Skyrim Special Edition TOP 5 PS4 MODS #1



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  • TheFrew

    Its nice to see people doing mods covers for just ps4 nice job man

  • Almuttawa Ali

    It's sad that when you install mods you stop getting trophies

  • Tr3vZ

    I have liked every comment in this video, i win at life

  • sithous

    Ok, if I install the mods they will block the trophies. What if I uninstalled them afterwards? will the trophies be available for that same game file or do I have to I start a new game?

  • DarkKnightBento

    if I use graphical mods on the PS4 does it disable the trophies still

  • Unoriginal Cont3nt

    they should have called the book "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them"

  • Jenna White

    Finally a PS4 modifier coverage for Skyrim: Remastered. And by one if my favorite "All Items & Secrets" Youtubers. Your Soulsborne walkthroughs allowed me to completely satisfy my ability to pick any and every area clean of items. Keep up the fantastic work.

  • AdventureTime18

    Do you write your own material? Its truly awful. Try being more succinct.

  • Zoe Walsh please sign and share!

  • The Antagonist

    Is there a petition we can sign to make sony wake the fuck up?

  • Blair Nite

    Hey Die NooB (Or anybuddy who would like 2 answer this question), exactly wut R the steps on how to even put these mods on my ps4? ? For example: Jailbreak ps4 frum this wutever source, download this & go to this site & then download this & that & so forth, etc. (Not saying it has 2 be jailbroken or anything @ all, just pleaze fill me in on the specific steps 2 get there if one JUST bought A brand new ps4. Thanx :1

  • joshua Black

    please do more of these

  • Kaleb Alex

    I downloaded the mods but I don't no how to start them


    "I have trust and faith in Sony"That's stupid, you're stupid

  • Canineshoe

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