Skyrim All 14 Dragon Priest Mask Locations In Special Edition & DLC Dragonborn (TOP 10 Best Masks)

Skyrim All 14 Dragon Priest Mask Locations In Special Edition & DLC Dragonborn (TOP 14 Best Masks)!
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Mask Locations:
- Hevnoraak – 1:00 -
- Krosis – 1:45
- Morokei – 2:35
- Nahkriin – 3:30
- Otar – 4:25 -
- Rahgot – 5:37 -
- Vokun – 6:16 -
- Volsung – 6:57 -
- Wooden Mask – 7:50 – See Video
- Konahrik – 7:50 - See Video

Dragonborn DLC Start:
- Ahzidal – 12:48 -
- Dunkaan – 14:35
- Zahkriisos – 15:18


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  • Fallout Night

    Did anyone else hear those weird noises in the background while the video was playing? Like voices.

  • potato

    "You can't block magical attacks with your sheild." Spellbreaker would like to have a word with you.

  • The Impasta

    I have all the mask, like if you do too

  • Kanoa Gaming YT

    Krosis was the first mask I got

  • Kyle Mann

    the seekers remind me of cthulu

  • Ilyaas Mashamin

    so special edition gives you all 3 dlcs

  • Yah Yeet

    I got my first at lvl 6 on Legendary mode, the dragon priest was glitched and I just kept shooting him with the bow

  • ZacPlayzGamer

    you can wear Mirrak's mask with the jagged crown

  • Evie Green

    I got an Elder Scrolls ad. You're so funny YouTube.

  • David Hodges

    I like to use the multiple armor glitch to wear them all it really makes like nothing hurt you

  • nicotine nick

    those are tusks not horns

  • Kapkan

    Good video you get another person suscribed👍

  • Azahfel -

    Another way to get the wooden mask is by fighting the Gravetender sorta nearby Riverwood. Trust me you can't miss him, there is a giant stone with a bunch of swords around it. Oh and a big ass wolf.

  • T-boy

    i've not even completed the main campaign of skyrim, played 100's of hours...

  • Emily LeGay

    I only have one mask and it's from High Gate Ruin

  • Toastedflare •

    My favorite mask is the wooden mask just because it is the worst of them all.

  • Doomsdat

    You can also equip the jagged crown with the priest masks

  • Altairdabest 907

    morokie+archmages robes+highborn+fortify Magick and health rings/amulets+equilibrium=lol

  • Im Fluid

    ESO, your channel is a gift for every skyrim fan! Thx for keeping it up!

  • TheRobot Reaper

    I beat the game at level 30

  • Empire of Spiders

    One of the dragon priests known as morokie is the only one that can summon a storm atriarch

  • Blazie Playz

    Any good recommendations of a mask for a battle made

  • Dragonborn

    I was kind of pissed off when you can't wear a simple helmet except the falmer helmet over the masks. I might as well wear a piece of cardboard.

  • Wakabaka 10101

    Pls help me Im level 47 and when i try to get krosis the dragon priest doesn’t pop out of its coffinHelp me qith this pls

  • Levizar 1441

    My dov is a poison sponge.

  • Akuma Niichan

    It's sad all those masks count as light or heavy armors, it's ruining the mage armor perk... And the best for a pure mage is at the end of the main story, it's a shame... Maybe i should use the one from Dragonborn as i mainly use fire, but...^^

  • Me is penguin

    Do you need the mask from skuldafn to do the wooden mask puzzle? Plz answer

  • OberonLee

    If I ever play a mage I go strait for Morokei and then once I level up and have more reserve magicka I switch to Nahkrin. At that point if I'm using destruction spells I have so much magicka that I never need to worry about regenerating it.

  • The Domingelis

    Thank you ESO you helped me a lot i subscribed and turned notifications!! And liked

  • Daniel Kelly

    This is so annoying, left 2 masks at my house(Lakeview manor) and got the rest. Came back to collect them and now 1 has dissapered, anyone know how to fix this bug??

  • Burntfish

    BTW you can also wear the Penitus Oculatus helmet (which is light armour) with a dragon priest mask not just the falmer helmet

  • King Nedya

    I really want the fire dragon priest mask in Solstheim, because then I would be 100% resistant to fire (my character is a dark elf), and my fire spells would do 25% more damage, so when I dual cast incinerate, it would go from 198 damage to 247.5 damage. However, my helmet, necklace, armor, and ring are all enchanted with 25% cheaper destruction spell cost each, and my magicka is relatively low, so I would only be able to dual cast incinerate 2 to 3 times if I wear the mask instead of my enchanted helmet. But then he said that you can wear a falmer helmet with dragon priest masks...Well, time to go get a falmer helmet and enchant it, as well as to get the fire Solstheim dragon priest mask.

  • Lord Diliders

    what is your mod list ?

  • Lokina Odinson

    Where can u find the 10th mask Konahrik ? I want to know where its location is :) comment down below if u know

  • Puffer

    You can also wear the Jagged Crown and the Mask

  • RoBro Cosplay

    i can find enbony gauntlets of major archery they make bows do 35% better

  • Wyatt Whitmer

    Hey ESO you can wear the jagged crown with any of the dragon priest masks... making for a better combo

  • Sviatlana Kabzova

    When he said Otar was amor 23 it was amor 66

  • john smit

    All these masks and still no Mask of the Father

  • Dorelle Little

    Eso guides are so helpful but takes the fun out the games :/

  • Forrest Ballard

    I heard people in the background around Otar.

  • Deez Memes

    what level should i be when i get one of these

  • fnbtwo

    Most of the people who read this comment will not give it a like 😢😢😢

  • Le PhotoN

    do you need the dlc for unlock masks ?

  • Kelli Carroll

    Its leagendary Edison you idiot not speshil Edison

  • jokester390

    you can have 7 enchantments you forgot about the necklace and ring u can enchant and wear that to :/

  • Karli Kate Dances

    So I completed all of the Dragon priest quest and I do that thing to get the secret mask then I realize that I'm missing one. I even went back to the location on the map where I found that mask. It wasn't there. I lost one dragon priest mask and screwed it up. Now I don't have that cool mask after I worked to get it

  • Sky Kosarin

    Zahkriisos was my first mask. I got it by accident while looking for the bloodskal blade.

  • Carolyn Rafferty

    I have 3 destruction mages one is a dark elf as fire a high elf as ice and a nord of all things for lightningAnd thanks for the locations of the 3 masks in sothiem (because I don't need miraaks mask)

  • Connor Tyler

    I remember when I first started playing Skyrim way back when, and I first found a dragon priest mask, Hevnoraak I think. I thought it was so cool, and I wore it long after I probably should have upgraded.

  • Facundo Torres

    I think imma get all those solshtheim masks and use the vampire lord glitch to equip all of them

  • Mikelangelo Olivas

    Best skyrim channel out there

  • Boy Boy

    In all honesty the mask that makes the prices better are useless in my opinion, I don't know if anyone else does this but I don't throw things away unless it's literal trash so I tend to hold onto it and sell it. So I prefer to sell anything I can and not waste gold and then give back the gold as selling it

  • Dr. M Hyde

    Well made and very detailed, good work

  • Razvan

    Zahkriisos looks awesome with nordic armor

  • Patricia Mason

    I killed Alduin at level 36-32 and it was pretty easy the only reason why I didn't get completely destroyed was because my heavy Amor skill I'm level 100 on my heavy Amor skill. The reason why I'm watching this so late is because I'm bored as crap I mean I just finished the game.

  • Kim Kardashiani Hol

    I killed a dragon once and Krosis attacked he put up a good fight :)

  • Comrade L9

    Though I realize that there are mods to improve what the masks do, as well as their appearances, but I really wish there was a way to fix that clipping issue with the paired hood that is associated with the masks. As someone who really likes personalizing their character and making them look super cool, it is kind of annoying to use these, figuring that the cloth interferes with a lot of top pieces. Yes, I realize that this is a really, REALLY nitpicky, but it's just something that has always bothered me through my six years of playing this game.

  • sam blue

    2:40 I call that guy morio key

  • EpicFace 640

    Can Someone PLEASE answer:Ive seen on the ES wiki's that maskless dragon preists appear when at high levels, replacing bosses like Red Eagle, or can appear at the end of certain caves like the caniballism cave, and/or as replacments for draugr bosses and Death overlords in Nordic Tombs like Skuldafn and Arcway point. I already know that.But...they always they "they appear at high levels"...AT WHAT LEVEL? WHAT MININUM LEVEL DO YOU HAVE TO BE FOR THE MASKLESS DP'S TO START APPEARING? (Xbox360)(Sorry for caps. DP's are my fav)There is no page for maskless ones either.

  • Dalton Kilpatrick

    Ok first off I’ve played this game for years and seriously for the past year I’d say I’ve played this game and just realized that I could get a freaking Hidden mask and I got the krosis mask early on. I lost the damn thing or sold It, I can’t remember, I’ve seen 1000,s of post about losing shit early on and there’s still no way to get it back. I need some justice.

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