Skyrim - Standing Stones Guide

The most powerful perks in the game, and how to get them.
(This guide is for ALL versions of Skyrim.)

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  • Preston Stallings

    now you've taught me the steed stone exists. MOAR PLATES, BUCKETS, AND RANDOM CRAP, HOARDER AWAY

  • Commander Nightingale

    " You can only have one activated at one time " ...unless you have the Atherial crown...

  • TheFancy Potato

    I managed to miss the first three standing stones...

  • Oliver Nutkins-Middleton

    I like how you said College of Winterhold instead of just Winterhold...Really, nobody cares about poor Winterhold...

  • Big Beariv

    Aetherium Crown - Allows 2 Standing Stones to be active at a time.Can be acquired by doing the quest 'Lost to the Ages" that is started when reading the book 'Aetherium Wars.' This book is found in various places, but mostly found near the crafting area of Fort Dawnguard.


    I prefer the use of Atronach stone, the 50 extra mana allows the use of some higher mana cost spells at a lot lower levels. Also when you are a vampire with necromage perk in restoration, AND have the atronach perk in alteration, you get 100% spell absorption on DEFAULT.

  • James Clarke

    Impressive video visually as well as the knowledge I've learnt :3

  • stani iliev

    Will you're the best, man. You are rolling out these Skyrim guides at the same time as I'm playing it for the first time. You are the best. Keep up the good work.

  • Really, really, really long name that is really pointless but you are still reading it

    My personal favorite is The Steed, it gives you more room and basically negates any downsides of using Heavy Armor (unless you plan on sneaking a lot)

  • Razimir

    Lover stone has also disadventage that you cant get rest bonus while under effect of it. But if you using guardian stones, you can get +20% for specific set of skills and +5%, +10% or 15% flat bonus from resting (depending where you rest). So that leads to 35% max bonus for specific set.

  • SideQuestHero

    Hey, can you do a Companion guide or a Factions guide next?

  • Chalvrek

    With all these new guides your doing Will, I gotta ask, do you think you'll pick up Skyrim again for a play through on or off camera?

  • WhyBeUgly

    Damn I miss these videos. Too bad Fallout 4 didn't get the in depth guides

  • Yeeter Mc. Beater

    6:07 Fudgemuppet was triggered

  • My Hentai Girl

    I always think Lord Stone betted than the Atronach StoneWhy?1. No penalty2. Combine 25% magic resistance with Nord and Dunmer 50% 3. Chance base? No thankIf you wanted 50 magica at low level then get Necromancer Amulet

  • random guy

    if you get the atherial crown you can use the greater powers of the stones whenever you want

  • andy mandy

    Incredibly well made video, thanks fam. Also, your voice feels nice to my ears...

  • Dave Marx

    gosh darn it I love your voice.# discovery channel# history channel

  • The Dark Lord Eugene Krabs

    Fudgemuppet would certainly disagree with a certain thing you said...

  • Adam M

    I hate how he shit on the Atronach stone even though nowadays we all know it to be OP.

  • BLACKWOLF129075

    Who needs the steed stone when ive got 811040 carry weight through super enchanted boots?

  • Jacob Wood

    Isn't the archery under combat skills?

  • Daryl Dixon

    Best stone - Lord Stone(defense is OP just for its MR, but the armor is even better)other stones are just for experience, disadvantages are not worth, greater powers, and aren't worth it IMO. but start your playthrough with a guardian stone and reach the Lord stone ASAP.

  • Jorgen Smith

    Half of my enjoyment from watching your videos comes from just listening to your immaculate voice lol thanks

  • Quick Games

    i like how hes put "all versions" in the description as though hes predicting theres gonna be more than the standard and special

  • McWhizzle MaNizzle

    I was just tryna find the steed stone and here i come across a loud voice. Meridia i think

  • BlodMust

    With the Aetherial Crown from the Dawn Guard dlc you can have two standing stone effects at the same time, maybe that would have been worth to mention.

  • Trommari

    So you can only activate one of these several stones at a time?

  • Hal Williams

    GOD i cant get enough of these videos. There so will made and really helpful.THESE ARE POSSIBLY THE BEST SKYRIM VIDEOS EVER!

  • micronoid

    Very helpful as always. It would be great if you did a video on lore friendly mods you've used. Particularly ones that improve the game from a practical and gameplay standpoint.

  • Nasu

    There should be a Stealth Archer Standing Stone that gives 50% Boost to Stealth, and Archery skills as well as 20x Sneak Critical Damage .

  • Carlos Marquez

    where is that skyrim gameplay at will?

  • Goku

    Lord stone and steed stone together

  • Flimsypillow341 Youtube

    I'm playing a mage build but I'm also a vampire lord so I feel like I should go for regeneration type of stones since in the day I have like no regeneration but vampire lords also have a fire weakness so I feel like I should go for the lord stone for the magic resistance so i can get rid of the fire weakness entirely

  • Kacj Aioig

    I’m just looking for a second blessing Because of my Aetherium crown

  • The Swartz

    These videos are gorgeously created and still interesting in 2019

  • Warpoint

    Ugh! I didn't see stones at the start...

  • DeadSeedTV

    Lord Stone plus Ritual stone using the Aetherial Crown is sick. Love having an army follow me. And when they die.....simply take the crown off and put it right back on and use the Ritual Stone power again. Repeat for badassery.

  • Nikolay Efimov

    although thief stone gets more skills it also gets 2 of the most useless ones speech and lockpick and arguably alchemy too, since u wont have trouble later on with money, lockpicking is easy and u can use enchanted equipment and u find alot of potions and can buy them

  • Saturday Video Guild Productions

    I always take rhe steed stone as it allows me to carry 3 entire sets of deadric armor specifically enchanted to whether I'm using one handed, archery, or magic. and so I can carry all the extra weapons and staves and potions. basically il enter inventory right after shooting arrows till the last second and come out swinging swords

  • Robenson Deravin

    u still do skyrim guide thats awesome

  • nGon-

    I just noticed how the ritual stone would be totally OP in one of the last quests of the main questline (right before you get to Sovngarde) as there are tons of dead draugr deathlords. And yes, I've only just now played through the main questline despite having played faction equestlines multiple times.

  • Fallout Night

    I pretty much use the Guardian Stones for the majority of the game, than switch to something like The Lady or The Lord Stone.

  • Lucas Benn

    If you have the lord stone activated does the Mage armor perk still work if you don't have armor on?

  • zecider

    i cheated and played as every faction with faction armour and weapons on every factìon quest

  • The Multiversalist

    Makes a super sneaky archer sniperchooses the Warrior Stone for half the gamefinds out that Thief Stone secretly affects archery and sneak so he just wasted a ton of time for no good reasondies

  • Dave Alden

    I see a few comments on getting the Aetherial Crown allowing two stones at once. But also, If u have the crown and set it up with a power 1x/day stone, u just unequip the crown and reequip it and BAM, you can use the ability again. Allows unlimited use of said power hehehe.

  • Chris Littler

    7:14 Did you forget about the shout Soul Tear because it works on giants.If you did not know soul tear deals damage to any adversary, places a soul trap like effect on it and if you kill them with it raises to battle for you if possible but has a recharge rat of 90.

  • Androvox

    You sound exactly like the guy who does the voice overs for the gametrailers reviews

  • Netto Games

    Did he not even mention the Atherial crown? Even if it's not what he wanted to base the video around, when it comes to standing stones, especially a full-fledged guide, it's at LEAST worth a mention even without going into detail about it.

  • Joshua Beatty

    I always used the Atronach stone, you can even nullify the 50% less magicka regen via both levels of the Recovery perk.

  • Joshua Taylor

    something tells me will, will be making a skyrim remastered walkthrough.

  • Robert Payne

    Well I guess I'm going for the 'Lovers' stone for my first play through, 15% skill ep for all skills sounds great :)

  • whydoievenbothertoputthishere

    loool just started playin this game as a mage first walk trough already found the 2 best mage stones o.O now im just hungry for more

  • Yoko318

    A note about the Atronach stone: Don't pick this stone if you're doing a conjuration build. Spell Absorption works against you when trying to summon atronachs and such.

  • splinte111

    You got the most beautiful voice in the yogscast Will

  • Theblastback

    Ironically, I missed the guardian stones my first playthrough of skyrim xD

  • Job Muiles

    7:35 Giants CAN be raised with the soul tear shout from the dawnguard dlc. Great video anyway!

  • Fallen Chaos

    any one thinks will is going to do a play thought of skyrim

  • Tristan Steinhelfer

    I always use the ritual stone. It’s especially useful in Drauger areas, because you can beat a boss without even fighting them

  • Barf Salamandruid

    Its karthwasten not wastern

  • DoomZ

    How do you make those moving images with text on it?

  • FruitSalad

    I love all your vids, you're such an awesome YouTuber and you're an inspiration to me so much I even started making my own YT vids:) thanks and keep up the great work 👍👍

  • ZEO900

    Another grate video. I swear my favorite part of the elder scrolls series is the Dadra lore. Same with the quest. Each is unique.

  • Ardin Catish

    I think it'd be kinda cool if all the stones had some negative aspect just to make defaulting to an easy one not possible. Honestly though I miss the previous system from ES3 and 4.

  • QanticPlayz

    thank you i wont need to fill my house full with armor and weapons

  • TheSilverPhoenix100

    God I hope this will lead to a Skyrim LP...maybe not a 100% LP as those basically never go well, a either doing misc. stuff or the main quest

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