Skyrim - Best Battlemage Build

This is the best way to play a Battlemage in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. More Skyrim builds every fortnight so subscribe :D

Here is a link to all the perks needed:

Check out the Main Menu Mod by Expired:

Video Sections:
Stats/Standing Stone/Race: 1:37
Backstory/Roleplaying: 3:55
Skills: 8:34
Perks: 10:34
Gear/Spells: 13:41
Companions: 17:18

List of our Builds that play similar to a Battlemage:
Bounty Hunter:
Dragon Priest:
Dremora Warlord:
Arcane Thane:
Dark Crusader:
Arcane Warrior:



Scott: newberrycrunch
Michael: oldberrychew


  • Whiskey Killa

    Why did they stop doing builds like this

  • George Cowsert

    Here's a protip.Use the Bound Weapons. It saves you on carry weight, constantly gives XP on your conjuration, and has all the power of Daedric weapons.

  • ivan esparza

    fudge Muppet replying is more rare then winning the lottery

  • Lance Tschirhart

    I enjoyed the 50% of this 18 minute video that wasn't about this character's parents.

  • AresDemigod

    What armour is best to use for a BM? Light or heavy?

  • mcrettable

    switching spells a lot is annoying lol

  • Questing Adventurer

    I think joining the vampires would be of more more interest to the battle Mage because of their magical potential

  • McCarney 420

    Can Archery be included as well?

  • Lord Vladimir

    That moment when you've got every single perk in the game

  • Gabriel Hernandez

    Tbh I really love using the Daedric Mace instead of axe.

  • Spiral Horizon

    Got this game for ps4. Trying to fight the wounded spider. Any tips?

  • Reigel James

    Heavy Armor increased to 17? Then 19 later in the video? Yet has the best spells in the game and a daedric axe? Seems legit.

  • ash.

    what is that favorites menu thing he is using in this vid

  • TheSilverPhoenix100

    My Battle Mage is a little different but very effective (especially at low levels)Race BretonStone Atronach Major Skills Conjuration, Restoration, One HandedMinor Skills Heavy Armor, AlterationCrafting Skill EnchantingBasically he functions as melee character who uses a bound sword/s as his main method of attacking as they are very powerful at low levels using restoration to heal. He wears Heavy Armor though he can use mages robes as well and enchanting for money and making his armor better. I focused little to nothing on destruction as frankly i dont like that destruction tree

  • Yah Boy Cas


  • Jacob Byrd

    Using destruction helps to dispatch enemies early? I've found my duel dragon bone swords to be the quickest way to kill enemies without cheating.

  • austin blades

    holy shit i just asked for this on the mage video not a few hours ago thank you

  • Brian Sanders

    So what's the difference between a Battlemage and a Spellsword?

  • Greg V.

    Doesn't the Atronarch Stone affect your conjuration?

  • Caleb Washington

    i need help i am playing as a battle mage build i use the spells firebolt and fire rune to take down enemies from range but i like use a shield buy now i cant deside what too do plz someone help

  • ZanderCross

    why am i seeing so many "builds" on youtube why cant i just max everything and be what ever i want i understand the roleplay side as i do rp sometimes but others i just like to destroy everything.

  • McCarney 420

    My Battlemage so far:Race: BretonStone: AtronachStats: 50 Magicka, 50 Health 0 StaminaOffensive Skills: Conjuration, One-Handed, Destruction.Defensive Skills: Alteration, Heavy ArmorCrafting: EnchantingI'm only Level 13 at the moment, so I'm not trying to shove in every skill right away. Right now I'm integrating Alteration and Destruction into my play style, and I'm occasionally using the Bound Bow for Dragons and really far away enemies. I will also be adding Alchemy later on, but for now I'm either buying potions or taking/stealing them from wherever I can find them.EDIT: Well, I'm also thinking of smithing instead of alchemy, so I think I'll go with that instead.

  • TheBrowningIdentity

    Definitely like the idea of the build!

  • Aiden Phoenix

    I made a class I call dark battle summoner I use a deadric sword of thunderbolts and the sanguine rose

  • Blazer

    I don't get why the battlemage doesn't use restoration looking for materials for hours to make potions is fucking dumb.

  • Vluxity

    Can someone please tell me what armor and axe he is using in this video? Thanks!

  • Alec Voyles

    skyrim lore has it that fudge muppet will respond. like if you agree

  • Gareth W

    all builds should be on legendary

  • MarcelVideos

    Why not smithing? I think this build will hit super badass and be tankier with a legendary upgraded strong daedric sword or dragonbone sword + other gear. Like all enchants and everything stays the same but adding master destruction + master alteration as well as picking 1 wpn maybe sword and put 3 points there for more crit chance, heavy armor perks up to conditioning (for better speed) and full heavy armor smithing perks up to dragonbone smithing. The required level then would be 71 according to the skill calculator but 71 is still not max lvl 81 in the game.

  • KM4TQD

    Honestly its an all around build. Great video

  • The1rust

    I really wish there was a better way to swap spell and abilities. Going in and out of another interface several times per fight sucks a lot of the enjoyment I get out of this game when I try magic.

  • oOoHCGoOo

    Even though you're not using Illusion, it's SUPER easy to level up to 100 if you just go into a town and use the muffle spell. This way, you can save those skill points for something else and increase your magicka and health in a safe area. I would buy the muffle spell as early as possible.

  • Wise Fool

    I'm starting a new game on legendary with my own "battlemage" build...Race: BretonMajor Skills:2H SwordBlockLight Armor (with some mage clothes early game)Destruction (only for runes and flame/lightning/ice cloak)EnchantMinor Skills:SmithingAlchemyConjuration (only for early game bound 2H weapon and soul trap)

  • leroy hilliard

    Hey fudge, whats that mod when you open your inventory? As usual great videos like ESO, both quality :-)

  • archie collins

    there are other dragon priest masks which will work well with a battlemage

  • Naod Amdetsyon

    The first time I played Elder scrolls I didn't notice I was playing a battle mage. I had enchanted armor, destruction, and one handed

  • so I herd u liek mudkipz

    Ahh,your very first build. as shoddycast says,"to get to the heart of the story,You have to go back to the beginning."

  • Wampa895

    This guy's character looks almost identical to mine, except mine has the Zahkriisos helmet instead.

  • Beady Anglo

    This build is great if you understand Alchemy. With proper perk investment and Alchemy gear, you can brew Fortify Destruction potions with 180% spell potency. This is more damage than dual casting for less cost. You can also brew Weakness to Fire and Weakness to Magic poisons to increase this further if you want to.People that say Impact is mandatory for Destruction to be viable haven't done enough research into Alchemy.

  • Fernanda Huscher

    So should I level up 50/50/10? Also, a small detail: I was playing as a High elf with 60/30/10, but then I decided to change to this build. So what should I do? Restart the game, or "fix" my character?

  • Beau Murray

    What's the Mod that changes the favorite bar?

  • Limchat

    That Morrowind music takes me back :)

  • Filoz Filoz

    If you use this build would you still upgrade stamina and magikca or just mostly magikca

  • gavlaonion

    What about a build where you die in helgen

  • nixx bin

    is it worth to invest in restoration and juggernaut

  • 3.78 QTS of Bleach

    Actually, if you do invest more in poisons than potions, you can make poisons that paralyze your enemies, negating the need for paralyze spell. You can also make poison of weakness to poison, which makes targets weaker to poisons, than use a poison of weakness to magicka which will make your destruction spells do a shit ton more damage

  • Vagiz Abrarov

    Awesome build! My main one now.. just wanted to ask, can we use bound items instead of physical weapons? I think that would further reinforce the idea of the battlemage since all are conjured, weightless and still use the combat perks. Suggestions?

  • Le Soviet Elf

    I would like to see this remastered

  • Guy Zerth

    I decided to mainly go for shock because it's more fun

  • Josh

    which guardian stone would you pick at the start of the game?

  • Gareth W

    battlemage should be using conjur weapons and mostly destruction spells unless in close quartered combat.. alchemy is most useful for this build for magicka potions..

  • Shahriar Hussain

    if I use a conjured sword will that help my one handed

  • Dick Kickem

    I started a character as an orc, i'd like to be a battle mage, but i dont know if i'd be in a disadvantage because of my race, should i start over? (Im level 6)

  • muss

    soo your a good guy but using a black star

  • ShadowTheWolf AJ

    My character is literally this build. Down to the armor.

  • Sean O'Brien

    How do you get the little menu on the left to pop up? The one where you can change your spells.

  • five star guides

    do you have a mage build

  • x x

    you could "EASILY" play this build on "legendary" XDEASILY --------------------------->legendaryEASILY --------------------------->legendaryHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA bitch please.

  • Vagiz Abrarov

    Awesome build! My main one now.. just wanted to ask, can we use bound items instead of physical weapons? I think that would further reinforce the idea of the battlemage since all are conjured, weightless and still use the combat perks. Suggestions?

  • Lorenzo Fantini

    why using magic in left and weapon in right, when it's possible to use dual magic and switch to dual weapon

  • TheDarkSeeds - SCM

    Is it posible to make a combo Battlemage Warrior? If yes, so how i do it?

  • deadlyvenom354

    instead of alc I went with heavy armour

  • Jaden Liu

    Is ok if the battle mage has 200 stamina. Still kinda of new player and I walk everywhere, so stamina is burned through easily. I was wondering if having points in stamina would ruin the build.

  • Jojo Albaba

    do you guys suggest a battlemage build like this for a first timer? or should I just got straight warrior for my first build?

  • ayanle cola

    I just want to give a tip if you are going for a offensive battle mage choose orc because of their skills and ability breton is good for defensive since they are 25% resisdant to magic if you are middle ground choose high elf since they have 50 more magicka

  • reclone x

    warrior or mage stone for this build?

  • Blazer

    Would nakrin work as headgear?

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