COPS: Skyrim - Season 1: Episode 1

From creator @bryan_basham, producer of the viral "Death and Return of Superman", comes COPS: Skyrim - the weekly Elder Scrolls equivalent of the long running TV series.

New episodes to air weekly on Wednesdays!

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  • Zen

    Anybody still play skyrim cause I still do

  • Nick Peca

    Did i just hear the bad boys theme in the Dova language. My life is complete

  • Fud 123

    Typical.. Harassing innocent folks when there are skooma dealers right down the road.. Bet they wouldn't have bothered them if they were nords.

  • Isaac C.

    Lol the camera movement is spot on

  • Heather Crinean

    i would like the cops to investigate who stole my sweet roll and that arrow to the knee on one of the cops in the whiterun precinct please

  • RepublicofEthan

    Guard: sorry sir, I'm going to have to write you for a hunting violation. It's not frostbite spider seasonMan: but I need the venom for a special healing potion.Guard: If you really need it for special alchemy purposes, you can apply for a special alchemist permit to be allowed to take frostbite spiders out of season. Otherwise, you have to leave them alone at this time of year unless they are attacking you or others or livestock A lot of people who hunt frostbite spiders actually harvest them for their souls, so we've really had to crack down recently on spider poaching. Also, I'll just warn you for this, but you can't use fire spells in the summer for hunting.Man: You can't?Guard: Nope, it's for safety reasons. You could start a major forest fire. Same with shock spells and flame atronochs and fire runes or anything with fire or electricity. If you must use magic to hunt, I'd recommend an ice spike. Puts most game right down, and it's relatively safe. But it would have to be something other than frostbite spiders this time of year unless you get that special permit.Man: Interesting. So what else should I know?Guard: Well, we've lately been writing a lot of people for using staffs where they're not supposed to. Now staffs are a legal method of taking game, but in some individual holds they are banned or restricted for hunting. Same with scrolls conjuration spells. It all depends on your local hold regulations. Also, you can't use magelight for deer or elk because that's considered spotlighting, not that you're even supposed to be hunting them at night anyway. And you can't use Detect Life spells to hunt. Also, shouts, werewolf form, and other "special"types of magic aren't allowed except for a few select species like trolls and wisp mothers. The one major exception to all this is that you can basically kill Spriggans anywhere, any time, and with any method and in any number, since they like to kill hunters. Oh, also, be sure to check regulations to make sure whatever weapon enchantments you use are legal. Most are, but some aren't, like "burning" and "scorching" enchantments because again, anything with fire, not allowed in the warm weather months. Also, poisons are illegal for most game. Also, it is illegal to enthrall or re-animate wildlife for any reason without a special permit. Hope all this helps. If you have any questions, most jarls' stewards are knowledgable about game and fish regs.

  • trey Baylor

    "woooooohoooooooooohooooooo hey I can see whiterun" lmfao it's 2016 an it's still funny as hell

  • Tregeta

    1. You're a woman2. Late at night3. Milky white shoulders4. Talking trashy in a "let's go to bed voice"5. Three gold pieces for a "trip around the world". BOOM. Airtight case, guilty as charged. I'm goin' on break

  • xKAIIRUx

    2:47 "Sir! Imperial Guard!"Clearly wearing Stormcloak uniform. Genius.

  • Corpse Hugger

    you forgot the part where they shoot at redguards on sight

  • Mr Moth

    The "I am undercover because my badge is in my pocket." Got me.

  • Josh Ramsay

    Yea but my badge is in my pocket

  • Michael Denison

    The "Wooden Bowl" bit, the guard saying "...Sometimes you pick up a bowl by accident..." This is why I save EVERY TIME before I start interacting with things, because if you're not careful, you accidentally commit a crime every 5 minutes.

  • MarvinIsKewl

    T'argo was once arrested once for a skooma incident, but khajiit will never forget that night because T'argo made love to a cow I mean umm... khajiit meant to a womanDam you Ysolda

  • King Lurch

    How am i just discovering these videos wtf

  • Rob

    "How are you undercover?! you're wearing your uniform!!" guard: "yes but my badge is in my pocket" hahaha :P

  • Sergius Verus

    "How much for a trip around the world?""Three gold pieces, just like always. Oh."

  • RolIinStoner420

    -tankards?! those can be pretty big...-yea thats them! hahahaha gold!!

  • Tregeta

    Yeah but in a "let's go to bed" voice.

  • Dashner100

    Good god if it weren't for se skyrim I'd probably not of seen this... that would of been sad.

  • Yes Its Brutal

    Send in the dog. NO NO NO NOT ALL THE DOGS!

  • Jaylen Knight

    i watched this like 2 years ago and now i get to see it again amazing

  • John Daniel Esguerra

    Who is watching this in 2018 and still playing Skyrim (Any version/console)

  • Tuosev

    "Hey I can see Whiterun!" literally my reaction the first time I got Giant launched.

  • DuppyBruh

    "You know, it happens, sometimes you pick up a bowl by accident."

  • Fuhki Shoga

    anyone else excited for Skyrim special edition coming out this year?

  • Chuey Xuey

    i remember this game so much ,does anyone else still play it, screw it im going to get the legendary edition and play the shiz out of it again.

  • Joe berdanke

    Mix cops and skyrim together! brilliant :DPretty funny lol

  • stryker2526

    instead of Reno 911 now we got skyrim 911 lol

  • Star Wars HQ

    Never ride a horse drunk...or a carriage...or drink too many tankards.  NEVER.

  • keeper21br

    "Stolen wooden bowl report" MAN, you really can't get away with ANYTHING in Skyrim!

  • Jesse Brown

    The entire stolen bowl part was perfection.

  • grrizo

    Not killing Red Guards just for fun = not real cops.

  • Serena Morrison

    Skyrim SE is so beautiful even if you put it on low resolution. It's sad they didn't fix the unfinished quests though.

  • Moose

    (takes fork by mistake)"You have commited crimes against skyrim and her people!"O_O;

  • Brandon Myers

    Giants lead skyrim's space division, and they're always ready for blastoff.

  • JakeEighties

    Bring this back near October , it would kill in views because of the remastering, plus it's your best series

  • justin morris

    "Jacob send in the dog" hahahahah xD

  • THEEND4444

    Sometimes you just gotta rewatch the classics.

  • Tj Chapman

    Behtesda should make an elder scrolls game where you play as a guard doing law enforcement. Nothing special but a few ghost and dedra here and there to make it interesting

  • Copycat

    Still playing skyrim, still rewatching these.

  • Lunaraia

    OK, I will be honest, when i first started watching this I was kinda skeptical but turns out it's hilarious! I don't give likes often but you sir get one, nice job!

  • Shawnee Longbow

    lmao! Tolfdir's out there, whippin' that coke. 😄😅

  • Ghostwolf 2.0

    ok send in the dog- NO NOT ALL OF THEM!XD

  • x Cryito x

    Tbh I think Skyrim will always have a place in gaming history. I really hope TES6 will live up to Skyrim. I think the entire Elder Scrolls series is really something that has a special place in my heart ❤️

  • Session Eleven

    One time, I was stealing just one arrow, and then my WHOLE stack of arrows became, so called stolen.So, while I did a darkbrotherhood mission and I got arrested and the gaurds confiscated ALL of my arrows!Skyrim cops everyone, they're the thiefs!Oh, and uh, me too...

  • Throthgar Son Of Bothvar

    I'm Throthgar, son of Bothvar. descendant of Edgar. brother in law of Einar, second cousin of Falkmar.....the slayer of Guldar!

  • Slayer Runefrost

    This video is classic. Will always be one of my favorites

  • Justin Williams

    sees book with white textDoesn’t see steal Awesome! I can add this to my collection.Turns around to see guard creeping towards me with shield“You have committed crimes against Skyrim and her people!”Wait, what?

  • Emily Paille

    {riding a horse on the road}"We got a call about a stolen sweetroll. We're going to check it out."

  • brandon jerome

    "I said good evening," "yes, but in a, let's go to bed voice"

  • Artorias of the Abyss

    Immediately subscribed when I saw the intro.

  • Sky Fox

    I expect him to just burst through a door to confront a bunch of argonians brewing up some skooma lmao

  • PutaPaiPer

    Send in the dogs Jacob!That's it, get em boy.NO NO NOT ALL THE DOGS.ONE DOG.DAMMIT

  • Munitia Blastpaw

    How about COPS: Diamond City?

  • Supermarine9301

    "BACK UP! BACK UP! Oh hey i see White un" 😂

  • Icthiolavarunt


  • Main Music Now

    Oh dang, I remember watching this before destiny cops had begun

  • Jack Jack

    That was...jus' fantastic.

  • ScotchTapeMafia

    "lets get you some place safe where you dont have to worry about dragons" "NO!!!!!!" lmao

  • Junii

    I lost it when he put the Mage in ‘’cuffs’’ lmao

  • JPalm27

    I remember staying up all night watching these...... good times.

  • Jake Speed

    Thank you for showing up in my recommendations

  • James O'Sullivan

    “Send the dog!” Wolf chases I SPIT OUT MY TEA!!!

  • VicRaptor2589

    "How much for a trip around the world" OMFG lol!!!

  • A7Minho

    “Sir that campfire is very big. You got a permit for that?” XD

  • Andrew Asher

    "Hey I can see Whierun.....The landing going to suck."

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