Hypno Plays Skyrim E13: A Blade In The Dark

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I've had Skyrim since it was released but I feel it's time to really give this game a go and try to play through it. I currently have all of the DLC and I'm using the mods SkyUI, Unofficial Patches(all) and High Res Textures! Let's do this!

Have any tips and tricks for me in Skyrim? Leave them in the comments!

  • రవి సుమంత్

    Hit with the shield while it's blowing fire. It gets stunned .. And you can keep hitting with the sword 2 3 times then hit with shield so it gets stunned and stays on the ground

  • Jesse Sitler

    I'm stuck on this quest. Everything is Normal until woken you sneak up the hill to the burial site Alduin just flies around. The only way I can get it to work is if I travel to another town and come back. Then not only that one dragon but Alduin fights too and after I kill the one, I have to keep fighting Alduin but he never does my hits don't do anything to him. And of course Delphine won't talk bc she's busy fighting Alduin. Any tips? And yes I've tried restarting from previous saves.

  • HannahCrews

    Dude level up your health!! You're so weak!! Noob.

  • Tek4Lif3



    oops.. i commented that before i kept watching.. :p


    u cudda bought the expensive ring, and gained ur cash back by just selling him ur gold rings:)

  • ron chargualaf

    did u get the rare drops from the dragon... if not get it it's worth A LOT of money

  • TheSpacemanGamer

    the barrels reset it happened to me! be careful i made the mistake of storing everything so if anything is valuable in there get it out! like so he can see!

  • Uhagin

    You forgot to search the dragon

  • Shilag

    Btw, Hypno, this is actually as far as I got, myself, in the main storyline. So if you continue with the story beyond that I probably won't watch because of spoilers. Would really appreciate if you start doing some side quests now, like you said. There's so much to do besides the main quest line, and I've done a lot of those.

  • Shilag

    If you go to Winterhold you can get a Ward spell. They can be quite useful against dragons if you choose to fight them in close combat. If you ward through a dragon's breath it doesn't do nearly as much damage, and a physical shield is useless for that. I don't think healing can keep up either.

  • yodaveth

    Hypno, Whilst fighting the dragon, Did you forget that you had a bow?

  • Gyasi Harris

    hypno! go to falkreath and talk to the guy who's daughter was murdered to start a mission that will get you really good enchanted light armor. although you will have to kill a were wolf. (a silver sword would work well).

  • Svyatoslav Beletskiy

    xD i dont actually care about what u buy, i like watching you play the game :D

  • Me004

    instead of making rings make hide armor to lvl more

  • CallMeRazzmuzz

    Thay patched it so you can only make like 5 every level or so and then you wont get any skill of it :P

  • Joe Letendre

    Hypno you should use your bow on dragons, it's a lot easier

  • mine4ice

    Dude can you please do hermitcraft?

  • Pat Gencarelli

    you have got to check which mission you are pursuing one by one, otherwise youll have a lot of markers on your map

  • Mrdarkblade200

    i think you need to go and get the magic spell that sucks there soul into a gem

  • leoruivos

    Did you really not search the dragon -______-

  • ConcaveCrowd

    Best way of lvling smithing is makin iron dagters till u max the skill out, and u also get tons of levels from it

  • thesaints147

    and yet u allways check the furnaces in vex's map

  • mon929

    or just get best heavy armour in the game and level it to 100, enchant it and boom, better than the brotherhood's shiz.

  • Azoolag

    For what it's worth, this way is making a fair bit of money in the process.

  • mon929

    fastest way for getting 100 smithing is iron daggers.

  • Islykids

    another million subs ^.^

  • Arnaud Fontannaz

    I have a book on dragonolgy

  • jandjconnor

    u r amazing u dezerve another sub!

  • Jark B

    14:17 It took the bard 8 hours to finish the song. LOL

  • Fishrock Firefly

    You know you had fire resist potions and shouts, right? lol

  • E. Dab

    lool maybe hypno has a life don't you think?

  • Zen Min Le

    Can you upload 2 video in a day please everyone is enjoying your video so please upload more video in a day

  • zhexuan kok

    Hypno Will you play Bioshock Infinite?

  • MrBluePapaSmurfx


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