LAWBREAKERS Trailer (by Gears of War creator) - 2016

Official LawBreakers cinematic trailer, a new multiplayer FPS by Cliff Bleszinski !
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LAWBREAKERS Trailer (by Gears of War creator) - 2016
Release date : 2016
© 2015 - Boss Key Productions

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  • Down since Day One

    Are they saying we need too build a wall?

  • Shadid Salehin

    december is almost over !!! so when u gonna come out.

  • demos113

    You know when they sewed up the mouth of Deadpool?........ i wish to fuck they had done it to this narrator as well! :-(

  • CapnNemo

    The narrator kinda sounds like a frat version of John C Reilly

  • Kalani 'MexiShark' Gapido


  • Blackfish

    This looks like the most aggressively generic, bland sci-fi premise ever.

  • shiz777

    Why the black guy have no helmet, first to die?

  • sandy claus

    0:26 scene if from Bohol in the Philippines, that church is a heritage on that place.

  • Marcello Antonio Ledda

    Gimme Judge Dredd instead of this

  • Tim Arthur

    The person who wrote this narration clearly had a hard-on for the Pacific Rim intro scene.

  • Buhrful

    "WE ARE SUPERSOLDIERS WITH SUPERHUMAN ABILITIES...""...and we love to use ordinary elevators ! "

  • Than Ellen

    This intro theme and feel reminds me of the Pacific Rim opening especially the voice over XD

  • DocWolph

    Almost like the Earth Side part of the Cowboy Bebop story. Most of the people went to MARS, and so you get the anime series we know, but those that stayed behind...

  • teddybruscie

    The game could end by a simple cheat code that legalizes and regulates drugs so you spend more time fighting real crime.

  • Crusty The Wank Sock


  • Lark Horse

    Stop right there criminal scum! you violated the law

  • weismeister121

    sooooooo...Mass Effect....without: aliens, a ship, a crew, space exploration or it

  • Ted Bundy™

    alpha keysIHVRT-RN2EC-EW025GTK33-R6T35-XM4IF

  • Ian Stallings

    "I'm not smart or big on book lernin and such, I just shoot the bad guys". - hero

  • Incessant Wake

    change the name to "Judge Dredd"

  • Summer Heat

    The black man should always be the leader!

  • Dank Bouls

    Reminds me of Mass Effect. Not the good parts, just the elevator rides.

  • xXHamatoYoshiXx

    Looks like Halo and Mass Effect had a baby, and then guided by some shit writer.

  • Brandon Gaedke

    I remember watching a documentary on what would happen if the moon disappeared, was not like this...

  • Matsui [雪]

    "by gears of war creator" that made me cringe so fucking hard

  • The Aussie Bloke

    This looks like a shit movie from the trailer, It's more so a teaser

  • S.A.M.

    "You either uphold the law.......OR YOU BREAK IT." BWAAAAAAAAAAWay to deal in totally unreasonable absolutes there, buddy.

  • DellaRobbiaMX

    black guy with no helmet,oh shit i already know who's dying first....

  • Chicken Mike

    In these kinds of scenario, I often ask: can I just go off somewhere desolate and live the rest of my life tending sheep and watching the sunset drinking my homemade brew?

  • PelenTan

    Anyone else almost fall asleep watching this?

  • PhoenixFires

    This sounds like the aftermath of Heaven's Fall from Aldnoah.Zero but a different aftermath.

  • Christian Lopez

    Gravity manipulation seems like a cool concept but you guys didn't present the game that well.

  • Fervidor

    "You either uphold the law, or you break it"....So, wait, it's illegal to not work for the police? (Also, gravity totally doesn't work that way.)

  • Amcor09


  • James Mackenzie

    Maybe better and more cool to skydive or rope down than take an elevator...

  • Ryder Draconis

    The silly science behind the moon breaking really threw me off. Then I couldn't even pay attention after the halfway point.

  • T►ReX

    The "BLACk" all ways is the Martir.. always die first, this this why, he dont need the helmet. :D

  • Le Berino

    hey the earthquake sceneIm pretty sure they used a video from an earthquake in the PH am I right?

  • Ziyad TO

    And for a white things were good, then came the gays!

  • Hau Tak Leighton Tam

    So, foreign criminal scum is invading the United States - quite literally, judging by the Michael Bay art direction - to wreak havoc, peddle drugs, and steal our money. High time for law enforcement to ditch the donuts, toughen up in boot camp, and keep the peace by bringing them war! Why do I get the feeling that this is the kind of game Trump's grandkids would preorder? And the suspicion that everyone else's eyes are rolling?Oh, and that hard-assed 'with the law or against it' tagline? That's totalitarianism 101. It's scary what passes for 'good guys' these days.

  • Andre Bell

    Great job with the trailer. I'd love to see this become a full fledged movie!

  • Killer Orca

    PLEASE for the LOVE OF GOD let this actually take place in Seattle like the opening suggested.

  • Necromedes

    Not going to lie. The guy's voice kind of gets to me. He ends every sentence with an unneeded "hhhh" sound...

  • MegaCnlSanders

    c'mon own now bruh, by unreal tournament creator

  • Julian Morris

    is this a movie or video game lol

  • Vito C

    Exposition: The Trailer

  • Ruben de Jong

    the whole world wents to shit and america must save the day bla bla bla bla ......

  • fightinandirish

    The world has practically ended but it's okay because we're still gonna fight the war on drugs!!!!YAAAYY!!Drugs are bayd,mkaayy?

  • eddrdr

    another crapfilm abusing physics

  • OtakulunZ

    25 sec.... Bohol Eartquake... chaaaar!!

  • Raymond St Paul

    Not certain about this one...could anyone even survive in that kind of world? Wouldn't civilization be too disrupted to function? An let's not forget all that lava in the Earth's core that be too dangerous floating around. Oh an winter freezing I could go on but it just doesn't make sense with an Earth shattered to bits wouldn't the Earth pieces start to drift outward into space not be kept together unless there is a large mass at the center holding it together. Cool trailer though even if it is just a game.

  • Jeremy H

    Is the trailer narrator drunk? His speech is extremely slurred. Is he having a stroke? Can someone check on him please

  • callum3069

    sooooo...a gritty version of crackdown?

  • F.u.c.k Allah

    So unrealistic its not even sci fi anymore

  • WolfWarlord Jake

    The floating Islands remind me of Zendikar, but without the Eldrazi.

  • Blitzstrk

    Shitty Crackdown rip off without the fun, judging by the trailer.

  • JadeDragoon136

    the moon is probably still rotating and the ecosystem would change but not be destroyed. So y'all need to sop attacking the writers.

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