Skyrim SE - Paragon Portals EASY 10K - 20K Gold Secret Hidden Treasure


Welcome back Ladies and Gentlemen to Skyrim Special Edition!

This video is a walk through guide, in which we acquire and loot all 5 of the paragon portals in the Forgotten Vale.
02:00 - Amethyst Paragon
02:21 - Paragon Portal
03:02 - Sapphire Paragon
04:23 - Emerald Paragon
06:12 - Diamond Paragon
07:20 - Ruby Paragon

Skyrim Special Edition Playlist -

Unique & Rare Weapons:
Akarviri Sword -
Alessandra's Dagger -
Bloodscythe -
Bloodskal Blade -
Bow Of The Hunt -
Champion's Cudgel -
Dawnbreaker -
Dawnguard Rune Hammer -
Dragonbane -
Dwarven Black Bow Of Fate -
Dwarven Crossbow -
Ebony Blade -
Enhanced Crossbow -
Enhanced Dwarven Crossbow -
Exploding Crossbow Bolts -
Fork -
Ghostblade -
Glass Bow Of The Stag Prince -
Grimsever -
Horksbane -
Knife -
Mace Of Molag Bal -
Nettlebane -
Poacher's Axe -
Queen Freydis's Sword -
Red Eagle's Bane / Fury -
Ring Of Pure Mixtures -
The Rueful Axe -
Soulrender -
Stormfang -
Trollsbane -
Valdr's Lucky Dagger -
Volendrung -
Woodsman's Friend -

Unique & Rare Armor:
Ahzidal -
Ahzidal's Armor Set -
Deathbrand Armor Set -
Diadem Of The Savant -
Ebony Mail -
Imperial Helmet (Closed) -
Krosis -
Masque Of Clavicus Vile -
Savior's Hide -
Visage Of Mzund -
Vokun -

Unique & Rare Shield:
Spellbreaker -

Unique & Rare Spells:
Conjure Boneman -
Conjure Flaming Familiar -
Conjure Mistman -
Conjure Wrathman -
Summon Arvak -
Transmute Mineral Ore -

Unique & Rare Jewelry:
Ahzidal's Ring Of Arcana -
Ahzidal's Ring Of Necromancy -
Ancient Nord Amulet -
Charmed Necklace -
Ilas-Tei's Ring -
Locket Of Saint Jiub -
Necromancer's Amulet -
Ring Of Hircine -
Saarthal Amulet -

Unique Staffs / Staves:
Eye Of Melka -
Staff Of Jyrik Gauldurson -
Wabbajack -

General Guides:
Infinite Carry Weight, Items & Gold -
  • Camelworks

    There are some other secret paragons that you can find right here ;)🐫🐫🐫🐫🐫🐫

  • Marta Tarasiuk

    I am quite ashamed to admit that even though I've played Skyrim for 355 hours (at leas according to Steam), I never knew Paragon Portals existed.

  • Pherion

    New drinking game: Take a shot every time Camel says "Random Leveled Loot"

  • Ted Melchior

    between the frost giants and the shellbugs....the dragonborn single handedly made two rare species of creature go extinct

  • Badman

    1000+ hours in Skyrim and I have never heard of a frostgiant or the paragons... god this awkward.

  • Colton Smeenk

    7 years later and im still learning shit about this game. My god

  • Adbruh


  • Justin Yeo

    “I hate portals.” - Geralt of Rivia

  • Canadian Panda

    Hey Camel. I was wondering if you could do a video on the future of the factions of Skyrim in the time of Elders Scrolls VI. Like where you think they will be, or how they will be used.

  • Joserph Martinz

    I gotta admit. I have played Skyrim since 2013. I have finished the Dawnguard a few times and I am tired of slaying Alduin. But I had NEVER heard anything about this paragons. That's why we love you Cammel! Keep it up!

  • Obi Wan Kenobi

    Oh good!! Gems that no vendor ever has money for!

  • Eatay Mizrachi

    On all levels except physical, I am random leveled loot.

  • Kaine Peterson

    Seems like by the time you're in the Forgotten Vale 10-20k gold is worthless.

  • Dr _wombo_

    How the hell does this channel STILL show me things about skyrim I didn’t even know existed!

  • Liam Burgmann

    That face reveal at the beginning there

  • The Optimist

    Are you planning on covering the Ancient Falmer Armor?

  • A D

    ooooo pretty I want I am surprised that even this long after I see new things about Skyrim

  • sfastroworld

    That was cool. I hate to say it, but I never took the time to collect the paragons.

  • thekaleid0cat

    the content has been dank af this week ❤

  • Jack Mehov

    Loved the forgotten vale. So beautiful.


    they look like butt plugs

  • Jackson Such

    How to make 20,000 septims:Step 1: press, ~.Step 2: Type, player.additem 0F 20000Step 3: Lol. I suck.

  • Pr0fila

    playing since 2011 got over a 1000 hrs in the game, never even heard of these paragons

  • TheAtheistPaladin

    Video request: Are the Frost Giants and Giants related? If so, wtf happened to them have horns and double eyes?

  • The Optimist

    When I'm skydiving, I tend to find that my para-cute's-gon a lot. I'll see myself out.

  • John Rawalt

    I've been playing this game for years and never knew about this... I thought those paragons were just collectibles. Thank you for the video!

  • Nick Sheldon

    It's sad this only has 2 views :(

  • Papyrus908

    Lol i only found the sapphire and amthyst paragons lol.

  • ShadowVapor

    You say there isnt a map of the forgotten vale but there is, its in the skyrim atlas on page 273 and it shows where the paragons are just thought id share the information with you, love the videos!

  • unlimited971

    paragon portals...paragon stone...gave me an idea of a mod...wish me luck

  • Victoria Bryer

    there should have been a branch off the Merchant Perk that allows you to sell items at face value.

  • Jaden Daniel

    Or you could just loot everything you ever find and sell it all. Skyrim was too easy. I sleep

  • BethDeth77

    Woot Camel notification AGAIN?!What have we done to be blessed with your voice and game lessons again already? I just want to know so I can do it 1 time a week to ensure 3 punny webisodes weekly. 🖤💙🖤Also please to be telling me when we will get the Blackreach video?This quarter? This month? This week?

  • SvenGames

    Our boy is at it again! Two in one day? The Divines favor you!

  • Maven Oathkeeper

    I've found 2 or 3 of these paragons in each of my 3 playthroughs and NEVER! Knew what they were for. Great video!

  • Hamish Marshall

    ESO did this about eight months ago. Good to hear you spin on it though.


    I like the frost giants though They saved me from the double trouble dragons

  • YouTube User

    Gr8 video man. Been a fan since 0 subscribers

  • Layne Genrich

    Your voice in this video is very relaxing.

  • Lord Wankermeister III

    Do more morrowind videos posty.

  • Eli7222

    Camel You're A Great Man

  • Marc-Antoine Hamelin

    its amazing that people still think that there is still things to find in skyrim

  • Etrigan

    Does anyone think that the Dwemer could have used this portal technology to completely disappear? I'd like to think it is I'd like to think that the Dwemer are alive somewhere and that they're just so technologically advanced that they can't cohabitate with the rest of the world.

  • Matt Moo

    i LOVE CAMEL SEX ..........................sorry if sound weird english my second language

  • Night Hound

    so uh funny thing on the one where you have to go to the water fall and go on to the out cropping of land i um kind of cheated the system what i did is when you get to the temple thing (i didn't want to spell it and get it wrong) i jumped over the rail and made my way over to it from the balcony lol screw the portal just take the long way lol jk dont it was horrible and also if you make it down to the ice lake thing that is under the water fall there is two dragons the come up out of the ice they acted like a guard of something but i dont know what it is

  • Yee Macghyee

    You know, i feel terrible knowing i've done just about everything there is to do with this game. Found every location, found 99% of quests and secrets. Beat my own personal goal of a million gold. 'S a fuckin mess.

  • The Darkness

    There are also 2 hidden named Revered Dragons in the ice. I found them and I nearly shat myself because they were Revered, I was level 42 when I got there sooo...

  • Fred Smith

    when you collect the ruby paragon take the ewer while inside the room and place it on the second altar ( inside the room and get even more loot! there is an altar beside the exit door to get it back open

  • AL spezial

    the last one is the only one i found but just took it home cause i didnt know what to do with it

  • Nathaniel Webb

    I have been trying to hunt down all of the aedric artifacts. Thank you for showing me where to find the Shield of Auri-El

  • Zombie killer90 ??

    The only one I found was the ruby one lol I didn’t know there was more though

  • AxelFearman

    People still plays this game?

  • Gratuitous Lurking

    Now I wonder if these random loot chests wind up respawning, or if they just add the loot first time you enter the cell...

  • Non Existence

    I would love to use these but still dealing with the dawnguard bugged quest like no matter what i do i cant get it to work i started my game over so many times but the gate just does not open and serana is stuck outside even with use of mod fixes.


    Where is the paragon portal? I have all the Ancient Falmer tomes. I saw the portal, but I can’t remember where. I remember it was right across the river from one of the frost giants holding a paragon, but I can’t remember which one or where that was now. Fucking Bethesda doesn’t put a map of this place in the game.

  • scaylien

    surprisingly, on my first play through, the ruby paragon was the only one i got. i think i thought it was the way to go for the quest, so i went through the passage instead. i killed the frost giant, and looted his corpse. eventually, i found my way to the end of the quest. but, i had no clue what the paragon was for, and sold it to belethor. rip me

  • Fallen Shaw

    each of the paragons as a chance of spawning a unique ice elf armor in its area. all of which have a unique magical effect.

  • Chicken Man

    "The ruby paragon is the most hidden paragon" and i missed the other frost giants and didn't miss and killed the ruby paragon carrying portal and i didn't know how to get it

  • Todd Miller

    I have half of these paragons and never knew what to do with them. I figured they were significant in some way though so I never sold any of them. Coincidentally I revisited Skyrim recently, so I will have to quest for the rest now and complete this.

  • Kj Ballard

    1000 hours in skyrim level 83 and I have done EVERYTHING but

  • ryan thompson

    I played dawnguard lots of time never knew about the paragons and shield il keep it in mind the next time i go to forgotten vale I just find the place confusing .

  • Hunter Hendrix

    Holly.. Wow!!! I have collected every single one of these things twice thinking they were just something to sell! (Also thinking they were really pretty)I never knew that they had a purpose!

  • _Isaac _

    Wait so the paragons are kind of considered snow elf artifacts? meaning not all of the race went extinct meaning possible comebacks later on

  • Raichu88

    Played for 1000 hours still never saw this. Wow

  • Wuique

    I found the emerald one awhile ago but I either lost or sold it. Also I wonder what is the story of them and why they are with frost trolls

  • Sam iAM

    I went back to get the Ruby one but the frost giant corpse was gone, damn it

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