Skyrim All 14 Dragon Priest Mask Locations In Special Edition & DLC Dragonborn (TOP 10 Best Masks)

Skyrim All 14 Dragon Priest Mask Locations In Special Edition & DLC Dragonborn (TOP 14 Best Masks)!
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Mask Locations:
- Hevnoraak – 1:00 -
- Krosis – 1:45
- Morokei – 2:35
- Nahkriin – 3:30
- Otar – 4:25 -
- Rahgot – 5:37 -
- Vokun – 6:16 -
- Volsung – 6:57 -
- Wooden Mask – 7:50 – See Video
- Konahrik – 7:50 - See Video

Dragonborn DLC Start:
- Ahzidal – 12:48 -
- Dunkaan – 14:35
- Zahkriisos – 15:18


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  • Fallout Night

    Did anyone else hear those weird noises in the background while the video was playing? Like voices.

  • potato

    "You can't block magical attacks with your sheild." Spellbreaker would like to have a word with you.

  • Kyle Mann

    the seekers remind me of cthulu

  • random stair

    Krosis: prepare for trouble!Dragon: and make it double!Random dragon that's been chasing me across Skyrim: triple!Me with my fork: wack.

  • Flip Flops

    I got my first at lvl 6 on Legendary mode, the dragon priest was glitched and I just kept shooting him with the bow

  • Sir Billius

    I always wondered if the nine dragon priests were an allusion to LotR's nine Nazgul.

  • ZacPlayzGamer

    you can wear Mirrak's mask with the jagged crown

  • Bryant Richardson

    Kudos for not instantly asking to like or subscribe before the video even begins...

  • Evie Green

    I got an Elder Scrolls ad. You're so funny YouTube.

  • David Hodges

    I like to use the multiple armor glitch to wear them all it really makes like nothing hurt you

  • Jacob Hendrickson

    I love your videos but the butchering of those location names were absolutely amazing

  • ieat caribou

    One day I'm gonna get fired from work for watching your videos all day long.

  • Frederic Schmitt

    Will the 10th mask work on followers und still summon dragonpriests? I have to try this! :-)

  • Kapkan

    Good video you get another person suscribed👍

  • ClaudiKetchup

    I could not wear the Morokei mask with the arch-mages robe, it always undresses the robe when I equip the mask :/.

  • Devasta The Seeker

    The skeleton is actually rather recent. It was probably eaten by trolls. One of the masks has someone hired by the guy getting you to collect it by posing as a soldier

  • Toastedflare •

    My favorite mask is the wooden mask just because it is the worst of them all.

  • T-boy

    i've not even completed the main campaign of skyrim, played 100's of hours...

  • nicotine nick

    those are tusks not horns

  • Eris Everblight

    Volsung I found by accident lol I thought I found an easy shout after killing a few dragons.... I was SOOO wrong

  • Suprento

    You can't pair morokei with the arch mage robes, I just tried it.

  • Brennan Shea

    What if I dropped one mask can I get it back or am I screwed

  • SlyPhantomBoy YT

    You helped me get the masks i help you by liking its fair.

  • Doomsdat

    You can also equip the jagged crown with the priest masks

  • MCFinalNinja FTW

    Volsung = Best MaskCan Confirm

  • Dragonborn

    I was kind of pissed off when you can't wear a simple helmet except the falmer helmet over the masks. I might as well wear a piece of cardboard.

  • Ewie B

    You mispronounced nearly everything. I'm not even mad, that's amazing.

  • Empire of Spiders

    One of the dragon priests known as morokie is the only one that can summon a storm atriarch

  • Fl4m1ng Sw0rd

    Is there a background noise ?someone talking or am i hearing stuff :D#

  • Doge

    Dark elves should also have 200 magicka.It just makes sense.No, I'm not salty at all.GET ON IT TODD.

  • Siggesatan

    some one speaking in the background! female voice! -.-'

  • KiamarMasterT

    YES! I have all of them. It wasn't​ easy too. My Dremora Lords helped.

  • Muffinsaur

    'You'll probably be around level 15-20'I guess I play wrong, I was level 30 and barely did that quest.

  • CJToman

    Which mask is betterMasque of Clavicus VileNahkriin

  • Im Fluid

    ESO, your channel is a gift for every skyrim fan! Thx for keeping it up!

  • The Domingelis

    Thank you ESO you helped me a lot i subscribed and turned notifications!! And liked

  • Matt Gamer

    I tried a glitch you showcased and it broke my game

  • Colby Scott

    I beat skyrim at level 10

  • Zach Levan

    I got Morokei from a side quest called "a daedric's best friend" at the quest didn't take place at labyrinthian, strange

  • john smit

    All these masks and still no Mask of the Father

  • Mythical •

    His helped me slot . Thank you so much . ...... Now I can brag to my friends(^o^)

  • Ethan Sehy

    Thanks, this was very helpful!😁👍

  • Burntfish

    BTW you can also wear the Penitus Oculatus helmet (which is light armour) with a dragon priest mask not just the falmer helmet

  • Coman Flash

    very helpful and nice.Great job

  • Ilyaas Mashamin

    so special edition gives you all 3 dlcs

  • Levizar 1441

    My dov is a poison sponge.

  • Jeroen Maat

    =| sold one of the masks early on before knowing All this and now i cant get it Back anymore

  • Jimmy Williams

    ESO u r the best broI'll always watch u👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💯💯 u know your stuff

  • Conner Baker

    I got Nahkriin at level 13

  • Rynn21

    So the dragon priest did not drop the Dunkaan mask. Damn glitches

  • Dominic The Wolf

    God dammit!! I shouldn't have sold my Dragon priest masks. Oh well, I could always just make another character for it.

  • The YouTube Phantom Official

    You can block magic with your shield, but you need Spellbreaker from the Peryite quest.

  • JimmyXP

    I trust ESO's information because Skyrim is one of the only games he plays

  • OberonLee

    If I ever play a mage I go strait for Morokei and then once I level up and have more reserve magicka I switch to Nahkrin. At that point if I'm using destruction spells I have so much magicka that I never need to worry about regenerating it.

  • ender hero

    With krosis there were two legendary dragons and him (◕‿◕) because i'm level 109, and still haven't beat alduin (◕‿◕)

  • -5

    ESO- Can you tell me how to get my smiting skill much higher very quickly PLZ HELP

  • Cobra Gamming

    i think my konahrik mask is glitched. when i wear it, it will always summon the dragon priest but rarley heal me. WTF!!

  • Mikelangelo

    Best skyrim channel out there

  • Awad Shakoor

    I'm glad you agree with me with volsung, I think it's great too

  • Irish Fox

    The dragonborn masks are refrences to cthulu

  • Sabrina Araujo

    I.....threw the mágica one away cuz I didn’t want it.... wHOOPPS

  • cospro 22

    Dude fight Miraak as your unlimited shout build konharik vs Miraak

  • Leo Dove

    What are those voices in the background? ???

  • G.L.X

    BTW, to complete the dragonborn dlc quest line, how do I get the dragon because he is not appearing anywhere. (I have the special edition.)

  • SoapyTheSpoon1

    I was level 46 when I got nahkriin

  • Willy_Th3_ Walrus

    I was almost level forty when I finished the main questline

  • Daimen

    The best top 3 is1. Konahrik2. Azhidal3. Krosis

  • Awad Shakoor

    when I started skyrim, i didn't really know much about them... until now

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