LAWBREAKERS Trailer (by Gears of War creator) - 2016

Official LawBreakers cinematic trailer, a new multiplayer FPS by Cliff Bleszinski !
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LAWBREAKERS Trailer (by Gears of War creator) - 2016
Release date : 2016
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  • Buhrful

    "WE ARE SUPERSOLDIERS WITH SUPERHUMAN ABILITIES...""...and we love to use ordinary elevators ! "

  • teddybruscie

    The game could end by a simple cheat code that legalizes and regulates drugs so you spend more time fighting real crime.

  • nathanexplosionn

    this game sounds super dumb

  • Fervidor

    "You either uphold the law, or you break it"....So, wait, it's illegal to not work for the police? (Also, gravity totally doesn't work that way.)

  • BroGamer32

    really believable guys the war on drugs is going to continue even after a near apocalypse in the 22nd century? i find that VERY hard to believe. Are the cartels bringing in drugs still?

  • Blackfish

    This looks like the most aggressively generic, bland sci-fi premise ever.

  • Ian Stallings

    "I'm not smart or big on book lernin and such, I just shoot the bad guys". - hero

  • Ryder Draconis

    The silly science behind the moon breaking really threw me off. Then I couldn't even pay attention after the halfway point.

  • Martin Bodin

    In a world where drugs are illegal just because, one man that got bullied in school becomes a cop. Also superpowers. Coming soon.

  • AndroidPolitician

    2105 and drugs are still criminalized?

  • bibby42

    Eh... Just give me another Gears game better than Judgement, plz'n'ty!

  • Remy Schrader

    I'm sorry... I can't. The Dumb is to great

  • Moo

    Wait, so just because the moon is destroyed gravity just stops working like its suppose to? A shattered moon would cause a lot of problems on earth, but this whole gravity getting screwed up because of that is ridiculous

  • vanthursday

    i swear that guy's armor looks like he cnt even bend his neck or look to the side..

  • Abdulaziz D

    Is YouTube broken ?The video player is clipping to the edge of the screen and can't see half the video.

  • DaBaDaMaMaN

    So they had to make this...Why not just make a Judge Dredd game?

  • TheOneOwner

    Why does the narrator sound like he has just been out running and/or got a bit of a Cold?

  • All Aspects

    How would the moon splitting affect Earths gravity as shown in the game exactly? Tides yes. Making lesser/zero G effects? No. If anything there would be an increase in gravity without the moons pulling towards it.

  • Dark Light

    i was really confused if it was a game or a movie till i read the comments but i was really hoping it was a movie. it makes me think of anime with whats going on and the way dude was talking it seems like its a socialist or communist America and everybody is a part of the military or in poverty and that will create chaos. sounds like the future of America if the corrupt government gets any bigger and gains full control.

  • ShadowXhit

    basically all we saw is 3 people in the elevator.... useless trailers...

  • Javen Bell

    This so reminds me of Pacific Rim, but still looks good.

  • Frank Jeager

    So it's Dredd basically?

  • Braiven

    2016 - Sci Fi EVERYWHERE

  • Blakkheim

    change the name to "Judge Dredd"

  • shiz777

    Why the black guy have no helmet, first to die?

  • WolfWarlordJake

    The floating Islands remind me of Zendikar, but without the Eldrazi.

  • HarlotTV

    that clip 0:24 it's from Cebu , Sto. Niño Church - Cebu Philippines -Earthquake incident

  • S.A.M.

    "You either uphold the law.......OR YOU BREAK IT." BWAAAAAAAAAAWay to deal in totally unreasonable absolutes there, buddy.

  • PeskyRex

    WoW so cool just another one of those games best on male lead characters with very few or one , probably close to no females at all . And come on the names of those characters? Sam seriously ? Why such basic names ?!! What's wrong with Mas or Mase something like that would more preferable. I swear nearly every game that comes out today is just some cheap ripoff or has a lack of story and just mainly built up upon taking your money with like future dlc packs and shit . * sigh * Welcome to the 21st century

  • Tom Kelley

    Reminds me of Mass Effect. Not the good parts, just the elevator rides.

  • Chicken Mike

    In these kinds of scenario, I often ask: can I just go off somewhere desolate and live the rest of my life tending sheep and watching the sunset drinking my homemade brew?

  • Cablelinenetwork

    That world looks like it has so much destruction, people hurting, things burning. Everything is like a nightmare, i would love to live in that world.

  • Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn

    This...sounds like a futuristic, post-near apocalyptic setting of Urban Chaos: Riot Response. Brings out my T-Zero t-shirt.

  • PelenTan

    Anyone else almost fall asleep watching this?

  • Erik4xp

    Why does the narration remind of Pacific Rim?

  • SosoDeSamurai

    the human body would have fun with the low gravity ;) Not only the oceans would boil...

  • Dee Path

    That clip on 0:23.. Philippines Earthquake? Santo Nino Church?

  • theDubandTrance2

    Sounds like the game Inversion.

  • Eric B

    A lot of hating, but most people will have this game when it releases! lol! This shit is going to be badass! Mark it down!

  • Shadid Salehin

    december is almost over !!! so when u gonna come out.

  • PhoenixFires

    This sounds like the aftermath of Heaven's Fall from Aldnoah.Zero but a different aftermath.

  • Vito C

    Exposition: The Trailer

  • Down since Day One

    Are they saying we need too build a wall?

  • Le Berino

    hey the earthquake sceneIm pretty sure they used a video from an earthquake in the PH am I right?

  • Amcor09


  • Cluetube AC

    0:47 "things were good,then came the gays"lol thats what i thought he said then i rewatched that part like 3 times and was like"OH gottah comment this"why did this trailer remind me of avatar.

  • OnceThereWasAPageWithAReallyLongAssNameAndNowYouAreLookingAtAChannelWithAReallyLongName!

    Came from watching movie trailers, with this video mixed into the side suggestions panel, and gots to thinking that, Cliffie B got into Movieees.

  • Antwone Madison

    will be keeping an eye on this.........

  • Than Ellen

    This intro theme and feel reminds me of the Pacific Rim opening especially the voice over XD

  • MiSt 526

    Gravity never went back to normal? So their clandestine government disaster altered the physics of the Universe? Maybe the writers should stick to fantasy stories and stay away from science fiction until they actually learn some science...

  • Andre Bell

    Great job with the trailer. I'd love to see this become a full fledged movie!

  • Necromedes

    Not going to lie. The guy's voice kind of gets to me. He ends every sentence with an unneeded "hhhh" sound...

  • Brandon Gaedke

    I remember watching a documentary on what would happen if the moon disappeared, was not like this...

  • Hobo G

    0:45 not "Obduction" by Cyan Worlds

  • vealck

    I didn't know that the moon is the only thing keeping the gravity in check, otherwise it goes all bananas. Well, you learn something every day. Thank you, moon! You rock!

  • b00m13

    Someone alert Judge Dredd!! These guys are breaking the LAW!! They STOLE his plot~!!

  • pilotpig

    omfg I can already tell this is going to be awesome

  • Kalani 'MexiShark' Gapido


  • Badass Warthog

    as soon as i saw Nexon i closed my wallet

  • Alex Ngan

    At 1st it sounded awesome but now, it's retarded. A game about protecting laws? How and why did they ever think that was a good idea?!

  • SoFarGone

    Looks good. Is it a Exclusive

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