Skyrim All 14 Dragon Priest Mask Locations In Special Edition & DLC Dragonborn (TOP 10 Best Masks)

Skyrim All 14 Dragon Priest Mask Locations In Special Edition & DLC Dragonborn (TOP 14 Best Masks)!
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Mask Locations:
- Hevnoraak – 1:00 -
- Krosis – 1:45
- Morokei – 2:35
- Nahkriin – 3:30
- Otar – 4:25 -
- Rahgot – 5:37 -
- Vokun – 6:16 -
- Volsung – 6:57 -
- Wooden Mask – 7:50 – See Video
- Konahrik – 7:50 - See Video

Dragonborn DLC Start:
- Ahzidal – 12:48 -
- Dunkaan – 14:35
- Zahkriisos – 15:18


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  • random stair

    Krosis: prepare for trouble!Dragon: and make it double!Random dragon that's been chasing me across Skyrim: triple!Me with my fork: wack.

  • potato

    "You can't block magical attacks with your sheild." Spellbreaker would like to have a word with you.

  • John Libby

    We can hear your roommates smashing in the background.

  • Woah Now

    I got my first at lvl 6 on Legendary mode, the dragon priest was glitched and I just kept shooting him with the bow

  • Muffinsaur

    'You'll probably be around level 15-20'I guess I play wrong, I was level 30 and barely did that quest.

  • Thanos Chungus

    There should be some sort of panic dialogue in npcs if you equip the full miraak set and land on a dragon

  • Xavenn

    Who else got krosis first?

  • Nickthomas1385 Nickthomas1385

    1st mask it very useful when being in battle with vampires

  • Fallout Night

    Did anyone else hear those weird noises in the background while the video was playing? Like voices.

  • Linctonamor

    I got the Miraak mask at lvl 14. I somehow exploited the seekers projectiles small hitbox and one shot miraak as a werewolf

  • Evie Green

    I got an Elder Scrolls ad. You're so funny YouTube.

  • ieat caribou

    One day I'm gonna get fired from work for watching your videos all day long.

  • Calamity Cop

    I've played 87 hours on Skyrim.I'm lvl 47 tho

  • [JPA_NECO]

    Im so happy that I skipped the dragon priest battle at skuldafinI hate speedruns

  • Drew Livingston

    Upvoted when you were thourough enough to read the note beside the wooden mask. Quality work man!

  • Bryant Richardson

    Kudos for not instantly asking to like or subscribe before the video even begins...

  • The Lonely Lump

    The Masks are dope. I keep them all in my inventory for no reasonI wish if I left the masks at my house in a chest or something there would be a slight change of your kid finding the masks and when I come home he’s chasing his sibling with it on.

  • Maarek Steele

    MIrrak's mask reminds me of a mind flayer from D&D.

  • Chris Heck

    Keep up the good work! It definitely helps!!

  • iTs CRISSS

    Yea well for the 4th mask, my dumbass was speed running past all the dragons and I didint rlly fight anyone, so yea.

  • MCFinalNinja FTW

    Volsung = Best MaskCan Confirm

  • T-boy

    i've not even completed the main campaign of skyrim, played 100's of hours...

  • Pyros Spaceman

    Thank u so much this helped me and my brother a lot

  • Guldar Heel

    Wouldn't Hevnoraak help against getting vampirism when fighting vampires? Be really helpful, especially in Dawn Guard.

  • ender hero

    With krosis there were two legendary dragons and him (◕‿◕) because i'm level 109, and still haven't beat alduin (◕‿◕)

  • JaddVe

    When you realise that you left Nahkriins mask i Skuldafn..

  • Dragonborn

    I was kind of pissed off when you can't wear a simple helmet except the falmer helmet over the masks. I might as well wear a piece of cardboard.

  • Dark Wolf

    Thank you for the video! As a newer player (only 80 hours logged) this is extremely helpful.

  • Jǫrmungandr

    13:02 "The Island of Solfai" lol

  • ll SHOCK ll

    ESO your my best you tuber in the world and I'm n big fan of skyrim I'm level 27 and I have dwavern armor

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    Welp.. I’m only lvl 13 and Alduin is dead.. Which was before I watched this video xd

  • Truth Spawns

    Very very helpful even to this day great video coming for 2018 😎

  • PimPlayer69

    MASK 3-you dont need that mask, you can just enchant a necklace and a ring with a 100% magika regeneration

  • Jin Soul

    vokun was my first dragon priest mask, i remember grabbing it because it looked cool i have around 5 masks?

  • Nickthomas1385 Nickthomas1385

    11th mask I got it for free

  • ModdingNewbie1974

    Thank you, ESO! This guide will prove useful in making a checklist for when I start a new character. My current Dragonborn, an Orc, has kind of screwed up getting these, because I used Dawnbreaker to beat the Priests. The shockwave released upon impact appears to render the masks unretrievable or unfindable afterwards. So I've decided to use warhammers to beat them instead. I hope none of the remaining Dragon Priests know the Disarm shout...

  • I just like metal so ya

    I didn’t get that mask during the aldrin battle, I am so damn stupid 😭

  • Chrisfragger1

    Morokei = Unfortunately for mage armor, it actually HAS an armor rating...

  • Levizar 1441

    My dov is a poison sponge.

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    Thank you ESO you helped me a lot i subscribed and turned notifications!! And liked

  • Garo The Golden Knight

    you mixed up the timestamps for Vokun and Rahgot

  • Alex

    The thing is this is good but are any of these better than my flawless deardic helmet of 40% archery 😂

  • jodethe pode

    I do remember having Nahkrin I just lost it😭😢

  • Ilyaas Mashamin

    so special edition gives you all 3 dlcs

  • Tyty 2468

    morokei and vampire royal armor are also a good combination.

  • Fl4m1ng Sw0rd

    Is there a background noise ?someone talking or am i hearing stuff :D#

  • busz busta

    It might be a glitch but you can wear a mask with an ancient nord helmet

  • Dark Emperor

    If you out morokei one and then the ace magesst robs on it will replace the mask

  • Sir Billius

    I always wondered if the nine dragon priests were an allusion to LotR's nine Nazgul.

  • alphaceph

    Bro you have dawbln breaker me to

  • Frederic Schmitt

    Will the 10th mask work on followers und still summon dragonpriests? I have to try this! :-)


    4:55 But ... But Spellbreaker

  • Carolyn Rafferty

    I have 3 destruction mages one is a dark elf as fire a high elf as ice and a nord of all things for lightningAnd thanks for the locations of the 3 masks in sothiem (because I don't need miraaks mask)

  • john smit

    All these masks and still no Mask of the Father

  • Not Valrkyz

    Having Overwhelming Power Is... Pretty BoringMe with all dragon masks and Skyrim special edition

  • Mare the king

    Omg i was soooo lucky that i took the nahkin mask and its also the only one i got im gonna find all the masks and put all in a unique chest in breezehome (aka my trophies lol)Edit:i got five masks,5 more to go

  • The Ruby Tuesday

    My wooden mask is missing and I can't find... :(

  • Anji Ryder

    Great job on this video, only had three masks, have them all now, had you video paused and played and replayed as I found the rest thanks to you. !! Goo job :)) Keep it up

  • Wolfy Games

    As I am watching I'm playing Skyrim and when he started talking about the 11th one I got a letter from the place he was talking about, I just couldn't help but laugh

  • Space. Gangsta117

    That first mask would have been a godsend for all of the times I went through falmer areas on legendary

  • Excite

    Who keeps all the mask oh everybody lmao I sold them and I dont think I can get them back

  • Majora's Happiness

    Thank you for making this video!

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    Good video you get another person suscribed👍

  • Darkeuropa Dew

    What if you accidentally let one of the priests go and then ran away because you were too weak to fight. Is it gone forever?!

  • Disiam Theillusion

    Can you use bend will on krosis the way you can w miraak

  • T4piok4

    Dunmer + azidahl = no fire dmgNord + dukaan = no frost dmg

  • Ernie Velveeta

    "Coal-byorn," not "Coal-bjorn"Remember that the J's have a Y sound. e.g. Jarl is pronounced "Yarl," not "Jarl."

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    I got so tired of dragons interrupting that when I'm now, replaying Skyrim (special edition) I do the guilds, first dragon priests etc before beginning the main quest. No dragon on Sheare point :)

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