Top 9 Best One and Two Handed Swords and Greatswords in Skyrim Remastered #PumaCounts

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Hey guys, back with another Elder Scrolls V or 5 Skyrim Remastered A.K.A. Special Edition video for you guys! Today I will be going over what I think are the Top 9 best One Handed and Two Handed Swords and Greatswords that are available to the player. I'm mostly basing my assessment on base damage, however I'm also considering encumbrance and enchantments as well.

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  • tdog7120

    Lol I just have a highly upgraded dragonbone sword with good enchantments, I’m pretty much one hitting draugr deathlords and mammoths lmao

  • Kahl Minnis

    What about windshear , or did they take it out

  • Carlos Sanjuan

    i was expecting the naked weapon.

  • Genetic Spore

    No shit? "regular" swords are for dual wield and 1 handed combat while 2 handed swords and weapons are more suited for 2 handed attacks?? SAY IT AIN'T SO!!!.

  • DeOnte Farland

    I know how to power the nightgale blade without mods

  • T D

    I got chillrend and sold it like a boss

  • Leon Gierhold

    When you realize, that you are so powerful in enchanting, alchemy and smithing, that your self made stuff is far better than godly or demonic artifacts and tools

  • dogsnm

    Chillrens? I think I sold that...

  • rosshhhiii

    Where do you find ebony ore

  • GreenDayGamer1986


  • Cathy Eaker

    Anybody else think mirraks sword looks like a lurkers cock

  • nick roberts

    Stalhrim swords with ice enchantments are better than chillrend

  • justin hanney

    Where is the wooden sword???


    all u had to say was top 9 swords ... and two-handed swords and great sword are the same thing ... also y nine


    This is FROM FAR the most bashed competent youtuber I have ever seen, Why all the hate ? Why so much assholes ?

  • Dakota Donaldson

    I use the Dragon shout that increases your melee Speed and 2 Dragon bone swords

  • Animated Pigeon

    would you cunts shut up about windshear

  • massive modds

    Stahlrim weapon with chaos damage all augmented damage perks all elements enchantment perks. Upgrade the weapon to legendary and you have the highest damaging weapon in the game. +75% enchantment effectiveness and an extra 20% to frost because of the weapon being made of stahlrim. Get the extra effect and put leech health and you're set for life

  • SaneManiac 741

    The obvious number one is literally ANYTHING the player can make. Im currently running with a dragonbone sword with 98 base damage (no perks), 135 shock damage, and 212 chaos enchant damage.

  • JonnyBanana45

    Hey i'd like to also have the Ebony Blade as Legendary. I Installed the unofficial patch and have smithing at 100... What else do i need? Somebody help please :D

  • WW3 Or Bust

    I love the Bloodskal blade

  • bloodwing 1012

    Why is there no windsher lol opa as fk

  • Liam M

    In the intro you sound like Kevin from the Office (US)

  • RedEye

    i got chillren at level 45 :(

  • sonofgrey _hd

    Dawnbreaker? Windshear?

  • Philip Greenaway

    I like Dawnbreaker as well. It's better than Ebony Blade. How Dawnbreaker didn't get in and Ebony Blade did is beyond me. But to each their own. Chillrend is awesome though.

  • Cookie

    easy way to upgrade ebony blade 1. give a beggar a coin2. kill beggar3.use power obtained from ritual stone on beggar corpserepeat

  • Ivan Lima

    level up?? why are you playing skyrim if you have a life even!

  • Dr. Madness

    Chaos damage + drain health on a ebony great sword

  • Pokemonarceus



    It sucks how most of the best swords require at least being level 46 :(

  • Vincent Lemieux

    We all know that the best weapond in this game is the fork


    they should put the marunes dragons crescent blade in skyrim

  • Mr.Dr.Prof. Who

    I'm surprised that windshear wasn't on this list

  • Choccy Man 1068

    Number 1 is windshere always and forever

  • I'm Requix

    Is your damage with the Ebony Blade 250 dmg? legitly?

  • yungronnie 11

    my dad has the bloodskal blade on bis character

  • geto gamer

    What about the sword that could stunt a character with every single hit

  • Slender Man

    Bloodskall blade is shit. It tickles enemies in most cases.

  • Caleb Tweet Tweet

    Soul render and blood scythe

  • Meowinator Meow

    Don't you just love being geeks, I do!🤗

  • Cris べにてz

    I was level 12 when I finished the main story line

  • Gaming with sackboy

    can people sub to me plz

  • Evanston Conner

    well the bloodsythe one with the other you could be a war mage tank build that my gut has

  • Redneck Sniper

    I wield the dragonbane and a blades sword enchanted with Chaos damage an Fiery Soul Trap so op got double shock double fire frost and soul trap

  • Coconut Scrubs

    Isn't it funny how he thinks that all the swords are better than being unarmed as a cat that has about 16 damage in the first place at lvl 1 without getting any weapons

  • Hitler's Clit

    The windshere is the best because it staggers the enemy every hit u won't take a hit

  • Eric Lin

    Never need any healing potion ever since I got my Ebony Blade fully charged. This is why I would personally put it in my top 3 favorite one-handed+two-handed weapons, rather than number 4

  • Steve Jobs

    We need a battle axe that drains magicka

  • Alex Flores

    I'm kinda new at this but can anyone tell me the name of the shout he used while talking about the ebony blade

  • Alex Durbin

    i gave the chillrend to cicero eat my shorts

  • Froot Loops

    No dawnbreaker or windshear? They at least should have been honorable mentions lol

  • Meridia's Bacon

    i really hate miraaks sword its like lurker's dick. but im using it fuck

  • ReflexMovement Viper

    8... getsuga tensho!!!!

  • Trev-A-Tore

    I know how to get some of these weapons before you can get them

  • Savage Raven

    What about the dawn breaker


    where is the windshear?

  • Michael Donegan

    I'm surprised the champions cludget was not added when it does probably the most damage of all weapons of skyrim it was my absolute favorite

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