Hypno Plays Skyrim E13: A Blade In The Dark

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I've had Skyrim since it was released but I feel it's time to really give this game a go and try to play through it. I currently have all of the DLC and I'm using the mods SkyUI, Unofficial Patches(all) and High Res Textures! Let's do this!

Have any tips and tricks for me in Skyrim? Leave them in the comments!

  • HannahCrews

    Dude level up your health!! You're so weak!! Noob.

  • Jesse Sitler

    I'm stuck on this quest. Everything is Normal until woken you sneak up the hill to the burial site Alduin just flies around. The only way I can get it to work is if I travel to another town and come back. Then not only that one dragon but Alduin fights too and after I kill the one, I have to keep fighting Alduin but he never does my hits don't do anything to him. And of course Delphine won't talk bc she's busy fighting Alduin. Any tips? And yes I've tried restarting from previous saves.

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