Skyrim - Best Battlemage Build

This is the best way to play a Battlemage in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. More Skyrim builds every fortnight so subscribe :D

Here is a link to all the perks needed:

Check out the Main Menu Mod by Expired:

Video Sections:
Stats/Standing Stone/Race: 1:37
Backstory/Roleplaying: 3:55
Skills: 8:34
Perks: 10:34
Gear/Spells: 13:41
Companions: 17:18

List of our Builds that play similar to a Battlemage:
Bounty Hunter:
Dragon Priest:
Dremora Warlord:
Arcane Thane:
Dark Crusader:
Arcane Warrior:



Scott: newberrycrunch
Michael: oldberrychew


  • Whiskey Killa

    Why did they stop doing builds like this

  • George Cowsert

    Here's a protip.Use the Bound Weapons. It saves you on carry weight, constantly gives XP on your conjuration, and has all the power of Daedric weapons.

  • ivan esparza

    fudge Muppet replying is more rare then winning the lottery

  • Jan Harry Luna

    And it wasnt long he could magic to make a quick *fuck???

  • The world according to Lola

    Ok, this may sound weird, but what about bows? Not arcane archer style, but perhaps having one or two bows in your inventory isn't such a bad idea (in a area where youll be using a lot of magika, or for a ranged shot that dosent attract attention)What do you think?I want to do a battlemage build, but Im also interested in archery

  • Kartoon Taylor

    I feel like Nahkriin would work better for a battlemage no?

  • Nicholas Hoedl

    What mod u use for the spell graphics

  • Titus

    my most successful but also my only attempt at a mage/warrior build was being a breton and maxing hp while half the time investing on stamina, maxing out the restoration tree and using every fortify restoration enchantment on my armor, so I wouldn't need to invest on magicka at all since healing spells would be at minimal cost, get as much elemental, physical and magical damage reduction from enchant and smithingalso with ward spells that also cost next to nothing, It's not really fancy or cool in the least but spamming spells to heal both hp and stamina, it's as close to god mode as I can get

  • jasonwaste

    LDB gets arrested on the morrowind border though. Not cyrodil.

  • Alex Wing

    why aren't you using any cloak spells? they are useful at melee rang.

  • Ano Nym

    Seems like I have done everything right. (Its not like I do literally everything since I am new to the game 🙃)

  • Lance Tschirhart

    I enjoyed the 50% of this 18 minute video that wasn't about this character's parents.

  • Henrique Pfister

    This build is so broke. I made some changes but the idea is still the same, I can now conjure two lord dremoras or storm atronachs, have paralyze in my weapon as well as fire damage and my alteration skills are sick. Thanks for this build, i feel like i can kill anything.

  • Nerdico

    Oh I do it differently I go no weapons just heavy armor

  • John Kant

    I restarted the game just to be a Battlemage

  • Dracknid 10

    Haha the storm atronach at 1:55 walking through the door like he's about to fight at WWE

  • Sparkles Foxes

    Can you use light armor instead of heavy armor?

  • Gabriel Hernandez

    Tbh I really love using the Daedric Mace instead of axe.

  • Reptilian Pinecone

    what mod gives you that hd magic texture

  • DiabeticNacho

    Are there any builds anyone would recommend for a noob (me)

  • Mike White

    This seems more like a Spellsword not Battlemage

  • Mr popo

    I found the build very helpful but when i switched alchemy with restoration it was much better.

  • BEAST4303

    So do we upgrade heavy armor perks?

  • Cloud King

    I feel like the Lord stone would be better for a battle mage

  • Questing Adventurer

    I think joining the vampires would be of more more interest to the battle Mage because of their magical potential

  • Elizabeth Boles

    He called Dragonborn Dawnguard


    What armour are you using

  • fox dancer

    i look better i have ebony mail and the best mage mask


    this was played on novice definitely

  • MedicineManTV

    basically my build except for my character is a high elf from a faraway unknown land or different plane of reality

  • Hurbii

    switching spells a lot is annoying lol

  • Nebulocity

    Why waste time on "backstory"? No one cares about your personal RP. Just make the video about the BUILD, so it's not nearly 20 minutes long.

  • IceMaster972

    How is alchemy is better for this build than smithing? What are the odds to find ebony armor anyway?

  • yawnos

    this is a very limiting build, I'd suggest instead go with any race, however you will be required to be a vampire to aquire your 100% spell absorption via necromage perk then atronach perk / atronach stone. also it will be permanent not 60 seconds once per day.

  • dash core64

    I love that like all the time the achanark steel his kills

  • Nathaniel McGuire

    well I'll play as a Nord and become a vampire reach the 90% resistance to frost and learn the resist fire enchantment.

  • Agung Rizki

    Stats/Standing Stone/Race: 1:37Backstory/Roleplaying: 3:55Skills: 8:34Perks: 10:34Gear/Spells: 13:41Companions: 17:18END - 18:12

  • Jipsy

    It seems like everytime a build is gifted in magic, They always loose all knowledge when they get arrested and can only cast flames and healing.

  • Almighty Rasen

    psh, argonian ftw 😂(I'm kidding)

  • Joshua Kletke

    Can we use smithing if we want?

  • The Butler

    I dont know what to call my build, its like a master wizard who dominates with conjuration, supports with destruction, can heal with restoration quickly, is a breton werewolf dawnguard archmage dragonborn, and lightly uses really powerful weapons

  • kristee haylock

    this is my battle mge ebony war axe best armour i can get in skyrim at low lvl and for magic i use fireballs

  • Marc Montalvo

    dear muppets, i just wanted to share my level 81 character, who was (mostly) this build but with light armor, also had some sneak and archery but thats not the point. y point is i didnt i NV est heavily in magicka, but instead in regeneration. i had around 400% regen, and if you could barely afford a new spell it didnt matter. i think that would be an intresting build, if you're looking for something different. just thought i would share, thanks for reading!

  • ZanderCross

    why am i seeing so many "builds" on youtube why cant i just max everything and be what ever i want i understand the roleplay side as i do rp sometimes but others i just like to destroy everything.

  • Black Mant-Ass Momma

    if you are going for the oblivion class called the battlemage then dont use armor, use alteration. this is a spellsword with an axe but still a very nice build

  • Sam Gilley

    A battemage is any mage who goes to battle using destruction magic, they usually wear armor as well. But I always thought they usually mostly used magic, spellswords are warriors who use a sword/melee and also use magic, right?

  • Old Sport

    2:55 You've been caught! Your heavy armor is 17 at level 51 with this build? Obviously not a character that started with all these perks in mind. Still awesome build, but I like seeing/knowing they've been played through from the beginning.I like that you passed on smithing as its not essential and is too many perk trees at first, but I'd say there might be room for investing in heavy armor to improve mobility. Or to get some pretty good percentage bonuses at least, coupled w flesh spells you should be pretty strong.

  • Wise Fool

    I'm starting a new game on legendary with my own "battlemage" build...Race: BretonMajor Skills:2H SwordBlockLight Armor (with some mage clothes early game)Destruction (only for runes and flame/lightning/ice cloak)EnchantMinor Skills:SmithingAlchemyConjuration (only for early game bound 2H weapon and soul trap)

  • oOoHCGoOo

    Even though you're not using Illusion, it's SUPER easy to level up to 100 if you just go into a town and use the muffle spell. This way, you can save those skill points for something else and increase your magicka and health in a safe area. I would buy the muffle spell as early as possible.

  • Jake B

    Using destruction helps to dispatch enemies early? I've found my duel dragon bone swords to be the quickest way to kill enemies without cheating.

  • AresDemigod

    What armour is best to use for a BM? Light or heavy?

  • dash core64

    thx for the video I do not use magic like at all when I play skyrim I manly use swords but I'm going to make a battlemage when I can

  • Greg V.

    Doesn't the Atronarch Stone affect your conjuration?

  • MarcelVideos

    Why not smithing? I think this build will hit super badass and be tankier with a legendary upgraded strong daedric sword or dragonbone sword + other gear. Like all enchants and everything stays the same but adding master destruction + master alteration as well as picking 1 wpn maybe sword and put 3 points there for more crit chance, heavy armor perks up to conditioning (for better speed) and full heavy armor smithing perks up to dragonbone smithing. The required level then would be 71 according to the skill calculator but 71 is still not max lvl 81 in the game.

  • Blazer

    I don't get why the battlemage doesn't use restoration looking for materials for hours to make potions is fucking dumb.

  • Trusty Snakes

    Zahkriisos , shock magic is better for a battlemage

  • Vluxity

    Can someone please tell me what armor and axe he is using in this video? Thanks!

  • Gareth W

    all builds should be on legendary

  • Alec Voyles

    skyrim lore has it that fudge muppet will respond. like if you agree

  • Blackhawk

    Honestly its an all around build. Great video

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