STATE ALCHEMY TEST (Eng Sub) [Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood]

Ed takes his State Alchemy Exam!

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Ep.2


  • Objective Ninja

    This is awesome storytelling... In hindsight it makes perfect sense for Wrath to check out Edward Elric - a potential sacrifice to be used by Father on the Promised Day.

  • HMiche93

    That's actually a fairly nice bit of foreshadowing, that either Bradley was really good with a sword, or that he wasn't quite human.

  • Luigi4evernevermario

    I love how if you have a sharp ear and eye you can tell if you watch again that Wrath did indeed cut the spear. A spear would not make that noise upon an abrupt stop, that was actually the sound of him slicing through it with his sword, and in the change of camera you can see him holding his sword, unsheathed. A very nice touch.

  • dwarfie24

    Fuhrer. president. king. lol, why not just add admiral general and ruler to that as well.

  • Cabbage

    1:10Didn't even realize he's holding his sword in his right hand did ya?

  • DesertEagleV

    This is what happens when you draw weapons on final boss 23 episodes too early.

  • ClownWhosFeelnDown

    Fuhrer President King Emperor Daimyo Lord Kami Pharaoh Governor Captain Supreme Ruler Hokage Darth Bradley

  • Tristan Turiano

    1:06 his sword is sheathed1:08 his sword is unsheathedSometimes the coolest moves in anime are those that aren't seen.

  • alex francis

    man Bradley's speed is something else

  • Kermit F

    this exam was done better in the original

  • Koneko Senpai

    Oh, first Hajime and now Fullmetal?Dude, you're a beast.

  • Nilesh Dungdung

    Little did we know bradley was a badass!!

  • Jason Wheneger

    0:57 Check out that optical illusion. His feet say he's at least three feet away from the spear, yet his hands show it's inches from his chest.

  • Aramis 虹

    "Kore wa nakanaka."

  • Nightstalker Gaming Channel

    1:05 his sword in left1:09 yes, that's right

  • Hanrye

    I can't remember this scene at all :Ddd maybe it's time to rewatch FMAB. It's been 4,5 years since I watched it

  • Lord Champa

    Holy smokes--when did he draw that sword!? LOL!

  • TheKooa

    I prefer original series test, this one feels really rushed

  • Red Angel

    he draw his sword off screen XD

  • Numpty Cunt

    thats wrath for you....

  • Isma 2000

    On 0:09 I like his voice it's like sandaime hockage

  • Kimi Wa?

    The spear cut so late, maybe ping is too high?

  • BeastlyHaxorz

    Wait, it's been a long time since I've seen FMA, is Bradley's title really Fuhrer President King Bradley? I get making it clear that the guy is a dictator, but overkill is overkill


    When shorty tried to become big shot

  • elektronac !!!

    yeah he can mock him all he wants but this litle guy beat their father and the strongest living being in the universe(god).

  • A Bad Player

    Little did he know bradly is a monster amongst monsters

  • Karma Wangchuck

    What's the third hokage doing here?

  • Robin Baby

    This scene is dumb and is an easy way to get yourself killed. The first series did it better.

  • Najee Jackson

    I don't think it would been that easy if it was Ichigo

  • Flint

    i was never able to find this scene on youtube, thanks for uploading it.

  • RGA

    Yes! Finally not the dub garbage

  • babykoala lalala

    Lol Edward really is short

  • Gatis Klētnieks

    "When did he draw his sword?". XDD

  • victor kawamoto

    Keep up with the good job

  • aayush regmi

    the only anime i watched in dub.. so the sub feels a little weird

  • Light Master-


  • Word is Bond

    Bradley don't play tht

  • Pat Streater

    Bradley is quicker with that sword than Pootie Tangs dad with the belt.

  • Quinton James

    How did it stay on? And when it did come off, it didn't fall, it POPPED off like a little cork.

  • Marko Todorovic

    If Ed was black he would be dEd.

  • - Zodiac -

    Its funny how this is actually worse then the dub

  • Sploogmaster2

    Cool and all, but you don't realize that he cut the spear so well that had Ed actually gone all the way with it, he would still have killed him seeing that the spear remained whole for several seconds. Granted Bradley would have been able to dodge/parry/retaliate before that would happen and it was mainly done for a joke, but shut up I like to nit pick.

  • Aswad Todman

    The first sharingan bradley is lit

  • Maryu Daiku

    This was Excellent in your moment my friends. Thanks.

  • Jσzσ

    I prefer Japanese sub to most animes, but not in this case.The eng dub fits really well for both fma and fmab. The Voiceover is great, but I also think that the environment is more english-like, hence, English fits better.This is my opinion.

  • dyeace

    Oof the sub is cringey compared to the dub

  • Caleb Lindstead

    fullmetal alchemist brotherhood cool and awesome and fighting and powerful and funny

  • Alina Zavadskaya

    Кто русский?Ребят,надеюсь я не одна!

  • Venum

    This is in brotherhood??? I seriously do not remember this part at all. Sure this isn’t ova or something wtf

  • Wes

    Yes yes, I love this scene too, but can we all please see the obvious here... a spear moving forward at a contestant speed has its tip cut off. What do u think would happen? I'll give u a hint. It wouldn't stop with the rest of the spear....

  • StarterSteel

    Still funny, for someone that hated all humans, he sure had fun tormenting his secretary.

  • Jade Lilo

    I've read the manga and watched the whole anime and I didn't know that Ed and Al were that young??? What did I miss??

  • T J

    i dont remember thisOh wait I only watched the netflix one

  • Fringgs

    Hanji zoe other form ! the little peeps squeek edward elric

  • kenji san

    Wrath is the best close combat fighter in the series , without using Any fancy tricks just his Swords skills and Ultimate eye , he can fight many soldiers and even military tanks , Scarr also had a hard time on an injured Wrath ,,

  • angeleyes4us200

    FMA version was WAY better

  • Prohn

    1:06 is when King Bradley cuts Edward’s weapon

  • john tran

    So does he really actually lose his alchemy at the end of anime to get his brother back or not?

  • Kayzarous

    Like how much he grows without us really noticing

  • Brennan Lu

    Master Lord Commander Fuhrer King General Admiral 3rd Sergeant President King Bradley.

  • Mohamad Afiq

    When bradley was still a funny and cheerful character

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