Skyrim All 14 Dragon Priest Mask Locations In Special Edition & DLC Dragonborn (TOP 10 Best Masks)

Skyrim All 14 Dragon Priest Mask Locations In Special Edition & DLC Dragonborn (TOP 14 Best Masks)!
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Mask Locations:
- Hevnoraak – 1:00 -
- Krosis – 1:45
- Morokei – 2:35
- Nahkriin – 3:30
- Otar – 4:25 -
- Rahgot – 5:37 -
- Vokun – 6:16 -
- Volsung – 6:57 -
- Wooden Mask – 7:50 – See Video
- Konahrik – 7:50 - See Video

Dragonborn DLC Start:
- Ahzidal – 12:48 -
- Dunkaan – 14:35
- Zahkriisos – 15:18


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  • random stair

    Krosis: prepare for trouble!Dragon: and make it double!Random dragon that's been chasing me across Skyrim: triple!Me with my fork: wack.

  • potato

    "You can't block magical attacks with your sheild." Spellbreaker would like to have a word with you.

  • John Libby

    We can hear your roommates smashing in the background.

  • Xavenn

    Who else got krosis first?

  • Woah Now

    I got my first at lvl 6 on Legendary mode, the dragon priest was glitched and I just kept shooting him with the bow

  • Muffinsaur

    'You'll probably be around level 15-20'I guess I play wrong, I was level 30 and barely did that quest.

  • FBI

    There should be some sort of panic dialogue in npcs if you equip the full miraak set and land on a dragon

  • Ben Sterick

    The jagged crown can also be worn with dragon priest masks

  • Fallout Night

    Did anyone else hear those weird noises in the background while the video was playing? Like voices.

  • The Lonely Lump

    The Masks are dope. I keep them all in my inventory for no reasonI wish if I left the masks at my house in a chest or something there would be a slight change of your kid finding the masks and when I come home he’s chasing his sibling with it on.

  • Maarek Steele

    MIrrak's mask reminds me of a mind flayer from D&D.

  • Drew Livingston

    Upvoted when you were thourough enough to read the note beside the wooden mask. Quality work man!

  • Evie Green

    I got an Elder Scrolls ad. You're so funny YouTube.

  • ieat caribou

    One day I'm gonna get fired from work for watching your videos all day long.

  • Linctonamor

    I got the Miraak mask at lvl 14. I somehow exploited the seekers projectiles small hitbox and one shot miraak as a werewolf

  • Wierdo RamaLlamaDingDong

    I was level 10 no joke when I went to Sovngard

  • Nickthomas1385 Nickthomas1385

    1st mask it very useful when being in battle with vampires

  • Jǫrmungandr

    13:02 "The Island of Solfai" lol

  • jtigesund

    "This also is heavy armor and has a armor rating of 23". Really important to say this 14 times and not just skip to the part were you show the stats...

  • ender hero

    With krosis there were two legendary dragons and him (◕‿◕) because i'm level 109, and still haven't beat alduin (◕‿◕)

  • T-boy

    i've not even completed the main campaign of skyrim, played 100's of hours...

  • iTs CRISSS

    Yea well for the 4th mask, my dumbass was speed running past all the dragons and I didint rlly fight anyone, so yea.

  • Calamity Cop

    I've played 87 hours on Skyrim.I'm lvl 47 tho

  • MCFinalNinja FTW

    Volsung = Best MaskCan Confirm

  • Jeff The Elf

    Who gets confused when he spins the masks in his inventory

  • Throeix deadwood

    Wait a second i just thought of an important question: Can Havnoraak protect you from vamperism?

  • I just like metal so ya

    I didn’t get that mask during the aldrin battle, I am so damn stupid 😭

  • 12InchesOfNoMercy

    lol on my first playthrough and i’m level 35 and have just met parthernax or whatevet

  • Bryant Richardson

    Kudos for not instantly asking to like or subscribe before the video even begins...

  • Dragonborn

    I was kind of pissed off when you can't wear a simple helmet except the falmer helmet over the masks. I might as well wear a piece of cardboard.

  • Evanpizza 329983

    “The island of Soul thime”

  • The Real Ogre shrek

    "The island of soulfine"

  • Prizma Official

    miraak is a dragon mask? oof I didn’t know that...

  • jodethe pode

    I do remember having Nahkrin I just lost it😭😢

  • Play 'Paws' Resume


  • Jonathan Kimball

    “What’s up squad, my name is EldEr ScRolLs OnLinE”

  • Kristof Kohari

    My problem with this is that The nahkirin mask (already got) I put in a chest ages ago in one of my old homes, But i cant find it now. bethesda should make a chest in every house where you could access every available companions inventory so if that companion died or you dont know where they are you can still get the items you gave to them. Same with chests is your homes there should be a chest which is full of all the items of all the chests in every house you own.

  • MGS Pyross

    Thank u so much this helped me and my brother a lot

  • Im Fluid

    ESO, your channel is a gift for every skyrim fan! Thx for keeping it up!

  • Od1n Allfather

    When you haven't even completed the main war

  • Alex Fabrizi

    4:17 I'm level 81 and I'm only on Alduin's Wall lol

  • Ernie Velveeta

    "Coal-byorn," not "Coal-bjorn"Remember that the J's have a Y sound. e.g. Jarl is pronounced "Yarl," not "Jarl."

  • Guldar Heel

    Wouldn't Hevnoraak help against getting vampirism when fighting vampires? Be really helpful, especially in Dawn Guard.

  • Sir Billius

    I always wondered if the nine dragon priests were an allusion to LotR's nine Nazgul.

  • Dr. Jaquavis

    those are tusks not horns

  • Oyfum Guardian

    4:58 Spellbreaker: hold my beer

  • Not a Man Studios

    >once we put all 8 masks down, the final mask will appear">mask number 10"

  • Raspberry Jam

    God, I hate Hermaeus Mora's voice so much. It's worse than nails on chalkboard. It makes me want to rip my ear drums out of my head.

  • xVrype

    Whos still watching this 2k19?

  • Chrisfragger1

    Morokei = Unfortunately for mage armor, it actually HAS an armor rating...

  • mr,weeb 112

    When I was writing my first dragon priest my partner just glitched

  • Patrick R

    Oh my gosh I have a headache from you saying "actually" every other word.

  • Professor Purple

    OMG guide was so helpful if had the masks before I just can't ever remember we're they are not all of them anyways u should do some videos of randome caves or something uv been my skyrim mentor for a while and this was the most annoying thing iv restarted on over and over u should if may. Do a video on the strongest build possible for skyrim not a personal fave but a literal best class in skyrim strongest fastest and smartest build all in one srry I like to ramble

  • Altex

    “Great for warrior because can’t block spells/magic with shield” cough cough Spellbreaker cough cough

  • Kenneth Puderbach

    Welp.. I’m only lvl 13 and Alduin is dead.. Which was before I watched this video xd

  • KiamarMasterT

    YES! I have all of them. It wasn't​ easy too. My Dremora Lords helped.

  • Ayano Aishi

    8:16 just a dead horse laying there, totally normal ESO lol

  • simonriddick

    I've been wearing Otars mask since the lower levels of my character. I am a warrior character so that would probably be why it works good. Kind if strange that I got it so early. I remember finding Hevnoraak in Valthume and I was level 8 or so and I had no idea how strong he was lol. He one shotted me across the room multiple times before I figured out to use sprint to get to the door. Even with sprint he blasted me so many times. I didn't go back until much later when I actually understood the game. Skyrim is the first game that I played of its type other than maybe Diablo but even Diablo I lost interest in.

  • Hermes Crack

    4:57 the spell breaker shield can

  • Jonathan Parks

    14:25 Is my fav mission in the whole game

  • Ilyaas Mashamin

    so special edition gives you all 3 dlcs

  • AdriftSkies GD

    Otar is honestly my favorite along with miraak and the hidden final mask.


    4:55 But ... But Spellbreaker

  • Danny Atherton

    When I added the mask it came back without the improvements from the work bench a little disappointed since my armor rating just dropped 91 points.

  • Asmr Rain

    As I am watching I'm playing Skyrim and when he started talking about the 11th one I got a letter from the place he was talking about, I just couldn't help but laugh

  • john smit

    All these masks and still no Mask of the Father

  • Awad Shakoor

    when I started skyrim, i didn't really know much about them... until now

  • Luke Nowak

    ESO, the mages guild has no presents in Skyrim. Your talking about the college.

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