Skyrim: 5 of The Most Insane Upcoming Mods in Development – Skyrim’s Biggest Soon-To-Be Mods

Skyrim is a game made famous for its enormous modding scene. Indeed, over the past seven years the community has put out a nearly uncountable number of incredibly high quality mods and best of all – It’s far from done yet. Even today, modders and mod teams are currently developing some truly massive projects that likely won’t see the light of day for many months or even years to come but promise the wait will be worth it. So today we’ll be taking a look at some of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim’s biggest upcoming mods.

Mod Team Link -

Dyngir -

Odessy of the Dragonborn -


Inigo V.3

Skywind -

Skyblivion -
  • SnapplyPie

    Can anyone make an immersive M'aiq mod? Or am I already to immersive?

  • ᴀ ᴇ s ᴛ ʜ ᴇ ᴛ ɪ ᴄ

    #1 - the Cloud District

  • penguinlord5789

    5 seconds into the video and I haven't heard you say murdered to death yet, I am greatly dissapointed

  • Mike, from Texas

    How is Dyngir even a mod???Seems like it's just it's own game.

  • Crispin Freeman

    By the time Bethesda releases TES6 the modding community will have come together and collectively made TES7

  • Gage McCarter

    Anyone else thing EpicNate315, FudgeMuppet, and CamelWorks are having and arms race over who can identify the most Elder Scrolls related information before the end of summer??😂😂😂


    Thanks for presenting (again) Olenveld! Excelent video Nate as always! There are not enough like ratings for you!As for making a more public statement, my programming course does finish in October, my free time will be doubled! I can spend way much more time than 2 days a week on the mod!And yes, I have released more videos on my channel and i'm working on the logo of the modState of the mod? Making quests and preparing to implement VA!Most of the rest of the mod is done.I have for so much years used what the community has given to me and others, wonderful hours of gameplay in thousands of mods! My life has changed (responsibilities, less free time, etc, i can't play the game anymore the way I used to..and enjoy) and before I say goodbye to Skyrim, I want to gift the community a mod that (hopefully) you will all like it! I try to follow the lore as best as I can and I give my best, the reason i'm doing most of the work alone is because I want this to be personal, a gift for all of you, a thank you gift for everything this wonderful community has given me over the years!So in reality, thank you all for everything, much love,FORCEFIELD <3

  • Jason Carbon

    So Haem projects (Dyngir) just used Skyrim's tools to make a completely unrelated game lol

  • Damien Edmiston

    I love Inigo and am really excited for V3! He's so interesting, and often silly. I'm really hyped.

  • Thunder Bird

    Is there a mod to send Nazeem to the Soul Cairn?

  • Justin Y.

    In before these mods come before Skyrim 6

  • Josh

    I feel like I've been hearing about Skyblivion since Skyrim came out. By the time it releases we'll be waiting for skyrim in the TES 6 engine.

  • noob19087

    Ps4: We have Dreams, try topping that PC!PC: S K Y R I M

  • Lani Minella

    Thank you. first name is pronounced like Lonnie. 😜💟 no biggy.Appreciate seeing these.

  • therealbahamut

    You KNOW they're onto something when they get canon voice actors to do work on a MOD. Skywind is going to be LIFE-CHANGING. Even Bethesda's got to be going "Wait what? They got WHO? For a MOD?"Oh damnit I've got myself thinking about going back to Skyrim.Again.

  • oguba

    What about Apotheosis? I think that mod will be one of the biggest mods for sure, if not the biggest. It contains 16 realms of oblivion.

  • The Tark Lord

    What's a "non-Inigo fan"? I've never heard of such a thing.

  • Hungarian Gamer9

    Im SO hyped about Inigo V3... I cant get enough of himTell me another mod that lets the follower get sick in Peryite's quest... see? Hes great

  • MeltHead519

    Is that thumbnail the Gatekeeper from Skyblivion?P.S. - I enjoy your content, thanks for uploading. 👍

  • Vanessa Benson

    My day just got so much better

  • Ale S

    Finally someone gives Odissey of the Dragonborn the attention this mod deserves. A stunning, unbelievable, colossal project.Good job :)


    AYYY! Skyrim will become richer in mods!

  • mrgamechanger97

    After skywind and skyblivion it will be time for skysky where the remaster skyrim in skyrim.

  • Daniel Corral

    Great vid Nate, I just have one suggestion, you mentioned in the video you weren't going to cover the mods that had released in the previous video for this video, but I think you should have a brief segment (30 sec at the most) before you start covering the new mods just naming those mods that HAVE released so we as the viewers don't have to go back to the previous video and check the description box. Something along the lines of "Before we begin these are the mods that have released since the previous video [mod name], [mod name], and [mod name]" then start. Just a suggestion.

  • Midland Fugitive Recovery

    Inigo is my single favorite mod in all of skyrim. I've been eagerly awaiting V3.

  • DuckMySick

    I usually hate followers but after installing Inigo I just can't play the game without him anymore. It just feels wrong lol

  • Demon Zorawarg

    Bye large you mean dipshits who bout a shity consol named the pc4

  • Antonio Terra

    I heard Skywind is coming out on the same week as Star Citizen

  • ssfbob456

    I love that Inigo is getting updated, love that guy. Riften jail is usually a first stop on a new playthrough to pick him up

  • Desiner

    Hello Mr ButterflyCan't wait for inigo V3

  • Oozaru85

    Amazing how active the Skyrim modding community still is after so many years.

  • Crispin Freeman

    As a primarily PS4 player, these videos inspired me to grab SE on PC just to be able to experience mods like these.

  • Ruby

    Why is the first one even a mod? Why not just make their own game at that point?

  • HN

    All I care is Beyond Skyrim!!!


    OMG, i'm exited about Inigo's update. Let's fight that doomstrider!

  • Kim Jon Un Official VEVO

    Can I just say how phenomenal inigo is, I legit am as exited for V3 as I am ES6

  • Rebelzize

    Cheers for the shoutout mate!

  • Adrien Torrès

    I am surprised you didn't talk about GLENMORIL, but as it's been awhile since the last update, I can understand you didn't mention it.

  • Syzygy

    You not pronouncing things correctly brings me great joy.

  • Paguo

    The 5 insane soon-to-be mods could be 5 of the 6 segments of the Beyond Skyrim project, but these are cool too

  • Ninamyte

    Yes! Who need ES6 anyway?

  • Chase Pitcher

    Wow! These mods are insane!!!😂

  • RealBellows

    Hands down, Inigo is the best Follower Mod period.

  • Blue Son of Man

    I want a mod that lets you play as a Nord Dark Elf Hybrid

  • Cube Brik

    The top three projects have to be SkyWindSkyBlivion And Beyond Skyrim

  • Dabi

    Checked the description and saw Inigo V3 and now I'm incredibly excited.

  • Alyssa Davidson

    INIGO! Yes! He truly is the best companion in Skyrim.

  • MyxsClintz

    omg finaly inigo update

  • Nixicated

    Inigo and Skywind are the ones I'm mostly excited about ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • BlackWingsInTheCold 888

    Not even BS: Roscrea is mentioned, must be a lot of upcoming dlc-sized mods

  • Stryker Ryder

    Actually it was Linda Carter who voiced Azura in Skyrim and ESO.

  • Belinda

    No you're breathtaking! 1:30

  • Yiglic Persfactious

    The moding community is so awesome.

  • Graham6762

    I definitely will play skywind if it comes out. I'd pay for that.

  • The DarthSparX Legends

    The Underworld sort of like Blackreach... Me:FML

  • Swiggity Swag


  • sgerlach062974

    FINALLY... Inigo is getting new stuff!!!! We might finally be able to take on the Doom Strider!!!!!


    They should let us tame a dragon with the shout bend will like in the Myrak battle so that we can fly or make a animated loading screen.

  • marcus24000

    I am looking forward to playing skyblivion

  • Raffy Punzal

    me for the first few mods: neat!me when inigo was mentioned: W A I T W H A T

  • lyfs avor

    Great vid Nate, had not heard of any of these mods. Thumbs up!

  • Generic Bounty Hunter

    SkyBlivion is my number one must have.

  • Sassy The Sasquatch

    I reallyyyyy hope Indigo V3 comes out but it's been so long since his last update I'm kinda unsure weather it will ever come out

  • Galimeer5

    You should do another video covering the upcoming mods from previous videos that have been released.

  • iiRoel

    Make one that simulates a Diablo 3 gameplay (Dungeon Runners)

  • TheBatfink38

    Do a list of top 10/20 must have Skyrim mods.

  • Dharma Rafsanjani

    Never heard dyngir before. Yesterday i imagined if there is a mod that make skyrim kinda have side scrolling gameplay like that. I guess your video is a divine answer nate

  • Artur Plonka

    Isint skywins suposed to relase only on legendary edision orignaly?

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