfilling Harkon's prophecy. I knew that would happen.



  • FancyPeegyMan

    I turned into a werewolf

  • Ethan Lally

    I was level 60 wen I kills Harkin

  • Philip Longfellow

    Lol you know you can get harkon out of that giant floating orb by shooting it with Auriel's Bow?

  • Aaron Richards


  • DragonRage61

    Your character became a vampire!? So scary! Why didn't you cure Serana instead?

  • BlueNight

    I remember hearing Isron saying to one of the dawnguard soldiers, "Don't worry we'll win, we have a werewolf on our side" immediately after saying that I turned and charged the castle, taking out everything in my path, fighting harkon only to change back half way through the fight, and just charging him with a silver great sword... Ironic... Since silver is used on werewolves but seems equally effective on undead

  • Aiden Frock

    I still need to go to black reach and get the other scroll

  • MOBI

    Don’t have a shield in your left hand if you’re not gonna use it

  • The Watcher

    Why did you give him the bow?!?

  • Dreiko

    1:28 - The inner preacher in Isran was unleashed!The time has come to finally put and end to Harkon and his UNHOLEH PROFECEH!!!

  • garrett baker

    You kinda screwed yourself you need aerials bow to get him out of the healing globe

  • TheThunder2020

    +HassanAlHajry why would you give Harkon Auriel's Bow. it makes the fight a lot harder

  • Werewolf Moonkiller

    witch armor and weponds are better Dragon or Glass

  • The Great Gamer

    I play Skyrim on Xbox 360 and I don't have dlc

  • The Great Gamer

    do u need dlc for dawnguard?

  • scar the dark lord

    the game is awesome I love being a vampire and haveing the vampier lord sword


    someone please tell me where i can find friendly vampires


    where is that place your in

  • Mitchell Harkins

    Do u still get vampire lord ability when u get bitten by serana

  • akfnwxsa32

    What sword are you using?

  • Will Scherberger

    Dawnguard sucks, vampire lords are overpowered.

  • Noobface

    When you Fus Ro Dahd Serana I was dying haha

  • Undriel

    Dat fusrodah on Serana XD my sides

  • valerie betterton

    jerry Neville said the same thing 2 times

  • Infinate_ pvp

    its good at the end even if you join the dawnguard you can still become a vampire lord

  • Zygarde Complete Form

    How do you start dlc of dawnguard quest

  • cathydeboard25

    send a steel bolt at their knee!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dat Dude Yeah

    I thought it was funny when he shouted at seranna

  • Daley Smith

    i lorft so much when you frusrodar srena

  • Jacob Snyder

    QuestionSo you don't need to pick the vampire side to be a vampire lord?

  • Joshua Bailey

    Lol y gotta be so mean to serana

  • Juraj Okasa

    ooo console peasant :D

  • My name is Joe

    I have a question, how different are the sides in this quest line, are they very similar in the majority of the missions and who you are with or are they the exact opposite?

  • yong xiang

    I have question so after the main quest done u being bitten by Serana and you become vampire lord or normal vampire?

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