Skyrim - Best Battlemage Build

This is the best way to play a Battlemage in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. More Skyrim builds every fortnight so subscribe :D

Here is a link to all the perks needed:

Check out the Main Menu Mod by Expired:

Video Sections:
Stats/Standing Stone/Race: 1:37
Backstory/Roleplaying: 3:55
Skills: 8:34
Perks: 10:34
Gear/Spells: 13:41
Companions: 17:18

List of our Builds that play similar to a Battlemage:
Bounty Hunter:
Dragon Priest:
Dremora Warlord:
Arcane Thane:
Dark Crusader:
Arcane Warrior:



Scott: newberrycrunch
Michael: oldberrychew


  • ivan esparza

    fudge Muppet replying is more rare then winning the lottery

  • Nicholas Fleenor

    This game is like sitting down after work, smoking a little weed and sipping on a freezing cold glass of simple ice water, and you turn on this game and begin to play and grind explore, and it's almost as if when you are reading a really good book all while relaxing at home yet dignified and open to violence levels of your choosing, or a brighter more righteous path lead to glory, honor, and respect not as if it were vice-versa and dark all while growing in level only to follow greed, power, wealth and offensive nature acts even war. However you like to play it though, Skyrim really is one of a kind. Thanks Bethesda!! :)

  • Whiskey Killa

    Why did they stop doing builds like this

  • Johnny Storm

    I've copyrighted character builds on YouTube, so you have to pay me for this video.

  • sarah kehler

    you guys should try out a nudist build, on either fallout or skyrim. can use whatever weapons, the only catch is no armor.. or clothes :-)

  • Lance Tschirhart

    I enjoyed the 50% of this 18 minute video that wasn't about this character's parents.

  • HobbitOnTheStorm

    Watching those again, because remastered announced. Such a good times.

  • B Vella

    10:33 that poor Skeleton just got rekt. Lived its whole undead life waiting for one moment, this one moment, training its whole life in combat... It get ripped to shreds before it can take a swing at its very first enemy.

  • Wooper is our lord and savior

    How to mage in Skyrim.1 Forget destruction. Too weak.2 Get paralysis. Forget the rest of alteration. 3 Get a healing spell.4 Maybe learn to summon a flame atronach because it looks cool.5 If you get illusion you will never drink anything else than milk. 6 Get a real weapon and fight like a real man.

  • The1rust

    I really wish there was a better way to swap spell and abilities. Going in and out of another interface several times per fight sucks a lot of the enjoyment I get out of this game when I try magic.

  • Evan O'Keeffe

    Who's the one bastard that disliked? I'll hire Giuseppe to kill him

  • austin blades

    holy shit i just asked for this on the mage video not a few hours ago thank you

  • J Mell

    ATTENTION! Unless playing on PC your SPELL ABSORPTION will ABSORB your ATRONACHS instead of SUMMONING THEM! This is a glitch that has NOT been patched on console!

  • Monte Hessels

    Do a built that kills a npc goes to the face sculpter and takes over someones life.

  • GPU

    damn, I must be the only person who really doesn't like the new format...I come to these vids just for the backstory and general gameplay style. don't really need to know exactly what perks to take either - the skyrim calculator links were way more efficient. and were getting the vids half as often, but with twice the length so same amount of content, but half the variety. by far the worst part is that we won't be getting modded builds anymore, ( I would personally argue you should exclusively do modded builds) and the fact that your going to do these "best (insert cookie cutter) build" only limits the creativity and uniqueness further - I know that I (and many others) don't give a shit about being as powerful as possible and want something more interesting and abstract as thats what keeps the game fresh rather than replaying a build I've played a thousand times already. just my opinion.

  • Evan O'Keeffe

    I love the the new and improved builds! It feels very professional. Keep up the amazing videos, can't believe you two are almost at 200,000 subscribers already!

  • Clay Kramper

    This type of build works in Fallout 4 because it is new but skyrim is 4 years old.(p.s. u missed skyrim week last November) in skyrim we all know what to do to get the highest dps for all play styles, I watch you builds for new ways to this game. I like ved things like the toxicologist and banchee. now that most of these paths in vinilla have been done move to NEW modded builds. How original you guys can be is why I subscribed.

  • Sean Russell


  • Questing Adventurer

    I think joining the vampires would be of more more interest to the battle Mage because of their magical potential

  • lalalabizola

    This video made me realize that the Paralyze spell is ES equivalent of Avada Kevadra. It even matches the color.

  • Aiden Phoenix YT

    I made a class I call dark battle summoner I use a deadric sword of thunderbolts and the sanguine rose

  • ClownE


  • bam bam

    It seems like everytime a build is gifted in magic, They always loose all knowledge when they get arrested and can only cast flames and healing.

  • unicyclepeon

    I like the new long format for the Skyrim builds. Good stuff.

  • Useless Cunt

    Actually, if you do invest more in poisons than potions, you can make poisons that paralyze your enemies, negating the need for paralyze spell. You can also make poison of weakness to poison, which makes targets weaker to poisons, than use a poison of weakness to magicka which will make your destruction spells do a shit ton more damage

  • frvits_

    I love a battlemage stylized playthrough, (doing one right now) but I can never get myself to use Heavy Armor. I always go Light Armor, with a more agile fighter who dodges and then strikes when in melee range. If I need to tank a hit or two, which rarely happens, there's flesh spells.

  • Monte Hessels

    I would recommend the dual wiel parrying mod. It let's you block while holding a spell in your left hand.

  • Dick Harrison

    This shit is wierd. You really made up a backstory for a "build" that isn't even a real part of the game, it's a choice of play style. I don't understand why players restrict themselves to a specific "build" or play style and even label themselves as it. Just play the damn game and level up what you want. Restricting yourself makes the game boring.

  • Zach Nightingale

    Hey FudgeMuppet can you NOT do a best Nightblade build next?

  • Sean Lee

    'Genetic advantages' you mean talents

  • Discerning Daniel

    I like going light armor.

  • Nothing is true, Everything is permitted.

    is paathrunax possible with this??

  • muss

    soo your a good guy but using a black star

  • Ego Banana

    Could we see something like a cavalier build? The build could be very versatile because mounted combat can vary from a hit and run to mobile archer play style. Especially if coupled with heavy armor and a horse armor mod.

  • Kartikeya Tyagi

    unarmed build using ordinator perk which uses only speech for ranged attacks :)

  • Gabe Merritt

    Battle mage is great, too great, I played it for my first playthrough and it makes the game laughably easy

  • Khaled Reza

    wonder how many playthroughs fudgemuppet has done for skyrim lol, don yall get sick of it after a while? lol

  • George Cowsert

    Here's a protip.Use the Bound Weapons. It saves you on carry weight, constantly gives XP on your conjuration, and has all the power of Daedric weapons.


    Fudgemuppet wheres my pedophile build? Hes a extremley thin dark elf who uses illusion sneak and alchemy.BACK STORY:the pedophile was born in the few remaining areas that wasnt taken over by the argonians he's mother was a alchemist and he needed too help her collect ingredients,he also learned illusion as out on hes travels he would run into dangerous animals or the inbred argonians he either sneaked pas them or used illusion.And he needed too craft potions for her customers when she was either sick or her hands where full while she created a powerfull potions. One day they moved too a new city and they easily took out the other alchemesits most of them took it well and simply moved. But one alchemist didnt take it very well and what she did was that she created a powerfull poison potion and out it in the shop of the mother of the pedophile.The gaurds found out and arrested hes (or her) mother this deeply scared the pedophile and he found out about what the other alchemist did.He wanted revenge after a few days he heard info that the other alchemists daugher was coming too morrowind he knew what too.So he sneaked into their house he intended too use a illusion spell and make the daugher kill her mother.But he touched the daughters face (keep in mind at this time the build is atleast 20 or soand the daughter is 10 years old)and it sent a tingle up through hes arm all the way too hes face,he never felt this feeling before and so he used a illusion spell too put the daughter in a trance  he then forced the mother of the daughter with illusion magic too watch as he raped her daughter after he stole all of their septims so he could bail out hes mother,he felt a extreme surge of guilt but he knew it was too late too feel anything or redeem hes actions.He still had enough money and told hes mother too move too the imperial city and live a normal life he gave her the money and used illusion magic too make sure the guards didnt taks hes mother for the travels.He told hes mother he loves her and said she needed too start her new alchemey shop.She of course being a mother knew that he was hiding somthing so he opended up this greatly shocked hes mother so she told him ''please you need too seek help my son i dont care where you get that help be it fro ma daedric prince or a divine swear too azura that you will not set foot into cyrodil until you are recovered''he understood this and acceptedsweared too azura he wil seek help and not set foot into cyrodil  she left.Now the closest province was skyrim,he wished too find a divine daedric who ever too help him but the reason he doesnt go to oa shrine in morrowind is because the shrines there where i either too dangerous too pass or destroyed by the mongrol argonains (I hate argonians) so he went too the closet province of course wen you enter skyrim hes still gonna have a habit of being a pedo phile but as you level you need too slowly stop being a pedophile and go too divine shrines or daedra but prior too that you want too use mods so you can capture children and out them in your basement (of coursei hate those rape mods so just role play that he does indeed rape them its your choice if you wish too use those weird mods)but as the game goes on you want too let these kids go but role play that you erased their memmorys and sent them too safer places.and the wya he plays is that you use illusion too get richer and richer level your alchemy and collect ingredients (reason why is because he''s in a foreign land so of course hes gonna collect foreign ingredients for hes mother) he will also use mehrunes razor and azuras start (but do this before you go start going too divine temples) and he is pure sneak so no ramboe shit plus i suggest installing the master of disguise mod the name explains the mod.and i hope you enjoyed reading this and have a nice day you sick ass cunts HAIL GUISEPPIFIN

  • Derrick Bonsell

    I think a Battlemage born in the Imperial City should absolutely join the Imperials, and I say that as a diehard Stormcloak. It just fits his entire background. The Imperial City's wealth is based on it being the capital of a mighty empire.

  • mrlikable1

    having the dragon priest mask that has 100 magika regen and arch mage robes with daedric gauntlets and boots seems to work for me pretty good

  • sean salas

    Will you be bringing the class builds back?

  • Dick Kickem

    I started a character as an orc, i'd like to be a battle mage, but i dont know if i'd be in a disadvantage because of my race, should i start over? (Im level 6)

  • Jack E

    Pleaassee do a really in-depth video on something like the Vampire Temptress, the Count, the Spectre or the Ghostblade. They're all great builds and I want something similar with more depth

  • Clark Boys

    I like to use the arch mages robes with morokei so magicka regenerates 200% faster, also the savos aren amulet wich gives you plus 50 magicka.

  • Lee Sandoval

    How about a build that focus on souls and azura :3

  • Geo Ka

    I can cast every spell for 0 magicka, i have 40k+ armour and my weaps deal 760 dmage each

  • Nizaris1

    There are too many magic builds, how about no magic?

  • Reigel James

    Vampire Lord battlemage? Would that be a good combination?

  • imma

    Why don't you make a "Gollum" build? Could be very funny to play

  • austin blades

    guys skyrim se unlocks on steam in less than an hour get hyped

  • Kartoon Taylor

    I feel like Nahkriin would work better for a battlemage no?

  • BrionStoutarm4

    yeah really don't like these new builds for skyrim guys, the old way was better. This style seems to work for fallout 4 just not so much for skyrim

  • Attack-On-FullMetal-Deathnote-PunchMan San

    Question for anyone, should I use a war axe or sword, I'm new to skyrim.

  • Siravich Phirom

    Please remaster this build

  • Nick Delluci

    can you do a support healer please

  • Zachariah Mcdonald

    people still play skyrimjob? ???

  • Inappropriate Leigh

    I never thought I'd want to play Skyrim again!gg Messrs Fugde and Muppet

  • AChileanGamer

    What's the ration for hp, stamina and magica?

  • Paulus Aragon

    pls do a commando build in fallout 4

  • AwakeningPeepz

    is it ok to use this build with an orc ?

  • Mr.King

    whats the difference between a bounty hunter and a merc

  • Nick Duerr

    lol iv been playing a battlemage build in skyrim about half of the time the rest i spend as a high elf thiefy pure mage build but anyways the way i do my battle mage build is go into smithing (for armor and so you can make daedric weapons and armor as well as upgrade inchanted stuff), enchanting, restoration, one handed , block , destruction , heavy armor , and if you have any extra perks you can put them into conjuration , as for stats i just add a hundred to heath then to stamina and then to magicka and repeat ( by the time your lvl 81 you should have 400 heath 400 stamina and 300 magicka) as for gear i use the ebony mail , Nahkriin (the dragon priest mask) ,the necromancers amulet and one of the dawnguard vampire rings, aswell as mehrunes razor , a self enchanted daedric mace or sword and shield the rest or the armor is usally self enchanted ebony (for looks its my personal prefrence i just think daedric armor other than the shield dosent go well with the ebony mail but if you like something else go for it :), i use the argonian race ( for the histskin abilty and looks) and at first untill i get the heavy armor perk for reducing weight i get the steed stone once i get that tho i tend to chose the atronach,ritual, or lord stone anyways thats one of my fav builds let me know if you want me to post the thiefy mage high elf one lol :)

  • The Digital Ninja

    that's really unfortunate you tool away the modded build so soon. well vanilla is boring. c ya

  • Phatfatman

    Be careful with the atronach stone. It will also absorb your spells as well. Almost every time I tried to conjure, it would prevent it. Sucks to be in combat and that happens.

  • Shoddy cast

    fuguremupet can u please redo the paladin build pls

  • Nicholas Fleenor

    Also I Have a level 89 wood elf archer that with insane hours and picky perk ideas and spell enchanting, I can one shot anything with 2 or 3 arrows and only one shot always on legendary on any enemy dragons mirak and all and own their asses hard, lol. mages are not the best guys, please, it's who you play and how you play them, ;).

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