Top 9 Best One and Two Handed Swords and Greatswords in Skyrim Remastered #PumaCounts

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Hey guys, back with another Elder Scrolls V or 5 Skyrim Remastered A.K.A. Special Edition video for you guys! Today I will be going over what I think are the Top 9 best One Handed and Two Handed Swords and Greatswords that are available to the player. I'm mostly basing my assessment on base damage, however I'm also considering encumbrance and enchantments as well.

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  • Arran Haigh

    Ummmm why no dawnbreaker?

  • Pizza_ 007

    I have chill rend but I am level 7. now I understand that I should have waited until I levelled up more to get it.

  • The MeméLord

    I was expecting windshear

  • Koxden

    Why is everyone complaining about windshear? It's not even fun to play with. It's glitched so nothing can fight back not even dragons. I would exclude it from every list

  • Ted Melchior

    windshear........look it up

  • Crypto Psyrin

    my favorite sword is dawn breaker looks super cool and has a good perk

  • Sam Geuvenen

    I only wish we could've had Umbra back.

  • J . Jonah Jameson

    OBJECTION You forgot to mention that the ebony has the same swing speed as an one handed sword

  • Pyro

    What about windshear, it's stronger than any weapon, Also not mention when you dual wield the knife and fork with powerful enchantments, it's the strongest set up in the entire game

  • Lewis X- Z

    dawnbreaker should be on here. Against undead (which are very common in skyrim) it is op as hell.

  • christian willmon

    I'm surprised windshear isn't on this list

  • bigguy4389

    Wait, he actually knows how to do a positive video about Skyrim :0

  • Harry Potter

    Windshear is by far the best weapon in the game.

  • Fake Fake

    what about the windshear

  • Frozium

    How can someone make a countdown of the best swords in Skyrim and not even mention Windshear?

  • natelabiss

    Windshear and lucky dagger is the most op dual wield in the game. Come on bro. No feature needed. Just try it and prove me wrong.

  • condog

    windshear is the best sword. its too overpowered you shouldn't use it

  • Joel Green


  • Who1emi1k

    Skyrims birthday on Friday guys!!!!! 5 years.... wow

  • ArkFiya

    bloodskal blade reminds me of a knockoff moonlight greatsword

  • Vincent Krull

    wasn't there a sword that would stagger any ennemy on each hit? I think it looked like a scimitar

  • Zoë the Pirate

    For a weapon that doesn't max out until level 46, Chillrend is HORRIBLY placed.  Its level gets locked as soon as you enter a house that's part of an early thieves guild quest, making it far too easy to get a sub-par version unless you know beforehand to delay that quest for a very long time.

  • Soysause767

    You need to put skill points into restoration lol, I keep seeing you use fast healing and it only heals like a 1/16th of the bar

  • Your Uncle Zero!

    Weapon weight in Skyrim is meaningless, all you need is one really good weapon and a few soul gems.

  • Obsedian Krystal

    Its pronounced Mali"KITE"but spelled malachite.but you pronounced itMaliCHite.the CH is silent.

  • Kevin Leukie

    Windshear and Mehrunes Razor is a very ops set-up that decimates every other sword on this list. Windshear causes your opponents to stagger at every hit, then you go ham with Mehrunes Razor till your opponent dies, or gets back up, in which you hit him with Windshear... AGAIN, and again, and again untill he's dead, and your opponent can't attack nor defend him self while he's staggering.

  • Gonzen

    You should do top 10 bows or light amor

  • gerard s

    dragonbone weapons are kinda broken tbh you could already get some high level gear by glitching and grinding blacksmithing on low level items now all you have to do is grind smithing till you get can make dragonbone items and then kill some weak dragons which you can do with steel stuff and there you now have the best craftable set of weapons and armor in the game early

  • Sean O'Brien

    the bloodskaal blade gets double improvement from stahlrim smithing, which you get for completing a quest

  • ford miller

    I like to duel wield chillrend and nightingale

  • Thomas Ternes

    miraks sword is terrible

  • Jonathan McCue

    its refined malachite the ch is pronounced k also wind-shear is about ten timed better than chillrend and so is miraaks sword also if you just put chaos damage and fiery soul trap on anyone weapon you can get massive damage output. Once again a terrible video.

  • Taikuri

    Dual ebony war axe <3

  • Zeus666 paul13

    clearly never heard of windshear...

  • XDusk557

    I don't agree with number 1 windshear is the most overpowered weapon in skyrim

  • friendly neighborhood social predator

    mirakes sword is a lurkers pinis

  • Keir Bowling

    What is double improvement?

  • Meowinator Meow

    Don't you just love being geeks, I do!🤗

  • Operator Dirge

    Ugh. Just hotkey Fast Healing, so you don't have to spend a minute searching through your massive favorite list.

  • David W Hanford

    I haven't played the Skyrim special edition yet, is Windshear still broken?

  • Andrew

    Chillrend + Grimsever = Sexy Badass Dual Wielding Duo

  • Professor Chimp Vlogs

    Wooden sword is the best weapon we can all agree on that.

  • djoshman14

    I personally don't think dragonbane should be where it is, compared to the other weapons its consistent damage is less. That is not even mentioning that you have to recharge the enchantment.

  • Feuerstaub

    Vorpal Sword? Windshear? Where are this two?

  • Marcel Gamer

    Can you not say ultimately for every sword

  • A.J. Bensinger

    Solution to Ebony blade: Do the prison quest in Markarth, befriend  the forsworn, go to town

  • Jason Green

    No windshear? That sword is actually broken.

  • Kazuma Ayasaki

    no showing the number and enchanment?

  • Kotuko Signin

    Everyone is talking about Windshear but is that? and how to get it? Im like level 48 TEELLLLL MEEEEEE PLLLEEESSSS

  • SlipOnBananaMan Yay

    The weapons I use are the Ebony war axe and the Dawnguard war axe and I'm only level 23 but I have all the hack and slash perks for the war axes so they do a ton of damage.

  • Zach Loy

    Everyones saying that you didn't include windshear or dawnbreaker but what about harkons sword. it is a good one handed weapon with three enchantments

  • Majinn Buu

    I disenchanted chillrend & the weapon with flaming soul steal & enchanted a dragon-bone sword/bow with both enchantments works the best for me ^_^

  • DUnor Dickerson

    I literally have all thos weapons not lieing I'm level 88

  • Rusty Survivor

    If you upgraded the heavy armor side up all the way to dragon armor, couldn't you just spend one skill point on glass smithing?

  • Leon Gierhold

    When you realize, that you are so powerful in enchanting, alchemy and smithing, that your self made stuff is far better than godly or demonic artifacts and tools

  • Bonzai0311

    Windshear is the best sword in the game.  I killed a legendary dragon with my mage who only had a 26 in one-handed.  It took three days after forever to kill the damned thing but I still killed it.

  • Marcus Julius Caesar

    My List:1. Chaos Stalhrim Sword2. Deathbrand Scimitars3. Nightingale Blade4. Harkon's Sword5. Chillrend6. Ebony Blade7. Bound Sword8. Daedric Sword9. Bloodskal Blade

  • Senpai Knows

    Where's the insta kill knife?

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