★ Skyrim: Dawnguard - Where to Find Both Shellbugs (Shellbug Helmet Legendary) ★

I show you how to find both the Shellbugs, one in Forgotten Vale Cave and the elusive Sharpslope Cave, allowing you to forge the Shellbug helmet and upgrade it without killing the Shellbugs themselves! I also show you how to upgrade it to Legendary.

I hope this helped, and spread the word: SAVE THE SHELLBUG!
  • Scuzzy Bear

    holy fuck i have played the game like 5 times over and all the DLC and i have never seen that thing.Skyrim is so amazing (:

  • O Opie

    I spawned a shellbug in my house... It lives there now.

  • MikeHype

    you just hit the shellbug 6 times in the head i think it wants to die


    Somebody please make a mod where you can keep shellbugs as pets! I need them because they are too cute!

  • White creamy Milk

    who would want to make a cute cuddly creature go extinct? slaughters the poor frost giants

  • What A Skrub

    In the next elder scrolls we need rideable shellbugs and guars

  • Eggplant Edwardson

    At 11:16 I was surprised when I heard "Rustle my jimmies" cause I've only ever heard my ancient algebra teacher say it.

  • Dominik Erk

    so its cruel to kill it but ramming a pickaxe into it is okay? xD

  • Ratungo

    Yeah you didnt kill the shellbugs. You just severely wounded them and likely left them near death.

  • Emu Lord

    I found the hidden shellbug before the main one, I feel special

  • xFlaRe

    Anyone else notice that flawless had a better armor number than legendary?

  • Owen Grant

    +Diam dude 6:35 into your vid (waterfall) there is a ruin archway on the opposite side from the frost giants little alcove in the side of the mountin. At the arch there is a parogon slot for the crystals the frost giants have. Dont sell the parogons! the archways will turn into a portal leading you to an awesome treasure trove full of goodies.each parogon takes you to a different location.

  • JoshBanned

    Well thanks, I'm off to go kill some shellbugs.

  • Humpasaurus Rex

    I'd rather kill them just to cross them off my "to do list"

  • Dullahan2

    Take a shot everytime he says "Then you know you're in the right place"

  • Pachete

    It wont extinct. If you kill shellbug, it will respawn after 6 days in game. Why to bother?

  • MaulMachine

    In the future, suppress the urge to talk at literally all times.  I could have muted this video and missed nothing.

  • Odd_Pickle_098

    This video had really good audio quality and your description of the guide was very detailed. Very well done.

  • Kain Locklave

    Now if someone can explain why u'd even want that stupid looking helmet in the first place.I swear people only want it because it's rare.

  • scotianbank

    I've played this game 3 times, going into every single location, doing all of the dlc, and every quest. Still, I didn't know about the shellbugs. You learn something every day

  • Darren Hewitt

    Never EVER ask this guy for directions if your driving, you will never EVER have enough fuel to get you there! Especially if it's only round the corner.

  • Worvern Scar

    I never really knew these things existed in the game. Then again I took a look at the shellbug helmet and went "meh" and that was the end of that story....

  • Mr Urquhart

    I found a shellbug helmet in a falmer cave

  • Adrian lacy

    how come legendary has less armour rating than flawless

  • Chase Randalow

    Go back to the soul cairn and talk to some of the ghosts closer to the center area. One of them will ask you about a horse name arvak, and he will give you the arvak quest. Once completed, you will now be able to cast a relatively cheap summon of an undead bone horse as many times as you want!

  • epwmolter

    the emerald paragon is used to open a portal to a lot of loot in that area

  • S3PT1M1

    i dont honestly understand why this helmet is even in the game

  • Zender Conditori

    I feel the same way about giants

  • Alex Chan

    Flawless armor rating at 82 but legendary at 74?

  • sutithaon

    Who the hell would want to get this helmet?

  • O K

    Showed up on recommended, I never knew such creatures even existed... Whaa...Man I'm gonna go play again

  • Lilia Armoury

    damn now i want to make a shell bug helmet and a teeshirt saying "save the shellbug"

  • Sam Vimes

    Those shellbugs actually are kinda cute. They remind me of the Ohmu from Nausicaä.

  • Joe Lane

    Anyone else notice how when he tried to upgrade the Helmet to flawless it was 82 Armour but when it was legendary it was 74 Armour...Wut?

  • Patrick Reider

    For chitin and chaurus the ch makes a k sound

  • Jacob King

    wow the shellbugs do look cute cause they are inocent

  • Ricki Bristowe

    Problem would be, when you want your companion to have a matching Shellbug Helmet (Legendary), you'll need to commit shellbug genocide to do it... just a thought

  • Rectus Erectus

    Sorry for this, but it is pronounced "kite-in"

  • Preston payne

    Bruh, you give Arvak's Skull to a ghost in the Soul Cairn. You get the spell Summon Arvak from him as a reward, which as it might suggest, summons Arvak, the awesome ghost horse that runs around the Soul Cairn. It's without a doubt the best horse in the game, because if it die's you just summon another. Plus, it looks amazing.

  • Dovahkiin Games

    the shellbug looks kinda like a pug

  • Nicholas Tracy

    There are 5 frost giants in Dawnguard and 1 named frost giant's spirit in Dragonborn. Each of the Dawnguard ones have a different paragon that can access a new area when placed in this thing that's kind of like a wayshrine. The Dragonborn spirit one, Kaarstag, can only be summoned if you place his skull on his throne, and it's an unmarked quest, so it's kind of difficult to accomplish if you don't know what to do. Karstaag is arguably the most difficult opponent in the game, even more so than the Ebony Warrior in my opinion, so come prepared to fight.

  • Draconis Dragonheart

    Shellbugs are really cute.

  • TheV23OutKast

    Flawless had 82 amour, legendary had 74.

  • Doctor Alcatraz

    Gone through this DLC I dunno how many times, and I had no clue those buggers even existed! Thought it had something to do with the Dragonborn DLC, but it wasn't.

  • Ahmet Cakmak

    flawless gives 82 and legendery gives 74 armor it makes no sense

  • Nocturnal Turtle

    They're oddly kinda cute

  • Fang Soulreaper

    did anyone else realize that the first time he went to upgrade the helmet it was at 82 armour rating but the second time it was at 78 armour rating

  • Bryant Deckard

    Anybody notice that the flawless one has more armor than legendary one

  • Chuck Norris

    I hope he knows that including him and me as being 2 of about 12 people who found both on our own, it doesn't really help save the shellbugs by showing everyone else where they are at. They'll be extinct by next week.

  • jose Nuñez

    The Emerald Peragon is for the portal that you use to find the Auriels Shield

  • OutGoatface The Second

    are the exploding bolts a mod?

  • Samuel Range

    so once you get here... that guy turns into a ghost omg lol

  • grimdawacon lord

    when the helm was flawless it had a higher armor rating

  • PANDAmonium •

    They look like a Xenomorph maggot lmfao

  • Gabriel Kendrick

    the first shellbug i found was the 2nd one in the vid and i found it by complete accident, and until watching this didnt know there was another one

  • Piotr Siarkowski

    Flawless- 82 armorLegendary - 74 armor???

  • Brandon Rinehart

    Got 4 Shellbug Chitin, and saved the cuties. :3 Thanks man!!!

  • Chris Obey

    i put that axe up that bugs ass

  • Keegan

    You don't need to explain everything you do but great vid loved it+1 Sub

  • Swetzel

    kinda selfish? dont you mean shelfish? buddum ching

  • mrnickbig1

    You badly mispronounce chitin.

  • Jake Bloyer

    actually shellbugs come back to life. after 30 days in game that is.

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